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Note: This information was sent

October 18, 2004

irshad.jpgNote: This information was sent to Manji for comment. I said I would regard it as confirmed if she didn't reply. She did not. Henry

* Manji is not a Muslim....she hails from the cult of Aga khan, who are considered heretics by Muslims. The only reason muslims never persecuted them is that they are contented with practicing their business and materialism in India nad Pakistan as opposed to slandering the Prophet.

* Though anyone can join the cult of Aga Khan and serve them, the real Aga Khanis are actually the Jews who ran the Fatimid dynasty in Egypt. They were kicked out of the Arab world by Saladin, for repeatedly siding wth the crusaders. They then headed and settled in India. Among their other creations (before gettting kicked out of Egypt) are the jew friendly Druzes.

* According to NWO expert Springmeier, Prince Aga Khan, their spiritual head and billionaire dandy who lives off the contributions of his followers in France has a privileged position in the hierarchy, including access to mind control slaves for pedophillic purposes.

* Among the many things Manji advocates is making Muslims tolerate diverse flavours (deviations) masquerading as Islam such as her Aga Khani faith.......which is nothing more than a personality cult intended to make Aga Khan and his fellow Jews rich.

* Manji intended to be the second Rushdie (another Aga Khani) by provoking Muslims. However, Muslims have wisened up and they ignored her. Even the RCMP refused special security untill a fatwa was put on her.

* Manji tries to unsuccessfully dig up justification within Islam for homosexuality. When Islam advocates such harsh punishment as stoning for adultery, homosexuality does not even fall on the radar of Muslims, and was largely nonexistent untill the proliferation of Western pornography.

In the Koran, there are references to the tribe of Lot, who were doomed because of their homosexuality... In the few states which follow the Islamic law (such as Iran and Taliban Afghanistan), a person who is witnessed by more than two people as engaging in homosexuality has the death penalty on him.

* Manji does manage to attract the tiny minority of the confused Westernized generation of Muslims born in the West. Since they are already into fornication, it is only a matter of urging by the likes of Manji to get them involved into homosexuality.

* Population control among Muslims is among the primary agenda of the NWO.

* Manji was challenged by the Muslim preacher Steve Rockwell to a one on one debate. She said yes but has yet to show up.

More on Manji's Micro Business Loans from our Budapest Bureau

Just a little commentary to contribute shaping the contours of the micro-credit in the process of globalization.

MICRO-CREDIT appears to be the humanitarian side of the international bankers as frequently financed by the World Bank or even directly by private bankers like the Rothschilds. Just type in Google the words micro-credit, Rothschild and World Bank... In reality, micro-credit is a powerful tool of economical and cultural globalization as well as of eugenism (the latter being political-correctly called "family planning").

Economical globalization is destroying everywhere and especially in the third world the familial agriculture and craft industry. Meanwhile, globalizators are serving micro-credit programs to favour commercial "entrepreneurism": the new "entrepreneurs" are very often becoming the new merchants to assure the selling network for the multinationals and their expensive industrial food/products.

Of course, this new economy which has replaced the ancient based on family agriculture/craft industry cannot feed as many people as the ancient and, therefore, globalizators have to reduce demography in these countries. Here comes the eugenism since...

... Since micro-credit is also a way to reshape the traditional values centered on family. Altogether with the micro-credit loan, women are receiving the ideoligical message of the the international feminism which is centered on anti-familial values. Through micro-credit, many women come to believe their happiness is in businessdoing rather than in motherhood, men being seen then as parasits or sexual pleasure agents instead of potential husbands and fathers.

One of the main result of this cultural reshaping is of course the reducing of demography which should be rather called here "eugenism". Another result is the breakdown of the traditional social roles of women and men: women are becoming a socially dominant "class" in a society where they make money while most of the men (formerly farmers, hunters or artisans) have been reduced to the status of "unemployed".

This breakdown of social roles is certainly very disturbing for most men who consequently lose their inner compass and react in ways which are "coincidentally" favourable to the globalization: either they revolt and become what globalizators call "religious fanatic" or even "terrorist" (we know since 911 how much the globalizators need "religious fanatics" and "terrorists" to achieve their plans), or they become wishy washy disillusioned people no more apt to defend their land or their religion.


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