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>Professor Makow, I am a

November 11, 2004

Bush poster>Professor Makow,

I am a young female college student who is double majoring
in biology and environmental science. I am certain that this
is not the first email you have received from a woman.
However, I must say, I am very much surprised that you
believe in such a conspiracy. Of course, I know that you
would disregard me as being influenced by the "Iluminati." I
just figured we are living in the twenty-fist century, in
which, both genders should have equal opportunity in the
pursuit of prosperity and happiness. Happiness is something
that is unique to the individual. Personally, I plan on
getting a P.h.d in Biology and finding a career in AIDS/HIV
research. To me, that is a more noble goal than just to
raise a family. I am not against people wanting to be
married and raise a family, however, I feel that there is
more to life than just that. My time and talents are better
used for something else and I am grateful that I have the
opportunity, as a young woman, to make something of myself,
other than just a good wife and mother. I was blessed with a
love of learning and a drive to succeed, and I plan to take
full advantage of that. As for overpopulation, it does
exist. In fact, I am studying that right now. Personally, I
am just bewildered on how someone could have such archaic
thoughts, but it's not my place to judge. To each his a very disturbing way. Dude, whatever floats your
boat, but I think your the minority opinion here.



We get our ideas of what is important and socially valuable from society and these in turn are determined by the Illuminati through their control of education and the media. You may think your ideas are your own but you are mistaken. You may be able to have both but the chances are your career will conflict with your marriage and family and your personal hapiness will depend largely on a precarious career in a precarious world. Read my site carefully. They call it conspiracy because they can't be open about what they are doing.

best wishes,


Hi Henry,

As always, a stellar job. It is a rewarding experience reading not only your articles but the letters from impassioned thinkers. They all keep me sane in this mad world.

I am writing today to vent about what a great job the homosexual brainwashing effort is having upon hetero men. The latter are running scared and showing signs of hyper-vigilance towards other hetero men. With everything being so "open" and liberal and with relative moralism substituting the golden rules we were brought up on (and thrived upon),the language and customs of Anglo Saxon society are under attack. Words and gestures of friendship, camaraderie and the like are interpreted as possible come-ons and viewed with suspicion, bordering on paranoia.

As a writer, I wield the English language. As a sensitive person who appreciatives humour and intelligence, I seek to make new friendships on an ongoing basis. But i am finding that in this brave new world, a fortress mentality is the rule. Nobody gets by the gate unless the password is uttered or the wrong ones aren't.

Having a girlfriend all the time, being married or engaging in frequent sex assures those affected by the Illuminati-controlled media apparatus that a fellow is "all right." The present situation reminds me of the communist scare campaign of the 50's. And why wouldn't it, today crises in the public confidence in each other has been created by the same organizations.

Meanwhile, in the Toronto Star yesterday, I got to read about all the rich homosexuals immigrating to Canada from Amerika so that they can take advantage of our wonderfully, liberal, anti-family government policies and about evil Ralph Klein in Alberta standing up for for traditional values. Maybe I'll move.


Hi Henry!

First let me tell you, that I have read, with great interest, your
latest articles. You do a great service to humanity, if they would just
listen, stop and think. It is only in the last 5 years, that I have woken
up to what really is happening to the world.

What I really wanted to write about to you is what I believe is causing
homosexuality, as I read somehwere, that you think it is developemental
and I agree.

This conclusion I have come to is after many years of studying people
and talking to both homosexuals and their parents. I did not
deliberately start out with this in mind, to determined what causes homosexuality,
but rather because I have come across so many over the years and they
are in great numbers, many more than your estimated 3% of the
population. I estimate it to be 10%. And that number gets higher every decade.

I personally know many homosexuals, both men and women.
Homosexuality is cause by rejection of the newborn baby. it is also
often, that it is the second child in a family, that is of the same gender
as the first child, that becomes homosexual. The reason for that is,
that the parents wanted another gender and is very dissapointed , that
the baby is not what they had hoped for and in their ignorance, they
fiercely reject the baby. This literally chokes the baby emotionally and
the bonding with the mother does not take place, which is essential for
normal developement. Many homosexuals are also raised by their
grandmothers, who likewise also do not want the child. Hence homosexuals are
unwanted and rejected children from birth.

Not all rejected children from birth becomes homosexuals(could you just
imagine?) But it is the ones with a very mild disposition, who seem to
suffer that fate. More agressive children, who demand attention and
persue attention, will be come straight anyway.

