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Harper's Fitting Award For NWO Service

October 7, 2006

by Henry Makow, Ph.D. 

On Thursday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper received an award aptly named for Woodrow Wilson, the American President who confessed, "I have unwittingly ruined my country." 

The "Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service" is in the tradition of  the "Jeffrey Dahmer Medal for Better Human Relations." It reminds me of  the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize won by Henry Kissinger.

Previous recipients  include such New World Orderlies as James Baker, Dick Cheney and the much hated former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. At the dinner, George W. Bush lauded Mr. Harper (via video) for his "leadership" in the war on terror and ended by saying "God bless Steve."

Harper is following in the footsteps of Woodrow Wilson who betrayed his country in 1913 by setting up the Federal Reserve Bank, and again in 1917 by entering World War One, which was about to end in a draw. In both cases Wilson was blackmailed and manipulated by the banker clique. In a famous statement for posterity, Wilson confessed:

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." ("Repeal the Federal Reserve Banks" by Casimir Frank Gierut, p.31)

Similarly Harper, obedient to the bankers, flouts Canadian public opinion on three fronts.

1. Canadians are at least 3-2 against participation in the Afghanistan War. Yet on Thursday, Harper called it the "price of Canada's leadership." Evidently it is the price of good relations with the occupational government of Canada's largest trading partner. And like Americans, Canadians don’t have a choice. The Liberal opposition party is also for this immoral no-win war.

2. After Israel leveled Lebanon, killing 1100 civilians in retaliation for  the capture of two soldiers, Harper described Israel's reaction as "measured." His poll numbers immediately plummeted, especially in Quebec where Zionist control is least pronounced. Seventy per cent of Canadians wanted to stay neutral. Ignoring the public reaction, Harper's Conservative party had the chutzpah to launch a fund-raising drive predicated on his "principled stand." Surely the bankers are paying them enough already.

3. Harper's government is taking steps to integrate Canada into a North American Union, without publicity or democratic process, clearly an act of treason. Like concentration camps in America, this subject is so painful that I postpone examining it. I feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany except this time anybody who believes in real democracy, freedom and God, is a Jew.

On the domestic side, Harper's government appears to be competent, decreasing promotion of homosexuality and feminism, and government waste and corruption in general.

But in terms of foreign policy, Harper's award is well suited. "Public Service" consists in following the central banker scheme for world degradation and dictatorship. Perhaps some day when Canada has disappeared altogether, there will be an award for "nation building" called "The Steve."

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Comments for "Harper's Fitting Award For NWO Service"

Peter said (October 9, 2006):

Good article. As a Canadian expat, I can say that the presence of Canadian troops in Afghanistan shames me.

This cavalier disregard for the will of informed Canadians is enraging.

In all too many countries I see the same pattern, grinning leaders carrying forth sinister agendas often accompanied by the drum beat of the well trained big media.

Keep hammering away at them...

Gary in Etobicoke said (October 9, 2006):

Harper is Just a Bush clone as far as i see, and to me is like an american mole in our parliament along with several of his helpers, Day, Mckay and the like.

He is using suppression of the press as indicated by not allowing his ministers to speak without going through him.. not good management tactics but rather dictatorship tactics for sure.

I am not anti-american but sure am pro-Canadian and love this country dearly,

Canadians in general need to wake the heck up and get interested in whats really going.

Afghanistan is just another sore spot with me, when I watch TV and see a dead soldierand realize what his family and children now have to endure, and then hear Harper say what he says, I could just scream!

All of NATO has taken the safe ground and let Canada sit where the danger is, we are just following America around after all their illegal bombing campaigns just to pacify the USA for us not joining the illegal Iraq war,

Not acceptable to me!

