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Nazi Germany Unfairly Demonized?

February 28, 2014

Heinz Weichardt (1915-2011) was a German Jew
who fled to the US in 1938.
In spite of this, he felt Nazi Germany
was misrepresented in the West.
Was he a dupe?

by Victoria Malcolm Story


Heinz Weichardt's 28-page booklet, 'Under Two Flags' is so much at variance with conventional accounts of pre-WWII Germany as to elicit instant 'cognitive dissonance' in the reader. 

Living in Berlin from 1929-1938, the son of an important  newspaper editor, Weichardt had every reason to hate the Nazis. Even though his father was a gentile, the Nazis prevented him from serving in the military and marrying the Ayran girl he loved because of his Jewish mother.

The first part of his booklet sets some of the historical context including his remarks upon WWI and the notorious Versailles Treaty and the second discusses his experiences living as an 'enemy alien' in the U.S.  He concludes with some remarks upon what he sees as dubious calculations regarding the number of holocaust victims.

Of particular interest are Weichardt's experiences living under the Nuremberg Laws.  He describes a couple of run-ins with the authorities, including one that involved an inspection of his gun collection, including ammunition, without confiscation.  He also reveals that he and his Jewish mother were allowed to vote in elections and even as 'non-Aryans' were given the protection of the state, if not all the privileges of full-citizenship.

Weichardt heaps scorn upon other world leaders of the day noting their often, less-than-honorable dealings with Hitler and Germany.  He mentions a League of Nations conference held amongst thirty-three countries at Lake Geneva in 1938 and observes with sarcasm how, despite their criticism of Germany's racial policies, not one of them would alter their laws to facilitate the immigration of Germany's remaining 300,000 Jewish population.

995382381.gifIt is remarkable how many of our most entrenched ideas about pre-WWII Germany Weichardt challenges in his short booklet.  He writes of the post WWI  British blockade of Germany that led to mass starvation among its populace which was exacerbated by world Jewry's 'declaration of war' upon Germany in 1933.

'Kristalnacht' becomes more understandable with the revelation that it was the murder of a German official at their Paris embassy by a young, Jewish assassin that finally lit the fuse that led to that event.  Weichardt claims that National Socialist leaders, cognizant of world prejudice against them for their policies towards the Jews, were appalled by the outburst and took immediate steps to quell the violence and protect Jewish businesses.

Weichardt's discusses the 'Transfer Agreement'   that facilitated Jewish immigration to Palestine.  He reveals the startling information that the Zionists even had their own department within S.S. headquarters.  The exchange-starved German Reich paid about 50 million pre-war dollars to assist approximately 50,000 young Jews in moving to Palestine, a cost necessitated by British demands that each of them pay 1,000 pounds sterling in gold for the privilege.  As Weichardt observes, "So much for the "planned destruction" of the Jews".

Under Two Flags shows how little we hear of the German side of that story.  Interestingly, Weichardt partially blames the Germans who lived in America for abandoning their homeland. Once away from Germany, they bettered themselves individually but failed to organize politically and were, therefore, unable to defend their countrymen against false accusations.

Even Weichardt took until 1995 to set-pen-to-paper in this unique memoir of a German Jew.  He says:  "The complete lack of veracity in reporting anything about Germany and the outbreak of the war became obvious to me shortly after I arrived in this country [the USA] and my conviction that a colossal fraud was imposed on the American people by the Jewish-controlled media has been reinforced ever since".

The more one delves into history we are not supposed to, especially the, mostly Jewish, takeover of Tsarist Russia in 1917, and when one considers the Palestinian situation in present-day Israel, the more the accusations against the Germans begin to sound like a conspicuous case of 'the pot calling the kettle black'.  Weichardt's booklet is a notable contribution to telling the other side of the story.

First Comment from Harry O, a general reaction based on recent articles:

This is how I'm handling it... I may be a slave of these elitist bastards, Jewish or gentile, but while alone there is bugger all I can do to topple their empire, I can still think for myself, ignoring all of their media and secular bullshit, living the way I wish, at every opportunity contravening all of those things that they foist upon us.

For example, I do not rush headlong into debt and BUY BUY BUY all of their nonsensical crap, like the biggest, fanciest homes, cars, clothes, etc, worshiping the ground they walk on by wholesale and indiscriminate participation in their filthy economy.  To a degree, I'm forced to, I have to buy food and heat and shelter and the other staples.  I don't go on expensive holidays requiring their f*****g credit cards and/or stuffing my vehicle with their overpriced fuel, I drive the oldest shit I can find (and fix) and make do with that.  I'm not one of those idiots that hears an ad telling them to "HURRY ON DOWN, SELECTION IS LIMITED!!!!!!!", like their very lives depend on getting that 'deal'.  I don't get mixed up in the fads of the world designed to anesthetize, even rot the mind and destroy creativity like sports, game shows, what passes for 'comedy' and those idiotic and fake "reality shows".

