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Banking is Institutionalized Murder

July 3, 2014

Luther9.jpgLeft: Martin Luther. Say of him what you will, the quote below is truer today than ever.

Ultimately, the New World Order is an extension of Usury.
Humanity must be enslaved to ensure we repay imaginary loans
(i.e. credit, currency.) 

Martin Luther, quoted in Das Kapital

"The heathen were able, by the light of reason, to conclude that a usurer is a double-dyed thief and murderer. We Christians, however, hold them in such honour, that we fairly worship them for the sake of their money...
Whoever eats up, robs and steals the nourishment of another, that man commits as great a murder (so far as in him lies) as he who starves a man or utterly undoes him. Such does a usurer, and sits the while safe on his stool, when he ought rather to be hanging on the gallows." 

by Anthony Migchels

This is exactly how it is! It is not one word too much!


It has nothing to do with 'oh, it's so honest, so reasonable, that 5% per year'.

Look at how whole nations are gutted to pay off some filthy rich trillionaires.

Billions of people live in desperate destitution because of Usury, dying prematurely, completely unnecessary. People commit suicide, haunted to the grave by creditors. It tears families apart in financial stress. By the millions. Throughout the West. The World. It is purely genocidal, there really is no way to get around it.

And we have built our entire economy on this horrid plunder. On this monstrous sin!

When will we see the simple truth as the ancients always did?

Banking is simply institutionalized Usury.
Capitalism is simply Banking.
The two rose to prominence together in Amsterdam, London and New York.

The whole Capitalist monopoly has been bought with the proceeds of compound interest lending. They are emasculating the West with interest on the debt. The Banks openly try to endebt us to the point where all our income is sucked up by debt service! Years of deflation have made our debts weigh even heavier in real terms.

Look how the tumors of 'the financial sector' are metastasizing, with their 'bonusses', 'derivatives', LIBOR manipulation, asset bubbles, defaults, bribing politicians, evictions and repossessions, Gold manipulation, media power, globalism, bail outs, bail ins, fomenting of wars. It is all an outgrowth of the cancer of Usury.

We are already thoroughly enslaved through Usury, it's not a doom scenario, it is the way we live!


In the aftermath of Usury prohibition in the medieval era, around the time of Luther, the main argument for allowing Usury was that without it people wouldn't lend. And lending was necessary for the economy, the rationale went. There was a perceived scarcity of credit.

But today we can provide all the interest-free credit we will ever need at zero cost. In several ways!

The 'time value' rationale that Jesuits in Salamanca cooked up in the 16th century has been totally discredited and is irrelevant in a decent monetary system.

Notwithstanding credit and money scarcity, the medieval man worked only 15 weeks to feed his entire family in the Usury-free economy. Bones found in England show that people there only achieved the same height as the late medieval Briton in the sixties of last century.

Compare that to the sweatshops of the 19th century, the heyday of Capitalist domination over Labor.

Imagine what our life would look like without Usury, and with plenty of dirt cheap credit  plus today's technology!

Even the Jewish Question is ultimately just another front for the Usurer!

It's the Trillionaires and their banks and their World Government/Currency that we need to shut down and replace with interest-free monetary systems. Most Jewish people are just their bitches, easily sacrificed, just as we are. Without their Usury, 'the Jews' no longer are very formidable.

Usury is behind, or at the very least severely worsens, every problem on the globe. It is THE defining problem of the 99%. It is the issue of issues.


Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. His articles on monetary reform are at Real Currencies, and various musings on 'Making Sense of the Senseless'.

First Comment by Rich:

I can't wrap my head around Migchels interest-free lending.  So when we get rid of the bankers, who hands out the interest-free loans?  The government? I hope not, since they pretty much suck at everything. Perhaps private citizens banding together with many loaning small amounts?  How do you convince the average Joe that risking his money for the greater good at 0% interest rate is the way to go.  What pays the rent on the building and the salaries of the people who work at this interest-free bank, if the place makes no money?  Will they take donations? sell lollipops at the front door?  Debt-free money absent a central bank sounds do-able, but if there is no interest being collected on loans, is there collateral held?  If the bank doesn't have the slightest bit of power, why would anyone pay them back?  It sounds very utopian, therefore impossible, to me.  Don't get me wrong, I think banking is raping people as it stands.  Paying $300,000 for a $100,000 house is slavery,  but Migchels articles never seem to sell me his point.

