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Help! I'm Being Targeted by Satanists

April 27, 2013


"I witnessed one ceremony I don't have the stomach to relate right now.  Suffice to say, a cage was brought from underground with a boy maybe seven or eight.  They hung him upside down from a tree, slit his throat and drank from him."

Sharon, who lives in Northern California, seeks moral support.

by "Sharon Murphy"

For the last four years I have been regularly tormented by the local chapter of Satanists.  No idea why I've been singled out or why they are sticking with me so long.  I know I'm sick to death of alternately feeling terrified (afraid for my life), incredulous (as to their numbers, money and power locally), amazed (at the truly bizarre and seemingly senseless crap they pull), and thinking that maybe I'm just losing it completely.  

Can you suggest someone, anyone, safe I could talk to about my situation.  I contacted the FBI about it a few years ago...I think they wrote me off as loopy.  I was living in E----- at that time and I know that many officers in the EPD are active members of the Satan worshipers.  They probably scuttled any efforts the FBI might have made.  I did not hear back from them in any event even though the harassment and abuse continued and crossed state lines. 

They have ruined or stolen everything of worth or importance to me.  Have been through my most private papers and have video and audio pick ups and transmission all through my house.  Nothing is private and I am never not watched.  Ask me about the true physics of the Observer Effect.

The attacks I get are less spiritual in nature than just evil in ways to dispirit me, make me think I crazy and make the people I come in contact with think I'm crazy.  They cannot rock my faith.  But, they can make me have to pay for car repairs constantly and repeatedly, they can cause me to have to make home repairs constantly, they can throw enough problems into each day that I have little time or energy left for anything but the latest most immediate need crisis.  Those are their tactics with me it seems.  They are great at ruining anything with cash value.  When I had money, they bled it dry mercilessly.

 Every morning I would find one or more of my tires with the air let out.  One Easter a.m., there were three so low I couldn't limp to the station to fill them.  Meanwhile, inside the house, I began to notice damage being done to my things and to the house itself.  Holes in the walls, damage to the carpet, scratches on wood, the hinge nails on doors tapped out, damage to the molding around doors and windows.  I also noticed that I waqs being followed every where I went.  I was increasingly convinced I was being watched. 

Knowing now that I had my phone and car bugged, it was easy for them to know what I was up to.  Everytime I left the house, every time, I would return to find things changed.  They poisoned my food, put ground glass in my jam, put pieces of fine glass fragments that looked almost like fish scales in my shoes and the floors of the house. 

They have always paid particular attentiopn to my feet.  They constantly altered the construction for maximum pain, put chemicals that burn in the shoes and glass and anything else that would puncture or cut my feet.  My feet were a source of trouble (surgeries and the bunion, spur, hammer toe stuff were already happening. 

The damages to the house continued and escalated.  I told a couple of people what was happening.  Try telling someone that someone was coming into your house (without leaving signs of a break-in) and doing damage to your furniture and walls etc. and see how they run or tell you to get more sleep or something.  More soon.  Headache. 

I need to talk to someone about this.  Someone who will recognize their patterns and activities.    I bought a home and 13 acres in the mountains.  I live alone with a big dog and a Reuger Red Hawk .44 mag.  USPS does not deliver...too remote. 

Their attentions towards me seem increasingly active of late.  Any referrals you could give me would be very much appreciated.
Thank you for your life efforts bringing this horror to the attention of the people.  I never fail to talk about it.  Even when I know that I will not be believed, given a wide berth with them thinking and telling others that I'm a sandwich short of a picnic.

 I feel I have to...because no one should have to experience the things I have and if maybe sometime they hear a similar story from someone else, they will be more inclined to believe it.  It's a small thing; but it seems important.  So much of the stuff is "gas lighting" type and hard, to say the least, to tell people about...
chick1.jpgI just realized...I don't know how I could prove to you that I am in earnest and speaking truth.  I wouldn't want you to worry about giving someone up to the enemy.  But, I need your help and I guess I am hoping you will know from the feel of my words that this is heartfelt.  My faith and my sanity are the only two things I am certain are rock solid.

[I asked Sharon what kind of help she wanted, and to elaborate.]

Just need moral support right now.  I wasn't sure you would even respond...this is so fast.  In E------, I meant that the former mayor, a pastor, plus a lot of the wealthier "professions" attend.  A child-molesting pastor, doctors, merchants, attorneys, one of the funeral homes (predictably), and control of the police force.

For different sums of money from the "right" people, you can have people framed and taken down by the cops.  The main occupations there are real estate offices, people who work in C------, and some antique shops.  Oh, yeah, and many churches with mostly well-intentioned members who are all about the smiling all good feeling of God and church - but, who really do not believe in the existence of pure evil.  And, are unable to recognize anything outside of their provincial experience.