I know what you're thinking.  "Man, does this guy's life suck!"  You're damned right it sucks, having to deprive myself of things others don't feel any compunction about having.  Still, I can sleep at night knowing these parasitical elitists get the basic minimum from me and do not have me snowed, nor am I condoning or supporting their regime or promoting it.  Aside from work I have no frigging life at all, preferring to put my hope in what many allude to here, yet I wonder if they really understand the correlation between prophecy and those dropped names they use.  If there really is a Satan and God, Jesus, etc, then maybe... just MAYBE He is going to do something about these assholes, HIMSELF, and we only have to render the most minimum cooperation to these elitist freaks?  Yet, we're all talking here about the danger of this system taking over and mankind being consigned to an eternity of darkness!

I know how all of this is going to end and it isn't going to end well for those that think they have it made in the shade, here, now.  In the meantime, I'll do all that I can to screw these bastards in the ass at every turn and frustrate their hopes and ambitions FOR ME.  What others do is up to them.

The NWO are dead men walking.  Fact! 

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Comments for "Nazi Germany Unfairly Demonized?"

Dave said (March 1, 2014):

If you are tired of the 80/20% story of what happened, there is another school of thought that suggests otherwise. Here is an excellent article to start with, and you can judge for yourself:

or this excellent website:

It is very useful for the illuminati jewish banksters to want people to think that they control absolutely everything, and any movement or person who opposes them is only for show, and all part of the plan. This makes people feel hopeless and want to give up. There is evidence that they tried to control Hitler and Germany, but maybe they failed, and that is why they relentlessly attack and demonize them to this day. The holocaust propaganda machine plays into this as well. By keeping this vital with museums, thousands of books, movies, extraction of reparations, etc., the Germans are not allowed to be forgiven, but instead live a life of perpetual guilt for all eternity, it seems. What if they always do not have control? Then there is hope.

Some say that Mozart wrote the Magic Flute to expose the illuminati, and that is why he was murdered. What about Stanley Kubrick? What did he know, and what did he really show us in Eyes Wide Shut and why did he die shortly after its release? By constant demonization (self-projection of their own hatred) of Germany, they insure no one will discover their lies, because it take most people too much effort to de-program from this colossal psy-op.

In regards to the holocaust I would only like to say that it is time to have an open debate on the subject. The discussion needs to be decriminalized so the truth can get out. It is absolutely absurd to me that people are now in jail, were in jail, dead or had their lives ruined all because they dared to question the official story in supposed democratic countries.

Austin said (March 1, 2014):

there's two sides to every story. I overheard a woman talking to my mother when I was a child. She said repeatedly, with tears in her eyes, and a deep bitterness in her voice "I hate Germans - I hate Germans..." - as it turned out, she was Polish - and Jewish. She had seen her parents and her siblings taken away by the Nazis to the death camps, but somehow she had survived that particular raid. It left a deep impression on me well into my adult years.

If the WW2 Holocaust scenario we have been told is a fake rendition, then it is a good one - "force and make believe" the countersign given in the Protocols, regardless of who you believe wrote them...

There were many people who openly opposed Hitler, but none of them could stop him. Perhaps the smartest thing to do would have been to leave the country. Go to Switzerland or some other neutral country until the war was over. I can't understand a whole people group just waiting around for the Nazi war machine to eradicate them.

I believe that Hitler and the "allies" were in cahoots myself, and that death, destruction and war mongering profits were the real aims behind WW2. In the aftermath, Europe was divided up between the "allies" for the next two generations, and that this was a precursor to the desired situation in the world today - a united Europe and a divided Middle East.

Lois said (March 1, 2014):

I cannot help wondering about the gun/ammo collection he was allowed to keep. From my readings all guns were confiscated by the Nazi's and surely they would have taken his especially due to his Jewish heritage. And, did you notice in the League of Nations the THIRTY THREE countries which made up the congress being a very important number for the Masonic Order! Wonder how many will catch on.

I'm certain you noticed it immediately and perhaps have even discussed it in prior writings. If so, so many writings are sometimes difficult to keep 'score'.

I do enjoy your writings so much and use your research to pass along to my 'circle' so they can learn more. Thank you so much for your tireless dedication in getting the truth circulated and opening minds even more.

