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Dear Dr. Henry- Your site

March 30, 2004

Dear Dr. Henry-

Your site is cool, funky, weird and deeply disturbing. I'm glad I discovered it! I have particularly enjoyed your articles on feminism and the NWO. Just so you know, I'm a 40 year old black man, raised as an army brat. My profession is that of local TV journalist. I've been in the business fifteen years, but I must confess I've really only been reading and doing serious research for the last year or so. Maybe that gives you a bit more insight into who might find your site so appealing.

I will also tell you that one of my favorite articles of yours to date is the one in which you state that the Conspiracy is so monstrous it's impossible for many to beleive. And yet I find that the more reaseach I do on Freemasonry, the current Presidential administration and the New World Order plans, the more connections I see, and I begin to realize that those in control, 'The Illuminists", have been raising and educating generations of young people like me so that we fit neatly into our assinged slots. So that we become as dependent on the state as possible and don't ask too many questions. It's disturbing to realize this truth, but it's also liberating too, because it explains so much of the b.s. that we're being constantly fed by advertisers, marketers, and even people in my profession. I sure see a lot of things differntly than I did a year ago.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for such a terrific site, and please continue the good work. I'll be checking in often.



I was shocked when I read this feminist reprisal. It showed how successful
this indoctrination can be - this woman wouldn't see the woods for the trees
even if her inner feelings suggested otherwise. Also, it was not the way I
wished anyone to thank your good spirit. Many seem to have felt similar and
the controversy thus caused - thanks to your sharing it with everyone - just
proved how potent your audience really is. I only hope she returns to your
website and sees how little she did you harm but only encouraged you all the
more, just as your audience by standing close. I don't know if you had the
time to fully appreciate the phenomenon you have created. (Your website has become a university of its own but of independend thought - the lack of which has caused me to leave mine only recently, as I have written before (I know now what I will do instead BTW) . Yet, it also shows how effective a single
person can be once equipped with a potent medium such as the internet. I
also wrote that I had been partially discouraged exploring this "conspiracy
too vast too conceive" (Edgar Hoover, CIA proudly) from such an early age.
The awareness and interest your website has caused indicate that anyone can
make a difference. To me that was the best message your website could entail
and it has given my courage back.

Honestly, you must be the happiest professor in the world endowed with all
freedoms, a witty, giving audience and an arena of a classroom.

Thanks for being an inspiration


I am from London, England and a work colleague introduced me to your site. I
went through an experience which was a rude awakening to the evil world we
live in. Having "woken up" to the plan, reading literature like yours, after
a while you take on board what is being said without any resistance because
it all makes sense and you know that self investigation will uncover the
same answers you have, in other words I believe you because what I have
experienced tallies with what you talk about.

In January 1999 I purchased a brand new VW Golf Mark 4. Around September in
the same year I discovered a design fault with the car. It was possible for
a passenger to interfere with the driver's accelerator from the passenger
side of the vehicle via an accelerator linkage exposed and positioned in the
passenger footwell. Upon further investigation, it transpired that all mark
4 Golfs from first production (1998) to around 2000 were designed and built
in this way. I went through hell and high water to get the infomation out
there to the public but at every turn, there was always an obstacle. The newspapers turned their nose up at my discovery(yet they claim to publish news in the publics interest). It was almost as if there was a media blackout on the situation, yet these papers rush to tell me that John's cat is stuck up a
tree and took 15 mins to be released.Wow, great, interesting(NOT).

Certain other things jarr me aswell, for example how the television has
become the focal point of the home, not only drawing away quality time for
families to bond together and grow but also retarding the individual and
making him/her dumb and dumber and regress further into stupidity zones.
People need help on some of the most simple things thesedays, I wonder why?
See how possessive and silly people become over television programmes, are
so involved in what is going on and are quick to snap at anyone who disturbs
their viewing time.

Everything is becoming money based and our finacial liberation is being
restricted due to less money and more work as well as things becoming more
exspensive and the cost of living sky rocketing. Also more time at work
means less time for the family.

In Britain as of late, there have been a spate of laws brought in designed
to disrupt the family unit and segregate society even further. Now it seems
that everybody has racist and opionated views. Since 1997 its seems that
these freemasons and lodgemembers have been turning up some serious heat to progress their agendas and the sheep have fallen for it hook, line and
sinker. Sorry to go on but I strongly doubt that the majority will ever wake
up and will just continue walking into oblivion.

There are so many other strategies which have become apparent and I could go
on and on but I wont. What I will say is keep up the good work and dont be
discouraged in the slightest by the sheep who try to rubbish the facts and
tell you what you are saying is nonsense. Resistance is to be expected from
the sheep but at least you can say you done your piece to inform them as to
what is happening. Thankyou very much for your site and the information you
have provided.


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