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"The Economics of Sex"

March 20, 2014

According to a video, "The Economics of Sex,"
the Pill has made sex a commodity,
one where supply far outstrips demand.
This is good for men but bad for women who
want marriage.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

To get our minds off more serious things, the above is a witty little video on the theme of "Why buy the cow if you can have the milk for free?"

Its message is that the Pill has made sex (which men want) widely available and therefore marriage (which women want) more scarce.

Thus by "the laws of supply and demand," sex has become cheap and marriage has become dear. The video implies that women should unionize, and once more make marriage the price of sex.

Mark_Regnerus-206x189.jpgThe video is by Mark Regnerus, left, a sociologist and one-man "Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture." Mark is a good guy. He showed that homosexual parenting is  conducive to child sexual abuse and dysfunction.  This earned him condemnation and abuse from the homo fascist lobby.

For a conservative sociologist, it's strange that Mark would ignore occult possession (feminism) which has brainwashed women to think the role of wife and mother is demeaning and oppressive. Moreover, it has convinced them to be "independent" and give sex away as a political gesture, much in the same way profligate gays refuse to use condoms.


In the past, women competed to be wives and mothers. They sought to be "pleasing to men," which is the definition of femininity. This enlisted the full range of their personality, intelligence and talent.  They were fully human.

Feminism, which is essentially lesbian, taught them that pleasing men is wrong. "You don't have to shave your armpits," they were told. Feminism taught them to please themselves. Now, to get the love they crave, they have nothing to offer but their bodies. They don't trust men so they can't love. Most have little intelligence, personality, talent or skills. Just insecurities.

teen.jpgNo wonder the "price" of sex has gone down. And so has the age.

The solution is for a young woman to leave this marketplace. Regardless of what her silly sisters are doing, she should reserve sex for marriage or at least, a long term courtship leading to marriage. Better to be alone than dehumanized and exploited.

These women will eventually attract the kind of men who want a lifelong companion and mother for their children. These are the only men these women should care about anyway.


What interested me is Mark's assumption that men "need" to have sex with women. This delusion has tricked countless men and women into marriages etc. when otherwise they wouldn't have any time for each other.

The male sex drive is a combination of natural and social programing. Men should not allow themselves to be mere puppets.

Men and women were designed to fit like a plug and socket, active and passive. By fitting women with a psychological penis, they have lost their femininity. I can't believe there is much difference between them and having sex with an inflatable doll. "Hooking up" with them strikes me as a cheerless affair which also holds the risk of STD's.

Masturbating is on a par with anonymous sex if not superior. With easy access to porn, men can relieve the pressure whenever necessary and get back to work. 

Today, a man needs a woman for one thing only, wife and children. This means she must cede her "independence" and sign on as "First Mate" to his Captain. If she cannot trust him, she shouldn't do it. She doesn't love him. Love for a woman is 90% trust.


Thanks to Peter for sending this link!
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Comments for ""The Economics of Sex""

Larry P said (March 21, 2014):

I read your piece on prostitution and I like Mark Regnerus he did a great lecture on this very subject on a Christan website.

I wanted to bring up a disturbing trend on documentaries especially one on BBC on prostitution. It's titled Prostitution: What's The Harm?
It is here on the BBC website and you'll see that the presenter is young and naive to the subject she's covering and that's no accident
on behalf of the BBC. The piece is actually a promotion for prostitution as Billie JD Porter claims to be "trying to understand why women and
men are involved in prostitution." She really is promoting it to the audience by asking the prostitutes how much they make which is alot and
highlighting she doesn't work many hours for the money. She visits a scummy lounge in Prague that has prostitutes in it and highlights how
men can go there because London's culture is against it or something to that effect.

Instead of using a psychologist to do this pseudo-documentary the BBC is really promoting prostitution as documentaries and news in general
are really promoting the topic(s) covered rather than educating viewers.

Brian said (March 21, 2014):

A brilliant little video that well illuminates today's relationship problems. Men want power, while women want love. A real relationship is an exchange of the two. "Feminism", the idea that men and women are somehow "equal", is a subversive agenda to destroy the family(strongest bond ever built). Gloria Steinem was on the CIA payroll(Google that).

My mother wasn't a "feminist", and my parents have been happily married since 1968. Equal? I can throw a woman, while she can talk three times more than I can; not equal, and science proves it. The powers that be (the Illuminati) have made western women crazy, and relationships very difficult.

JG said (March 20, 2014):

This is no doubt the era of "free love" with so many singles today. Without any religious upbringing or solid family influences it's hard for a lot of young people to grasp the concept of "holy matrimony" on instinct alone.

The Social Marxist culture of America today has promoted every godless form of sexual expression and gender "equality" to pervert the true identity of the man and woman.

Mammon worship has come into play in a lot of these relationships today and this is why the number 1 cause of divorce is "financial hardship". If the attraction is primarily based on finance it will then fail when the money fails. Yes, the price of "love" can be so very dear.

It's no wonder why Paul the Apostle actually discouraged those who were single not to marry unless they could not control their lust.
The saints are the celibate brides of Christ who belong to him only.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at