Not completely sold on this guy's 'experiences' but will mull it over.

Athan XK said (March 1, 2014):

There's no way you can demonize Hitler & his inner circle. Hitler was a channel for Lucifer himself. Sickening occultists.

As for the German folk, they made a Faustian deal which cost them dearly.

Nonetheless, they are still one of the great nations of this world.

One collateral effect of the Nazis, is the the high standard of living for the middle class in Germanic countries.

Tom said (March 1, 2014):

My earliest memories, post crib and high chair era but prior to entering the U.S. govt brainwashing academy, I recall wanting to be a soldier to kill the Natzi, a cowboy to kill the savage Indian, and a policeman to arrest the bad guy. I asked so many questions that my Dad, and later on my teachers, said that I asked too many questions. Once I learned how to read I stopped asking them questions and began my quest for the truth about everything! I gained some first hand knowledge from my Grandfather on my Mom's side who was both born and raised in Germany. He served in WWI and told me that as soon as the war ended he left Germany because he knew once the Treaty of Versailles expired, Germany would be right back in another war.

In fact he said he knew it was a continuation of the first world war. He died when I was ten, and although I barely got much info concerning WW1, he did tell me that absolutely nothing is as we're told it is! I asked him who was behind it all, he told me the Swiss!

Steven said (March 1, 2014):

This is indeed a unpleasant topic for some but at the end of it all the answer to the question is Yes!

Here is the other side of the story.
The greatest story ever told Short version.

The 6 hour MP4 version has been blocked.

30.06 on Spingola Speaks “We Must Destroy the Jewish Narrative!”

Henry the powers that be and their fellow travelers have a lot of people who are aware of the situation seriously mad at them.


Note- I have not reviewed this material but expect my readers to form their own judgment. I do think there is a real danger in idealizing the Nazi regime. It was as sick as any.


KPR said (February 28, 2014):

Thanks to you and Victoria Story for bringing Mr. Weichardt's letter to my attention. I'm in the process of reading it now and it has my complete attention.

I'd also suggest to anyone who has not yet read it (or listened to it), Mr. Benjamin Freedman's remarkable speech at the Willard Hotel. A link can be found here:

JG said (February 28, 2014):

MSM propaganda directed at Germany before, during, and after WW2 was a "Moonlight Serenade" of lies including the lost plane of Glen Miller that never was.

How very easy it was for World Jewry to summon the White American Christians to war against their European Christian descendants in Germany. Not to mention the Canadians, English, and White Christian Russians involved in this Christian "bloodbath" called WW2.

Just like WW1 the MSM pre war scenario was the same. Germany was out to conquer the world along with a persecution of 6 million Jews going on in Europe at the same time.

The insanity of it all is that America, England, and Germany were all in favor of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine.

But, that wasn't good enough for World Jewry. They still wanted Anglo blood spilled and got plenty of it.

James Perloff said (February 28, 2014):

Thanks for posting the link to UNDER TWO FLAGS, which I read. It is consistent with what I have found to be true. Although many people can see through the lies of the Spanish-American War, World War I, Iraq, and other wars we have unnecessarily fought, they still refuse to believe that World War II was a bad war, because it was the most successfully propagandized war of all time. But the forces that pushed us into World War II were the same forces that have pushed us into all the other wars, and the tactics (false flags and demonization of an "enemy") were the same.

The three main purposes of World War II were: (1) establish the foundation of a world government (United Nations); (2) make the world safe for Communism (i.e., save Stalin's butt from Operation Barbarossa, then engulf half the postwar world with Communism); and (3) establish the state of Israel, so that the Antichrist (Satan) can ultimately reign from the throne he covets in Jerusalem. This is the satanic three-headed hydra (globalism, communism and Zionism) which the Rothschilds and their bankster underlings have consistently supported.

Tony B said (February 28, 2014):

Posting this information is to your great credit.

Aside from the facts exposed it is proof positive of the Talmudic control of the western press and, therefore, the western mind, for a long, long time.

I have an older brother who was a B-17 pilot in on the horrific, unnecessary and totally inhumane fire bombing of Dresden, Frankfurt, etc. near the end of WW2. To this day he is convinced that he was a moral part of "the last great (righteous) war." He closes his mind to the true evil he was part of in those bombings designed to murder civilians which had nothing to do with the already decided outcome of that war, thanks to the unwarranted and unnecessary American intervention in it, furnishing the money, arms and bodies which turned the tide, a la the statement in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that they would use the arms of the U.S. and China for their conquests.

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