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"Healthy Eating" Makes Us Sick

November 7, 2013

barry-groves_1012486c.jpg(Groves, left, says liver is far more nutritious than vegetables.)

Sugar in fruits, and carbs from bread, pasta, rice & potatoes are making us fat and sick, says nutritionist Barry Groves.
Our stomach is identical to a big cat, a carnivore; but they want us to eat like a rabbit.

In his book, Trick or Treat: How Healthy Eating is Making Us Ill, Groves says meat and dairy don't make us fat. They are good for us.

Are they lying about diet too? . Does the low-fat, carb-heavy "healthy diet" create illnesses that feed the trillion dollar health care and pharmaceutical industries?

From the Daily Telegraph
Oct. 20, 2008

For breakfast, Barry Groves had an extra large egg and a 3oz slice of liver, fried in lard. He washed it down with a cup of cocoa made with double cream.

At lunch, Barry, 72, who lives near Oxford with his wife Monica, 70, will enjoy pork chops, with the fat left on, plus a few green vegetables in butter.

Finally, the couple will have a light supper consisting of cheese with a home-grown apple or pear, topped with cream, followed by more cocoa.

Despite following this shockingly high-fat diet for more than 40 years, Barry now weighs 6lb less than he did on his wedding day in 1957 when he tipped the scales at 11st 7lb. (161 pounds)

He and Monica break every single diet diktat that has been trumpeted as "healthy eating". And yet, here they are, trim, fit and full of beans, albeit metaphorical ones. How on earth do they do it? And where are the rest of us - eating piles of fruit and veg, and steering clear of cholesterol-laden butter - going wrong?

After all, we've never been subject to so much education on good dietary practice, and yet prey to so many illnesses, ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

grovesbook.jpg"Most people are eating in a way that is unnatural to us as a species," says Barry, who holds a doctorate in nutritional science and has just written a book called Trick and Treat: How Healthy Eating Is Making Us Ill.

"We're a carnivorous species - our gut is identical to that of a big cat. Yet we're encouraged to eat foods that have been padded out with modified starch and vegetable oils, and complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and rice, which have all been labelled healthy - but not the fatty meat that our body actually recognizes."

This is why we don't know when to stop eating: "Try to eat too much fat - cheese, say - and your body will quickly tell you when it has had enough. But when you eat processed, 'low fat' food, your body never gets the message it has had enough, so doesn't tell the mind it is full."

Many people are familiar with the idea of a high-fat, low-carb diet, such as that practiced by the Groves - it is not dissimilar from the Atkins diet. The couple took it up initially in 1962, after piling on the pounds as newlyweds.

But Barry believes the way he eats is healthy, too. His cholesterol measures 8.2mmol (millimols per litre of blood) - current British Heart Foundation (BHF) advice is that people who are at high risk of, or who already have, heart and circulatory disease should aim for a total cholesterol level of less than 4mmol/l.

He says, however, it would be far more risky to have a cholesterol level that measures less than 7mmol/l than to have it high. Research has linked low cholesterol levels to cancer and depression. His blood pressure is irrefutably impressive at 115/62 mmHg (millimetres of mercury.) The BHF's target for the general population is to have a blood pressure below 140/85.

But hasn't it been proved that too much saturated fat is bad for the heart?

"The whole premise that eating saturated fat would lead to heart disease is based on two old reports," says Barry. "The first, in 1950, showed that if rabbits were fed a cholesterol-rich diet, it would fur up their arteries. Yet, rabbits are only designed to eat plant life, which has no cholesterol. The clogged arteries were caused by feeding them an unnatural diet. It could have been an allergic response.

"The second study was in 1953 when an American called Ansel Keyes, who charted six countries' consumption of fat, compared with their rates of heart disease and found a perfect curve upwards when he started with Japan at the bottom (low consumption) and America at the top (high consumption). Of course, Keyes had access to data from 22 countries, but simply ignored that from 16 countries which didn't suit his hypothesis." Barry points out that this study is often used now to demonstrate how not to do research.

Even the long-term investigation into heart disease, the Framingham project started in 1948 by the American National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and now in its 60th year, has found no evidence of a link between diet and heart disease, according to Barry.

"Professor Sylvan Lee Weinberg, a past president of the American College of Cardiology, said in 2003 that the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet could no longer be defended.

