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Just wanted to let you

June 9, 2004

Just wanted to let you know that your insights are
incredible. I have come to the same conclusions on many topics that you discuss but I am not as well read as you are. Your analysis of current topics offers me a great mental release as I try to understand the bigger picture.
I also realize that many of my assumptions are now correct.

I find it interesting how you may have went from Psychological studies into topics concerning jewish control and feminism as a tool for the communists. I too, have a background in psych and medicine and have come upon the same findings in my readings.

My assumption : Communists took the Suffergette movement in the 1930's and diverted it into a tool for their own cause. They were bringing "Feminists" to early Union Hall meetings in the US so that men would come to have sex with them and thus get indoctrinated with Union Rhetoric.

Two more assumptions :

Jewish Textile interests prevented the Negro slaves from returning to Africa after Lincoln offered them free passage back. They did this because they wanted a source of cheap labor to provide cotton to their textile mills.

The Negro was to be the "New Prolitariat " for Communism in the United States. If you research "Soviet America " you will find articles about how this was to come about. The Russians promised the Negro better treatment in the South during the 1930's than they were supposedly getting. here is a page that describes it.

Anyways, your work is terrific and I am telling my friends to check out your web site.

Many thanks for your gratifying insights and please continue to educate us.

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