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Being Men in the New World Odor

June 13, 2004

miami.jpg Liz, a single mother with a management job remarks that this web site doesn't provide enough guidance for men. (Her June 10 letter is below.)

"It seems to tell them what to look for in a wife, but not how to become the man this kind of woman is looking for."

Corey, a male, seconds Liz' request for an article on "how we boys can de-program ourselves into men."

"What I and doubtless many visitors to your site would like to know is what we can do to make ourselves more attractive to non-head-case, non-emotionally-frigid women."

Corey, listen up. Real men do not "make ourselves more attractive" to anyone. A real man serves God not women.

You need to make yourself more attractive to God.


The human race has been hijacked. Of course, the hijackers won't tell you this because their agenda isn't complete.

The hijackers are a small clique of central bankers and their allies based in London. Your bank has its account with these people. So does your country.

Through control of credit, they rule our planet politically, economically and culturally. This is why getting ahead often requires selling our soul, which most mediocre people will gladly do.

Our leaders are examples. They are pitchmen for the bankers. They don't make decisions. (The G-8 leaders looked like such lightweights walking on the beach, I'm surprised the ocean breeze didn't waft them away.)

Many central bankers are literally disciples of Lucifer. Lucifer is the angel who rebelled against God's Plan. Similarly, the bankers have made themselves God and declared war on humanity.They have redefined reality and want to stamp out the miracle of life.

They are patiently building a world police state behind the facade of "world government." The Protocols of Zion (Section B2) describes this plan. This has been going on for a long time but great "progress" has been made since 1900. A planetary slave colony is emerging symbolized by the cop in riot gear. Iraq, 9-ll and "the war on terror" are part of this plan.

To control and blunt us, the Luciferians have conditioned us to short circuit at the word God. Don't be duped.


I believe God wishes to know Himself through his creation (i.e. mankind.) In other words, God's Plan is for mankind to evolve to the point where man will know God as Love. This requires a transformation in consciousness. I believe this was Jesus' message.

One purpose of war is to keep mankind at a low level of consciousness.

On a personal level God is nothing but the ideal you, the principle of your personal development. Therefore a man's primary relationship is with God. A man gains his identity and confidence by serving God.

To serve Him we need to obey our highest moral instinct. I have found that the discipline of raja yoga (i.e. meditation) and/or prayer can help.

We were made in God's image to do God's work. If each man did this, God's Plan would gradually manifest itself like a picture puzzle where each piece falls into place.

If man doesn't do God's work, it won't get done. We will suffer the consequences and only have ourselves to blame.

Each man must decide what his special work is. It doesn't have to be high and mighty. For example, we can serve God as a teacher, a plumber, a scientist etc. and by serving our family as a provider and leader.


Men undermine themselves by their obsession with love and sex.

Carl Jung said that when we deny the existence of God, we create false Gods instead. Love and sex have become a pseudo religion that gives us ecstatic experience (orgasm) and personal fulfillment. This "religion" is used to distract and control us.

What passes for love is mostly infatuation and illusion based on novelty and need. Men should be focused on their own mystery, on serving God.

Romantic love is displaced God-love. In our infatuation, we project our unconscious love of God on someone else (why we idealize them.) We really crave our own self-realization.

Self-abandoning love for a woman is a debilitating and dangerous delusion. My book "A Long Way to go for a Date" is an example.

Furthermore, sex appeal is a poor criterion for choosing a mate. Sex is only part of a good marriage. Compatibility is much more important. Men need to consider qualities like loyalty, ability, honesty and intelligence. For example, I love that my wife is rational and our misunderstandings are resolved quickly.

Consider women who are different from you, who complement rather than compete. In other words, don't look for yourself in love. Do not make a woman your God.


We live in a world controlled by sick evil people determined to steal our birthright and that of our children. They arrest our development by promoting dysfunctional attitudes to love and sex using the media and social engineering (i.e. Feminism, Homosexuality etc.)

Women are caught in this trap as well. We won't escape by trying to please them. Men have to have a positive vision of life and enlist them. Women can't love needy men.

Men were created to represent God, and to be guided by His Spirit. We were created to represent God as best we can. This is what a real man is, what a real woman wants.

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