There are several locations of alters in the woods in the area.  I witnessed one ceremony I don't have the stomach to relate right now.  Suffice to say, a cage was brought from underground with a boy maybe seven or eight.  They hung him upside down from a tree, slit his throat and drank from him. 

soccer.jpgWhen they were leaving the area, I couldn't believe it was like the regulars leaving a little league game.  Shouting to one another about coming town and social events while they are piling into their SUV's and BMW's --all soccer moms and little league coaches -- the picture of normalcy and to some extent the successful white bread types we are supposed to aspire to become.  The righteous ones we are supposed to respect.  Yikes!  I have always thought the club I would start or join would be called Yikes!  The name would always be said with feeling and the exclamation point heart felt.  
I am so glad you responded.  Anyone to talk to safely would be fine.  In person, preferably, and no where near my house.  I'm in the R------ area.  Thank you so much.  It feels great just to have any kind of understanding about this. My local family is unable to imagine anything out of the ordinary being real. 

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First Comment from Anonymous:

Sharon should consider herself lucky,  generally Satanists will murder people that try to get out.  I personally witnessed a murder attempt on a young man that chose to get out. But first they ruined his prosperous construction business.  The local materials suppliers would not sell him lumber, plumbing or windows. He was left with a 1/2 built subdivision that became a ghost town.

I have heard that certain towns are dominated by Satanists.  The mayor, prominent lawyers and businessman,  police and firemen are involved. Yreka, California; Poplar Bluff and Dexter Missouri; Boy's Town, Nebraska are ones I have heard specifically mentioned.  One witness reported a sacrifice very similar to what Sharon describes with an adult cow and yes, like Sharon I don't want to give the details.

But one thing all the ex-Satanists have in common,  they are mentally messed up and they talk of a culture that is based on threats rather than trust.  They don't trust each other and I have heard of one coven at the throat of another coven.  I have been told that Satanists are in nearly every town across the USA.  I have seen ministers, even television evangelists flash the sign of Baphomet with tears running down their cheeks asking for "desperately needed"  donations.  Jimmy Swaggart was one we may all have heard of.

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Comments for "Help! I'm Being Targeted by Satanists "

Gary said (April 29, 2013):

I would direct Sharon to a group just over the CA/OR border in Summer Lake, OR, His Holy Church ( It's not a bad ride from Redding.

CNN video on Brother Gregory:

I've visited them and he is the real deal. More importantly they have a nationwide "network" of people to help support each other in all ways. Although it can be a pretty thin group in areas. People can join the "network" at

This is nothing like a modern church in any way you can think of. There is no "church" per se, but it is a group of people organized as the first Christians did, separating themselves from the pagan governments of their day. They'll find a way to help and provide support.

Brother Gregory's video series under "media" are profound. Christianity was more about governments, laws and liberty than most modern Christians care to believe or understand. Old Testament too for that matter. Throughout history Christianity has always been a weapon to fight tyranny, and they are setting up so as to maintain that fight today.

Greg said (April 29, 2013):

You are targeted because they want your land.
These people get their power from the princes of the air, where the demons on the ground also get their power from. Demons and people have little power of their own, that's why people try various activities to gain it. They think they are knowledgeable but are staggering around in the darkness.

You can take action, but it will only be successful if it is in the spiritual realm.

They make blood sacrifices to concentrate power, but a more powerful blood sacrifice is available to you -- the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for all who accept it for their lives as repayment to God Almighty for all imperfections in their lives. This means that by appropriating it for yourself by naming Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour you are unreachable by the spells and covenants they make. This is not about church or religion, it is about you and God. You make your deal personally. He is God, so do it His way for positive results. Just talk to him in your normal voice -- he is able to hear. In thirty years I've come to know for sure that God looks on the heart. Be honest.

The system is a legal one, but by the blood of Jesus you are "teflon", meaning the charges against you before God's throne do not stick -- they are not answerable. There is no legal standing for these charges, and the satanists and their fallen-angel gods they work for, who accuse people before God's throne, have no case. They do not have permission to act.

Further, you can order these angels to cease influencing your life or possessions or things in your care -- In Jesus' name. You have that right and can remind the enemy that he must back off. As you come to accept this, the full power of Almighty God is working for you. !!!

Believe me, this is where the power is. I've seen in the spiritual realm and seen two hundred foot tall "gods" fall off mountains, and the people who live nearby are then free of that influence. The same for people's homes or localities. People can live more freely. God wants people to be what he made them -- all different, with different talents and abilities.

My prayer for you is that you will join the family of God and get to know Jesus personally, and learn to fight in harmony with him for the things God has allowed you to have. Like a house on thirteen acres right where you are. And a dog, and a gun, if you need them..... !!!

Steve said (April 28, 2013):

Unfortunately about 20 years ago I had a similar experience albeit much, much, much less intense. Neighbors downstairs in the same building. They had a key, entered our apt., bugged the telephone etc. etc. No one would/could believe it all but its true.

The problem is that you "perceived" their activities and as long as you are "tuned in to their vibes" it will continue that you "see/perceive" them AND they "see" you.

It could be they want your land, cheap, and are trying to drive you away but I assume that you don't want to entertain that option.

It would be easiest to just leave but as long as you share the same wavelength others like them elsewhere will probably appear to feed on your fear.