Anthony Migchels Replies:

Yes. The point is and remains that all credit is created as bookkeeping by the banks. The banks do not really need reserves, that is just part of the illusion. All is created by double entry bookkeeping.

The point is not so much who does the 'lending' (bookkeeping), as long as he does it correctly: interest-free, sufficiently, inflation/deflation free and sharing the available credit in a reasonable way over the populace, who rightfully own the credit.

Semi private/semi public not-for-profit agencies with a clear cut charter supervised by a national monetary authority independent of Government could do this properly.

Here is an article on what an interest-free credit based monetary system could look like.

This discusses in clear cut fashion the main alternatives:

We don't need savings for 'lending'  by bookkeeping, that's the main thing.

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Comments for "Banking is Institutionalized Murder"

Dan G said (July 5, 2014):

Shakespeare said about two properties of money:

1. It is the visible divinity – the transformation of all human and natural properties into their contraries, the universal confounding and distorting of things: impossibilities are soldered together by it.

2. It is the common whore, the common procurer of people and nations.

But this is what Marx Karl (very interesting he wrote this) says in his “Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844”

“the properties of money are my properties and faculties thus what I am and what I am capable of is by no means determined by my individuality.. I am ugly, but I can buy myself the most beautiful women. Consequently, I am not ugly, for the effect of ugliness, its power of repulsion, is annulled by money...I am a wicked, dishonest man without conscience or intellect, but money is honoured and so also is its possessor. Money relieves me of the trouble of being dishonest"

David said (July 4, 2014):

Our current debt-based, usurious monetary system necessitates the lies, deception and corruption.

Why? Because financial debt with interest (usury, any interest) is mathematically impossible to pay back in the aggregate. How? When homeowners or students or even businesses borrow money, they, are creating "NEW" money in the system/economy. Believe it or not, banks do not lend money, they actually "steal" through a deceptive contract, the "NEW" money created by the so-called borrower and make them sign a loan with interest. We are all guilty, including myself, of the pyramid scheme we have bought into. Best solution: Wake-up and understand money and begin to issue credit to the people, by the people and for the people.

Henry check out our website:

Aisha said (July 4, 2014):

As Dan said, it is indeed simply not the case that interest is required for funding. The crux of the Islamic model of economics (as of authentic Christianity and Judaism) is that lending is simply not a business. It is a charitable act. You simply do not take advantage of people's problems. In Islamic economics, rather than usurious lending, there is simply "fair investment", where everyone *shares* the risks. If there are profits then all investors share in it, and if there are losses, they also share in it. And that's fair, because if the investors don't share in the losses, someone else will have to. And that is what the masses of us are currently doing.

Such a model of interest-free lending is entirely possible and in fact implemented successfully (and thriving) in the form of non-interest micro-finance loans in Pakistan:

In Islam, usury/interest is called "Riba", and is the only thing condemned with such fervor in the Quran that if one were to not give it up - then God Himself makes an open declaration of war against them. (Quran: 2: 279)

I think it would be pertinent to share with your readers that there are people expending serious efforts to build a usury-free economy, and the 3rd World Riba Conference was held in 2012: A couple of names that are big on this topic are Imran N Hossein and Hugo Salinas Price.

Part of the process includes using money that has intrinsic worth, rather than fiat, debt-based money. To that end, Malaysia recently introduced currency based on silver.

Milton said (July 4, 2014):

Usury has to go and usury is not a high rate of interest but any interest as stated in the Bible. Fractional Reserve banking has to go also as money is created out of nothing by the high street banks this way. National Socialism bucked the banking system by issuing money based on the labour and production of the people. National Socialism had to be destroyed like Kennedy and Lincoln because they also wanted to and did respectively issue debt free money. The UK government during World War 1 issued Bradbury Notes via the Treasury which were debt free. So, this is a modern example of how it is not just theoretical.

Saddam |Hussein and Gadaffi threated the dollar -Federal Reserve - usury system by trading oil in other currencies and in Gaddaffi's case a new gold currency system.

Ordinary bank accounts can be handled by organizations like Credit Unions that could be expanded and wages paid by the taxpayer. We could easily afford this with no National Debt which has been saddled around our necks ever since the foundation of the Bank of England the first Central Bank.

Ren said (July 4, 2014):

However Once upon a time I was a committee member of the Social Credit Party in New Zealand
that actually got 2 members into Parliament some 25 years ago but also squashed out by the
constant propaganda against so called funny money.

