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Male Longing

June 23, 2014

A smile from a pretty woman can warm a man's heart. But how rare this is now that the Illuminati have sexualized society and feminism has driven a wedge between men and women. On a walk, the narrator, a bachelor, catches a glimpse of a group of women in a state of natural wholesome sensuality...and feels robbed of a precious gift.

 "The Walk"  
by Philip Wyeth
(Excerpt by

Outside my apartment the brisk still air perks me up and I take in the sounds of insects chirping and the highway in the distance. A few blocks on and the cold has rooted out all the warmth of home, so I pull the sleeves of my fleece over my hands and stuff my clenched fists into the pockets. Mysterious cooking smells from people's kitchens waft by my nostrils, then mix with the general aroma of leaves and burnt wood as I walk on.

Cars blaring loud music rush past so I move to the quieter side streets as I begin the slow incline toward the hills ahead, their dark silhouette dotted by the yellow lights of houses that blink now and again, and up top a lonely red beacon pulses occasionally to tell the airplanes, "I'm here." And above it all the brightest stars peer down through the city's night glare--how wonderful, this rare moment of tranquility to remind me what is real after so much frantic clawing in the pursuit of success.

I begin to take in all the small details of these neighborhoods in a way one never can while driving past--the unique design of each house, the bark on the trees, the feel of pine needles and crunching of leaves under one's feet. Two old women across the street speak in a strange foreign language but when they quietly laugh the feeling needs no translation. Men and women walking their dogs pass with a friendly "Good evening" as their critters sniff about.

Further up the incline is a park sitting mostly in darkness except for a few lighted buildings further on, but just as I begin to cross the street I see a cat sitting on the curb. Quietly I approach, making affectionate sounds and rubbing my fingers together. I extend my hand to offer him my scent, and a few tentative sniffs are enough to coax him close. He warms up to the soft strokes upon his coat, and after I sit down on the curb he walks in circles around me, brushing against my back and legs and purring loudly, then flopping onto his back and rolling from side to side with wild eyes. After several minutes I bid him farewell and enter the park through its white arching gate.

tom2.jpgBut just out of the corner of my eye--or is it by the bristles of my ears?--something draws my attention to an adjacent tea garden. Here about fifty feet from the fence is another small converted house, and inside I see a group of women...and they are dancing! About two dozen of them ranging in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties wearing modest leotards are broadcast out to me in glorious bright colors through the large front window, and I duck into the shadows to watch.

As their hips rock and sway slowly in unison with a hypnotic rhythm, I feel my hardened heart begin to melt in the warmth of their wholesome sensuality. Their laughter is crisp yet soft, the sound of women who have put their guard down safe in the knowledge that there are no men around. Though I burn to keep watching I feel it would be unfair to them, so I take a final glance through the bars of the fence and turn away.

I stand frozen in the darkness, haunted. I feel limitless hope, burning desire, crushing futility. Over and over I see the slight rise and fall of their bodies, see them gliding in a ballet of angelic grace that holds every mystery and promise of joy.

My mind's eye zooms in onto one woman with fair skin in a black leotard whose dark hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Her head is angled downward to her right and I cannot see her eyes. She holds her arms out with hands together, bent slightly at the elbow as if holding a wicker basket. I see her soft curving waist and then lose myself in a vision of falling into her embrace, feeling her warm breath on my cheek, and though she is but a hundred feet away from me it is simply impossible here, now, like this.

I have striven and struggled out here for many long years, having denied myself immeasurably to keep alive those ambitions which were so easy to believe in when I was young.

But one day when I have either conquered or been exhausted I will leave this place. I will find a woman to raise my family in a big bright house, and then I will never again have to be that man smelling other people's home-cooked meals from afar while living on cheap pasta in solitude.

--Also sent by Phil:

Further, there are 2 female Finnish folk singers whose powerful and acrobatic voices also embody the magic and mystery that femininity used to possess. Consider the dedication to the craft these ladies put in to achieving the nuances in these 2 songs--and then compare that to the banality of our culture which creates soulless women who get tattoos of random foreign symbols, believe they're the superior sex but never have the courage to make the first approach, and love working office jobs.
Song 1:  (Note the clever, subtle little vocal lift at 1:07)

Song 2:
 First Comment from Magda:

Wow loved this article and kudos on the imagery. Philip you will get what you need the world is abound with women who refuse to compromise their feminine needs and who reject the feminist ideals of the day. These women do not hate men and know that some men are our safe place to be and they also have a similar desire for love, and tranquility. May you find that relationship you desire.

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Comments for "Male Longing"

Will said (June 24, 2014):

I have to say I really feel where Phillip is coming from. As men we all have our desires to embrace and be embraced by a woman that we both love and loves us back. However, as Philip pointed out in an earlier article, it is clear the Western women are literally dressed for sexual war, exposing their bodies, constantly teasing and tormenting us, it is clear that women have no empathy for the male condition whatsoever, one could argue as to whether they are capable of having such empathy but that is a discussion for another article. I believe Philip's strategy that was briefly alluded to at the end of this article is a sound one, the one thing the Western world still has going for it is the perceived reputation of its higher education institutions.

I say perceived because as a PhD student I have seen how sketchy even the hard sciences at the world's most prestigious schools can be at times. There are parts of the world still relatively untouched by feminism, for a bulk of men it would be wise to get a degree in the sciences or engineering at one of these "perceived well-reputed" institutes and go abroad to either the middle east or Japan or China where they are aggressively hiring, the salary they offer is often much better than what they offer in North America, in the case of the middle east, its often tax free, the women there are more traditional and still relatively untouched by the toxic virus of feminism.

In the meantime while we have to suffer through living here, I really recommend a daily regimen of meditation and heavy physical exercise to curb sexual desire. If Western women want to be parasites than so be it, I will be superior parasite by taking advantage of my government scholarship supported education, and take my degree and skills to a place where I am respected as a human being, I suggest all you men try and do the same in your own way.

As one of my good friends who is going through a harsh divorce said: These recent 2-3 generations of women are completely broken and not worth saving, you will be harshly punished and your life ruined if you dare to try, they need to be taught a harsh lesson in the form of complete abandonment of their men.

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