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Henry, When my father was

June 4, 2004


When my father was a kid, as a dare, he and a friend stole a UN Flag off the building in NYC during a world's fair...I think in 1964 when he was in H.S....I always had that flag and didn't know what it was until I was in college. But I think if you count the concentric rings divisions, there are 33 parts to it.... the Freemasonry numerology symbols...

I am 34 years old, and I have just begun to realize, that during my entire lifetime, these people have acted carefully and concisely....I was born when Robert Kennedy and ML King were assassinated, and the US made it to the moon ( I also heard a story that Armstrong was a Freemason, and that they left symbolic elements up there)....and I grew up watching the seeds of feminism be planted in the minds of women and little girls...I didn't know that it was so evil....I can say that it destroyed my mother's marriages and herself eventually, and that recently when I found the book "Vagina Monologues" in her house, during a visit, I told her that she is a willing victim of a worldwide plot, because at the same time she claims to be a Christian.

Until I have lost all my innocent beliefs and brainwashed "education" about all these conflicts, assassinations, "movements".....and realized thru reading articles and books by people like yourself, that humanity has been hoodwinked successfully over and over by a powerful minority?? It seems almost impossible, but eventually it makes the most sense of anything. Anyone who opposes their plans is brutally taken out of the equation, it seems.

I believe that if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Us "regular" people are unwitting participants, but we are certainly used to do their bidding. Our young men fight their wars, and we consume their products.

I wonder if there is any way to organize and fight against this hidden tyranny? Education is part of it, but without organization what good is it??

I think that is step number one. To reform the election/campaign process, do away with "career politicians" and "lifetime appointed judges". Then we might have someone oppose the Federal Reserve policies again.



It's true, I'm incredibly concerned, especially for my children and others
their age. It frustrates me when I try to educate people and they just
don't get it. Recently at the doctor's office the receptionist asked us if
we had seen such and such show. I told her I didn't watch much TV because
"TV is brainwashing". Rather than asking what I meant by that she said
"Well honey, they can brainwash me all they want!"

After patiently
explaining to a friend how J.F.K. irritated the central bankers by going
straight to the U.S. Treasury and having it print interest free notes,
which likely was the main cause of his assassination he said "I've made up
my mind that the lone gunman theory is the correct one." I said "I believe
Oswald was part of something much larger" -- but he was getting very antsy
so I dropped it. I had even given this fellow a copy of "The Creature From
Jekyll Island" to read, but he returned it without reading a page. -- And
he's a fairly intelligent guy!

I have tried and tried and tried, with much
evidence, to show another friend that the Democrats and Republicans are
both dancing to the same puppetmaster -- but he'll never get it. I used to
write articles for a local magazine and tried from time to time to slip
some of this stuff into the articles. "Stop trying to enlighten the masses
-- they don't care" was the editor's response.

I'm sure the Tavistock people have got it all figured out that the majority
of people are incapable of, or simply do not care about anything other than
what they can see, hear, feel and taste right now, and what the controlled
media tells them. Incrementalism is apparantly a slippery concept to
grasp. The fact that we may be slaves is even more difficult. The movie
"The Matrix" shoved it in everyone's face but still most everyone didn't
get it. Oh -- that's just sci-fi!! Saving souls seems to be something
that a larger percentage will understand. The truth about the n.w.o. is a
hard sell for sure. Why are we so compelled?

Best regards. Have a good weekend.


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