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Ravings of Deluded Black Feminist

July 30, 2013

Eternity Martis.JPG

(Eternity E. Martis, self proclaimed slut, sees her appeal  as white men "Eating the Other.")


Plain Jane Black feminist enrolls at University of Western Ontario

(in London) and discovers the white male wants to "colonize" her body;

to "eat it up and use it to come to know himself."

Although obviously flattered, she tries to overcome feelings of "disgust with herself."

"Through f**king a coloured woman, the white man transcends his 'whiteness' and innocence, moving into more experienced and dangerous territory."

by Eternity E. Martis 

"Why I Don't Sleep With White Men Any More"


They say nothing comes without a price. However, in the case of being one of the only coloured girls in my city, nothing comes without a race.

I live in a predominately white city. Not by choice (I'm from Toronto), but to attend university. When I first got to the city, I thought people would be incredibly racist and I'd be excluded and snubbed by my peers. Well, the opposite happened.

Arrogance aside (I promise), everywhere I went, I was white men's object (emphasis on object) of desire. And it wasn't just white men -- all races of men I've never encountered, but white men seemed the most enthralled by my presence. But the initial adoration and my swelled ego soon subsided after I realized that men were not attracted to me for being just a "pretty face" -- I was being objectified, exoticized and sexualized for being one of few coloured girls in a sea of white men. I felt alone. And more importantly, I felt disgusted with myself.

Feminist, social activist and African American author bell hooks terms this kind of attraction to the 'Othered' body as "Eating the Other."

This is the phenomenon where white men as well as the media view coloured women's bodies, especially black women's, as a site of difference.

The coloured body is stereotypically everything the white woman's body is not: she is not "pure," "fair," or "docile." Rather, her body represents deviance, darkness, temptation, evil, and hypersexuality. This detrimental image generates a deep sense of desire and adventure within the white man -- a desire to colonize her body -- 'eat' it up, and use it to come to know himself.

Through f**king a coloured woman, the white man transcends his 'whiteness' and innocence, moving into more experienced and dangerous territory. Literally through her body, he learns what he is and what he is not. He gains access to cross the border into a dark territory that only he, of all his friends, has yet to venture to. But after 'consuming' her multiple times, he becomes sick and repulsed, as with any overconsumption of food, and spits her out.

I found hooks' theory to be overwhelmingly comforting. It came at a time when I was trying to make sense of what was happening to my body and how it was being perceived. It especially came at a time when I found out the guy I had been seeing had a white girlfriend and was sleeping with me to finally make his fantasy of fucking black girls come true (wasn't I lucky to be the first?).

As a mixed-race girl, I also found it unsettling that the colour of my skin allowed people to label me as "Black," or as something tropical and exotic -- it was always one of the two. I was getting sick of being approached at bars by white men, changing their pick up line from "Are you an angel? 'Cause it looks like you fell outta heaven." to "I love black people. I have black friends, you know -- now can I take you home?"

Sometimes it was more of an excited squeal, a wide-eyed gawk, their hands shaking as they coyly tried to place their hands on my ass, exclaiming, "I've never danced with a black girl before," looking at me the same way one would attack a Quarter (Dark Meat) Chicken Dinner at Swiss Chalet.

Dressing up in cheetah print made it worse. My skin colour and mixed heritage had given me a label I didn't like -- that "Black" girl at the bars, that "Island girl" on the bus. Nobody knew what I was, so I was immediately placed in a stereotypical category that both separated me from others and made me mysterious. I was always that girl, not just a girl.

After months of self-hatred, feeling dirty inside and out and wondering what I was doing wrong, I finally started to come to terms with what was happening around me. Being a racial minority female in a city of racially dominant men made me exotic. I was a hot coloured commodity in a rather colourless city, because they had so few "people like me." The exotification of women comes from being that racialized woman -- the Other kind of woman who does not carry "white" features or practices "white" culture.

It is not a compliment, because like eroticization, it sexualizes, objectifies and racializes the female body, jamming it into a tight space where hypersexuality, primitiveness, danger, temptation and difference are forced upon us. The exotification of the racialized body is a way for non-racialized subjects to, like hooks reminds us, come to know themselves. By casting coloured women as different, they maintain the status quo of race and sex dominance while marginalizing, sexualizing, and dehumanizing coloured women.

This is not to say I have become the mad mixed woman in the attic and have cast off all white men. It's also not to say that this can't happen with all races of men -- I just have yet to find an interracial relationship where my difference isn't at the forefront. I have yet to find that guy who hasn't used me to see if sleeping with me makes him a new man, or a guy who hasn't made the wretched "I love black people" disclaimer upon meeting me.

Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place. But I am speaking to something more structural than just the colour of my skin and people's reactions to it; I am talking about privilege, racism, colonialism -- systems and institutions of power and hierarchy that allow for women of colour to be exotified and Othered; to be treated as sex objects and animals instead of humans.

To be treated by non-coloured men as cheapened territory that becomes a game of conquering. Until I find that guy and regain my trust in white men, I've saved myself from being checked off someone's "To Do" list again. And although I could be missing out, it's a good feeling to know I'm finally in control. And it feels great.


crumb6291 (1).jpgFirst Comment from Dan

I think she interpreted the attention she got in London Ontario correctly.    She wasn't living in Brazil,  where everybody's mixed.  Keep kin mind this woman is speaking about specific experience in a Canadian backwater town which is 85% white, and only 2% black.   She didn't experience this growing up in Toronto.

I've seen the fascination for black students in all-white towns such as Boulder Colorado.  It's a common phenomenon that many  white 'liberal' youth of both genders objectify blacks in a form of 'reverse racism'. I've seen it.   I also lived through it when I was in college during the years of "integration" in the American South.  It worked both ways:  I was propositioned by black girls.   Students in 'liberal' places and times get turned on by "taboo".  That's what she's talking about.

