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Diversity Israeli-Style

December 13, 2013

tamano-shata.jpgOn Wednesday, a Red Cross blood clinic at the Israeli parliament rejected a donation from a Black member, left. The law allows Ethiopian Jews to immigrate and marry other Jews. Nevertheless, they are the most discriminated against, more than the Arab Muslim and Christian Israelis based strictly on their dark skin.

Illuminati Jewry and Freemasonry impose
diversity, multiculturalism and political
correctness on us but practise racial and ethnic discrimination in the "Jewish homeland."

In the NWO, people of European origin do not have a "homeland".

While Zionists discriminate against all non-Jews, a rigid hierarchy exists within Jewish ranks as well.

by Saul


As an American-Jewish immigrant to Israel, I witness a blatant and ugly racism.

In America, the Jewish community has long championed the rights of other minorities as a strategic gambit. Sadly, in Israel, where Jews are the majority, the Jewish population is extremely race-conscious.

mejoos.jpgARAB JEWS

While Judaism is considered a religion, it acts like a race. Within that race, there is a hierarchy of privilege. Israelis can be broken down into two main categories: European "Ashkenazi" Jews and Middle Eastern "Mizrahi" Jews.

These two distinct subgroups also observe two distinct types of Judaism. Ashkenazi Judaism and Sephardic Judaism.

Every Israeli Prime Minister has been a European, lighter skinned, Ashkenazi Jew. Only one figurehead President of Israel has been a darker skinned Mizrahi Jew, and he is currently in prison for raping one of his secretaries.

The "white" Ashkenazi Jews are the elite in Israel. The "darker" Mizrahi, or Arab Jews are a slightly lower caste.  Mizrahi Jews look identical to their Arab Muslim and Christian cousins.

Israeli police and military are not politically correct. They racially profile people at every checkpoint, supermarket, movie theater, etc. Thus, Mizrahi Jews are given a closer look and only their Hebrew accent confirms them as Jews.


There is a large population of supposedly Russian Jews in Israel. But how did the Russians get into Israel if they're not really Jewish?

sharansky-portait.jpgAfter Natan Sharansky (left) escaped from Russia, he persuaded the Israeli government to bend the rules for the Russian "Jews."  Unlike from all other countries of origin, Russian "Jews" can immigrate without the necessity of a Jewish mother -- the proof of Jewishness under religious law.  A Jewish father?  Ok.  An illegitimate Jewish father?  Ok.  A Jewish grandparent?  Ok. 

In fact, since the late 1980's Israel is actually in the business of fooling Russians into immigrating to Israel when they want to go elsewhere.  The religious courts are starting to exert pressure on the  government, even suggesting Russian immigrants undergo DNA tests to prove they are racially Jews!

Russians are generally considered lower than the elite racially European Ashkenaz and slightly higher than the racially Middle Eastern (Arabic) Mizrahim.  Avigdor Lieberman is an example of a racial Russian who has elevated himself within the Zionist political structure thanks to his hard-right militarism.  The Russians are "whiter" than the Mizrahim, so some rise to higher levels within this racist society.


Israelis unabashedly describe people by their skin color, religion, race or country of origin. It's simply the culture.

In America my children were raised differently. They would never call a person of color "nigger" in America. Yet here in Israel they quickly learned Ethiopians are called "cushy" in reference to the biblical Cushites. Israelis also use the term "nigger". They don't recognize these terms to be racist. Zionists don't realize Jewish-only land, Jewish-only immigration, Jewish-only marriage are racist. They simply accept their racism as normal.

It's a caste system, plain and simple, and what kids learn in childhood carries over into adulthood. That's the culture.

shutterstock_90512164-m-81407.jpgGoing "down" the ladder, you have your Arab Muslim and Arab Christian Israelis. They're not Jewish. But more important, they aren't trusted. Israelis consider them a fifth column, ready and willing to rise up at a moments notice in rebellion. It's comical to me, because it is the inherent racism that oppresses the Arab Israeli population and they have good reason to be disgruntled and unhappy.


