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"The Jewish Question" No Longer Asked

May 14, 2013

220px-Goldwin_Smith (2).jpg(left. Goldwin Smith, 1823-1920, Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford University.  Many incorrectly identify him as a contemporary Jewish supremacist for saying 'The Jew alone regards his race as superior to humanity, and looks forward not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them all and to its final ascendancy under the leadership of a tribal Messiah.' ) 


Mark Weber Introduction: "The recurring friction between Jews and non-Jews through the ages, Smith persuasively argues, is due primarily not to the defects or iniquities of non-Jews, but rather is an... understandable reaction to Jewish behavior. The most galling features of this behavior, he contends, are rooted in the distinctively tribalistic character of the Jewish religion as laid out in the Talmud and the Old Testament.

As a solution to this seemingly interminable problem, Smith proposes that Jews should "de-nationalize" themselves by renouncing Jewish tribalism and particularism. In other words, he urges comprehensive Jewish assimilation into society -- a "solution" to the "Jewish question" that is also implicit in traditional American liberalism."

Makow - To be acceptable today, you must collude in the central banker fraud, i.e. Illuminati Jewish ownership of the national currency & the money supply. Our politicians are all fronts for this "Money Power." Jews are not going to "de-nationalize" as Goldwin Smith recommended in 1891 because Organized Jewry (as well as Freemasonry) are the main levers in the bankers' long term agenda, i.e. to translate their credit monopoly into a world monopoly over everything, (i.e. power, wealth, culture and especially information & thought.)  Those who challenge this thought monopoly have committed thought crimes, (i.e. "hate crimes.") The West is a pathetic, hypocritical, morally bankrupt hand puppet of Illuminati Satanists.

By Goldwin Smith

The Vexing 'Jewish Question': A Nineteenth-Century Scholar's View  (1891)

(Excerpt by

Mr. Laurence Oliphant, in his book The Land of Gilead (1880), dwells more than once on the great advantages which any European government might gain over its rivals by an alliance with the Jews. He writes:

"It is evident that the policy which I proposed to the Turkish government [that is, the restoration of Palestine] might be adopted with equal advantage by England or any other European Power. The nation that espoused the cause of the Jews and their restoration to Palestine, would be able to rely on their support in financial operations on the largest scale, upon the powerful influence which they wield in the press of many countries, and upon their political co-operation in those countries, which would of necessity tend to paralyze the diplomatic and even hostile action of Powers antagonistic to the one with which they were allied. Owing to the financial, political, and commercial importance to which the Jews have now attained, there is probably no one Power in Europe that would prove so valuable an ally to a nation likely to be engaged in a European war, as this wealthy, powerful, and cosmopolitan race." (p. 503)

Perhaps the writer of these words hardly realized the state of things which they present to our minds. We see the governments of Europe bidding against each other for the favor and support of an anti-national money power, which would itself be morally unfettered by any allegiance, would be ever ready to betray and secretly paralyze for its own objects the governments under the protection of which its members were living, and of course would be always gaining strength and predominance at the expense of a divided and subservient world.

The allusion to the influence wielded by the Jews in the European press has a particularly sinister sound. In the social as in the physical sphere new diseases are continually making their appearance. One of the new social diseases of the present day, and certainly not the least deadly, is the perversion of public opinion in the interest of private or sectional objects, by the clandestine manipulation of the press.


Such a relation as that in which Judaism has placed itself to the people of each country, forming everywhere a nation within the nation, cherishing the pride of a Chosen People, regarding those among whom it dwelt as Gentiles and unclean, shrinking from social intercourse with them, engrossing their wealth by financial skill, but not adding to it by labor, plying at the same time a trade which, however legitimate, is always unpopular and makes many victims, could not possibly fail to lead, as it has led, to mutual hatred and the troubles which ensue. Certain as may be the gradual prevalence of good over evil, it is a futile optimism which denies that there have been calamities in history. One of them has been the dispersion of the Jews.

As was said before, it is incredible that all the nations should have mistaken a power of good for a power of evil, or have been unanimous in ingratitude to a power of good.


None of them want to hurt the Jew or to interfere with his religious belief; what they all want is that if possible he should go to his own land. As it is, Western Europe and the western hemisphere are threatened with a fresh invasion on the largest scale by the departure of Jews from Russia.

American politics are already beginning to feel the influence. A party, to catch the Jewish vote, puts into its platform a denunciation of Russia, the best friend of the American Republic in its day of trial. Jews are becoming strong in the British House of Commons and one of them the other day appealed to his compatriots to combine their forces against the political party which had been opposed to Jewish interests.

That the Jew should be de-rabbinized and de-nationalized, in other words that he should renounce the Talmud, the tribal parts of the Mosaic law, and circumcision, is the remedy proposed by M. Leroy-Beaulieu, a writer by no means unfavorable to Israel.

There seems to be no other way of putting an end to a conflict which is gradually enveloping all nations. This being done, whatever gifts and graces may belong to the race of Moses, David, and Isaiah, of the writers of the Book of Job and of the Psalms, of Judas Maccabaeus and Hillel, will have free course and be glorified.

 If Israel has any message for humanity, as he seems to think, it will he heard. Jewish merit will no longer be viewed with jealousy and distrust as having a sinister confederation at its back; and no man need fear in the present age that in any highly civilized community he will suffer persecution or disparagement of any sort on account of his religion. But the present relation is untenable. The Jew will have either to return to Jerusalem or to forget it, give his heart to the land of his birth and mingle with humanity.

 From The Journal of Historical Review, Jan.-Feb. 1998 (Vol. 17, No. 1), pp. 16-37.

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Interesting that another Jewish commentator posted this essay just last week. Does this suggest an awakening on the part of some Jews?
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Comments for " "The Jewish Question" No Longer Asked "

Gordon said (May 15, 2013):

You are correct when referring to Zionist elites, many which comprise the Illuminati. Alex Jones immediately comes to mind, but many in MSM & Alternative Media fear them, and with good reason. Those who skulk in the shadows don't like public exposure and they can bring their collective influence in media, law enforcement, & the courts to bear in a heartbeat. I know this first hand and so do you.

Yet asking pointed questions is exactly what we must do, for not all Jews are Illuminati and not all Illuminati are Jews. We must draw them out into the open by drawing attention to their illegal, immoral and unethical deeds. It is only then that our unseen enemies reveal themselves and they must be reckoned with, regardless of the consequences.

Ron Paul's R3volution failed because he repeatedly refused to directly confront his enemies, the Zionist elites and the Illuminati. Anyone who still believes 9/11 was an act of terror by the "O-Team" is drinking White House kool-aid.

CIA & Mossad are rogue because no one was brave enough to confront them with the overwhelming evidence of an inside job. Ignorance isn't bliss; it's just ignorance.

Mike said (May 14, 2013):

Something not generally explored in any depth is the part played by the collective population in its own disempowerment. The Rothschild group, which has fueled the systemic satanic power, has always relied on financial bribery and intimidation. Each tier under them works by the same principal. The collective population itself is complicit in the NWO plans, which i think constitutes the real underlying problem.

The modus operandi of the powers-that-be, aside from their money power, seems to be their cultivation of political leaders who can be controlled. Dupes rather than shills. This can be surmised by looking at a long line of American Presidents and their administrations. I think Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman particularly stand out as people whose egos lusted for the job, and were of a common breed who would follow orders in order to get ahead.

Much can be written about the US public and others allowing themselves to be manipulated, and conveniently turning away from inconvenient truths. It is possible that a superficial and sociopath government is what best corresponds to and represents us.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at