Jean in Hungary said (October 9, 2006):

These days, more and more warning signs are flashing red concerning a possible new war in the Mid-East, probably against Iran. I tend to consider the Woodrow Wilson award given to the Canadian PM as one of these signs. Some of these signs are well commented but other stay unnoticed. In my opinion, such an unnoticed sign is the simultaneous media campaigns against China and Russia: China is accused to be a devilish regime for her use of human organs coming from executed prisoners while the Russian government is suspected for the assassination of a journalist "famed for not being a Kremlin lapdog" (as say the globalist western media). Both of these campaigns are unfunded but they are preparing the western public opinion to see the Chinese and Russian governments as our enemies and thus to discredit in advance their political support to Iran.

The campaign against China is unfounded because it is well known in the European and US medical milieus that many hospitals are taking out organs from dead patients whithout relatives or whith unsuspecting relatives. Moreover, would it be more ethical for the Chinese to bury the executed criminals with the organs needed to save lifes and often childrens` lifes? As for Russia, knowing the political cleverness of the President V. Putin, how to believe that the Russian secret services would have executed a journalist "famed for not being a Kremlin lapdog"?

Daniel from Alta. said (October 9, 2006):

As a Canadian I find it unbelievable that we have been lead in to a war by our government.
Never have I felt so powerless over our country's destiny and had so little faith in our political system. It does however confirm, to me, exactly what I thought, this is not a democracy and there is only one party in Canada and it is called the NWO.

I cannot believe the Canadian apathy towards so many issues, important issues that affect our future. This is the biggest confirmation of the "New World Order" ,the reaction, or non-reaction to these issues by the people, who you think would care about their very future.

My father was haunted his whole life by serving in Normandy in WW2, his father destroyed at Vimy Ridge in WW1. My father was the biggest anti war
adovate and would cry if he were alive now, and I know he would have written many letters in protest. He knew the horrors of what war really is and was so proud of the fact that Canada had seemed to progress towards a country that was a nation of peace keepers, our role as a combative country left behind.

To see Lord Harper making the statements other night while in Calgary on our leadership role and involvement in Afghanistan had me hoppin mad and I spent the day writing letters in response. Lord Harper once again confirmed
his devotion and membership to the New World Order. I must say I am scared in many ways by what I have learned in my 4 yrs of research in to the New World Order. I have book marked your site, have actually crossed it a few times in my research, and plan a deeper investigation of your site, and sure appreciate the work you do.

I am becoming more active in informing people I
have an msn space devoted to fighting the NWO, will have a web site up soon, and plan to host a few lectures/presentations on the NWO in the coming new year. I feel compelled as a Canadian to do whatever I have to do, in order
to alert fellow Canadians to the realities of the NWO.

Your article inspired me and thanks again for your site and taking the time to read my letter.

Steve said (October 8, 2006):

With regards to, "Like concentration camps in America...." the closest camp to the Toronto region is at Meaford. LOTS of evidence and just can't hide something like that.

Matt from Rochester NY said (October 8, 2006):

This is not surprising as Harper serves an important role as placeman and elite goafer (like Wilson himself) to the high level elitists he serves, who really set the rules and formulate policy from behind the scenes. He, like his predecessor Martin, is also a member of the Bilderberg Group, so that tells us something right there. The man is a total shill for the globalists and their planned North American Union, as was Martin. This should show Canadians that, like the American political system, their political system is equally fraudulent, and no matter who they vote for, it will always be somebody who represents the Global Elite. Not them. It doesn't matter where you go in the Western world today, politics are nothing more than a charade to dupe the uninformed into thinking there are really two sides and that they actually have a choice, when both sides are in fact the same. It's all part of the dialectical process.

There are many liberal Canadians who strongly dislike Harper. But they dislike him because of smokescreen issues instilled by the media to distract, that aren't half as bad as, for instance, the planned destruction of their own sovereignty, which few Canadians (like Americans) are aware of thanks to the controlled media. I have several Canadian friends, and I have tried to tell them about the proposed North American Union in the works for 2010. They tell me I am crazy and that Canadians would never allow their country to be merged with the "warmongering US". Canadians cannot grasp that fact that their country is under the control of the same people who control America from the very top. Many Canadians are too proud for their own good, and because they see themselves are being separate from the "ignorant," "warmongering" Americans, they would never allow the "US" to "take over their country". They fail to see the big picture.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at