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Diary of a Bilderberg Protester

June 11, 2013

Michael-Meacher-addresses-006.jpg(Labour MP Michael Meacher addresses protesters.)

Sandeep Parwaga, a graduate student,
attended this year's Bilderberg demonstration 
in Watford and found the experience empowering.

by Sandeep Parwaga


The Awakening is Happening!

The Bilderberg Group - a meeting of some of the most powerful people in the western world - gathered outside London June 6-9 to orchestrate events which will impact our lives in the months to come.

I woke up in the early hours of Saturday after having only slept for an hour. I was overexcited. The feeling of constantly reading and denouncing the Bilderberg Group on the net compared to going out and confronting them when they were yards away gave me a thrill. Their power didn't deter me from letting them know that I am awake and can see through their lies.

I arrived early and a heavy police presence was evident. I walked about 30 mins from the train station up to the luxurious Grove hotel and saw many police vehicles drive by.

The G4S 'security' (They were quite a joke. Some were teenagers and looked like they were completely disengaged from their jobs; some looked like they couldn't run one meter) created a 'security' checkpoint in order to be let in to the protest site.

Lord-Mandelson-chairman-o-006.jpg(left, Lord Mandelson, CEO of Lizard Bros. slips through a back entrance)

To be fair, it was fair except when the screener put his nose in my drink to smell for whatever he was trying to smell. I wasn't groped or asked for ID. The weather was fantastic and the scenery of the Grove estate was beautiful.  I quickly met two guys I talked with and had many good discussions with others. It was quite liberating to meet people who shared my viewpoint and didn't subscribe to the pre-indoctrinated conceptions of the world.

The site filled up over the hours and apparently there were thousands of protesters at the end. The police sent away many people because the site was getting overcrowded. Many more would have fitted. The queue was so long that it reached a long way down the main road there.

The liaison police was very friendly and engaging. Most of the negativity in regards to security and treatment of protesters seemed to have originated from G4S and other security staff. I talked to the police and they were open-minded about the idea of conspiracies. Some actually had heard of the Bilderberg Group before. Some protesters complained about their way of handling things, for example there were no drink or food supplies. Others felt disgusted by the fact that we had to play by the Bilderberg Group's rules and be fenced in cage in order to protest.

It was quite obvious that a back entrance had been created. Limousines that came through the main entrance were shouted and booed at. One driver actually flipped us off. The day progressed with speakers giving talks and doing comedy.

There are a few things I would like to emphasize from my impressions of the protest.


-       1)   People came together and had an opportunity to meet like-minded people. I was interested in what kind of people shared my world view. It made me feel that I am not alone.

-        2) It was peaceful. Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

-        3) The biggest turnout in numbers of people to a Bilderberg protest. The more people give attention to these people the more will wake up to what is going on, and in my feeling people are awakening in huge numbers.

-         4) People from all racial backgrounds, religious beliefs, and men and women across all age groups showed up. This will be one of the important factors in establishing unity. Don't divide by fictitious nonsense like race, gender, etc

-         5) People weren't driven by agendas. My feeling was that people talked about facts and realities and didn't mix it up with distractions (e.g. talking points) such as 'It is the Jews fault', 'Obama is our savior', etc. People were open-minded and respected any type of view to a particular discussion.

-         6) Meet your next mate. I overheard people exchanging contact details.

-         7) The mainstream media will be forced to cover issues that are important and it was evident this time. A lot of cameras were present.

-         8) The more people will wake up and attend the protest of Bilderberg, the tougher and more restricted protests will become. Good! Give them the attention. I talked to a German blogger who followed Bilderberg for many years. He said he had been present at the 2004 meeting in Stresa, Italy. According to his words, he was able to get so close to the attendees that he was able to make pictures of them while they were eating and while they were strolling on their yachts. They are scared now.

-       1)   I have some respect for leaders in the movement, but it was apparent there is a personality cult present. People ran up to Alex Jones & David Icke, literally encircling them. What I wanted to say was: "Don't make it about one person."

-        2) It seemed that there were infiltrators or opportunists present; for example there were people promoting communism


I have left with a very positive attitude overall. I had a discussion at one point regarding how things will be in the future. Some were quite negative, saying that the Bilderbergers do whatever they want regardless of the protests and the awakening; others were more positive, such as myself. I think that the Bilderbergers will succeed in some ways, but eventually they will fail.

There is going to be a level of tyranny reached before the pot will boil over. When that will be remains to be seen, but as Thomas Jefferson said 'The level of tyranny is the level you put up with'. How true. The best thing to do is to stay positive and inform yourself and others around you. The aftermath seems to be quite positive for humanity; looking at the media coverage of this, except one thing bothered me a bit.

