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Dear Dr. Makow; You may

August 18, 2003

Dear Dr. Makow;

You may publish my letter if you so desire but you haven't answered my
question. In the grand scheme of things what can be done about the
illuminati..? You are correct in your assessment that i know something
about how the world works.. and have been a victim of what you call the
New Feminism in the workplace. If the cultural elite has an agenda to
lower the birthrate and control population by holding up Gay Rights &
Gay Marriage as the norm then i have seen the first wave and rode it
into retirement.

I used to work for the Feds and witnessed the slow but steady eroding of
the white males position in the workplace. the federal government even
had a program in place to smooth the way for women and minorities to
move ahead claiming that by the year 2000 over 50% of the workforce
would be women and immigrants and that white males would make up less
than 40% of the workplace culture. This New World Order you mention has
control over immigration quotas and uses it to change the cultural face
of america.

The illuminati has won the War without even firing a shot they make it
un-american to question immigration , homosexuality, lesbianism etc;
and perhaps the worst joke of all is that there never was an AMERICA...
so we can't complain that it has been taken away. this country was
founded upon Freemasonic principles as a Republic not a Democracy. it
was created not for religious freedom for pilgrims but rather a free
enterprise zone for a cultural elite.

Fraternally Yours
Jacques de Molay

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