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Taiwan Man Falls Into Feminist Trap

March 12, 2013


A cautionary tale about what can happen
if you marry a product of feminist indoctrination.

Now I had warned him before he left Taiwan, "Do not marry a Canadian or American woman!  You will be very sorry if you do!"  He didn't listen to me.

by Reg Porter

For the last 15 years I've been teaching English in Taiwan. 

About 13 years ago, I had the privilege to teach at a senior high school.  At that time, I had a student, an 18-year-old boy in his last year.  He was very smart and from a well-off family.  When he graduated that year in 2000, I helped him fill out the application to get into the University of Toronto.

Over the years I stayed in touch with his family and his father would pay me a few dollars to edit his papers that would arrive via email from Toronto.  Seven years ago, he graduated with an MBA. As a teacher, that was my crowning achievement. His father took me out to a fancy restaurant and Karaoke to celebrate.

But then about five years ago, he returned to Taiwan, but not alone.  He had this beautiful blond haired 27-year-old Canadian woman with him that he was absolutely in love with.

Now I had warned him before he left Taiwan, "Do not marry a Canadian or American woman!  You will be very sorry if you do!"  He didn't listen to me.

So they had a wedding in Taiwan that I was invited to and listed as a guest of honour.  At first, everything seemed to be going good: his parents and all his friends in Taiwan loved this girl (because of her blonde hair). They thought he had a real catch, but I had my doubts.


In Taiwan, they have this ritual at weddings: the bride has to pour tea for the groom's parents as a sign that she has submitted to her husband's family. That's a 5000 year old tradition and doesn't really mean that she'll be their slave, it's just a tradition.  But this girl from Canada refused to do it in front of everybody!

If a Chinese bride had done that, the wedding would've been called off.  But he loved her so much that he was able to talk his parents into accepting her anyway. So, unfortunately for him, the wedding went ahead.

A few weeks later, they went back to Canada because she didn't like Taiwan.  Meanwhile, his father paid $20,000 for the wedding; gave them a massive wedding gift, AND paid off the girl's $50,000 student loan for a BA in women's studies!

Once back in Canada, he bought a house with his father's money.  Then she said she was pregnant and he was delighted (every Asian man wants children).

Unfortunately, the baby was born seven months after they got married and was not one bit pre-mature.  The baby also had no Asian features. In fact, it was clear to see that he was half black!  This man from Taiwan got cuckolded so he filed for divorce, like ya would!

faster_pussycat_kill_kill_poster_03.jpgDIVORCE - WESTERN STYLE

Anyway, he didn't realize the consequences of getting divorced in Canada. 

So now he's in Toronto working three jobs to pay alimony and child support for a kid that is not his, and for a woman that behaved badly! 

His father has disowned him.  She got the house and her student loan paid off and she is set for life!  It's like she won the lottery. 

If they had gotten divorced in Taiwan on the grounds of adultery and cuckolding, she would've gotten NOTHING--and probably also gotten two years in prison because adultery is a criminal offense in Taiwan.

Comments for "Taiwan Man Falls Into Feminist Trap "

Joy said (March 13, 2013):

What some Taiwanese would do, to add a blonde branch to their family tree and give airs of international success!

"...his parents and all his friends in Taiwan loved this girl (because of her blonde hair)."
Maybe she caught on that they were using her for her blonde hair, so she used them for their money.

Joe said (March 12, 2013):

The reality of the situation is that, this guy and his father have to take most of the blame, the moment she refused the traditional tea poring, the father should have given them nothing.

I know of situations where, the parents of either couple have given homes to the married couple, with one important catch, the house stays in the parents name, and the couple pays rent to cover expenses. Once a few years have passed, and the couple have children, the home is then transferred to the couple.

This obviously is not fool proof, but it definitely helps to keep gold digging whores from taking advantage insecure men. This story is just one many, Canada is no longer a free country.

Navraj said (March 12, 2013):

This is the primary reason paternity testing should be mandatory at birth.

A man has no proof a child is his. He sacrifices his life providing for an offspring that may or may not be his.

That woman should have gained nothing from this divorce. No alimony, no child support. Govt does not like the idea of mandatory paternity test & neither do women (feminist or not). From the govt's perspective they want some poor sap stuck with the bill of paying for that child.

JG said (March 12, 2013):

Great article here that would never make People Magazine. A very good lesson on mistaking lust for love is to be learned here. And also the disastrous results of "culture crossing" which the NWO promotes, knowing that it can bring this kind of chaos!

Steven said (March 12, 2013):

If this man succumbs to this injustice, he is a double fool If I were him, I'd return to the Far East and stick the bitch and her bastard son.

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