"So, when you think how long we've been given these healthy eating guidelines and how in that time the rate of disease has gone up not down, you have to ask if our modern ailments have been caused by the very diet that was designed to stop them."

What about those other tenets of a healthy life - five portions of fruit and veg, wholegrain cereals, soya milk, low-fat yogurts?

eatmeat.jpg"Vegetables are not the problem," says Barry, "but there's no biological or chemical reason to eat them. Liver, for example, has all the minerals and vitamins we need. But fruit? The natural sugar it contains - fructose - is much more dangerous than simple glucose or table sugar. It has been linked to the rise in obesity."

And he refuses to touch wheat. "It collects bacteria and dirt as it grows, and is impossible to clean. Then stored in silos, it is a haven for mice and rats, so it gets sprayed with insecticides. Put a wheat flower under the microscope and you'll see traces of rat faeces."

Soy milk is made with unfermented soya beans - "highly dangerous," claims Barry. As for yogurts made with skimmed milk, they "lack conjugated linoleic acid, which prevents cancer".

So how do we eat more healthily? "Eat purer foods, and ones that are more natural to us as a species. Cut down on bread and eat more fish, eggs, butter - any animal protein, anything that used to move around, that wasn't stuck in the ground. Liver, kidneys, snails - even insects will do." 

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Latest!  Paul A informs me that Barry Groves died April 29, 2013 at the age of 77.

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First Comment from Cornelius Bulik (Biochemist):

Since ancient times, well educated people have known that we are what we eat. We dig our grave with a fork and the knife.

Eating  highly processed foods, particularly rich in sugars and adulterated fats is dramatically unhealthy. Eating regularly high amounts of sugar, grains, mainly wheat, trans fats and polyunsaturated fats we find in canola, soy, corn, sunflower oils, and margarine, make us fat and sick.

Barry Groves gives us a better way to be healthy, but not the best. Sure, his diet avoids the main culprits mentioned above; nevertheless, the animal food we find nowadays on the market, with some rare exceptions, are not the best food for us and our kids. They are overcharged with pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, and do not contain enough fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamins D, A, and mainly K2, and very little vitamin E.

This is because our animals no longer go outside and live under the sunshine, and they do not graze on good green grass. Green grass used to be the main fodder for beef, cows, sheep, goats, geese, ducks, chicken and turkey, and very often pigs were also let out to find the best food for them. All this today is gone, with the concept of industrial animal production, where animals are confined in a very small space, and fed GMO grains and soy, industrial flours, antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

Thus, dairy, eggs, and animal fats no longer contain substantial amounts of these fat soluble vitamins, vital for the health of animals, and of course, for our health also.  Thus, we should eat free range animal products that graze on green grass, together with veggies grown in organic soil. We are better when we combine fresh and high quality foods from both realms, animal and vegetable, and avoid processed foods.

Refutation from "Deadeye Dick" :

I don't know where to start with this one. I suppose we could start with Groves' preposterous claim that our digestive system is that of a large cat. Here's a quick comparison:

Lion: Large canine teeth for tearing meat, saliva does not contain digestive enzymes, stomach pH of <1 (extremely acidic), liver produces 10X the uric acid of a man's, 7 meters of digestive organs. Lions produce vitamin C internally.

Man: Small teeth suitable for eating fruits, tender greens and cooked foods, saliva contains amylase and lysozyme (enzymes for digesting starch and inhibiting bacterial growth), stomach pH of 4- 5, liver produces 1/10th the uric acid of a lion, 9 meters of digestive organs (at much smaller body length/mass compared to a lion). Humans do not produce vitamin C, which can only be obtained from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Digestively speaking, a human is basically a great ape, with one difference - the ability to digest higher amounts of starch (roots, tubers, grains, etc.). A chimp eats about 95% of its calories from fruit, with some leafy greens and negligible amounts of insects and small animals.

A number of anthropologists have shown that the driver of human evolution was not meat eating, but storing and cooking starchy foods. For one thing, this is confirmed by the fact that large "undeveloped" populations like rural Chinese or South Americans are almost entirely vegetarian, with diets based on a starch like rice or potatoes. Even native Americans, held up as carnivores par excellence, subsisted on corn, beans, squash and grains like goosefoot until they were driven off agricultural lands and onto the inhospitable western plains where buffalo meat became a matter of survival.