Money is a means of exchange for labour and has no intrinsic value of it's own until the money moguls brought the savings schemes into the schools where the children were educated to think of interest for nothing as a right.

The education system as dictated by the zionists ( see The protocols of the elders of zion)
have done what they set out to do as evident of the comments on your blog.

People just can longer see the wood for the trees and until the money system collapses like it has done many times, there is no chance that people will think beyond today or even entertain a change.

Look at the Credit unions that are supposed to be cooperatives and keep interest rates low. Try and get a mortgage as a member and the interest rate is higher than the banks! Debauched by the staff
being bribed?

Marcos said (July 4, 2014):

You guys are concerned with 5% aa loans? Here in Brazil credit card and overdraft credit costs 250% aa ! If you are lucky you can negotiate and get a 4% a month loan.

But there is no escape. Even if the person never gets a loan, the government will get for him. Public debt is the worst evil in the planet. Government should never be allowed to spend more than what they get in taxes.

Pierre said (July 4, 2014):

Whilst the Muslim countries claim they do not charge interest, they do charge administration fees....and they would need some forms of insurances. Higher risks would impose higher fees and charges, which is one utility of interest. The main problem is the greed that necessitates the Jews to get control and ownership of everything.

If it takes a communist free for all (free for the elites) or fascist dictatorship command economies then that will do. There was a reason in ancient Egypt for Jubilee years, though these were in times of small finance compared to now.

Orchestrated Depressions and wars are Jewbilee years, one way the unsustainable system is reset, but to the benefit of the Jews who seize more of the real economy. The Golden Calf is a wild Brahman Bull that needs to be corralled.
Funny reading recently that in Nazi Germany the money supply did balloon ponzi style...saving the arm by cutting off the leg.

Dan said (July 4, 2014):

Since we live in the countries where Usury is king we were all indoctrinated in school to believe loaning at interest is the only way to obtain funding to grow or expand a business. That's just not the case.

Consider the factor of risk. In a countries where usurious bankers write the laws, banks have it so they assume NO RISK on loans. In countries where usury was outlawed, a business lender went into a limited partnership with the recipient of the loan. Their profit was earned from a percentage of the business' profits. The flip side was that the lender SHARED THE RISK if the business grew more slowly or failed. That's how it worked in Christendom throughout the Middle Ages, and the Islamic world, where usury wasn't simply illegal, it was a mortal sin.

Of course that means lenders will be very careful to make reasonably good investments. By contrast, since the 1990's we live in a la la land where bad loans can be sold as "credit default swaps" as form of gambling casino. In the Land where Usury is King, selling debt makes more money than productivity.

Sharing risk keep lenders in touch with reality. Then they invest in things where something comes from something, not dumping the risk on people with the intent to sell them "bubbles" so they can enslave them when the bubble busts.

ps - I don't think quoting Karl Marx quoting Martin Luther is the best way to open a conversation on alternatives to usury.

Kristine said (July 3, 2014):

If one thinks deeply about it, one must realize that "money" is a ruse and completely fictitious. An impetus for the slave to work for the master until the latter brings the last in a series of "crises"* to bear and finally declares money null and void an completely and utterly worthless.

*rhymes with "Isis" - well, more or less.

JG said (July 3, 2014):

Don't deceive yourself Anthony, there is no such thing as "free money". If you're not the one sweating for it than someone else is.

In order for a nation to have a solvent debt free currency it also has to have a strong GNP/GDP. This means a lot of people working and producing goods that can be marketed around the world.

Gold is not the answer either because it's no good without dollars that are immediately accessible for exchange at an unmovable fixed rate. The price of gold is based on speculation and NOT supply and demand. What good is your gold without a strong dollar to exchange it for? Gold does not trump all! As noted in the 'Protocols of the Elders' all past currencies based on the gold standard have failed.

Without usury could your money markets grow without interest? Also could your bank account or certificate of deposit yield you a profit without compound interest? You can't have it both ways.

Roman said (July 3, 2014):

I heard homos were jailed in the Soviet Union. The West is now more messed up than USSR. People today have become degenerates by practicing promiscuous, perverted, unnatural sex. They see nothing wrong with homos since they are one step away from becoming one of them.

Marcos, [below] Christian-psychology is an oxymoron. Psychology is built on satanism, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality. Transformational(cultural) Marxism is a synthesis of Freud and Marx.

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