1_article_photo.jpgI saw this interview at the BBC with Alex Jones and felt I had to say something about it.

The purpose of waking people up is to inform them. Think about it from the perspective of a new listener who hears this for the first time (and it is meant for them, don't forget that). Would you think that guy is a nut-job and completely out of his mind?

It would seem logical, not because the information isn't correct, but because his erratic behavior overshadows everything else. It seems to me that the shouting and disrupting has become the focus instead of trying to relay the information in a coherent way that would get people thinking.

Plus, regardless of the person and their reputation, it is a societal etiquette to be polite and let people speak out and let them make their point (I know how it is when you know you are talking to known liars and deceivers, but even then you need to keep your etiquette). Don't see this as Alex Jones bashing. I personally don't think he is false opposition but rather see his behavior as a sign of weak communication skills or possibly attention whoring and I have awoken to all this because of him, but criticism needs to be said when it is appropriate to be said.

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Comments for "Diary of a Bilderberg Protester "

William said (June 12, 2013):

Diary of a Bilderberg Protester

I would take Alex Jones with a grain of salt. The evil doers try to control both sides in order to gain A desired outcome.

On youtube you can find Alex Jones Y2K broadcast. William Cooper did an expose about it and that's what turned me away from Alex Jones.

Part 1:

Full Program:

Thanks William

I was interested to hear that Jones accused Cooper of using expletives. he did the same to me, when I said the "Illuminati don't give a shit about us."

The world is going down the tubes and AJ is being prissy? No. He is censoring uncontrolled opposition.



Ahmed said (June 12, 2013):

The article, Diary of a Bilderberg protestor, did not really give us any insight into the Bilderbergs or anything else of any substance. It was more like a Facebook post, too light.

99% of all your other articles are very good indeed and I very much look forward to reading them.



You're right. This was more about the social and personal nature of the cause.


Doug said (June 12, 2013):

Sooner or later the Builderbergs will fail, no one is above law that preserves civilization and these egomaniac nutcases will certainly not be above law in the end. Trouble is, will most of us be around to see it?

Most of us still confuse law (that which is necessary for peaceful civilization and as important as physical laws in the operation of machinery- both a-priori (Kant) ) with this ridiculous Legal system which originated in ancient China and was thrown out by the Confucianists and this is the problem at the core. No one escapes the law in the long run.

Ray said (June 12, 2013):

All the protests are of not any use. As once a former Premier of Queensland have said about protesters marching. "Let them march, until they get sore feet"!

& this is the truth! Protest as much as you want behind a wall, as long as it's peaceful from your side only! (We reserve the use of violence, tear gas & batons/tasers only to us!)

Art Granda said (June 12, 2013):

I can attest that Alex Jones has been on the trail of Bilderberg since 1996, when he had a popular access television show locally here in Austin, Texas. He might have been no more than 20 years old at the time. When I purchased my current 2nd amendment pistol (H&K .40 calibre in 1998), Alex was behind the counter at the gun store about 4 miles north of here, where I first met the man. I shook his hand, then he gave me a VHS copy of his very first film "America Destroyed by Design". I'm a pretty good judge of character and I did not detect anything fishy, he's a real man, a real Texan, and a real American that cares about this country more than he does himself.

I'm sure 95% of the people that are aware of Alex Jones now probably think he's fairly recent on the patriot scene, but nothing could be further from the truth. He's been here since the start, when other people his age (at the time) were drinking beer and getting laid. Alex was hammering home his message on TV, where 9 out of 10 callers would laugh off his beliefs and opinions … and the one that agreed was likely stoned on pot. Quite a different story now, isn't it. He stuck with it, started inforwars shortly afterwards as a mostly text based HTML webpage, and the rest is history.

Some people find his methods questionable, or even loony … but he has discovered a very effective way of awakening those that are sound asleep. He screams and yells at them. How else would one wake up a heavy sleeper that needs to awaken for work in 20 minutes? By quietly and civilly asking them nicely to "get up please"? No, you would scream "GET UP NOW!" and shake the bed like a crazy person, that's what works in the patriot movement too. People aren't used to hearing someone lose it on television, so they immediately pay attention to what's happening and being said. It's game, set, and match …. as the shocked person starts to think about why this person is losing it. That makes the snowball start turning and rolling down hill. Quite effective IMHO.

I don't give kudos to very many people, but to Alex, his crew, and his family, they have my deepest respect and admiration.

Tony B said (June 11, 2013):

Both Jones and Icke are part of the enemy camp. Where were they when Bilderberg was still relatively unknown but known well enough by lonely but true fighters of the satanic world takeover? These types develop groupie followings rather than actually break new ground. Rarely do they ever mention anything not already known by the majority of those in the battle. Their followers think they are the cutting edge because they have no time for anyone else.

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