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Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana

September 28, 2013

mujicayrockefeller04.jpg(l. Uruguayan President Jose Mujica with David Rockefeller, 98, in NYC last week)

Our South American bureau chief, Marcos, writes:

"As suspected, the Marxists from the Forum of Sao Paulo are indeed partners with the Western Illuminati.

Last week, Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay who legalized marijuana consumption in his country, met with David Rockefeller and George Soros in New York, in order to discuss strategie$$$ to expand legalization of drugs in the region.

Meanwhile, crack use in Brazil has skyrocketed as has cocaine production in  Bolivia and Peru. Last week, a load of 1300 kilos of cocaine was found in Paris in a plane from Venezuela.

Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru (all Marxists) are huge cocaine producers. Brazil is the main consumer in the region, and Lula even gave Bolivia money in order to build what is called the Coca Highway to Brazil (because the drug helps Bolivia's economy). The Workers Party here is behind many NGOs which fight for legalization. This week a study was issued, stating that 370,000 Brazilians are addicted to crack only in the state capitals.

(left. Uruguay is a member of the Marxist Forum of Sao Paulo. Uruguay is not a producer, it is a consumer of drugs, like Brazil. Below is a map with the members of the forum in red. Only Paraguay, the Guyanas, Chile and Colombia are outside.)

Here in São Paulo, the governor tried to implement a plan to force these people into health care, but the NGOs said this was "against human rights". Now we have what is called Crackland in a large area in downtown, where they use freely, steal from people and prostitute themselves. You don't wanna go there for a walk.

Notice the dialectics: The Forum is supposedly pro-Iran, Palestine, Russia and China and haters of the US and capitalism in general."

See Makow Comment below article

From "25 Seconds" (Caracas)
(Translated by

According to a statement issued by the Presidency of Uruguay , Jose Mujica , 78 and David Rockefeller , 98, [met Thursday] at Rockefeller's residence in New York and exchanged ideas concerning the process of regulation of the marijuana market in Uruguay.

Rockefeller , a founder of the Bilderberg Group , the " club" of the most influential people in the world, is enthusiastic about marijuana legalization. Mujica gave a speech Tuesday to the General Assembly UN.

The Uruguayan President who once belonged to the Tupamaro guerrillas , said the meeting was a "crossing of the Rubicon " , which means that a decisive step knowing the risk involved . The expression recalls the decision of Julius Caesar to return to Italy , crossing the Rubicon river , without permission of the Senate.

However, Mujica said that Rockefeller is the " symbol of a reality " and that his party "always recognize the realities" .

The President reported that the billionaire told him that his father originally supported Prohibition in the U.S., "changed utterly after seeing its effects and went to the other side."

"He realized that ( the ban ) had been a blunder in practice. Thus he realizes that anti-drug and anti-narcotics policy are not successful " , said Mujica.

muj.jpg(left, Mujica, Marxist president of Uruguay. )

The President , for his part, explained the reasoning behind the legalization of marijuana in his country of 3.2 million inhabitants.

"The central thesis is snatch the drug market away from the traffickers and try to create a market of consumers who are not acting illegally. And when we detect an addiction, to treat it as a health problem," Mujica said.

On Monday ,Mujica, who has been described as the world's poorest president for his austere lifestyle because he donates his salary to charity, met with another billionaire investor George Soros, of Hungarian origin .

Soros , chairman of the Open Society Foundation , offered Mujica all possible assistance to the process begun in Uruguay. They agreed that the current general policy regarding drug trafficking is not working.

Soros then reasoned that changes can be made internationally in the future depending on Mujica's success, and offered to support educational programs in Uruguay to combat drug and other addictions .

Makow Comment-  Masonic Jewish central banking billionaires have always bankrolled socialism and communism because they want to extend their monopoly over credit to a monopoly over everything using  State Power as their instrument.  Apparently, they will now allow us to use marijuana to transcend their tyrannical hell. 


Marcos continues:

The claim that the CIA killed Chavez is preposterous. Chavez was followed by Maduro, which is just as bad or even worse than he was. A tyrannical dictator, elected by fraud, who destroyed a rich country to the point where even toilet paper is scarce. If the CIA wanted to solve the problem, they would have taken Castro down.

In fact, it is astounding that the US takes no interest at all at a continent-wide Marxist revolution in their own backyard, while at the same time spending trillions of dollars in remote places such as Afghanistan. The Latin America turn to Marxism should be Washington's number one priority and concern, since the Left is already in talks with communist groups in America such as La Raza and unions.