I've never been to London Ontario, though I'd assume white girls up there don't 'put out' as easily as TV and movies condition male youth to expect. 
  The white town college boys' only frame of reference for black girls comes from Illuminati hip hop videos.  We have also been subjected to a fully synchronized media program telling youth to "mix it up".
There's a scene in Anton Wilson's 'Illuminatus Trilogy', the Golden Apple that captures this perfectly.  Imagine a white racist 1960's cop who has been chasing a couple of hippies - a black man and white girl.   Wilson describes what's going through the racist cop's mind, seething with hatred imagining the 'black stud fucking the slut'.  By the time the cop kicks down down the door he has a tremendous hard on.

Sexual objectification exists and remains heavily promoted in Illuminati culture.  Here's the counterpart of the white boy obsession with "Angelfood McSpade" phenomenon.

Marcos adds:

 woman clearly suffers from Delusional Disorder, a mental condition where people create fantasies in order to cope with low self esteem or identity problems. She is ugly, promiscuous, and can't realize that some men just want a quick lay, regardless of race, a service she promptly provides. 

This kind of low level psychosis is often used successfully
 Marxist strategies in order to make people feel persecuted and oppressed, so they engage in group-thinking and isolate themselves against the rest of the population. In other words, propaganda says exactly what they want to hear, that they
better than their lot life, and that their problems are all the effect of oppression
 and not their fault. 

This phenomena has been well detailed in the book The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness
,  which I suggest to your readers.

Comments for "Ravings of Deluded Black Feminist "

Grace said (July 31, 2013):

There was nothing raving or deluded about that piece. I've known a white guy who was erotically obsessed with black girls and completely objectified them and if he had the chance would have happily "checked it off his list." He also fetishized little people (dwarfs?-Im not sure of the correct term) He did look at black women as "other" and this woman's experiences read true and I really don't see how this is deluded or raving. The illuminati love to create separation and I think you're serving that agenda by calling this deluded when it is so obviously true. You dont think there is racialized porn for a reason like this? You say you like to give writers a fair shot but writing this off so easily shows how you hold some deep sexism/racism because this article would be a perfect opportunity to talk about social control using race and sex etc but instead you write it off. I enjoyed the article but am disappointed at your analysis.


Thanks Grace,

We disagree. Men objectify all women. The men Eternity slept with were just looking for sexual relief. She was reading too much into her situation.


Art Granda said (July 31, 2013):

I cannot understand how you fellas can whip off the clothes and put the most valuable piece of you into a woman you have no idea about? Is this some kind of self-delusion, or a self-proclaimed dream of yours about being a big stud porn star? Does the thought of others watching you perform, watching you give it to a strange woman, excite you? Please …. although I don't want to know, I'd like to at least understand. I bet that if this woman walked into your bedroom tonight and whipped off her clothes, there wouldn't be a single one of you "studs" that called her ugly on this comment board, that wouldn't be humping her by the time you would finished reading this sentence. Admit it.

Too bad this girl's in Canada, if she were in Austin I'd like to talk to her over a beer or two. I bet you dollars to donuts that she is NOTHING like she is describing in this article. This sounds like a scared, lonely, and intelligent woman that is lashing out as a self-protection mechanism.

Michael said (July 31, 2013):

Consider this (and these are 2006 stats): 22% of the population of London ON are New Canadians. There are 20585 non-citizen residents of London ON. Londoners speak 48 different languages and identify with 144 distinct ethno-cultural backgrounds. (source: 2006 Census) But yeah, I totally believe they'd never seen a black woman before. Must have been quite a novelty for all them white guys.

Phil said (July 30, 2013):

This woman's badly skewed view of what is going on in her life immediately reminded me a bit by comic Bill Burr where he discusses how women are "constantly patting themselves on the back" and live in a "tornado of misinformation" that men don't correct them on because our sexual drive takes precedent over factual accuracy. A classic, poignant bit!

Somewhat unsafe for work:

Al Thompson said (July 30, 2013):

First of all, race has nothing to do with it. Her problem is that she frequents bars and allows herself to get picked up by fornicators. I have an old saying of mine that "nothing good happens in a bar." And after almost 10 years as a musician who has played in many bars, I can't say that these are the best places to meet anyone.

So, she's putting herself in harms way and then typically blames her problems on racism, when the real culprit is having sex outside of marriage. I keep howling about this and I feel like an old geezer pissing in the wind; but I do it anyway.

Her problem with white men or any other man would end if she just stopped fornicating. Race doesn't matter, because we are all built the same way but with a different racial appearance. Fornicating is not good for anyone and it will present a host of problems. Race is just an excuse to try to make herself look like a victim. Race doesn't mean anything, one way or another.

Her blackness isn't the issue; it is her conduct. If she wants a happy relationship with any man, then I suggest that she abstain from sex until she has a husband.

Sex is an expression of love between a husband and wife, and it is the way new people are created. Her problem is screwing outside of marriage; not racism.

Justin said (July 30, 2013):

As a white man all I can say is: I went limp when I saw her picture, so she should stop flattering herself.

JG said (July 30, 2013):

This woman does a very good job explaining how racial distinctiveness is still alive and well.
You can't turn a Chinamen into an Irishmen no matter how hard you try.

God "confounded the languages" at the Tower of Babel and created the segregated nations with their own distinctiveness and geographical inheritances. This was a spice of life!

The NWO agenda is to overthrow God and his plan by "mingling" the nations with each other and diminishing their heritage and identity.

Only with the believers in Jesus Christ are we united as one, where there is no "Greek or Jew".

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at