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Many Jews Were Criticized as Sexual Profligates

June 29, 2013



In 1927, German journalist, Emil Theodor Fritsch, (1852-1933)  documented the causes of anti-Semitism in Germany in his book  "The Riddle of the Jew's Success. In this excerpt, (p. 257ff) he described a lesser known reason, the corruption of Aryan women.

( Editor's Note:  Certain Jews have been at the forefront of encouraging sexual license and homosexuality. As a result, society today is obsessed with porn, children are sexualized, and homosexuality is widely promoted. At its Cabalist heart, Judaism is a satanic cult.  (Most Jews are duped as much as anyone; only the initiates know the truth.) In part, satanic possession takes the form of sexual license and obsession. Society has been inducted into Jewish Cabalism and Lucifer-worship. This is the meaning of the NWO.)  

"Never in the Jewish tradition was sexual asceticism a religious value." (272) - See more at:

"Never in the Jewish tradition was sexual asceticism a religious value."

---------------------------------------David Balkan, Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition (p. 272)

-------- Joe Biden thanks Hollywood Jews for Making America Gay-Friendly

Theodor_Fritsch_2.jpgby F. Roderich-Stoltheim (aka Theodor Fritsch, left)

"Thousands of girls, year in and year out, come to their ruin in Jewish business-houses and in Jewish families...Certainly [non-Jews also] frequently abuse their position in the same shameful manner; but ... a characteristic difference always distinguishes those cases where the culprit is a Jew from those where he is not.

And this difference lies in the attitude which Jewish women take up towards such conduct on the part of their men-folk . When confronted with the complaint of a servant-girl, that the "master "or "young master" is annoying her with his attentions a German married-woman will in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, prepare a very bad time indeed for the men of her household, and will replace the girl by one less dangerous.

It is far otherwise with the Jewish wife or mother . She not only shows herself "tolerant " to her growing-up son, but overlooks as well the weaknesses of her husband, and actually assists him to attain his object -- thus following the example of Sarah --

by advising the girl in her own interests to yield to the desire of her pursuer.

hit5.jpg(left. Jewish gentlemen prefer blondes)

In one particular instance, the words were repeated to me, with which a rich married Jewish woman received and disposed of the com - plaint of her pretty housemaid, that the master of the house was persecuting her with his attentions . Smiling almost sympathetically, and with a goodwill, which had something motherly about it, the mistress of the house spoke to the girl : "What a foolish child you are ! You are young, and you are pretty ;if you leave and go into another house, there will be men there also, and they will also pursue you with the same object . And if you again leave your place and go to another, it will be the same there as well. Men are like that; a pretty girl is never free from pursuit. And at last you will yield . Be sensible, and remain here;  my husband is rich and can pay you well!"

It is well known to the inhabitants in Berlin, that in consideration of a special payment, many registry offices for servants dispatch all good-looking country-girls, who apply to them for situations, exclusively to Jewish households.  In the case mentioned above, the girl possessed character enough to at once take her departure, but how few others would be strong enough to resist such plausible argument and insidious temptation?

touchofcrass (2).jpg

(1973 Movie- Hollywood Jews portray infidelity as "class" not "crass." )

They fall victims to the Jews, and preserve silence concerning their shame . Moreover, the Jew is astute enough to flatter the vanity of the girl by timely presents and liberal treatment so that those who have fallen, after they have once lost the first sense of disgrace, find little difficulty in speaking in glowing terms of their Jewish employers . This story may surprise some readers on account of the peculiar attitude assumed by the Jewish married-woman, but this fact is nothing new to anyone acquainted with the circumstances; and, quite apart from the Talmudic perception to which attention has already been called above, this behavior arises out of another and absolutely materialistic frame of mind .

The Jewess knows only too well, that her lascivious husband will not be satisfied with intercourse with only one woman . Accordingly he will seek opportunities away from home . This, however is generally expensive, and carries, moreover, dangers in its train -- not the least of which are those affecting health . The astute, saving Jewess reasons thus with herself :a healthy servant-girl, who is paid a few thalers more than the usual wages, and who receives an occasional present in addition is the cheapest expedient for appeasing the lewdness of the husband : and of course, danger of infection is greatly reduced .


david4.jpg(left, Larry David continues the Jewish infatuation with young blondes in Woody Allen's aptly titled movie "Whatever Works" 2009)

"Already in their own ancient writings in The Old Testament and in The Talmud, the Israelites are described as a voluptuous and lewd people, who were addicted to the grossest sensual excesses . Lust and desire stand written on the faces of the Hebrews, and this is not without effect upon weak people of the opposite sex . But, above all it is the complete absence of the sense of shame, which makes the Jew so dangerous to women, and which makes the game so much easier for him to play .

