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Hey, I'm what you would

April 13, 2004


I'm what you would probably call a conservative 20 year old Catholic. I agree with your anti-feminist writings. It's so true. I have a Chinese girlfriend of 21 and they (the Chinese) are just sooo different. This girl is smart (doing a Uni course and looking to set up a business) yet from the first date she was quiet, feminine and NEVER made the first move but waited for me to judge when the moment was right then she would submit. If I tried to go to far with her she'd slowly pull back (I would get no lecture or attitude). This relationship is a breeze because there are no mind games and we respect each other. Even though I would normally be the weaker one in a relationship. I have the power in this one. It feels so good and she has no problem at all with that. I know what u mean man coz I took ur point about never being submissive and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the intelligent counter-cultural material. God Bless


Hello Mr. Makow,

I had the opportunity to see the Vagina Monologues at NC State last night. It was mostly an invitation to become a lesbian and filled with anti male comments as you stated. There was nothing uplifting or inspiring about the play. In fact, I left feeling much worse than I did before the play.

It is no more interesting to see a bunch of women sitting around talking about there vagina, than a bunch of men talking about it. The whole play was degrading and repulsive. I am glad I had the good sense to know it.

I couldn't sit through the entire thing so I only saw about half the play. I can't believe that they are traveling around on college campuses with that trash.


I am 23 with an 18 year old girlfriend. Our relationship is traditional and very strong. Her friends are intensely jealous. I can't blame them as they are all unappreciated and pathetic but it's just not our problem. I was wondering if you could give any advice on how to deal with the 'Information Overload' we face. I was upset to see an advertisement in one of my girlfriends magazines depicting a young girl with her hands down the back of a guys pants, the top of his ass visible. The message is that young women should act like pederasts. Thats just a small example (pick up an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue). Jennas friends are constantly begging her to go to clubs and as someone who used to 'hunt' girls in these places, I can vouch that they are all Gay in nature. Nowadays men are more exhibitionist than women. Its embarassing. Guys constantly come onto her (she's beautiful) and I just feel like I can't beat the world.

Sometimes I find myself agreeing with feminists, other men SUCK. These little shaved monkeys are out of hand and respect nothing. The girls are no better of course......


Dear Henry,

I noticed something while job hunting. First let me say that I am only a
High school graduate. (College is unnecessarily expensive if you don't get special
financial help from "foundations" or sign up to die overseas to make more
money for the world's elite.) I am 23 and live in Albuquerque NM U.S.A. The
point of this email is to illustrate the negative effects feminism has on our
society. I don't know about elsewhere, but in my state the best paying jobs are
directed towards women. Even an illiterate idiot can see this if they open up
the newspaper employment page and merely glance at the picture job ads. I
couldn't find a single male image. There was a smiling single mother next to
every job fair and career academy ad.

So my question is : What about the bottom of the male workforce. All the good jobs for the male worker ants have gone to China and Guatemala and I doubt John Kerry is going to bring them back no matter what he says. I speak for the people at the bottom who are watching the traditional family pass into extinction. Hardworking men who can't find decent employment while the media speaks of inequality for the woman in the workplace. I come from a real family with a mother and father. It makes me sad every time I see a
struggling single mother overloaded with the burden that should be a shared blessing. And young men wandering alone without a purpose. God didn't intend for it to be this way. I support your website. Keep up the good work, Doc.

Dear Henry,

I was looking for some info' on Leon Trotsky and stumbled upon your site, ive read it through once and i have to say ive been looking at it from quite a sceptical angle, but a lot of the things you write would seem to fit in with what is classed as historical fact(Although some of it hasn't been proved). What you write scared me i don't believe in god and i don't believe in Satan but i do believe that things that are potentially harmful and are characteristics of what we associate with Satan can live through people.

I have to ask why and do you actually believe in what you have written, and where are your sources from. The title intrigued me "Save the males" why,. How are people supposed to believe this how do i know your not just trying to induce fear what are you trying to acheive and is it a bad idea me emailing you im studying quite a lot of Russian history at school and getting tied up in things of a political nature doesn't seem like the greatest of ideas if i want to live long.

what I'm basically asking is what the....!!!?????????? mostly because I'm curious and because i dont think i fully understand and ive never encountered ideas about the past and present world that are quite so controversial and potentially threatening in the event of them being true and in the event of them not being if they spread. Because rumour is also a threatening thing in terms of revolution when I think about the tsarina Alexandra and Rasputin the monk type dude.


(and a more mature reader...)

Thanks for the Great Web Site, Its nice to know that if you dig you can find the truth, unfortunately 99% of the population does not search for truth but have been dumbed down and have been failed by our so called religious leaders, who wouldn't know the voice of God if it hit them up side the head, and by our elected politicians. People just cant seem to understand that there are no real political parties only shades of the same group of people who want to control the world and use the common man for their own purposes

Thanks Again


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