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Henry, I just read your

April 27, 2004


I just read your article dated April 25. I guess I'm a little slow getting around.

I want to thank you for your fine contributions to the cause of discovering the truth of our plight. I read of your experience and I feel it speaks for me in many ways. There are millions like us, but unfortunately most of them have long since given up or never started.

I think many are just silent, afraid to speak out like I was for a time, but they are searching, and my objective is to help them over some of the barriers that I had to deal with. Obviously, I don't share your qualifications as a writer, but I have come to realize that just speaking the truth is far more important than persuasive argument. If I had all the time back that I spent listening to persuasive writers and speakers, I'd still be a young man. So cutting through the deception is where I focus my attention.

I would invite you to take a look at my current project; a research into the factions vying for world domination. I agree with you on the "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", as an important document, and the banking interests are behind it, but what I'm interested in is; Who is behind the bankers? You can view my tentative research results here...

I have been working on this for a while, but just yesterday decided not to wait, but go ahead and share what I have. I just have enough there to get it started. Much more to go. If you have an opinion about any of it, I would be happy to hear from you.

Anyway, I wish to commend you for your contributions, and hope you the greatest success with whatever you do next.

Bobby Garner

Onward & Upward, Henry ! Full speed ahead & Godspeed to you : )

re. your most recent : the US as a tool of international finance since . . . (?) I would suggest the War Between the States (traditionalist, reactionary title of "the civil war") (which it wasn't unless you mean Lincoln's against what was left of the constitution in the north). This was a manufactured conflict, engineered through various Masonic (in the south, The Knights of the Golden Circle, e.g.) channels. Had it not been induced, an independent US, debt-free, would have signaled the end for the City of London and its "British" Empire.

A revealing quotation from Edmond Staunton/Stanton (sp ? from memory here), Lincoln's Secretary of War : "Wars are fought to create conditions." (Massive debt, massive destruction requiring further massive debt - conflict prolonged by whatever means necessary, as in WW I, &c.).

Keep the Faith & Keep up the good work !

Best Regards



I just wish to say, you're my hero! I have read almost all of your articles, and I find that you and I share the exact same view on everything! your website to me is a collection of everything that i've felt but never been able to articulate, and I thank you! reading your articles is like a giant confirmation of all these little things that I did not know where connected, and now I can see an even bigger picture than I ever imagined. I have recommended your website to my friends.




I want to commend you on the exellent article you wrote which appeared on the (Save the Males) web-site April 25th 2004. I have been trying to wake people up to the facts for about 35 years now myself by word of mouth. I am an inventor myself and in 1979 introduced a free energy device to the MN state energy commissioner which immediately brought the U.S. military down upon me like a swarm of locusts. It warms my heart to see that there are a few good writers out there who actually have a good grasp of the truth and the vision and foresite to understand enough to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together properly.


Dear Henry,
Your article "The Judeo Masonic Roots of Modern Culture" had so many truths. Its so true how we now worship Man instead of God, and how we take our "Whims and Desires" to be our gods. Along with Feminism, Communism and Bankers and the like, I would like to add the New Age religion to be a tool of cultural destruction. A way of destroying one's link with God by setting up yourself as God.

I used to be a New Ager, so I know the doctrine well. I used to believe that I was part of the oneness and that oneness was God, so therefore I AM GOD. To be a New Ager one has to renounce materialism and embrace an expensive sort of spirituality where one must spent hundreds of dollars gathering useless objects such as crystals and yoga workshops. You have to plunder the sacred rites of tribal peoples and put them to your own selfish uses. One must also hate any established religion (i.e. Christianity, Islam, - anything monotheistic and God centred) whilst claiming to be tolerant. New Age is all about fulfilling one's whims and desires, not about humbling oneself before God.

Thank God I found Him again. Knowing God is the greatest freedom.
Take Care.
"B"- Australia

I have just discovered your web of sites and articles and I just wanted to send kudos. As a student of philosophy I was appalled by studies in ethics and epistemology that subtly, tacitly endorsed murderous values. I postulated that this was either a lack of courage or morals. Sloppy scholarship and weak arguments, as long as they support world agenda, see much success in academia which reads only hypnotic sophism rather than truth. I have often thought that the mainstream of philosophical papers supported ethical nihilism. For example, at Northern Illinois University in a class on Dionisian philosophy, a tenured professor educated the students in: Plato's homosexual seductions, cannibal practices of the greeks, the pedophile artistry of Thomas Mann's Death in Venice, along with praises of Nietsche's ethics and Immanuel Kant's elitist morality where only 'experts' know beauty, truth etc. Here's hopin' we survive the crisis.


Relished the first couple of your articles on what's happening to our world (first stumbled onto your site earlier today). What vestiges of establishment conservatism that remained in me over the last 2 years have died. I see now thanks to people like you, Alex Jones (, and the "Real-Americans" I met while working for Marilyn Musgrave's congressional Election in '02.

Need to figure out what to do with it. When the Dems/libs were the "enemy" for me, the war had an identifiable, finite objective. Realizing the magnitude of the real battle makes producing income and taking care of my family simple by comparison - a safe bet. But I've never been into safe bets. And that's exactly where the elite wants me, fat and happy, or at least comfortably numb...

Alarms are going off one after the other like at the opening of "Time" on Pink Floyd's Dark Sode of the Moon. Thanks for the wake-up call.


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