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How Widespread is White Resentment?

November 8, 2013

Black-White-300x187.jpg Why are people of European-origin the only ones being asked to become minorities in their own countries?  H. Millard (below) expresses the resentment some Whites feel but don't dare utter.

I am posting this article to initiate a discussion. I do not agree with many of its assumptions.

For example, I believe that crime is dependent on social conditions rather than race. I think most racial minorities assimilate and invigorate Western countries. Most are hardworking and have traditional values which serve as a counterweight to Illuminati degradation.

Nonetheless, I think European-origin nations have a right to maintain their general racial composition. H. Millard sounds no different than most Israelis but only he would be condemned as a "racist."

Indeed, "racists" are the greatest friends of other races, because they insist on preserving racial distinctions. Liberals are the real "racists" because they would erase distinctions so that all races disappear. This is the Illuminati agenda: "to undermine all collective identity except our own." (Protocols of Zion)  

I think of races as I do individuals, members of the family of man, each contributing unique qualities, none superior to the other. 

"Whites Shouldn't be Forced to Live Among Non-Whites"

by H. Millard

(Courtesy of Canadian Association for Free Expression)
Edited/abridged by

I'm an individual human being.
I am also a White human being. As long as I don't harm others, no other human beings have the right to tell me how to live, who to associate with, what to think, what to believe, what I can and cannot read or do, what I can say or not say. They are not superior to me.  This is what it means to be a free human being.  Anything less than this is not freedom; it is oppression, tyranny and slavery.

It is obscene that we White people have to put up with non-White crime and social problems. And, even more, it is absurd that all humans are lumped together as though we are all the same.  We are not all the same. We look different externally, and we have different DNA codes internally.  We are different peoples.   

We should not be forced to blend together, but should be allowed to evolve as we determine is best for each of us individually and as groups of like individuals.  Blending all human races together will not improve the species; it will force it down to the lowest common denominator.

Notting-Hill-2-300x173.jpg(left, Notting Hill section of London)

Racial integration is a failure. Racial diversity is a failure.  Multiculturalism is a failure. These only bring non-White crime, social problems and miscegenation to once safe and, yes, pure White communities.  And, Whites are not only victimized physically by these failed social experiments, but we are also victimized by being made to pay for services and benefits for people unlike us.

To be racially sensitive and not "racist," we Whites are expected to just accept being second class citizens and give up college seats and  job opportunities and promotions to less qualified non-Whites.  We are expected to bend over backwards to understand and be sensitive to the needs of people unlike us.  This is stupid.  We Whites shouldn't waste one second of our time or burn one calorie in such efforts.  There is no profit in this for us. Non-Whites are not our kind.  They are not our people.  We owe them nothing, other than leaving them alone to their own separate destinies.

As it is now, we Whites must pay for the welfare and medical care and housing and much more for non-Whites and we must hire more police and pay for them to keep non-Whites from attacking and murdering us.  The ant and the grasshopper fable comes to mind, but tenfold, as we, the industrious White ants have been forced to accept the non-White grasshoppers into our ant communities as equals.  The result is harmful to us. Even if some groups of non-Whites aren't a direct problem, they are still not our kind and don't belong in our communities.

White-Family-Large-300x207.jpgWhites  should only have to put up with the crime and social problems of our own people.  We, as White individuals, have a natural right to pursue happiness as we define it, and to choose to mix or not mix with any other humans as we alone decide is in our best interest. And, this right that we have as White individuals extends to those who are most like us-other Whites.  Yes, we Whites are different from other kinds of humans as they are different from us. There is not a one size fits all human being.

The laws that we Whites have written over the years  are based on the innate outward manifestations and expressions of the White genetic code that makes us the people that we are.  They pretty much work for us, as a separate people living among our own kind, but they fail to work in racially blended societies.

Our laws, our constitution, our mores and ways were designed for us, by us and they're about us-and they do not always fit with other peoples.  Why? Because, they are different from the ground on up, and trying to force them to be like us oppresses both them and us  and it stunts our own development and robs us of our human sovereignty.

Now, even many of the weakest seed Whites in society acknowledge that we humans come in different flavors.  After all, even they have eyes to see, so they're pretty much forced to admit differences.  So far, so good.  Then, common sense falls apart, because many of them then try to deny that there are internal differences also.

 And, as they do that, some among them also try to deny the significance of the external differences and they foolishly try to deny that violent crime levels and social dysfunction levels are color coded. Some of these weak seed Whites suffer from cognitive dissonance and jump through hoops trying to reconcile the high Black violent crime rate with their false belief that Blacks are the same as Whites except for different paint jobs.