Can humans eat meat and dairy? Apparently so, and probably some groups have higher biological tolerance for it, since most Africans and Asians are lactose-intolerant whereas most northern Europeans are not.

Should humans eat meat and dairy? Hell no! They will increase their risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and basically every chronic disease. Look at the book "The China Study" which used a massive epidemiological study of rural China to show that starch- based diets correlated with almost no incidence of these chronic problems. The only "perfect" food with all essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids (save vitamin C and B12, which is made by soil bacteria) is a potato.

For every Dr. Grove living into old age, there will be people dropping dead of strokes, colon cancer, heart attacks and similar issues at age 40. Many of the prominent low-carb advocates like Sally Fallon, Gary Taubes and Loren Cordain appear to be well on their way to the same fate.

If your readers want to hear a debate on the issue with leading experts, here's one (albeit a bit old) featuring Dr. Atkins (high fat, obese and dead of stroke) and Dr. McDougall (low fat, thin and healthy).

If you want a debunking of the "science" behind high fat diets, here's an extensive series of videos.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""Healthy Eating" Makes Us Sick "

Henrique said (November 9, 2013):

Common sense, very good article. Funny to notice the "refutations" are the typical enragée bullshit you get from airhead activists and militants, dupes and hysterics, who want to push for a "perfect" lifestyle for all humans on Earth.

Their moralism linked with the fantastic opinion of fantastic "leading experts" ( B. Russel wrote "we shall train them to worship the word 'expert'" ) is disgusting, effeminate and out-of-line. I've always noticed that these vegetarians are very close, in mindset and attitude, to Socialists, Feminists, Environmentalists, Gayzists and all the other factions trying to FORCE us all into some ideal of perfection THEY ( and the fantastic people from Academia they worship sheepishly and who gives them "legitimacy" ) have devised.

There seems to be a subtle "fat-shaming" movement going on, the establishment is trying to interfere more and more, not only economically, in the most private habits of individuals, always using this tactic of the browbeating hysterics, moralism attached to science. Law, money and science legitimize each other, and form the whole of the system - in the control of the Elite, they ARE the enemy.

Trevor said (November 9, 2013):

Thanks for pushing lies about grass fed beef. If you tell the lie often enough it becomes the truth. corn fed beef is just fucking fine to eat. you might want to get your corn fed beef straight from the farm but to not recognize the value of such a method of raising animals is to push ignorance. thanks for the help in this fight against overpriced crap meat (aka grass fed)

Mike said (November 8, 2013):

ice to read the astute observations in the posts of Cornelius Bulik from Neobiotica, 'Deadeye Dick' and Dr Coleman. The subject matter of nutrition has been made confusing by all the commercial interests and social conditioning.

There is no doubt that a population kept unhealthy represents a 'cash cow' for the medical industry and for the goals of the NWO.

People should know that since the government initiated the use of chemical fertilizers in the United States in the 50's the nutritional value of the produce has been going down steeply, and the crops weakened from unnatural changes in the soil has necessitated more and stronger pesticides. We have been ingesting foods robbed of their natural qualities, and often refined and bolstered with chemical additives that the liver and kidneys have trouble dealing with. The meat supply is just as bad, offering no comparison with an animal that is free from contamination and deprivation.

The diet comparisons seem meaningless without an understanding of the details involving how something was grown. Likewise, the supplements taken to add vitamins and minerals may suffer from not being whole complexes, often being isolated chemical derivatives and not bio-available for the body. We must educate ourselves, and not trust the various authorities of the system, tainted by ruthless big-money interests.

The same superwealthy families are at the top of the medical, chemical, agricultural and financial industries,- and they all interconnect. It will take more effort and repetition to convince most people away from their conditioned habits that make them in the long run sitting ducks for the medical and financial industry interests. Our undoing through poor and poisoned foods is without doubt one of the major offensives of the Illuminatis' full court press, aiming to totally dominate by weakening us in every way. Health, the ability to know a state of well being, is primary. Without it nothing else can be right, like money or relationships or a coveted situation.

It is also noteworthy to consider that if your diet has been poor for a long time, building up alot of garbage in the body, some form of detoxification program is necessary. You don't just start throwing good stuff in; you have to clear out the bad stuff and its effects.

Naturopathic protocols have worked wonders for many people,but the results are underplayed or ignored by the tightly controlled mainstream communications media.