I have also talked to many mothers of homosexuals and believe me, they
KNOW it is their fault. They feel very guilty and try to be their
childs "best friend" in later life. These mothers do not know, that I am
aware of their childs preference and they at times try to pump me for
information about my attitudes and beliefs of that condition. I reasure
them, that I have nothing against homosexuals, as it is not their fault,
as long as they do not try to either involve me or convice me, that
their lifestyle is more "right" than mine.

Other deviances are also cause by early chilhood trauma, but usually do
not show up before the teenage years. At that stage, the parents will
say, that they did "everything" for their child and can't understand,
whay their child is "different". But trust me they KNOW.
Many parents are also so wrapped up in themselves, that they have no
time or energy to reach out emotionally to their children.

In my estimation, because of mothers having to work for the almighty
buck and thus have no time for their children, and in some cases, they
have regretted getting children, in another 50 years half the population
will be homosexual.

By the way Henry, my background is early childhood education,
development and psychology.

Regards Annette

G.W. Bush has been trapped in the Iraqi quagmire by the (apparently)
Rothschild created and manipulated zionists and their US lobbies. I believe
he won`t be trapped any more. I believe G.W. Bush must be given a second
chance and not be judged on his past mistakes. I believe he will try to save
his people from the most dangerous enemy of humanity: the globalizator
cabbalist bankers.

This is the first time in human history the globalizator cabbalist bankers
are in real difficult position: after having been kicked out from Russia by
V. Putin and having failed to even infiltrate China, they have now failed to
take the absolute power in the USA and also in Ukraine where they were
elections recently. In a certain way, the Iraqi quagmire is also theirs
since no government will dare any more to use its soldiers to do the dirty
job for them.

Even in the EU, strong souls like J. Chirac and G. Schr�der
have until now succeeded not to surrend to them. And, last but not least,
they have also problems in Israel where they are on the way to loose control
over their political creature the Likoud.

G.W. Bush is only a human being, he can make mistakes but not miracles.
Neither he nor anyone else cannot defeat by himself the two tightly
interconnected (but not completely fusioned) mortal enemies of humanity: the
globalizator cabbalist bankers and the destructive economical system based
on the multinational trusts. It will be great if he has the courage and the
energy to start the war against the globalizator cabbalist bankers,
altogether with others like V. Putin, J. Chirac, G. Schr�der or (believe it
or not) the Pope Jean-Paul II. It isn`t difficult to imagine that if the
cabbalist bankers are defeated, the power of the multinational trusts will
be significantly reduced too.

Of course, the mainstream medias in the western world, which are more or
less under the control of the cabbalist bankers, will do their best to
convince the ordinary people that white is black and black is white. They
have already started with some disinformation productions like these:

J (Our East Europe Correspondent)

Dear Dr. Makow,

The title of this piece has to be the understatement of the year. As you may know, the Free Trade Areas of the Americas will destroy the sovereignty of the USA, Canada, and the rest of the Americas as we are merged into one nation like the European Union. See:

There has already been a radio program in my area stating that President Bush is totally committed to the FTAA and will begin its implementation in January of 2005.

The first step of the FTAA was the passage of NAFTA, the free trade act. Why do you think our borders are dissolving? It's so that we will become a one-world state.

Miss R

You forgot to mention how men have been played and suckered. Like yourself.
Always pointing fingers. Haven't hetro men been hugely duped as well. I
realize you write about this but if you compare the amount you actually
spend saying gays destroy family, women destroy family, illuminati destroys
family......the reality is the average man (like yourself Henry, average)
has done the most damage of all.

Don't even bother putting me on your site

Dieter from Saskatchewan

I will concur that there is something behind it. It has taken me years to convince myself that something is going on. There is no sane reason to export factories and import poverty. No one in his right mind can believe this is a policy that supports anything but poverty and violence. That highly educated and priveleged leaders can advocate the obviously destructive means their goals are not those of the common man. Ok, what can I or "we" do about it. Can we move from noticing the ship is sinking to pluging the hole and turning on the pumps.

Hi, Henry!

I still think Tim Rifat is flimflamming us.

If any Rothschild is shedding crocodile tears over the "election," it's Evelyn. He and his future bride helped found and fund the Democratic Leadership Council to inflict "The Third Way." Their Fabian Socialist stooges include the Clintons, Tony Blair and George Soros. They derailed Howard Dean after he had the audacity to suggest that maybe we should consider both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian debacle.

Likewise, Jacob operates under the umbrella of the International Democratic Union founded by Margaret Thatcher and Pappy Bush. Their Fabian Socialist stooges include all Bushes, the Neo-Cons, and Warren Buffet. They promote the Trotsky "Permanent Revolution" as taught at the Rockefeller's brainwash facility known as the University of Chicago. In reality, the DLC and the IDU blur together.