This may sound hokey and I can't go into detail here yet (you are still an anonymous to me) but Tibetan Buddhists have lots of experience in dealing with "evil spirits".

If you are interested in getting help from them maybe I can make some suggestions.

Unfortunately I personally don't know many in California (I live in Switzerland) but if you are interested I can maybe help you make some connections.

Colin said (April 28, 2013):

There is a Christian named Russ Dizdar that deals with the satanic elements like what Sharon is dealing with. He has helped a lot of people. His website is

If Sharon emails him I believe he will respond. I've messaged him a few times on facebook and he has always gotten back to me. I suggest highly that Sharon contact Russ, he is an expert on this and might be able to get some local help to Sharon.

Thanks and tell Sharon I will pray for her.

Matt said (April 28, 2013):

Sharon, I know some what , what your going through,.. when I was a late teen/ early twenties I was heavily involved in the "rave" scene, Milwaukee WI.
I had the chance to sell my soul, shake the hand, that shook the hand,.. of P.T. Barnum, and Uncle Sam.ule // I declined..

I will explain my experience, I was at a house party with fellow "friends" they fed me some lsd,, a few hours later I found myself down in a basement and felt an orchestra of angels pulling at me, saying, "Matt don't do it",,. shaking them off I walked forward ,, into a circle of "friends" then all of a sudden -I felt I was on a stage,-. one of my "friends" was in the role of satan, the other was in the role of jesus, 2 girls, and me,.. 5 people in the "circle" .. I was then asked if I wanted to be the "best dj in madison?" i knew i had true talent,. and declined the offer.,, never shook the hand,,. walked away.

A few months later the satanist prob. found out that I was not one of "them". I declined to sell my soul.. and this pissed them off... but I was still naive and went to another, the last -further 3 day rave- this is were they had some of my friends set me up, .. I was heavily dosed with lsd, without my consent this time,.. and almost died.. I was chased into woods, .. and they were pissed I got away..

I knew they were into high technology, and tried to terrify me.. to bad I have Christ on my side.. it started a month later .. My dad was having a lady stay in our basement (she was homeless, and we help those in need.).. I think they thought it was me,. and bombarded the poor women with microwave weapons.. (electronic harassment).. she even did the whole tinfoil hat bit... (poor lady). my dad thought she was crazy and kicked her out.. I thought different, but didn't say anything.,.. (I saw the domed pick up truck they were most likely using).

I always felt like they were trying to find me.. for going into their realm, but not succumbing.. A year later ., they found me again,,. and I felt the electronic harassment,.. - a buzzing sensation and people walking under windows., at 3 a.m. this happened a few nights. but I moved out of state a few days after the found me /again.. (already had my plane tickets months prior,.. but Im sure they were pissed. God works in mysterious way's )

The thing was , even when I moved to California, my mail wold take months to arrive. , .. and I had weirdos out here "mess" with me.. to no avail.. I would just stand up to them , with Christ in my heart,, and they would turn away.. stand down.. .. My advice is to have Jesus fill your heart. and he will give you strength.. ask him, and God to do righteous works and you will become untouchable to the demonic forces,, and they will fear your light.... because Satan uses fear as shackles . break free.

Al Thompson said (April 27, 2013):

I guess what I'm wondering is how did she get herself in that position in the first place?

The problem with even being around people who have proclivities to this level of evil is that this crap always can spill over onto the person. The best but the most pathetic weapon of evil people is the complete fear that evil projects. Once you lose the fear, the rest becomes easier.

I have certain things that I do to keep myself away from evil.
1. I look for satanic symbols. Once I know who these people are I do not
have any association with them.
2. I shut off all harmful media and I don't even bother to read it. This is
something that I can be doing better. I need to know some things, but I try
not to occupy my mind with them.
3. I focus on keeping myself within God's commandments and the natural law
and I try to keep my mind focused on that because I can do something
for myself with it as I can't control the behavior of other people.
4. I am a homophobe, and I try to make sure that I don't keep company with
anyone who is a homosexual. I won't work or deal with a company if I
know that they are homos.

Evil people are weak, they are not as strong as you think. Just because they seem powerful doesn't mean that they are because they are pathetic wretches. One of the ways I get rid of evil people is to start talking about the commandments and the natural law, and they will leave almost immediately. This is how I get rid of them and put them out of my life. They cannot stand to hear the commandments. The commandments are the best tool that God gave us; at least the ones that are reflected within the natural laws. It actually works very well for me.

B said (April 27, 2013):

By the way Sharon talks, she's under organized stalking. This will help, but maybe not enough:

Rebecca Brown, who is a christian, knows a lot of fighting satanism (amazing books), in practice:

Hugh said (April 27, 2013):

You probably have this. .

The movie "Eyes Wide Shut" was scarey.

I noted the Chick Publication cartoon. Good source.

I hope there are people that can be trusted to help Sharon. They would have to be vetted as solid reliable Jesus People.

Focus on Almighty God through His beloved Son, Christ Jesus. Jesus already won.

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