Even among conservatives in the States, it is a miracle to find one that has heard of the Forum of Sao Paulo activities. Isn't it strange? The States are not taking any action against Marxism in Latin America because it has been decided that this is the way by which the region will be united as one of the ten areas of the new world order.

Another misconception is that the addicts in Brazil are peasants. Brazil is an urban country, with cities of more than 10 million people. A small rock of crack can be bought with a couple of dollars. Even a beggar can get enough money for his addiction. Drugs are a way to spread confusion and fear in society, and make people accept more readily solutions that come from a stronger government. It is a classical divide and conquer Marxist tactic.

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Comments for "Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana"

From Japan said (October 2, 2013):

Illuminati consisting of Rockefellers and their bosses Rothschilds are, according to a space
Info, shapeshifters of Reptilians-humanoids of the Lizard. Their bosses are Draconians of the
Draco (the official emblem of London City). They are aggressors-rulers of Earth from remote
ages. Earth is under the capitalistic plutocratic slave rule system by Illuminati.

But, since contradictions under capitalistic system intensified furiously more and more,
they tried to stage the reformist change of Earthmen’s society in the framework of State capitalistic plutocratic slave rule system. That is the so-called Marxism and socialism.
Father of K. Marx was a advocate and a reptilian’s shapeshifter in Germany, F. Engels, Lenin, Stalin and their successors were reptilian’s shapeshifters. They tried to realize socialism where the money system don’t be abolished and is held. Such examples are the ex-Soviet Union, current China, etc.

Now Illuminati are trying to realize the new American Revolution, socialist revolutions all over the world, including Latin America. That is the NWO’s strategy.

However, Earthmen must not stop the socialist revolution so halfway, not abolishing the money
system. So-called UFOs which come flying to us show the future of Earthmen.

Do aim at transition to the new Earth society of everything gratuitous services following the
directions by the Creators of the Space blocks control world.

Adam said (September 29, 2013):

Those of you who are pro pot and not thinking very critically about this problem. The long term effects of pot and the long term goals of the Illuminati are in agreement. Pot reduces male fertility. It increases estrogen and makes men more effeminate. It also reduces memory, making it easier to manipulate the public. Pot will, without a doubt, cause more negative health effects, making us more tied to the big pharma mob, and is a new revenue source for the elite.

More of the public will become addicted to pot, and that is exactly where they want us--addicted to the poison they give us. God is the only power they can't control and that is why they will do whatever they can make us forget God, including the legalization of marijuana.

Greg said (September 29, 2013):

Hi Henry, regarding the Billionaires and Marxists story.

Hemp should never have been banned in the first place, but since it had been, there are a range of issues that have to addressed with the withdrawal of such a ban. All the same the ban should be lifted as it was ridiculous in the first place. An Eco friendly natural fibre with billion dollar potential was torpedoed, and industry continued along a more controllable, profitable path.

Education will be necessary, but will it be forthcoming in a manner suitable for a healthy society. With these players involved, I think not. Why let go of something when you have not got something better to replace it with. Hence the Cocaine will be the new Marijuana and with its current reputation, many will see it as free for all when it is not illegal.
Still I suppose there is the Holland experience which I have not looked at in detail. Is the problem significant there?

Adrian said (September 29, 2013):

Drug cultural values are critical in this debate. Almost the whole of Western Europe has a mature attitude to alcohol with the exception of
the British - masses of whom transform into alcohol abusing violent Neanderthals several times a week. However, this crime is
limited to the street and is "Neanderthal-on-Neanderthal".

With drug related crime running at 33%, obviously we would all benefit from legalizing and taxing it and prices would be lower than staples like sugar. Sugar requires quite some processing, unlike cannabis.

It would be even better if the cultural background has been prepared by public information and if there were proper control over the suppliers, limiting the fast track to oblivion products, such as 12.5% alcohol

With the cost of drugs plummeting, any residual
"Neanderthal-on-Neanderthal" crime/abuse would be regrettable but limited. Tax would be up for the government, wasteful policing eliminated.

I think the author is missing the deliberate havoc/chaos caused by the abject failure of the "War on Drugs" - widespread and violent crime,
affecting everybody.

It may be that the South American Marxists figure they can keep their populations in poverty by free drugs that will be used for escapism rather than leisure. This only applies in that part of the world. In the West, legalization would benefit us all.

