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Writer Chides Pope for Embracing Homosexuals

November 14, 2013

papa2 (1).jpg(Left, Freemasons Ratzinger & Bergoglio in Masonic grip)

Catholic writer Randy Engel reminds
Pope Francis of his responsibility and
calls for a Commission to investigate
the role of homosexuality in the Catholic

"The harsh reality is that urban "gay" life around the world, including the secret,  lives of homosexual deacons, priests, religious and members of the Catholic hierarchy, is intimately tied to Organized Crime by way of illegal drugs, pornography, male prostitution, blackmail, rape, murder, homicides and suicides. "

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

This excerpt is entitled: The Plague of "Gay Parishes" and "Gay Ministries"

by Randy Engel
author of The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality & the Roman Catholic Church

Isn't it about time that you order the closing down and exorcizing of so-called "Catholic gay parishes" and the termination of "Catholic gay ministries" supported by Episcopal Conferences which are found in almost every major diocese in the United States, including the notorious Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco and St. Xavier Parish in Manhattan? These once thriving Catholic ethnic parishes have been transformed into "gay parishes" which cater to the perverted whims and agenda of La Lobby Gay without so much as a peep from the U.S. Apostolic Delegate in Washington, D.C. or the CDF. Decades of complaints from the Catholic faithful begging Rome to close down these moral sewers have been met with systematic silence.

engel.jpg(The world would be a better place if Randy Engel was Pope)
  You frequently talk about the need for social justice and ministries for the poor and disenfranchised, but I have yet to see the Holy See promote a special ministry of compassion and healing to the victims of clerical sexual abuse and their families, who are routinely treated as "enemies" of the Church instead of beloved members of the parish family who have been victimized by clerical miscreants in the name of God.    
    The Holy See has spent a great deal of time, money, ink and paper urging that homosexuals not be "marginalized" but rather fully integrated into the Catholic parish and community. I feel compelled to draw your attention, Holy Father, to the fact that the acronym for the "Gay Liberation Movement," GLM, has been readily expanding to include a host of other sexually deviant initiatives including lesbianism (GLLM),  bisexuality (GLBLM), transgenderism and transexuality (GLBTTLM), and sadomasochism (GLBTTSMLM) with advocates of pedophilia, pederasty, polyamory and bestiality waiting anxiously for their debut on the liberation scene.

papa (1).jpg (left. Archbishop Bergoglio signals his Mason affiliation while riding a tram in Buenos Aires)

   How far does the Church intend to extend its invitation to these deviant elements in our society without facing charges of endangering the faith and morals of the Catholic laity, especially Catholic youth?

    Have you forgotten the warning of English poet, Alexander Pope?

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

    The Catholic Church must give neither succor nor quarter to the Homosexual Collective which views any concession by the Church as a sign or weakness and a waving of the white flag of surrender.

    The truth is that La Lobby Gay represents an anti-culture, a form of psychosocial disruption, and a pathological segment of the social body, and it needs to be challenged and driven back underground. Christ did not "dialogue" with demons. He expelled them.

     And let's not hear of any arguments from you that such action is uncharitable or impossible. It is neither. A public campaign supported by the Holy See and directed at eliminating and/or restraining the forces of organized perversion is simply an indication that civilized man has finally woken up from his stupor and is reclaiming his moral inheritance for himself, his posterity and the common good. I, for one, would be very happy if you would do your duty and join him.

JohnwithVHP.jpgOrganized Crime and the Homosexual Collective    

    All of the above thoughts swirled in my head when I read your comments to journalist Ilke Scamparini in which you attempted to justify your appointment ad interim of Monsignor Ricca, a notorious clerical sodomite (your assurances of his innocence not withstanding), to the high office of Prelate of the Institute for Religious Works (Vatican Bank).

    Your charge that journalists deliberately look for "sins of youth," is hardly applicable to the Ricca Case. After all, the diplomatic bugger was in his early 40s when he and his Swiss Army paramour, Patrick Haari, were carrying on their affair in the Uruguayan nunciature.   
    Although you are correct in stating that sodomy is no longer a "crime," having been legalized in most Western nations, nevertheless, you failed to reiterate the axiom that what is "legal" is not necessarily "moral."

    Further, you fail to recognize that the contemporary Homosexual Movement remains as tightly bound today, as it has for centuries, to the criminal underworld. 

    The harsh reality is that urban "gay" life around the world, including the secret,  lives of homosexual deacons, priests, religious and members of the Catholic hierarchy, is intimately tied to Organized Crime by way of illegal drugs, pornography, male prostitution, blackmail, rape, murder, homicides and suicides.  


The 1958 Takeover of the Catholic Church
Church Struggles to Contain Feral Nuns

First Comment from Ron:

In the mid 70's, I had just joined the Navy. While home on leave my mother asked me to help out in the kitchen of a Jesuit Retreat House known as El Retiro in a ritzy part of Los Altos, CA. There were two people from the kitchen who were no shows that day so I was asked if I would be a server for the "so called Priests". I believe there were 10 or 11 at the table that day which I served.