The Rabbinical writings bear ample testimony as to the complete absence of all sexual shame amongst the Hebrews by relating, unabashed, the most intimate affairs, and always in a manner as if the most harmless and ordinary topics were being discussed. A particularly significant example, taken from the book of Benakhot 61a relates as follows: "Kohana as a youth, was the pupil of the wise Rabbi Rabhs . Observing one day that his master was engaged with a young and strange girl he concealed himself under his -- the Rabbi's -- bed .

donald.jpg(Madmen's Don Draper, created and written by Matthew Weiner)

The Rabbi and his female companion came in, and laid themselves down, chatting and laughing . . . . When the woman began to utter cries of pain, Kohana called out from under the bed, making use of a Talmudic phrase : "It looks as if the mouth of Abbas had never yet tasted food. "He intimated of course, that the woman was still a virgin . The Rabbi answered : "Are you here, Kohana ? Go away, it is not proper. " But Kohana replied : "It is only for the purpose of acquiring knowledge, Master;I want to learn from you in all particulars. "

That the pious books of the Jews [i.e. The Talmud] consider such muck as this as fit for narration is sufficient comment on the Jewish perception of morality and decency . Hampered in no way whatever by ethical considerations, the Hebrew carries his lustfulness openly for all to see, and thus discovers and arouses latent, kindred feelings in the opposite sex . "


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Comments for " Many Jews Were Criticized as Sexual Profligates"

Jennifer said (July 2, 2013):

In 2002, when I complained to my Christian mother that my husband -a brilliant successful Harvard Lawyer, was cheating on me with prostitutes, she advised me to divorce him.

When I complained to my mother-in-law and grandmother -in-law that their Jewish son was cheating with prostitutes, they explained to me that men have their peculiar sexual needs and that I needed to be more understanding. And the mother said she had taught her son to wear condoms when he was with those women. And indeed the son said his mother taught him to wear condoms and he always did like a "good boy".

Then the grandma suggested I watch a movie-can't remember the title-about a whore house of different types of prostitutes that were the favorite flavor for each man's peccadilloes!

My Christian girlfriends tend to be more conservative about sex. And my Jewish girlfriends are sluts.

Btw, I divorced him, today he is an emotional and physical health wreak. He said, he is beside himself with feelings of suicide because he thought he was so smart. But now at 50 he realizes his crazy lifestyle of whores is not sustainable.....

Pat said (June 30, 2013):

Just read your articles Many Jews .. and Hollywood's etc. I think it's true, they seem to be less inhibited. I am thinking back to friends and acquaintances. And I guess it does have something to do with religion - or lack of it. I don't think the wives were happy with it. In some cases as mentioned by the rich Jewish woman - it was a matter of sharing the burden and keeping healthy! But the Hollywood role certainly plays a big part. It's OK, everyone's doing it, what's the big deal?! Freemasonry played a big part too. A lot of people got duped - and blackmailed. What a world!

Robert said (June 30, 2013):

Consult Wikipedia for the meaning of "Shiksa".

The word shiksa is etymologically partly derived from the Hebrew term שקץ shekets, meaning "abomination", "impure," or "object of loathing", depending on the translator.[3]

Several dictionaries define "shiksa" as a disparaging and offensive term applied to a non-Jewish girl or woman.[4][5]

Maurice said (June 30, 2013):

Kathlene Wynne (any relation to Ivor Wynne of Hamilton?) is a homosexual, why is her attending gay pride a big deal? Why is Trudeau and Mulcair attending "Pride Church" ceremonies with Wynne, prior to the "parade?" Why is this Pride stuff so close to Canada Day, why not on the anniversary of the passing of same-sex-marriage? Why is Thomas Mulcair in Toronto, does he (or doesn't he) support homosexual rights in his home province of PQ controlled Quebec? All weekend I've seen and heard more about gay pride week (apparently their 33rd-degree) than Canada's Birthday. Is there some sort of a not so hidden agenda? (rhetorical)

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