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May 4, 2005

feminist Dear Henry,

Like most female college students, i thought i should take some feminism classes to "broaden my perspective"; its the en vogue thing to do.

I have never felt so oppressed, degraded, and raped, as I did reading those texts. Men are not causing womens oppression anymore, now its feminists.

I cant enjoy sex because im serving the patriarchy. I cant cook pies for my husband becuase im serving the patriarchy. I cant be attractive because im serving the patriarchy.

Learning Literature and Psychology is just reinforcing the stereotype of femininity created by the patriarchy. What is this "Patriarchy"? I want to join.

Catherine MacKinnnon is very fun to read aloud in the laundromat, but of no intellectual or aesthetic value. The only two feminists i enjoyed were Woolf and Gilligan, neither of which call for defeminization of women.

I just wanted you to know that some women are happy being women, hell, im happy being a girl. i've had a feminist woman lecture me about the use of that word. You are doing the world a service.


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