Though for 25 years the controlled media would have us believe that there's been a falling out between Jacob and Evelyn, I suspect that they're both relishing the fact that Americans are now so divided and so dumbed-down that they can steamroll with impunity.

There's just no reason for Jacob to be "apoplectic" especially when he has Nicole Kidman to console him via sweet e-mails.

Best Regards,


I dont buy this fueding between the Bush camp and Europe. It's a ploy. It's what they do. I believe they fear the power of the internet community and the anti NWO movement and are infiltrating their boy Bush through the knowledge mine field under the guise of an anti NWO stand...though rarely directly mentioned.

They will push him and his lunatic fundmentalist movement to the brink and then the silly sods on the street will be begging for a 'liberal' NWO to rescue them from this religious fundamentalist. They destroyed the Union movements in the same manner...encourage fools and thugs into positions of power making ridiculous demands of employers and then when the worker's had had enough, introduced legislation to outlaw certain strikes and largely dismantle the inherent power of collective bargaining. They are setting us up.

I watch with interest certain sites which includes Mike Rivero's "What Really Happened". They blast religion as bullshit and the cause of all evil instead of directing their anger at the fools using it to their own ends. This is dengerous. Just what do Mr Rivero plan to replace the 5000 years of modern religious belief with? Secular humanism where common sense from our own little brains will suffice? Thats a very small foundation to build on.

All this talk of war with Iran. They may bomb it from the air but that is all. They cannot invade Iran even with a draft. It is logistically impossible. ABSOLOUTLY IMPOSSIBLE. This is all theater...COMPLETE THEATER! I'm sick to death of this bullshit being promulgated all over the net. No one will be invading China, Iran, North Korea or anyone else for that matter anytime soon...poor black nations in Africa with oil and gas excepted.

Western capital is propping up China and has been for the last 20 years. The world economies are interconnected and with the simple pulling of access to capital to China the whole ediface would come crashing down. What then would the Chinese leaders do with a roaming unemployed workforce in the tens of millions? As usual WE ARE THE ENEMY. The local populations are the problem for the elites. It is a problem all elites share and just as the common enemy pulls together disparate elements so the elites of the world pull together in secret to subvert popular movements bent on distributing power and resources to the common people.

The U.S elites must know what I know from simply speaking to Taxi drivers here in Oz who are from Iran (Persia as they prefer). The local population hates the Mullahs and want more freedom. They HATE America even more. I'm sure the multi billion dollar intelligence services of the United States Of America have worked this out. The local population will rally around the Mullahs and more silly American servicemen will stand around for there 15 minutes of news fame telling the reporter that they dont know why the camel jockey's hate us...of course Persians ar'nt Arabs but they all look the same to an American eh?

The logical conclusion for myself, given my admitted 'newness' to the specifics of the NWO, is this entire spectacle headed by the Bush cabal is purely to foment chaos and ease the implimentation of a global surveillence police state. Every one of the elites knows the financial system is a sham. They know the IDEA of money is in the hands of a few and is quite irrelevant. The purpose is to make you dependant and desperate so you will gladly be thumb scanned for your daily bread.

After another three years of Bush people will be begging for a NWO secular 'liberal' to save them from the devil himself...perhaps he will speak with a slight accent and possess arms of larger girth than the average man. I have been watching 'Arnie' for 15 years...when he started long walks with Lord Rothschild he was truly out of the closet.

We are being set up. There will be no large scale wars, only the threat of war. Thats all they need.

As ever, warmest regards,


The election is over. Time to concentrate on your own agandas again. Forget the medea-diversification-game, as it IS only a game. I subscribe to EVERY WORD Makow has written here. True words of a true soul. Heart language at its best...

The thing is, why I bow my head before most of the American people is simply: They do respect the vote of the majority. That are the rules. All the same whether the results were based on bogus or not. As THIS is a totally different issue concerning ALL parties, better to say all PEOPLE OF AMERICA. Forget about the Republican od Democratic issue.

The diversification and splitting into 'blocks' ARE INDEED an 'AGENDA'. The agenda of those who don't want YOU to be united with your neighbour. Divide and conquer.

It's a lot easier to deal with only 50% of all. And moreover those can use the 'other' 50% to deal with 'your' 50% - doing the 'work' for THEM. Never for you - despite all nice words.

That's the crux about being Democ-rat-ic. Some of us do know this in Eu-Rope very well - sorrily to say most forgot about the issue completely - dreaming away on 'glorious democracy'...

