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Young Man Blames Sex Addiction

July 23, 2013

robaupairpic-150x150.jpg(left, EP, who is of Portuguese/Nicaraguan descent.)

If you're wondering how someone like me ended up a basement dweller at the age of thirty-one, read on.

EP's Story of Sin and Redemption

by EP

My father just told me that I'm fooling myself if I think I'll be able to provide for a family working as a personal trainer and that I'll most likely come running to him for financial support in the event I even get married. 

He tends to say hurtful things to me when I confront him on his MSNBC-watching or liberalism. On the one hand, I appreciate his candor. He's more firm with me than my mother, who tends to baby me too much, but I know from the way he's saying it that he also wants to hurt me. 

Why do I subject myself to this? Because I live in my parent's basement and I can't afford to move out. Most people think there's something wrong with me. They think I'm a former drug addict, or that I'm not that intelligent, but the truth is I was a very good student. I got a scholarship to the University of Rochester and earned a degree in English Literature. Later, I got two masters degrees, one in Secondary English Education and one in College Administration. Lack of intelligence was never my problem. 

If you're wondering how someone like me ended up a basement dweller at the age of thirty-one, read on. 


My problem was the sin of lust. Ever since my father handed me a stack of Playboys at age 13, and told me it was okay to masturbate, I became obsessed with sex. It's all I would think about for at least eighteen years until the Lord Jesus supernaturally delivered me and gave my life purpose (more on that later). 

Just to give you an idea of how far gone I was, in high school, I would masturbate and fantasize about Cindy Crawford, Kathy Ireland or some Victoria Secret model every single day. This was in the nineties just before internet porn became more prevalent. Girls in school, who I also fantasized about, avoided me because they could smell the desperation all over me. 

In college, I discovered internet porn and my habit got even worse. Eventually, I did physical damage to myself by maturbating to the point of sexual exhaustion, but this didn't get me to stop either. I joined a fraternity in the hopes of having casual sex with hot sorority girls, but this never happened because I still had no idea how to relate to women, so I started to read books by all the popular pick-up-artists like Mystery, Style, and RooshV. 

My attention and focus, which should have been on a career to support a wife and family, was on sex. If I had known God back then and pursued him, I would have been earning a good living, married already and living a normal life. Who knows? Was it the life I could have had, or was everything I was experiencing God's will? 


At the same time, I found that my views and perspectives conflicted a lot with what I was learning in graduate school. My largely conservative views were not welcome.

 I disliked the way teachers made excuses for poor and minority students, feeding into this whole institutional racism paradigm or self-fulfilling victim mentality. The more teachers and administrators treated minorities like they needed extra help, the more they did, but no one seemed to think this except me. 

Eventually, I stopped teaching and left education because my soul couldn't take it anymore. The whole system was so corrupt that I had to get out. This is the pivotal choice I made that banished me to my parent's basement for years, but that gave me much needed peace of mind again. 

I thought I could work as an administrator on the college level, so I started working on another degree, but although I finished the degree, I barely worked in the field because the same liberal personalities were even more ensonced at the college level. Why do all the 'stable' jobs require you to sell out? I was blacklisted because of some trumped up charge. 


After working little odd jobs here at the here, I decided to become a personal trainer at New York Sports Club. During this time, I had a number of supernatural experiences that woke me up to the reality of God, Jesus Christ and the spiritual reality we live in. There is a battle going on in the heavenlies between good and evil for the very souls of mankind. 

Now I know that what's wrong is the sin and demonic influence almost everyone, including the church, financial institutions, politicians and governments are under. There is such a thing as evil. 

It all happened one night when I was having a nightmare that was so in intense I left my physical body. I remember looking at my motionless body in bed and heard this voice say, 'Go back inside your body' so I did. Now I know that this was the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

Once I was back inside, I took a backseat to something evil that had taken control. I couldn't move or speak. I immediately started saying the Lord's Prayer in my head. A I felt a violent shaking inside my spirit. Whatever was inside me did not like this prayer. By the third time I said the prayer, I felt 'it' --whatever it was --leave me. It actually flew out of my stomach and into the atmosphere. 

After that, I knew that demons were real and the Lord started preparing me for how to battle them using spiritual warfare.


The Lord even put me in a position to do a radio show at a local station to get the word out about what I've experienced and allow others to share their testimonies as well. 

So while I still live in my parent's basement, I can say that I'm doing God's will and that in time, he will help me prosper. He's brought me a long way already. I no longer look at porn or lust after women. I can have normal conversations with women again and I have a much deeper and personal relationship with God than ever before.

EP is now an evangelist. His website is

First Comment from Dan:

"Rob's article is the most refreshing thing I've read in weeks.  He's not alone - tens of thousands of people have been winning the fight within by simply recognizing that sin is an enslaving force and rejecting it.    Such catharsis brings with it the unexpected awareness of real demonic force being cast out  when something full of good rushes in.  Later you realize that's what all the saints and prophets were talking about, the Holy Spirit.

The apparent absence of awareness of what's 'holy' and sacred is simply what happens when worship is given to genitalia.   It's not that the Holy Spirit doesn't exist or nothing is sacred; for the mind and soul consumed in lust can't see or feel anything else.

The New Testament never made any sense to me before I broke that spell myself.  Now it makes sense to read that "For the mystery of iniquity is already at work.   And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie" .

It's real simple: making oneself horny first thing in the morning and nursing it all day till that old derangement is chronic causes spiritual blindness, same as the smoke of a forest fire blots out the sun and blue sky.

