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Vancouver: Beautiful Setting, Sinister Society

June 20, 2013


A Vancouver native remarks that the social environment in his city
is starting to resemble an episode of "True Blood" or "Walking Dead."
"I am seeing the weirdest behavior , people naked in the middle of the day in the street. It is like the devil has come out to play, knows it, nobody sees it and he is flaunting it."

"Nothing here is relevant unless it is about me, unless it engorges and engages me, financially and physically.
 Nothing is bad; things are cool or not cool.  British Columbia is an advanced New World Order beta test."

by Tony

Never thought Satan existed - not in beautiful BC

Living on the west coast of Canada, I assumed pre-911 that most behavior here was a slightly excessive new age growth experiment.

Post-911,  I grew more suspicious.  Clifford Olson and various other mass murderers, the pig farm murders, the human tragedy on desolation row (aka Hastings and Main downtown Vancouver); are equally worrisome testimony to this place.

I live in a triangular area of Vancouver with a Masonic obelisk in the corner park and a hidden Masonic Lodge nearby, and a tiny Elks club three blocks away. 


The local pub is contained on the lower floors of the lodge in a retail area. Roughly a month ago, I popped in to watch the game and have a beer.  Only two or three patrons and a young naked woman were standing there.  Long story short, a few other patrons arrived. A women, who knew her as the daughter of someone in the neighborhood, clothed her up.

She sat slightly dejected with truly a slightly (in retrospect) demonic look.   There were perhaps 8 people in a 50 person establishment.  She stared at me and I tried to give her a warm sympathetic smile.

She nearly leaped across the space and grabbed my throat with a strength belying her previously dejected looking state.  No one seemed to notice.  I pressed my thumb so hard into her frail wrist, I thought I would break it.  After what seemed liked a minute, but was most likely 15 seconds, I got her to release, but as soon as that, her right hand flashed forward and grabbed my hair with an equal intensity.  It was eerie, beyond eerie.  Before she could pull my head too far down, I grabbed her right wrist fully and hard, and squeezed with no hesitation, and got her to release faster.

I now had both wrists in my hands and was holding on for what felt like dear life.  I'm not super strong but an average 55-year-old male and she, I discovered later, was only 24, 5 foot 4 approximately.  I am 6 foot tall. I had the advantage of pushing downwardly on her smaller wrists.  I pushed like I was in some sort of strength test at the hospital.

As I seemed to be able to wrestle those wrists to a stationary spot, she glared at me with that same look.

I waited until I felt like some energy had left her, and quietly disengaged, moving away discreetly and efficiently, smiled and waved goodbye to the bartender and left,

It wasn't until later that night and the whole next day it dawned on me what had happened.  As I know many of the people at the pub, I decided to inquire.  Apparently no one else saw this.  For whatever reason, it is a place of alcohol, no one noticed.  

The young lady had been at a park party, on the beach in Van, and been drinking a lot all day.  She has a long history of weird drugs; not judging, just saying, and she only had high school.  This is what I could gather.  She wasn't working but was going back to a community college.


My neighborhood constantly (once a month) shows signs on a front lawn of a burnt circle.  Crazy people walking down the sidewalk in a housecoat at 12 o'clock, yelling at the stop sign, this occurs once a month too  This of course might be just the mentally ill, who in BC, were all put on the street by the former liberal premier, current ambassador to London for his evil work, Gordon Campbell.

Several Freemasons visit the other pub in the neighborhood.  One calls himself JC.  This is another sign of a Satanist.  It abuses the name of the Lord.  He seems to be the ringleader of four.  Two of the others are younger and shaved bald with a striking demonic resemblance, thin and slanted in their walk with a predatory leer.  

The fourth is a recent widower, quite stricken, who now seems to be taken in by the Satanists.   I see them constantly using the sicknesses of alcohol, the lie of nobility of aiding a friend with the evil intention to ensnare and entrap..  I've challenged them on what they do and I can now feel and energy coming from them that is quite evil and directed.  They like to flash the evil eye.

skinhead.jpg"NEW AGE"

If you see the new age religions as a psy-ops campaign, which a large part of it is, then you'll get Vancouver.  A twisted mélange of anything goes, with a baked in sense of itself as the most beautiful place on earth.  The message is hidden in plain sight on the license plates, "Supernatural British Columbia."