The awakening will be very harsh.

Praying and hoping that you - THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA -will see through the vail and will use our sacrifice in Eu-Rope for LEARNING THEIR LESSON: OUR lesson. Don't let yourself become divided!

Democracy - as it is pulled off by those who 'think they are ruling' - IS indeed a rope. Hopefully not for the Gallow's pole...

Far Sigh(t) 3 (From Rumor Mill News)

Hi Henry.

You are correct when you state that the Illuminati need to use 'multiculturalism' to wreck the Western World, alongside homosexuality, religion and feminism. The Illuminati want to degrade the superiority complexes of the Aryan races in Britain and North America. Remember all those of Germanic, Scandanavian and Anglo-Saxon origin are to be brought under the heel of the NWO. The other races such as the Mexicans, Hispanics and Asian Americans in the USA will be used as the levering tool for next 2 years or so, and will be sadly killed off via the use of genotype diseases such as AIDS and chemtrailing. Chemtrailing is referred to by the 13 Illuminati Families as 'mosquito spraying'. This should give you some idea how psychopathic and darkly cruel the Illuminati really are. I suggest you seek out a copy of Death in the Air by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. The Nazi George W.Bush looks at the camera and says "trust me" and states he cares for "the people". What aload of bullshit.

Unfortunately Henry, i do not feel Amerika will wake up and if they do it will be far too little and far, far too late in the day. Alot of the Rothschilds power dervies from Germany, (their heartland and homebase) and Italy, (including Vatican City and the Jesuit Order). Old Europe loads the gun and New America fires it, so the whole world condemns and spits at America and never suspects that the Illuminati Blue Bloods have all the power in Europe, through the Europe Union. Russia, China and the EU will combine together to crush America. Once the Eurodollar is switched to by the world as the currency of trading choice, the US Dollar will crsh and so will America.

The people will demand a rapid solution. The solution is a global centralised banking system with America under the control of the UN and a newly formed 'World Council' Then Lucifer will take is seat and what will the idiots of America do? Nothing.


Hi Henry,

Your conspiracy theory that Bush and Kerry are on a different path has no evidence at all. Vice President Cheney and Democrate VP John Edwards are both members of the Council on Foreign relations, with Edwards being present at a Bilderberg meeting too. They are both the brains behind the puppet Bush and Kerry's campaigns, and are closely connected with each other politically, as Kerry is to Bush through the Skull and Bones fraternity (a shared vision).

You suggested that somehow Bush Jr is going off on his own path away from his fathers New World Order plans. But, since Cheney is into the mainstream CFR NWO path and Bush JR clearly hasn't the intellegence to start his own movement, it appears your homeboy Tim Rifat is promoting disinformation to keep you in duality mindset.

Iran already has russian built nuclear weapons and an alliance with China and Russia, so WW3 is more than a capability and possibility at present. I suspect WW3 will only last a few devastating months and be over long before your 2012 estimate. Excellent site though, your insights into the feminist media manipulation are so obviously and unfortunatly true. God bless.


Perhaps it is time to research who is behind the illuminati, the rothschilds and the skull & bones. It is only one organization after all that rules the western world, and did since babylon. Their agenda is on track as far as I'm concerned and bush was the chosen one. Kerry was a shill. Just look how fast he gave in.


Dr. Makow, I enjoyed your latest essay concerning the recent elections. Basically, I voted for Mr. Bush this time around, because he spoke openly against partial birth abortions. Though I have no illusions about his lack of concern for the abortion issue in general, at least he outlawed for the present, this form of the brutal killing of innocents.

It is interesting to note that with the exception of a few insects and fish, no other species will knowingly destroy its future. The homosexual and feminst agendas seem so hell bent on doing just that...killing our future, by either outright murder, or by promoting sexual activitiy that has no chance of producing offspring.

Keep up the good work.


I find Tim Rifat interesting but I think his portrayal of Bush as somehow causing the Illuminati heartache is either off base or an attempt to deceive.

At the top where the dialectic is controlled between left and right, Jesuit and Secret society, Bush & Kerry are opposite sides of the same coin put in conflict to let you think there is choice. Sure electing one over the other may change the mission but it is just two opposing paths designed to meet in the end.

Bush is just softening up Americans so they'll accept the government as their protector, saviour and source of life.


Hello Henry,

Just wanted to say I love your site and the work you are doing. The experience of awakening to the truth about what is happening in the world is shocking and painful. In my own case the disruption has penetrated every part of my life, even threatening long-time relationships. The wages of truth can be steep but liberation is worth it. Your site has been a big help.


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