Diversity-3.jpgOne can almost imagine some of the weak seed Whites having smoke coming from their ears as they say "Will not compute, will not compute," as they try to reconcile the facts of the real world with their ingrained false views, as though they're robots in a cheap science fiction movie.

Let's be very clear about this. Non-Whites are not Whites.  They look different because they are different.  They have different internal codes than Whites just as they have different external appearances.  This is true no matter what some dimwitted  weak seed politicians and elites try to tell us and force on us.

We Whites are a White people inside and outside and we have a God (or nature, if you prefer) given right  to our freedom as the sovereign individuals that we are.  We are no one's slaves.  No human or group of humans have the right to keep us from being ourselves and living our lives as we want among our own kind.  Let them have their ways, and we'll have ours.  Don't try to lump us together under some artificial national label.  The most authentic label that we have is the one we were born with:  White people.  We are our genes and our genes are us.

1744551181.jpg(Left, Saharoinim detention camp in Israel. Israel will give migrants $5000 to leave.)

Non-Whites are not our responsibility. We owe them absolutely nothing. Again, they are not our kind.  They are a burden to us.  We do not have to carry such a burden.  We have enough burdens of our own to carry.

We Whites have a right to self-identification, self-determination, self-destiny and a whole lot of other  positive "self" combinations.

We can't continue trying to fit non-Whites into a White society.  They don't fit into ours and we don't fit into theirs.  We know who we are and many of us want to stay with  our own kind.

We have a right to  be White, to think White, to stay White, to evolve White.  And, we don't need anyone's permission to be as we were born to be.


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First Comment from Omar:

A couple points:

- non-white immigration into white countries is only promoted in first world white countries where there are low skilled jobs in need of workers .  This isn't happening in Albania or even Portugal.

- the elite: large corporations, business owners, which are White and Jewish owned, support and promote this immigration so they can reduce overhead through cheap labor

- most immigrants make way better workers, and work for less money, and are so afraid of breaking the law and being sent back to their home country that they follow the laws to the T

- More than 40% of all US doctors are of East Indian, Arab, or Asian extraction.  These people represent less than 15% of the US population

- East Indian Americans along with Lebanese Americans are among the richest groups in the US

- 75% of the tech and engineering jobs in the US are filled by foreigners!

- I have never known, heard of, or believe there is such a thing of an immigrant Mexican that does not work - they have a work ethic that a 3rd generation American can only achieve if a gun was put to their head

Maybe if whites, and other Americans whose roots go back a century, were willing to work as hard and to study more in the fields of science, medicine, engineering, and technology, there would not be such a need for minority immigrants.

Nevertheless, there is a conspiracy of sorts against White people.  Although Japan has a developed economy and there are many jobs that Japanese do not want to work in or are not qualified to work in, Japan has not been victim to massive foreign immigration.

On the other hand, the UAE - United Arab Emirates , boasts a foreign born population of over 75% - to fill their labor needs.  The difference between the UAE and northern and Western Europe and the US, is that these immigrants are 2nd class citizens - in fact they can never become citizens. They are just guest workers expected to go home eventually.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "How Widespread is White Resentment? "

John said (November 10, 2013):

Comments from Omar and Nathan as well as some others are spot-on in every way. The problem is not from individuals marrying into other races, but of whole cultures being systematically destroyed by TPTB.

Mr. H. Millard is absolutely wrong when he says that the races are completely unalike. All of mankind is of the same species. Which is exactly why Negros, Orientals and Caucasians are able to interbreed with one another; we are of the same species, but of different sub-groups. Lions and tigers can interbreed; same species, different sub-groups.

What the facts show, is that the differences between us has nothing whatsoever to do with race, but everything to do with culture, and culture alone.

That different races can cross over to other races successfully is an historically proven fact. Aleksandr Pushkin the famous Russian Poet and Alexandre Dumas the great French writer are to name a couple. They both had Negro blood in their veins, yet they were accepted in their societies.

The catch here of course is assimilating into another culture correctly; that is learning their language, customs and ways in order to be successful at assimilation. I would never move, to say Mongolia and expect the Mongolians
to learn English and Western culture.

Culture is what binds people-groups together; not race. The Creole culture (Haiti, Louisiana, French Guiana, etc.) is a prime example. I have never witnessed racism in any form, as we speak the same language, eat the same type of food and share the same ways. Creole culture is predominately a Black culture,
yet I look 100% White (I'm not.). Yet I have never been treated as a minority in any way. My point is, that if I did not speak the language or know their ways, then I myself would definitely be an outsider.