Stephen Coleman said (November 8, 2013):

I have had clients that do everything "right". They may be vegetarian or vegan and they jog 5 miles a day, yet they get cancer, diabetes or hypertension. I have read studies of people that subsist mainly on meat in the far north and their cholesterol and blood pressure are perfectly fine.

The problem lies in that "alternative" medicine and conventional medicine operate from the very same assumption- that our environment (including diet) is the primary source of health or the lack of health.

This is why science will never find their fountain of youth. Year after year, hundreds if not thousands of studies are done for well over a century now. Yet they know the physiology down to the molecule they still don't know what causes the molecular changes. Perhaps it is "spontaneous generation" of chronic disease?

Barry Groves is the type of person I would like to be friends with. Him and his wife are very likely pleasant and enjoyable people to be around. It is their attitude and emotional state that is the main reason for their robust health. It is their enthusiasm for diet that affects their health more than the diet itself.

I'm not saying to go on a candy and ice cream diet or live in the squalor of medieval Europe, sanitation and a good diet still are importance, but our emotional state is more important.

Stephen Coleman

Kurt said (November 8, 2013):

After hearing and reading a mind boggling array of different diet recommendations over the years, I decided that people should eat the foods that their prehistoric ancestors evolved on. Fruits, roots, nuts, berries and occasionally meat were most likely the diet that influenced the evolution of man.

I avoid the processed foods and all drugs whether prescription, OTC or illegal.

People are all different but I think as a general rule this would work for most.

I’m 6’ and have weighed 165 lbs. for the last 50 years.

Kurt said (November 8, 2013):

After hearing and reading a mind boggling array of different diet recommendations over the years, I decided that people should eat the foods that their prehistoric ancestors evolved on. Fruits, roots, nuts, berries and occasionally meat were most likely the diet that influenced the evolution of man.

I avoid the processed foods and all drugs whether prescription, OTC or illegal.
People are all different but I think as a general rule this would work for most.
I’m 6’ and have weighed 165 lbs. for the last 50 years.

Marcos said (November 8, 2013):

I urge your readers to check the book "Wheat Belly" by William Davis, MD. It says the same thing but focuses on the dangers of wheat and the glycemic processes in the body.

I have a friend who cut wheat from his diet and lost 20 pounds in one month.

Doug P said (November 8, 2013):

The problem with this is: What are they feeding the animals ? Also, our crops have been demineralized - every year the farmers take the crops out of the soil, along with it the minerals. Pre 1933 the governments used to re-mineralize the soil but they don't do that any more. Add that to the fact that the animals are eating GMO corn.

Everything you are saying about diet is true here - but your meat (beef) should be grass fed. The idea of grass fed meat hasn't reached the specialty meat stores - which sell much better meat and at lower prices than grocery stores.

They also know how to age it so its much better. The beef I buy is raised within a one hundred mile radius of where I live. Doctors want us all on Lipitrol, they usually die premature deaths.

You have to supplement to get your minerals. I use sea kelp. My rule is to never eat processed foods unless it cannot be avoided. I eat a pound of butter per week, 500 grams of cheese and about two pounds of beef and about a pound of pacific salmon. I eat pineapple or strawberries with Balkan yogurt every morning with Natures Path cereals. I eat mostly raw spinach and kale with potatoes, mushrooms, garlic and onions.

Lately I've been on a bit of a chocolate milk binge - had to eat processed food a few times and it changes your cravings. I've gained about 10 - 20 pounds over the last two months. Other than that weight problems do not exist for me but I get lots of exercise too.

Jim said (November 8, 2013):

I'm glad that word is finally getting about how a high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate diet is good for us. (Think Atkins diet). I've been eating this way for most of my life except for a brief period when I got caught up in the low fat craze.

I would add that we don't need to be afraid of salt either...use plenty of it... salt such as sea salt and mined Himalayan salt. Don't use regular table salt as it is heavily processed with anti-caking agents and other garbage.

Also, eating as organically as possible is a worthy goal. The fewer man-made chemicals we put into our bodies and our environment the better off we will be.

Here's a related article that supports the article you posted: Sweden adopts low carb high fat diet

And yesterday I read this article posted by the Hawaiian Libertarian. He goes into why our food supply is making us sick.