  I have never heard a priest speak speak openly about young men in the fashion I heard that day. Homosexual innuendo, and the fact that I was a young sailor right out of boot camp seem to be the amusing topic of their lunch. I have never heard filth like that. I heard in their mouths the sons of Sodom. I couldn't help remarking to my mother who was in the kitchen they are so brilliant, but such nasty fagots. She told me most of them are and others just tolerate it or they don't sit at the table and ask for a private place instead. My mother had a small table set up in the store room so that they could separate themselves from the vipers.

  In one man's defense, I did meet a man who was involved in Catholic international banking. He was a well intentioned man but I could see something written on his face. It was pain. I could see that poor man had suffered. I went to speak with him and he asked me to sit at the little table and I asked him if he was okay. He asked me why I would ask such a question so I told him what I saw. He said that he was part of the Church's banking people who oversaw large transactions in the church. I was somewhat shocked to hear that the church had regular translations of hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in regular transactions. He reminded me of the money changers in the church and told me this was the reason why it weighs heavy on his shoulders. He told me of St Francis who took a vow of poverty and how he desperately wanted to leave his position but was told that they didn't have a man to replace him.

  I have thought about the times my mother asked me to help her in the kitchen. I reminded her that I would never serve at the big table again. Only the small back table, and she said that would be okay if I would help her with the serving cart.

  To be honest with you, I truly expected to believe that the people at the very top of the church would be the most like Jesus and follow in his footsteps. I have had the veneer ripped from my eyes and the truth shown to me that homosexuality is in the top of every organization at the very top of every corporation, government, Etc.. I believe that these people, from their actions, are Luciferians who have knowingly embraced the fleshly endeavors of forbidden fruit rather than the spiritual endeavors of laying up treasures in heaven.

Comments for "Writer Chides Pope for Embracing Homosexuals "

John said (November 16, 2013):

As a former RC, and a Priest in a different Church, I need to point out some things to your readership.

Ms. Engel is like so many in the Cult of Rome, that believes it to be a true Church. But, like all the Reformers before me, who were Catholics, and saw the perversion in their own era, I, too, can say with assurance, that 'Rome is no true Church.'

As difficult as it can be to acknowledge this, Catholics are COMMANDED to obey the Pope. And so, commenters like "Chestsy" (below) are both disingenuous and deluded, when they think they can remain a Catholic, and yet ignore the Pope, the Curia, their Bishops, or the actions of their own parish priests. The Ancient Israelites were judged on the quality of their rulers, both temporal, as well as Spiritual. Bad High Priests brought about the death/crucifixion of Jesus Christ, for crying out loud!

People like "Debra" (below) on the other hand, are no closer to the Truth, or Jesus Christ. As the Orthodox rightly say, 'Rome was the First Protestant." you cannot depart from the 'faith once delivered unto the saints,' and not lose grace. So, blaming the catholic doctrines of the Seven Ecumenical councils,when your entire Church rests on them (even as you deny them!) doesn't give you any supposed legitimacy.

Finally, Ms. Engel cannot be pope- nor a priest, because she is not a Man- one of the necessary prerequisites for the Iconic nature of the Christian Priesthood, which does exist, and is corroborated in the Bible. [Heb. 13:10] You have Christ as High Priest, but the local priest is also necessary, and provided for, in that we HAVE an ALTAR, as the Author of Hebrews notes.

Christianity is corrupt, because we have let those whose own ethnicity is intimately tied with Satan [Gen. 3:15] and we are unwilling to acknowledge that. You, at least, are willing to go there, even to your own hurt at times. For this, I am thankful. I only wish some of your readers exhibited a greater intelligence.

Roman said (November 15, 2013):

Where are the fathers of the victims? Why are those priests still alive?

Christianity is almost completely corrupted and there is nowhere left for believers to flee.
All people are ever going to do is talk and everything will keep getting worse. The only thing that will help is the Second Coming of Christ or bringing back the law of Moses and put the wicked out of their misery.

Chestsy said (November 15, 2013):

In answer to Elaine: While God is in charge of everything, we are not supposed to sit on our thumbs like TV heads. We are supposed to resist when necessary and push for justice: in this case, uncovering the filth. Pope Francis is NOT the Catholic Church, and he needs to be held accountable by us. Mrs. Engel is doing just that, and who said anything about making her pope?

To Debra: Sorry you are so bigoted against the Catholic Church. Its supposed "wealth" is off-topic here. But you might start by considering that through its wealth was the founding of orphanages, hospitals, and even homes for unwed mothers made possible--this first for humanity in the 1200's.
Whether or not you are a believer, you must understand that an institution has the moral right to root out that which underminds it. This is not about "rights" but about right.

Elaine said (November 15, 2013):

I disagree that the world would be a better place if Randy Engel were elected Pope.
This is just another way of placing women in places they were not meant to be in the
first place.

