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Men, Don't Give Up on Women!

December 13, 2014

  In the video, left, Paul Watson adroitly summarizes the conclusions of

Sexodus!--  "Men are Giving Up on Women and Checking Out of Society"

and  "Feminism Leaves Male Sexuality in Crisis." 

These articles have caused a minor sensation but young men

are advised to ignore the noise and get on with being real men,

which includes leading wife and family.

"Giving up on women is an understandable reaction but it's not what real men do."

by Henry Makow Ph. D.

According to "Sexodus," young women today are too arrogant, confused, crazy and slutty to consider as wives and mothers. Because of family law, marriage can be lethal. As result, men are withdrawing to a private world of sports, video games and porn. Many of the comments confirm this assertion.

Paul Watson correctly attributes this trend to social engineering. Indeed, when it comes to monogamy, the mass media is a toxic bath. 

But it's important to realize that "giving up on women" is precisely what the social engineers want men to do. Their goal is to re-engineer society and this involves destroying our family identity.

Giving up on women is an understandable reaction but it's not what real men do.

Preconceptions like those enforced by "Sexodus" prevent men from finding a suitable mate.

People are governed by chimeras. Most of these mental constructs are untrue or incomplete.

They're evil spells like feminism. So my advice is to stow self-defeating paradigms and adopt a positive vision. 

Masculinity is defined by power.  Exercise your power.  The backbone of a man is his work. Focus all your energies on pursuing a career which provides you with satisfaction, reward and recognition. The rest will follow naturally.


But you shouldn't be. Women are passive by nature. They're designed to follow male leadership, i.e. their husband.

The Internet gives you an opportunity to sift through thousands of eligible women from all over the world.

They key is to find a woman who wants to follow you.

I found my wife on the Internet in Mexico 14 years ago. Without asking, she sent me a website for my first book. When I saw it, I realized that this woman was willing to help me. It has turned out to be true. She designed this website and keeps it running.  She is the Swiss Army Knife of wives. Moreover, she is attractive, loving, honest, intelligent and has a great sense of humor. 

Love has to be earned. People think they'll be loved just for whom they are. That's really sexual attraction. It doesn't last.

Lasting love involves mutual dependence. We love the people who help us. We're loved for what we do for someone else. Nurturing is real love.

Like most women, my wife was infected by feminism. We had occasional conflicts.

I said, "you can have love or you can have power but you can't have both." If you want power, go your own way.  She has always chosen love. Real women do.

So be subtle. And discreetly educate a woman to be your life-partner. Don't be controlling. Respect differences. My wife doesn't agree with my politics, doesn't believe in Conspiracy, doesn't read my website.  I'm happy to be with someone who isn't burdened with this knowledge.

Consult her. Please her because you love her. I bring my wife breakfast in bed every day as a gesture of appreciation.

The critique of women found in "Sexodus" is a self fulfilling prophesy. They want men to give up on women.

Feminism is just brainwashing. You can change her mind. Instinctively women want to belong to a man. She wants marriage and children. You only need to find one who is still in touch with her feminitity.

Take your time and make sure she's not a crypto feminist. Make sure she's really willing to exchange her power for your power, expressed as love.

And make sure you are worthy of her sacrifice and trust.


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Comments for "Men, Don't Give Up on Women!"

Mark said (December 19, 2014):

Your articles on feminism have been SOOOO helpful to me. This one in particular was so timely cause I am so very close to giving up totally. Not that the men dont have issues but these women are just plain strange if you ask me.

They have been thru a few boyfriends or husbands and then they meet a guy who genuinely does care about them and shows interest and its like they get mad or offended, point out all your faults and generally are very hard towards you. You cannot get thru the armor they have on and to be frank I find it tiring trying to do so or its like my "crime" was showing any interest at all.

I understand and empathize that they have been hurt, I have been hurt real bad too and I want to help if I can but they seem to prefer abusers, nice guys like me do not cut it. I have heard so many times you have a great heart ..........but........... there is always a but in there.

I have to say Henry and its hard to admit as a man I didnt know what it takes to have good relationships and I did not know what feminism was, nobody ever taught me anything about it. Until your site that is but its very late in the game and family is pretty much not going to happen now.

I have never had much success with females in general and I realize now feminism has had a major part in that. I am 52 now and I know my chances of ever meeting a woman that loves me and has a good heart and is halfway attractive is VERY slim but you have given me a boost to keep trying a little longer.

Mario said (December 16, 2014):

We are not supposed to give up on women. The problem is those feminist whores (over 90% of "ladies") are not women who deserve even a quick glimpse.