Michael said (November 8, 2013):

Absolutely correct. On Sept. 15 2012 I weighed 245 lbs. and started a low carb diet . By Jan 15 2013 I weighed 170 lbs. I made no other changes to my lifestyle, just stopped eating garbage. I now weigh 165 lbs, feel 20 years younger, a hundred times healthier and will never go back to processed sugars and gmo wheat and corn. It's just not food, but they push it on us because they want us sick, they want us fat and lazy, and most of all want the "useless eaters" to die, preferably deeply in debt.

Stuart said (November 8, 2013):

Low fat and low salt "diets" as well as poison "diet soda" are part of the illuminati depopulation program.

Quality of fats and salt is important.

This is a good resource:

Krister said (November 8, 2013):

There is already information about the Swedish LCHF-diet on, as I three years ago in November 2010, wrote a small piece on Cognitive Dissonance who covered this low-carb high-fat diet.

Since that time the LCHF-diet have had a steadily growing acceptance and as an example, one of our large evening papers as recently as a week ago had an extra enclosure with 52 recipes on LCHF-dishes. So Big Food and related Big Pharma is for the time being taking a lot of beating here in Scandinavia. (You may use Google translate for viewing Swedish language pages).

Expressens nya LCHF-bilaga: Nu med 5:2 och näringsberäkningar!

High Fat - Low Carb Diet Rage in Sweden

Debra said (November 8, 2013):

Eating liver is not a good idea. Liver is one of the body’s filters. Would you take the scum from the filter used to filter your water to make some tea? I certainly hope not.

In addition, fat stores toxins:-
“Mark Twain reportedly said, "Don't read health books; you may die of a misprint."
“But that is not the only hazard associated with eating animal fat. Toxins also tend to concentrate in an animal's fat. While most of the fat in lean, range-fattened clean animals is isolated from the meat and easily trimmed away, “the toxins in pork are held especially in the fat, which is not isolated from the meat as can be the case in lean beef, but rather, it is dispersed throughout the meat”.

Tony B said (November 7, 2013):

Henry, this article was a pleasure. Animal fat is the fuel that the body needs to function. Unfortunately, many of us can no longer afford much meat. I buy the ten pound boxes of bacon ends and fry everything with it.

Stopped eating the fat off pork chops (when I could still afford the chops) because all the chemicals now force fed the pigs gave it a terrible taste. When I was young it had the best flavor of the meat.

Vegetable fat, on the other hand, is poisonous to the human body with a few exceptions such as olive oil and palm oil. I refuse to use it and to eat products cooked in it as much as possible.

MacDonald's once had the reputation of having the best french fries in the business and it was solely because they were the last to quit using lard in their deep fryers.

Even though our butter has been tampered with I refuse margarine totally. It is ONE molecule away from being plastic. No insect or animal will touch it.

Cheese is getting almost too expensive to buy also but I eat it almost every day and can't get away without sharing it with my dog.

That great "health food," soy is poison unless first fermented. Moreover, there has been no non-GMO soy grown in the U.S. in over 20 years.

Deadly garbage and it's used as filler in damned near everything that is processed. Read the labels.

Lukas said (November 7, 2013):

Couple years ago the doctor put me on blood pressure lowering meds. With a family of diabetes i started to have elevated blood sugar. Perfect customer for big pharma. I did switch recently to a strict paelo diet. Cut out all grains and processed sugars. No more sugar spikes, blood pressure always at 120/80. lost around 30 pounds so far. Feeling really good. Not taking any pills and avoiding doctors.

I do not believe that the current western diet arose as a conspiracy to sicken the general population. It most likely did come with industrial revolution and mass production. However I am convinced that the current establishment is well aware that people are getting sick as a result of this. The bottom line is that you need to do your research and take health issues into your own hands.

Athan XK said (November 7, 2013):

I'm a strict lacto-vegetarian since 1968 & over the years have created My own eating plan.

The bottom line is To avoid Simple sugars & refined carbs. This is very important.

& I do have a high seed Oil & cheese diet. Fat has a gag reflex which stops You overeating.
& high complex carbs. I had a chat To a nutritionist at USN & told him that having One carb is the problem. My body loves combined carbs. The USN Guy eventually admitted that It could work for some.

I have high veg proteins, gluten steak, TVP, chick peas etc..

& My system digests by fermentation & not putrefaction.

I use dates To sweeten. Very fond of alcohol Free pure beer, real coffee, teas, green tea, dark chocolate.

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