All Israeli boys and girls must serve a mandatory military duty. They are conditioned to follow orders and to be desensitized to the "enemy." While Israeli schools, and even Jewish schools abroad, rely heavily on emotional manipulation of the Holocaust, the Germans are no longer the hated enemy here. The Arabs are.

Thus, children are manipulated to turn their anger and hatred of Nazi Germany towards Arabs. In the words of my Israeli ex-wife, "A good Arab is a dead one."

There is outright fear and hostility to the Palestinians living in the autonomous zones. It is a culture of racism and war, and there is no arguing it.

care_giver_for_the_chosen_people-300x225.pngGUEST WORKERS

A strange phenomena exists within the Filipino community in Israel. Most work as caregivers for Israel's aging population. Without question these are master - servant relationships. It's akin to the pre-civil war South in America, the way Israelis treat their Filipino caregivers. Well, they are the hired help after all, and they are "goy."

Do you expect anyone here to treat them as equals? Of course not. For the most part they are ignored, as if they were the family dog perhaps. A brief greeting, and then they can go curl up in a corner until needed.

It's pretty sad if you ask me, but a fact of life I guess. These people know they will be treated like the servants they are. They need the money. They miss their families. And Israeli Jews, if they are anything, it is unsympathetic and privileged. 


The African migrant workers are treated the worst by far. They are truly the untouchables. In fact, I've never seen an African, other than an Ethiopian Jew, inside any Israeli home, mall or major supermarket.

120427tn061.jpgThey almost invariably live in one area near the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, many homeless, most crowded in small rooms. The Israeli government doesn't know what to do with them, and it's a big problem. They live in slums, are treated terribly, and looked at as feral cats or rats. They are called names, they are heavily discriminated against.

And Israel is nothing like America in terms of "anchor babies." Being born in Israel does not guarantee one citizenship unless the baby is Jewish. For non-Jews born to non-citizens, the child is not a citizen and is subject to deportation. 

I will conclude with a comment that might surprise you. I am not anti-Israel or anti-Jew. I am a Jew. I am Israeli. I am anti-racism and anti-Zionist. There's a difference. Israel does not have to be an Apartheid state. She chooses to be. She is ruled by racist Zionists who believe in separatism, colonialism, and militarism. I believe in another, more open and humane Israel.



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First Comment by David A:

I do not believe any people is spiritually inherently superior to another people.  However, there are racial differences.  Acknowledging racial differences, which stem from nature, and directed by nurture, is not racist.  The Jewish people have a right their own nation, just as others have a right to their own nation.  Ashkenazim Jewry are in fact more intelligent at tests and academic ON AVERAGE than Mizrahi Jewry, who are of a very different racial history.  The Mizrahi Jewry only had to be smarter than the local Arabs, whose IQ averages around 80, while the Ashkenazim had to be smarter than the Germans, who IQ averages in urban areas at above 104. 

The behavior of an ethnic group is in large part due to its genetics.  Please see this article, titled ""Differences in educational achievement owe more to genetics than environment":

Ashkenazim, having the highest concentration of administrative and financial skills of any group on the planet, have a right to maintain their group, and are right to be untrustworthy of out-marriage to Mizrahi Jews.

Additionally, European Sephardic Jews are not the same as Mizrahi Shephardic Jews.  Please see this article be Steve Sailer on "Ashkenazi vs. 'Shephardic' Intelligence", where he breaks down the notion that European Shephardic Jews should even be classed with Shephardic Jews from Arab lands.  The truth is that our societies DO have castes, which are separated by ability to function in a highly-developed world.  There is nothing "racist" about desiring to maintain the advantages and uniqueness of your own racial group.  Because of differences in average intelligence, and then subsequent cultural intelligence, there will be societal differences.  The only "racist" thing to do to a person would be to demand more quotas and spots in administration for Shephardim or Blacks, regardless of the fact that the Ashkenazim are more qualified. 

As to Blacks in Israel, Israelis have every right to be suspicious of them.  Africans, due to their long racial incubation in the uncivilized, chaotic environment of Africa, are genetically far more prone to committing crime and causing disorder.  The local Israelis do not want Africans among their people, because thin far larger numbers, Africans harass women, rob people, and leave trash.  