Tony B said (November 10, 2013):

My kids' mother was brutally raped and then horribly murdered by a Mexican gang banger in Colorado who THOUGHT she MIGHT HAVE seen a drug deal of his go down.

Like most Americans today, even if she had seen it she wouldn't have given it a second thought. But the punk showed no conscience, no regret of any kind, when caught and sentenced. Not very assimilable into white America in my book.

La Raza, criminal to the core, has simply declared war on the United States, with our government's blessing.

On the other hand, the majority of Mexicans are believing Catholics, family oriented to the max, and very hard workers who put up with almost anything.

Another personal piece of reality: As a half grown boy, an old "Uncle Tom," who had himself been a slave as a boy, relaxing on a country store porch bench, called me aside one day, remarking that he didn't think I knew much about colored people. I told him no, I didn't. He then gave me a short lecture which ended in the very words: "There's colored people and there's niggers and you don't want any part of them niggers." Impossible words to forget.

All races have their good and their bad but also all races react differently to adversity. Blacks tend to react more violently than the other races. And they tend to believe media lies as to their victimhood. For instance white on black crime is hyped seemingly forever - think Trevon Martin who was a proven thug committing almost daily crime against white property owners - but that black on white crime, as always, is hardly mentioned anywhere even though it is much more common than the opposite and blacks are only about 12% of the U.S. population. Black on white rape is a big city plague but the opposite is almost non existent.

On the opposite end, those greedily responsible for dysfunctional world economics, of whatever race but mostly white, many white Talmudists, cause misery and death, including mass murders, worldwide even though they never leave their Wall Street gambling houses or the environs of their banks and their mansions on the guarded high ground. Their prostitute politicians and military fit the same mold. These are the people who never dirty their hands and are buried in pomp when they die. They murder in massive numbers but are never called to account while those who kill one or two are hunted down like mad dogs.

I don't call Jews a race as there are Jews of every race so how can Jews be a race?

Yvonne said (November 9, 2013):

relevant to your topic, 'How Widespread is White Resentment', is a book entitled, "The Invention of the White Race" that might interest you.

The book is a polemical study by the author, Theodore W. Allen, around taking the invention of the white race out of history books, which is a central feature (not the side show portrayed by historians) in the construction of the U.S. and global capitalism, and American history would be a different thing. He questions, how did the deception get there in the first place.

He destroys the notion that race is a biological category and pinpoints it in the realm of an invention aimed at oppression and social control. The key to unraveling the deception is Captain Thomas Granton's account of Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion of 1676 in which bond-laborers, indigenous, Africans, and Anglo, together demanded an end to bond-servitude.

This YouTube interview of the author is a good introduction:

"The Invention of the White Race" by Theodore W. Allen Part (13:12)

Nathan said (November 9, 2013):

I wanted to use his own words, as a sort of mirror, for him to look into.
So here goes from his post:

"Whites should only have to put up with the crime and social problems of our own people. We, as White individuals, have a natural right to pursue happiness as we define it,"

1st off nothing would please us so called minorities, I'm labeled African American which I reject by the way, and European descenders more so than that whites put up with and most importantly stop the ongoing global crimes and social problems their kith and kin, elite whites, are guilty of committing.

The part that most sticks out to me in just this snippet of Mr. Millard's rant is " We, as White individuals, have a natural right to pursue happiness as we define it,"
This selfish attitude is held by the so called elite. And I stress "so called elite".

So the fault lies with your own. And if whites especially Millard would truly in the spirit (name) of CHRIST stand up to their kith and kin, your tried and true oppressors, I am certain the so called minorities (chuckle) would be happy to let you keep what is rightfully yours if they were able to keep what is RIGHTFULLY theirs (smile)!

But whites don't have the gonads to do what is ultimately righteous. They move at the rate of a right here a right there.

The only minorities that gave the Federal Reserve jurisdiction over the white majority in the great U.S.A. were white politicians.

The problem is that now that their policies are affecting white citizens so intrusively personally they take a stand.


Ad said (November 9, 2013):

Without fewmini$$m there would still be normal families with 4-5 childs and immigration was not necessary for (macro)economic growths

Dana said (November 9, 2013):

Most of us are where we are right now because we were driven out of our native lands. When various countries were being destabilized,plundered and enslaved. No one had a problem with that.
I don't like all this racial mixing. The whites that whine about this have only themselves to blame. Whites created this problem when they started discovering lands that were already inhabited. They killed who they could and displaced the rest. It happened to the blacks,red,etc. Now the elites no longer need the white man to push their agenda of genocide. Now the world is scheduled to become a brown melting pot. With the pure bred as the rulers. This could only be stopped by all races being awakened to the fact. That we are all in danger. Yet we hate each other to much to save ourselves.