We Christians know how this war is going to end, so take heart and know that God
is in charge of his Church and will not let it be destroyed. He did not tell us how small
or big that Church would eventually be when He decides it is time to "kick some ass."
Sorry about the pun, but that's the way it's going to go down. Don't worry about the
Church, God is still in charge of it, and the Universe. Our job is to pray and be faithful.
Let us do our job and stop worrying about what Pope Francis will or will not do.
In the end, all will be well, so pray, repent and do not worry. God is in charge of all

Debra said (November 15, 2013):

The Catholic church is not following any teachings of Jesus, even remotely. Randy attempts to tackle their allowances for sodomy, etc., but what about an accumulation of wealth, political influence, idol worship, and worship of the dying body of Jesus? Understood that many Catholics cannot see how their mass mocks Christ Jesus, but some have come forth telling about all-out Satan worshipping in the Catholic church. What about that??? I've met some very nice Catholic people, but
honestly they really need to wake-up and stop addressing them with things like "Holy See", "Holy Father".

Revelation 17:4-5 And the woman was arrayed in PURPLE (bishops) and SCARLET (cardinals) colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY (2 Thess. 2:7), BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS (her daughters) AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

Dan said (November 15, 2013):

Remember I said last spring that we'd know if the new pope was sincere if he fired at least 5 cardinals and 20 bishops right away. If he didn't, we'd know he has no plans to break up what he called 'the gay lobby' at the time.

That didn't happen and worse, Pope Francis quipped, the Church had been "too obsessed" with homosexuality.

What happened to the non-stop media harangue on scandal that plagued Benedict's tenure? A pope can't stop media disfavor alone.

Yet it has stopped for Francis.

Tony B said (November 15, 2013):

This evil is a symptom. It is not just the Catholic Church, it is all religions (with the possible exception of the Russian Eastern Orthodox which has recently tasted hell and did not like it). The media tries never to mention it but the percentage of perversion in official, rabbinical Judaism is light years higher than any other religion. It's not just all religions, it's almost all governments, especially at their top positions; it's not just churches and governments, it's corporation heads, it's banks, almost all media, it's practically everything on earth.

Symptoms of people giving in to every temptation conceivable all the time, everywhere. And it is constantly accelerating. It indicates that the devil is loose on earth to claim as many souls as possible.

It's a sad time to be in this world observing all the evils in practice. And maybe it's the end of it.

Al Thompson said (November 14, 2013):

I grew up as a Roman Catholic and went to RC schools and we always had a crude saying that you never bend over to pick up something without looking behind you first. The bad fruit of child abuse is a natural outcropping of a corrupted religion. In fact, I don't like any of them any longer as the other ones exhibit the same problems; albeit, the Roman Catholics are among the most wretched and perverse.

Asking for this church to correct this kind of behavior is like being in the flames of hell and asking Satan for some air-conditioners. The bad fruit of most religions result from a complete lack of a proper moral structure and ignoring God's commandments. Frankly, I don't think God is that stupid to come up with religions like this. So even if they "fixed" the problem, the root cause would still be there. Until everyone empties out the pews, the problem will persist. I wish people would learn to stop feeding the problem. Just keep the commandments and carry on with life and enjoy it, rather than put up with this nonsense.

Religion is like the little plastic pacifier that is put in a child's mouth to keep him quiet. I think people should stop putting the religious pacifier in their mouths and begin to act like adults. By going to "church" one continues to feed the beast.

There is no culture, religion, or belief that is worth the price and the damage caused by bad religion; especially, the child abuse.

In this case, the coddling of homos is what I would expect from any of the "churches"; not just the Roman Catholics. They are doing the job for which they were established. This cannot be fixed by well-meaning Catholics without completely separating from the organization. I wouldn't expect that these pagan groups are going to correct themselves anytime soon. It is best to separate from them completely and just let them rot in their own filth.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits...." The bad fruit from this group is self-evident.

Anon said (November 14, 2013):

The promulgation of homosexuality is a battle strategy in the war against male power. So is attacking heterosexuality. However, one must not confuse the true target of the machinations of the media/state complex, which again is a very precise war against male power.

A legitimate challenge to the power structure can only come from highly effective, inventive, hard-working, males. The elite know this.

Male power is manifested in a desire to tap into the inner divine spirit and create. It is deeply rooted in compassion, ingenuity, creativity, and a desire to build a harmonious world. Technology, science, architecture, and infrastructure – everything we associate with a modern and convenient society stems from the inherent “love” a male has for his family and society – and a desire to shape our world into a better place. Honestly earned wealth is a natural result of this, when successful.

This is why the elite desire to paying low wages to skilled professionals, outsourcing “high skilled” jobs to cheap labor markets. It is just another battle on this front. Promoting homosexuality is an obvious one.

One must understand that unnecessarily denigrating male sexuality is a tactic against this war on men. Self-control is a necessary part of male power. However, celibacy is not. The modern constructs of marriage have been overly feminized to vilify a man’s natural inclinations.

This is not to say one over-indulges.

When a man is successful and adds to society, he will be extremely sexually attractive to many females.

This natural order should never be vilified.

Bob said (November 14, 2013):

Congratulations to that courageous lady...

and thanks for bringing her to our attention.


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