SS said (September 29, 2013):

Thanks for the Rockefeller/Mujica expose. It's too bad when Marijuana gets legalized globally that it will be for as an escape device, a control means, a revenue/tax generator and chemical dumbing-down of people instead of the utility it can constructively serve as. WTSHTF, responsible use of marijuana will be an invaluable aid in controlling the stress of a drastically changed world. Not to mention the obvious health benefits in mitigating pain and illnesses like cancer. Like any tool, it can be used constructively or destructively.

Dan said (September 29, 2013):

The Uruguayan decriminalization of pot is taken verbatim from the Dutch government back in the late 1960's. It must be understood that around 1960-61, the NATO mafia of the US/UK, France, and Germany called an international congress to force all the Western countries to criminalize marijuana as a 'class A' narcotic like heroin. This involved steep prison sentences for users caught with as little as an ounce or less.

A small country like Uruguay, during the 'stoned age' of the hippies, the Netherlands prisons filled up with their own college students -- the future of their nation.
They also ran out of prison space. Also, since pot was criminalized, otherwise good citizens were pushed toward the criminal element in Amsterdam to buy it. This exposed teenagers to heroin dealers and pimps they'd never have met if they could buy pot at a store or cafe, like tea.
It's important to note that the NATO mafia forced countries like Holland to comply with their 'drug war' lest pressure be brought to bear through trade embargo.

So the Dutch slyly passed convoluted laws which left pot technically criminalized - but the cops weren't allowed to search for it. Besides, cops anywhere understand what the government want's enforced, and what to ignore. So that's how Amsterdam became the pot smokers holiday destination for potheads all over the world for what - 40 years?

It's interesting that soon as the Dutch government decided they don't want 'negative' tourism anymore and have shut down the dope cafes and red light district, Uruguay's President Jose Mujica pops up this plan right out of the Amsterdam playbook, after a meeting with David Rockefeller. [1]

"The central thesis is snatch the drug market away from the traffickers and try to create a market of consumers who are not acting illegally. And when we detect an addiction, to treat it as a health problem," Mujica said".

[1] David Rockefeller is NINETY EIGHT?? I can hear my ex-wife's sainted father - a hillbilly who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day in WWII - saying
"Ain't they put that bastard in the ground YET??" (That's what he said when Ronald Reagan's Funeral dragged on for a week on TV).

William said (September 28, 2013):

I read your story on the billionaire's and Mary Jane. What was interesting is not the story itself but the inclusion of David Rockefeller who is 98.

I read a book back in the 80's that said this clown disappeared on a small plane in the Azores. The book was a best seller back then. Is this then another "David" Rockefeller? Strange how we read about the death of people then they show right back up. Kind of like Snoop Dog Dog. They even announced that on TV then months later he turns up at a music awards.

Anyway, good article and I hope these globalists become the devils bitches in Hell like they are on Earth. Be nice to see them answer to the name bitch.

Tony B said (September 28, 2013):

I see more to the governments in our southern hemisphere (and Mexico) dealing drugs than the article reveals. Our northern hemisphere criminal-to-the-core monopoly capitalists have kept those nations pauperized for a century or more. Those nations' leaders will do whatever they can drudge up to give their people a decent living, even when it results in destroying the lives of many.

I wonder how many of the mentioned addicts are of the constantly pauperized peasantry and how many of the more moneyed privileged class which sucks up to the rulers. How would peasants with no means be able to support a habit for very long? Even prostitution only lasts until the person is no longer desirable for sex, which would come fairly rapidly to someone so totally addicted.

Some of these "Marxists" are much less "socialistic" in the sense of the article and much more concerned for the welfare of their own people than any capitalist cares about any of us. Or any capitalist prostitute in our governments. The obviously CIA murdered Chavez of Venezuela proves the point.

"Capitalism" is the true label, the true root, behind every venture of directing capital into the hands of a few, no matter what other label one wants to put on it. The "socialism," we are experiencing more every day is a worse type of capitalism than corporate or fascist capitalism as the capitalists who create that type of socialism totally own and operate the state, forcing laws that grind the people even more into the dust for the criminal gain of those few capitalists running the show. There is no worthwhile government regulation of monopoly capitalism under what we call "socialism." We are seeing it more every day in every way. One would think the Ron Paul type libertarians, who hate government oversight on anything, would eventually figure out that are being manipulated by the world's worst criminal element.

JG said (September 28, 2013):

Sex, drugs, and Marxism, this is the new mantra for America and the Zio- occupied governments of the West.

This global cancer is now being exported around the globe to create a New World Disorder of a lost generation of souls.

If only the "believers" that are left in this world were as united and aggressive in their beliefs as the Zio/Marxists are in their heresy of world supremacy and "disbelief", this catastrophe could be averted.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at