Mike said (November 9, 2013):

I think the problem is one of assimilation (or a lack thereof). Races can mix with no difficulties if those who move to another culture accept the fact that they must live within that culture from that point onward.

Where the resentment starts is when immigrants insist on bringing their native culture with them and are allowed to do so by official multi-cultural policies. You can't drink in Saudi Arabia, no matter where you are from, but feel free to follow your own rules when you come to Canada, and we'll bend over backward to allow it, no matter what harm to society comes from it.

I live in a very East Indian part of the GTA (Greater Toronto area)and last election I had three Sikh Indian candidates to choose from. I am sure they are all fine people, but how can they possibly represent me and my interests? How can my culture be protected when all three aim to make my home resemble theirs? You want to come here and make a better life for your family, fine, but understand that it will be a Canadian life.

Dan said (November 9, 2013):

The article seems to have been written by a Canadian. Y'all didn't ship hundreds of thousands of people to Canada from Africa for slave labor. That's nearly 13% of United States population who have an undisputed right to be here in perpetuity.

Here, Ann Coulter presents the observation that 'civil rights' belongs to American blacks because their ancestors were brought to the country against their will and the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws.
Coulter says "we owe them something. We don't owe homeless people, feminists, women who want to get an abortion, or gay people who want to get married anything. That's what civil rights has become for much of the Left."

YouTubist Tommy Sotomayor [1] weighs in agreeing with Ann.

[1] No relation to the Supreme Court Justice.

Thanks Dan

I don't think anyone deserves to be compensated for suffering they did not suffer first-hand. I don't think the current generation of Blacks, children of holocaust survivors (of which I am one) or what not deserves any special considerations.


Adrian said (November 9, 2013):

Asked if he suffered from racism, a London Pakistani taxi driver living in the UK for 35 years told me, once foreigners rise
above 3%, racial tension is natural. Natural to the extent that no amount of politically correct brainwashing can make clean. This tension
is instinctual.

In London, foreigners are above 50%! Clearly, mass immigration is a tool to increase social division. British culture, irreverent of authority, is a special target.

Yes, diversity in cultural and genetic features is positive providing the features are compatible. Above 3% is not compatible. Persons should be verified for cultural compatibility before entry.

Rog said (November 9, 2013):

As Fred Reed points out, cultural differences should be recognized and allowed to flourish within separate communities. Forced integration of different cultures has only led to more division.

For example, I was a musician for a good chunk of my life and I would hang out with black musicians and their families. They had a distinct American culture different than that of the dominant white American culture. There were, of course, many similarities but black American culture is NOT white American culture. We had little difficulty relating because there was music in common. 

But, I must confess, as much as I enjoyed the music we made and the good company I always returned to my "peeps." I made brief forays into their culture but It was theirs, not mine. There was no animosity between their culture and mine because we made no attempt to merge the two.

The problems arise when a third party tries to forcibly integrate different cultures. I live in Montana which is 99% (or so) white. We have very little crime and the culture is consistent through out the state.

The violence we see within the poor "urban" black culture, and let's not kid ourselves, violent crime in that culture is rampant, is due to third party intervention. Be it economic isolation or pressure to conform to the materialistic norms of American culture those folks have been convinced that their unique version of American culture is to be shunned. The Black American culture has been taken from them and they are rudderless. 

For some reason the attack on black culture has been particularly ferocious. I suspect Margaret Sanger had much to do with this, because we seem to leave other races to their own cultural preferences for the most part. It is, at bottom, a divide and conquer technique employed by TPTB. For many white folks a trip to china town is fun, but it's not home and that's OK.

Roman said (November 9, 2013):

Aisha [below] do you also call everyone a racist who doesn't want pagans, atheists, liberals, feminists, socialists, criminals, pedos and homos
(basically non Christians) in their country? I guess you can even call God racist since He chose the Jews to give birth to His Son and later
chose the believers in Christ as His people.

Every man has the right to protect his God given territory from any threat and does not have
to invite anyone into his house.

Race is not a factor in corruption of America, but immigration of non believers in Christ and especially atheists and pagans is a major one.
Nobody wants immigrants especial Christians in their country so why should America let those those who hate them come here. I wish the
Founding Fathers put something about that in the Constitution.

The rulers of this world are all about change and diversity.

Conservative means resistance to change that doesn't conform to God.

It means preserving the values that created this country which could have become Heaven on Earth.

Also Satan never turned against God. God put him on Earth to do His dirty work(tempt and torment). God created everything and is in control of everything. Satan is the temporary prince of this world until he is thrown into hell. Yes, God created some for hell.