Those who now control this culture want everybody to stay at this level of consciousness all the time so that they can rule you.  They can only rule people that have no awareness of God, the Creator of this place.  Because if you're aware of God and the Holy Spirit lights you up, you don't need them.  The 'strong delusion' of their greatness and beauty dissolves and you see them as they really are, "Hypocrites -- like whitewashed tombs--beautiful on the outside but filled on the inside with dead bodies and rot."

It's no dishonor to be financially impoverished due to courage of conviction.  Krishnamurti said, "It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

Comments for "Young Man Blames Sex Addiction "

Christopher said (July 25, 2013):

As usual, great article. I sympathize because I went through something similar with the political correctness in academia. I decided to leave the USA 26 years ago instead of teaching in the highly politicized public school system. I never regret having decided to permanently leave. Anyway, I noticed that Rob, with a BA in English as well as a MA in teaching Secondary English would definately qualify for a decent job teaching English overseas. Why not try the Middle East for a while? It is better than sleeping in your parents basement! I think that he should consider teaching abroad, he probably would not regret it!

Michael said (July 24, 2013):

Great story! This very subject has weighed heavily on my mind for a while now.

I have come to believe there is a battle for our souls, and porn is a tool of the evil

Forces seeking to keep us from our potential and fulfillment. I still struggle with

The worship aspect, but have come around to acknowledging there is a superior

Spiritual entity that we should strive to emulate, and porn is a definite block to that end.

anon said (July 24, 2013):

Rennie's dad would have done jail time
a few generations ago. Rennie was 13.
Boys need fathers. I blame Dad. No wonder he belittles Rennie: his evil wrecked the lad, he can't face it, so he shifts blame. God moved where a human flopped.

Hey Dad, news flash: we're in The Greater Depression, not the 1950s. The only growth is Big Brother, Big Banking, Porn, and War.

Banking's wrecking crews moved cultural stigma from sex to evasion of usury.
Generations dwelled together since ancient times. Now it's called "failure."

Bankers grow dynasties sharing mansions with multi-generations, and bequeath businesses and trusts to the kids, but train us to "grow up" and "move out" and "compete" as evidence of our success.

They sit on their duffs collecting our payments. They arrange us like cows in milking stalls called housing lots. Estate taxes bounce off them by magick legal tricks, but destroy our inheritances "for fairness" and "the
common good" meaning theirs, natch.

They pull cons like MERS, tungsten bars, high-speed computer trading, fractional fiat money-by-keystroke, and sovereign borrowing to inifinity aka slavery. They say "stick em up" to Congress for gambling debts and murder Presidents offering usury-free money.

We plebes get different rules. We must pay our bills, see; and be "responsible" like, see. They're just too big to jail and we need them, see.

TARP I, II, III could have paid off every mortgage - every car loan - every student loan - and still gifted them free trillions. The money was backstopped by our future taxes and might
as well have paid off our notes. Congress just had to insist upon a "jubilee" deal.

Hey bankers: make your money the old-fashioned way, "earn it." Me and my spouse and children moved back into Mom's paid-off home to build our dynasty, not yours. We're homeschooling the grandkids and growing our food for free.
Suck my default.

Muhammed said (July 23, 2013):

I am from a Islamic country where these porn movies are close by govt. We can not even see it online but the boys and girls of my age are too much busy in download software to open these sites and they are enjoying to see it.

In Islamic rule muslims are only allow to do sex with their wife only but as the young generation is keep watching these adult movies when they become married they also do sex in same hard way to their wife. They also want the girls who are more sexy and open minded.thats why the girls in my society who r not so much good looking and do not like hard way sex are divorced after married or some girls keep their tears inside them about how their husband abuse them.or they take divorce in the age of 36 or 45.

All this r coz of this porn industry. I also see many porn movies but I am trying to stop it and control my self.because we are human not animal

In this I do not blame only on boys girls r also involve in this they also want indirectly that some boy do sex with them.they keep no about sex on their lips but their heart is saying yes.


Dan comments:

Muhammed's observations on what porn exposure is doing to the expectations and demands of Muslim youth reminds us that happened here 50 years ago.
It took longer because pornographers had no way to deliver it into private homes via computer. It wasn't till then that as many females have become addicted to it through exposure.
I'm sorry to hear that pornographers have found ways to sneak access to children in the targeted countries. But then it would be naive to believe they wouldn't.

Girls have a natural inclination to pattern themselves the way they believe men want. When young men of a culture shift expectations from virtue and fidelity in woman to insist on behaving like pornographic fantasy marriage is reduced to prostitution. And the men wonder why the women don't have any virtue?

It's subtle but it starts with what girls think men want, every time. Even though feminism strives to intimidate men into believing that men have no influence on how girls turn out when they grow up. In our society where girls are pressured to give it it up to sex at earlier ages than ever, it's too young and the circumstances are usually traumatic on some level. Her virtue is crushed. This is now the vicious cycle that fuels feminism.

JG said (July 23, 2013):

What a story, good article here.

Pornography is the devil's tool to distract us from God's plan by depleting our souls through lust.

Masturbation is sex out of imagination without any love or affection. It's one of Satan's counterfeit replacements for what is Godly and real.

Prostitution, a little more normal and maybe less harmful is still wrong because it's sex without love and purpose other than to fulfill a lustful urge.

Promiscuity, even closer to normal is still wrong because it's a form of "free love" (contraception) without responsibility and commitment. When contraception fails or is not used it then produces a "love child" which often goes abandoned.

There are no shortcuts or replacements for God's Divine Order and Plan that will bring you contentment for too long.

Satan offers us temporal elation through sex and drugs in exchange for the things that are eternal.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at