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Dr. Henry, I continue to

November 19, 2003

Dr. Henry,

I continue to enjoy reading your important "objective" opinions and look
forward to your articles. I come from a family of free masons and I myself
was one until about three and a half years ago. I became a free mason in
1991 at the age of 30. My father and two of his brothers are masons, one
his oldest brother was a 33rd degree (Knights Templar). I love my father
and uncles very much but would have an extremely difficult task in trying to
convince them that masonry and Christianity are diametrically opposed.

My Christian faith presented a wall to anything associated with masonry. After discovering the book, "Morals & Dogma" by the illustrious Albert Pike, I quickly realized that I was involved in a secret, dark, and evil organization that spits in the face of Christ's teachings.

I think you capture the overall push of satan working his will through
willing participants in that there is a connection between the world
bankers, free masonry, communism, capitalism, nazism, anti-semitism, racism,
protocols of learned elders of zion, etc. There is no doubt a connection
with the above mentioned entities with the church of Rome and the Jesuits.
It is difficult to get a true handle on the complex intricacies between all
of these entities because we are dealing with very long periods of time and
who can determine the true accuracy of historical writings pertaining to
these secret organizations.

The only way we can deal with our current plight is by turning to the Word
of God. There is a connection between you and me in that you, a jew, and
me, a gentile seem to be following a very similar path. I believe Jesus
left behind a Mighty Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to guide us, help us,
strengthen us, and to bring to our rememberance every thing Jesus taught
while he was in the world. I also believe, with the utmost faith that God
formed a plan before the foundation of the world that will indeed prevail.
God does not desire that any person would perish but that all would come to
the knowledge of salvation.

Henry, you are one of the remnant that the Apostle Paul talks about in
Romans, chapter 11. There have always been a remnant of jews in every
generation that were called and responded to the Holy Spirit.

May I suggest a few books and individuals (if you are not already familiar
with) who have thoroughly strengthened my spirit and desire to do God's

Tupper Saussy, "Rulers of Evil", Steve Wohlberg's End Time Insights
Homepage, / . By the way, Steve Wohlber is a
jewish born again believer in Jesus Christ and espouses the doctrines of the
Christian Reformers, i.e. Luther, Calvin, Cromwell, etc., and finally Eric
Jon Phelps' Vatican Assassins .

God bless you and you are in my prayers,


More from "Bob"

Albert Pike was a very interesting man. He was a genius. He spoke at least
15 languages fluently. His mathematical acumen was extraordinary, by late
19th century standards. It's such a shame that a man with his talents (given
to him by God) would use those talents for absolute evil. It is documented
that Pike would take a horse-drawn wagon out into the woods of Arkansas with
copious amounts of food and whisky along with a half dozen whores and drink
himself into a stupor while performing un-Godly sexual acts. This is the
man that high level masons revere and cherish. It is also documented that
after Lincoln was assassinated and Andrew Johnson became president that Pike
met with Johnson at the White House. All the people present during the
meeting acknowledged Pike as superior to everyone else, including Johnson.

You are right about many of the secret societies and their worship of
Lucifer. It seems that when the Jews where captive in Babylon the Levite
priests wrote the Talmud by interpreting the Torah with some of the major
prophets and incorporated Babylonian religious doctrines. During that time,
around 600 B.C., The Book of Isaiah, chapter 14 was interpreted to mean
something completely opposite to what God intended. Lucifer became the
"good" God and JEHOVAH became the evil God.

The worship of Lucifer seems to be common among all of the past and current
secret societies, including the Jesuits. You see, if it was JEHOVAH's error
to condemn Lucifer to exile on earth when Lucifer committed no crime then
JEHOVAH was wrong and cannot be trusted. What you and I would call worship
of Satan, Lucifer worshipers would say there is no Satan only Adonai
(JEHOVAH) the bad deity and Lucifer, the good deity.

There are also interesting parallels between the Protocols of the Learned
Elders of Zion, the Talmud, and the writings of Pike. In Pikes writings he
describes a plan for three world wars that are required to shape/mold
earthly societies to accept a one-world government with an exalted leader
representing Lucifer and residing in Jerusalem.

By the way, Pike also founded the Ku Klux Klan. He was such a loving man.

Keep up your important work Henry. There is hardly anyone, not counting
you, that speak as eloquently and correctly about our deteriorating
male-female relationships, the causes and solutions. The family and its proper function is the most sacred institution in the world and God meant it that way. You have my sincere support and prayers.

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