Jim said (November 9, 2013):

The issue of race relations is complicated and there is no cut and dried answers. Millard's view on race is a naive and his idea of separate societies is unattainable.

Races have been mixing for eons. Didn't Joseph in the Bible, a Hebrew, have Egyptian wives? Didn't Moses marry an Ethiopian woman? St. Paul says that in God's eyes there is no difference between Jew and Gentile. And if you want to get down to it, don't we all come from the same "seed stock"...Adam and Eve?

Personally, I enjoy other cultures and customs. People unlike me are intriguing. I don't care what a person looks like or what their race is. If they treat me well they are my friend.

Stuart said (November 9, 2013):

Yet again, I would like to thank you for posting another great article. I agreed with most of the points made, and have been saying it for years. Multiculturalism does not work, was not intended to "work" (oh, there WAS/IS an agenda there, too). Even European heads of state are now seeing the light, so to speak.

It's not like I'm better than anyone, or they're better than me. Sure, I may excel at areas others may not, and the same goes for them. "Minorities" have talents that "whites" don't have.....naturally. Again, this is NOT about one person being better than the other, although the Illuminati/Jewish media PUSHES the idea of racial inequality.

Remember, God confused languages and separated the people of Earth. United, the people on this planet decided THEY were gods themselves, and would build a tower to challenge God. Not that ANY tower built would have any significance against the Creator, but God saw that mankind must be kept separated for their own good. He created us equal, but separated us as well.

Cecil said (November 9, 2013):

I agree 100% with the article. Why are white ethnic nations not allowed to protect and maintain their identity. It has value-- to deny that IS genocide.

Very few anti-whites ever address the point that non-white immigration is limited to white countries.


Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

Nobody's flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Aisha said (November 8, 2013):

I am sorry and dismayed to find such an superficial and racist article on your website Henry. Being white is not totally uncoupled from genetics. Genetics is a necessary condition, but it is not a sufficient condition of whiteness. Also 'looking different' doesn't mean 'thinking different'. I am pretty sure, the first 'whites' had to share their land and society with the original inhabiters, "the aboriginals" of most first world countries, including Canada, United States and Australia. Throughout much of the world, modern and ancient, societies always had people who were from different ethnicities, and culture sharing same societies, and same law. So having a multicultural minority is quite normal, and I believe an important part of the ever changing, and globalizing world.

As well, Christianity, the dominant western religion originates from the Middle East, along with Judaism, and Islam. I am pretty sure global influences of different culture in every society is prevalent. Furthermore, It is a well known fact that declining population (due to low birthrates), are one of the key reasons for immigration policies in the first world. Countries like Canada, and others have benefited tremendously economically with immigration as well.

This article seems stuck in ancient worldview of worshiping ones ethnicity, and superiority, frankly, I think it resembles Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing, and purging 'others'(and you have posted a picture of Israelis moving out foreigners and well) The first racist ever to exist was Satan, who turned against God because he created human being, and he thought he was superior to man, which matches the Illuminati agenda of 'getting rid' of people who 'don't belong' based on superiority, and racism.


Thanks Aisha

I stated my views and made clear the views expressed in the article were not my own.


Al Thompson said (November 8, 2013):

I believe the issue of racism is just a big waste of time, because a man's race doesn't mean anything one way or another. So what if someone is born with black skin, slanted eyes, or is a pygmy from the "outback." People are people and they all have the same body functions so that the issue of racism doesn't really deserve to be discussed. The real difference among these people is mostly culture, morals, and values. But none of that can be attached to any racial variations.

I remember being in prison (I'm a white guy) and got kicked out of the white people's table in the chow hall. I guess I wasn't white enough. I think that table was reserved for white assholes only, which of course I would like to think that I wouldn't fit in.

I didn't know any better at the time, but I learned to avoid people like that. There's no point in trying to fix that because stupid cannot be fixed. It is always best to stay separated from racists.

JG said (November 8, 2013):

This article does a very good job on defending the "Anglo" plight of self - determination and freedom of association.

The Marxist led Civil Rights Psy Op of the 1960's was designed to overthrow and break up the White Anglo Saxon Protestant component of America that was it's very foundation.

The NAACP was founded by Communist Jews and not blacks.

Martin Luther Kings's handler was a Communist Jew named Barry Levinson.

In order for an Historical Psy-Op that promotes a racial agenda to be successful you have to have a "guilt factor". This was well propagated with slavery.

Who were the ones that sold them into slavery? They would really not want you to know; it would ruin the whole drama.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of your "minorities" in America want to live in white neighborhoods and go to white schools. Why? Because the "Anglos" are the most civil and they know it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at