There is natural isolation here- the mountains, the border and ocean.  To summarize, narcissus would be proud.  Nothing here is relevant unless it is about me, unless it engorges, and engages me, financially and physically.  Nothing is bad, things are cool or not cool.  British Columbia is an advanced new world order beta test.  Years of dumb and dumber education, violently socially disturbing immigration, criminally corrupted governments for several decades, it has been nothing more than a leading edge decadency sword; move over Rob Ford, Montreal, Hazel, Nigel and the rest of the sociopaths now seeking to follow suit.

These intense satanic energies have been increasing here year after year, and recently the rate of growth is rising.  More and more visible signs appear, even to those who would not normally see.  The favourite restaurant here is "Triple "O" (read 666).  

(left, Rising sun Luciferian motif on provincial logo)

Statistics Canada says that Vancouver is the laziest (least productive), meanest (gives the least to charity) and  most violent, as measured by assaults, and one of the heaviest alcoholic consuming jurisdictions.  It is rampant with drugs, and decay, yet the residents consider any pointing out of this as an assault on their existence.

Once I began to see how much the Satanists go out of their way to be so scared by the Lord, I knew there must be something to this.  The signs are there, and we would expect to see more and more blatant satanic activity, particularly around those satanic holidays.

God's speed all

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Comments for "Vancouver: Beautiful Setting, Sinister Society"

Rolph said (June 23, 2013):

The Nation that rejects God, not religion, will be rejected by God. That is a fact and has never
failed in history. We slowly see the emerging results, not just in the west, but all across Canada.
Make no mistake, the signs are all here. We are living and seeing the fulfilment of prophecy
unlike in any previous time in history.

I would strongly urge those that will listen, to prepare themselves for what is about to come
shortly. Many have already woken up, but the vast majority is still numbed down by the media
and entertainment. After all, a Lie is easier to be believed than Truth.

John said (June 21, 2013):

Vancouver probably got a very high amount of fallout from Fukushima. For over a year the jet stream kept fallout mostly out of the lower 48, with a bend in it parked off the west coast.

Some of the reported crazy behavior of the last couple years could be due to this.

Reportedly, mental illness in people is one result of contamination of the body, in the Chernobyl-affected areas. Agitated animal behavior was mentioned in the past on, in Fukushima prefecture.

Also reportedly, the amount of radioactive cesium alone, released from Fukushima, was equivalent to that of a moderate nuclear war with hundreds of Hiroshima-sized bombs. Though, reports vary widely on this.

Eliezer said (June 21, 2013):

Like so many "Illumined" Cities, Vancouver is today's typically Globalist "Illuminated" (darkened) City - an "empty" and pretentious picture, fundamentally, like so much we observe through the narrow capacities of physical sight, a contradiction between substance and form - pretty and beckoning externally, but dark and empty within. Vancouver today takes more than it gives. As history reflects, "Illumination" usurps and drains life and en-lighten-ment, and clouds vision.

One must never confuse "I"llumination with "i"llumination, or "en-lighten-ment," the latter meaning the light contained or emanating from within. For occultic purposes, the Capital "I" (Eye) in Illuminati is focused upon a propagation of obfuscation designed to facilitate a spiritual and physical entrapment and control, whereas the lower case "i" simply intends to "illuminate" or shed light upon the obscured.

In a sensible world of the paradoxes & dichotomies of both spiritual & physical dualities, often a single letter makes a world of difference. The people perish from a loss of vision, not sight. The fingerprints of the craft are evident over the land.

Dan said (June 20, 2013):

Vancouver has in common with other Illuminati 'beta cities' or 'vortexes' that it's very pretty on the surface, unless you look closer.

Vancouver has been the location for dozens of Hollywood movies and Canadian and American tv series with overt occult themes and vampire heroes. Perhaps the attraction of the location for Illuminati entertainment industry is Vancouver's reputation described by the "Christian Science Monitor" in 1997 as "a pedophiles' paradise." It's one of the world's top three centers for sex trafficking. That's most likely due Hong Kong mafia ("Triads") that relocated to Vancouver in 1989 when the former British protectorate was given to the People's Republic of China.

Judges, lawyers, and 'Child Protective Services' officials were charged in connection with allegations of nocturnal pedophile parties at the exclusive Vancouver Club during the 1990's. The attorneys of the plaintiffs cited their lives were sabotaged to the extent they were driven off the case. Charges were eventually dismissed. The Vancouver Club is still treated like a bastion of respectable elite society in media: former VP Dick Cheney spoke there in 2011.

Vancouver is also the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia. Their website has the largest cache of refutations of 'Anti-Masonry' on the web.
It's the 'Southern Poverty Law Center' of Masonry.

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