Please see this article on what happened to a beach area in Tel Aviv when many Africans showed up: " Israel Police: Unemployed African refugees turning Tel Aviv beaches into high crime spots"

No, African crime is not caused by "lack of employment opportunities".  The lack of employment opportunities for Africans is caused by their average of lower IQ, far lower impulse control, and tendency to promote and bring in their own ethnic group.  An exploration of the story of "Ham" is instructive, as they are the descendants of Ham, who shamed Noah, and was cursed.

Jews deserve a nation of their own.  Every nation on earth deserves a nation of their own, and this included White European nations.  This perspective will help settle all the disputes, we need to drop this "racism" nonsense.

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Comments for "Diversity Israeli-Style "

Steven said (December 15, 2013):

It is possible to have a Israel for the Jews, Asia for the Asians,
Africa for the Africans but for some genocidal reason White countries
and only White countries must be for everyone except for White people!
We have to be killed slow or some one might notice, wake up and try to save our people.

That is diversity Israeli-Style!

In the NWO, people of European origin do not have "homelands".

That is correct!
We have the top of the planet and yet we are not allowed to have ethno
states where we rule for the good of our people.
We have to tolerate multiculturalism, multiracialism, immigration of
non whites, miscegenation, feminism, perversion, gun control, Marxist
demonocracy, sky high home prices , low pay and anti whitism because
our anti white demoncratic governments and their fellow travellers demand it.

Some call this social progress and political correctness. Call it
anti white genocide because that is what it is.

Supporting Evidence:
Do you all notice who approves of anti white genocide and our extinction?

Anti-white Racism has Reached Critical Mass in America .

Stop Anti White Genocide.

.Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies .

The Western Civilization Will Go Extinct .

The End Of White America .

Henrique said (December 14, 2013):

In my view Judaism was created (even Freemasonic sources admit it was invented not much earlier than Christianism, probably two or three centuries before ) to front for a much older system of intellectual ( "scientific") and financial control by a special class of "anointed" people from selected bloodlines.

The whole trick revolves around money as always ( and people migrate because they come from total misery, etc. ) but involves a more subtle strategy, as culture creation ( why are their lands miserable, why can`t they "take care of themselves" - is hopelessness also in the DNA ?)
and culture generally stem from religion.

Well, Judaism is the "religion of reason" as they say, a political project in disguise, the religion of moneyed intellectual elitism which invariably ( can`t be otherwise ) develops eugenical traits. Money, law, science and blood legitimizing each other.

Abolishing usury for a stable monetary mechanics, so people and communities can build their lives without depending on any form of international system and it`s fluidity and vulnerabilities, is the only way to defeat this thing that uses Judaism as a front and wants to devour the world.

Without the superpowerful and untouchable Money Establishment, law and science would fall in the hands of the people, and whatever happened then, at least would correspond to the will of many.

Apart from that, all talk is just frivolous mental masturbation about who has the right of what, according to IQ tests that "prove" this and that, etc, etc. Type of conversation that borders on psychopathy.

Joyce said (December 14, 2013):

David A. says "Ashkenazim, having the highest concentration of administrative and financial skills of any group on the planet, have a right to maintain their group, and are right to be untrustworthy of out-marriage to Mizrahi Jews."

You are right on David. They do have the highest concentration of administrative and financial skills of any group on the planet. It is interesting that you yourself stopped short of attributing this to higher intelligence. Actually, you stopped short of giving any explanation at all.

So, I would like to posit a hypothesis of my own to explain why Ashkenazim have the highest concentration of administrative and financial skills on the planet. I posit that it is because they have been more deceived by their scriptures than any other group of people on the planet. By that I mean that they have been deceived into believing that they are free to cheat non-Jews, or in the case of Israelis, that they are free to cheat anyone and everyone and that it is for the good of Zionism, whereas other peoples on this planet have moral restraints that hold them back from behaviors and schemes that they consider to be immoral and unethical. So, restating your claim, my hypothesis is that Ashkenazim have the lowest concentration of moral and ethical restrain of any group on the planet due to their reliance on and interpretation of scripture.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at