The solution is simple: once we meet real women who would like to marry us and to keep their marriage vows, we should take them as wives. Other than that, MGTOW is the answer, as many women have been going their own way (career, stupid spending, showing off expensive fashion - that is what they make money for, lesbianism or bisexualism, satanic religions, irresponsibility, etc.).

It is not worth taking the trouble of trying to lead someone who is willing to mislead us, to cuckold us, to lead us to bankruptcy and to mental problems, to psychologically torture us, to pervert children with that hideous kabalistic and satanic feminism. Women are unstable and a mere change of their minds is enough to ruin a family and to rot society. It is like trusting a wild horse to lead you wherever it wants to.

Real men do not give up on women. But real men do not deal with hookers and narcissistic broads with fatherhood issues and who are only interested in themselves. All a man has to do is to be able to focus all of his energy to projects which are well worth his devotion.

Men, go your own way and quit "women" (in the biological sense)!

Gregory A said (December 15, 2014):

Henry, I respect you and read your site almost daily. But, regarding your Don't Give Up On Women article, didn't I read on your site that you have been married three times? Having been divorced myself, I'm not blaming you. But, in this instance, you are asking people to enter a devastating mine field without giving them all the facts. Impregnating women today, even if done in a Biblical Christian manner, is about the surest way I can think of to lose everything you have simply because she changed her mind. Again, I respect you, but women have to be held accountable for their actions. We cannot treat them as if they are devoid of moral agency, only to 'man up' and fix their problems for them.
Thank you for your efforts and God bless you.


Thanks Gregory

I came by my knowledge the hard way.
But we shouldn't be guided by horror stories.

Men need to take responsibility for making bad choices, as i did in the past.

Live and learn. Happily married now.



Earl said (December 15, 2014):

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your recent article in response to Paul Joseph Watson's "Sexodus" article.

I thought you should see this follow-up article on Alex Jones' website on this subject. The author brings up biological factors, such as the endocrine disruptors that have contaminated the water supply, and the damaged economy that offers far-fewer opportunities for men to be producers.

Tyron said (December 14, 2014):

There is another dimension to this. We should not have children before marriage let alone have sex. I am a gross violator of this law. I myself was hyper sexually active when I was young. I literally counted my conquests which acts destroyed my relationship with my first love. I was a cheater, a liar and fraud all to get my rocks off fueled by this Jewish culture in High School and everywhere else.

When I realized my sins I had already been totally brainwashed and abused by the military so when I tried to make things right I was seen a sucker by a Jewess who used me to obtain a child from "pure" Swedish stock, The fight for my daughter lasted 7 years where the Jewish controlled courts sided with her in what can only described as total lawlessness.

I wont get into the rest but abstinence isn't a crime and men should be encouraged to keep themselves pure until they find a women who be faithful and co-rule with them--leaving trumping veto authority to the man who;s the rightful leader.

Steven B said (December 13, 2014):

Feminism, sheminism! Isn't it basically true that almost all women are Goldilocks and everything has to be "just right" with them? Feminism only makes their caterwauling all that more convenient for them?

Women! You can't live with them and you can't live without them! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony B said (December 13, 2014):

It's true that "masculinity is defined by power" as you write. But the way to get women back to being women is for men to use their power to put the system back in right order.


Until this is accomplished you are blowing in the wind.

Getting back to rolling queers who make a pass at you will put the perverts back in the place they belong. When they insist on "getting in your face" the real answer is to turn their faces into mush. Hopefully forever. When they approach your kids (this includes the schools), kill them. Nothing else will stop the pricks.

This is a war to the finish for the family, on which all civilization is based as well as all true religion. Pussyfooting around in it is a waste of time, a lost cause, a disaster for mankind.

Women are out of place and out of control. Real men MUST put them back in their place and back under control. Women are mentally and emotionally incapable of doing this themselves without help. From day one - that is, Eve in the garden. The powers making and enforcing these anti life statutes and court decisions damned well know this. THEY MUST GO FIRST. Not just fought. They must be GONE.

Magda said (December 13, 2014):

The statement on men not giving up on women is important or the social engineers will win. Divide and Conquer is working and it is a woeful state of affairs that many do not seem to be getting this message. (A message you have articulated often) Pick a help mate who has virtue and character with similar values in regards to spirituality and household management. Remember that these ladies may be very shy or have humility.

I am happy that I followed my religion's teachings (Islam) regarding these matters in my 20s despite not having grown up with religion as an influence.

"The Shari'ah regards women as the spiritual and intellectual equals of men. The main distinction it makes between them is in the physical realm based on the equitable principle of fair division of labor. It allots the more strenuous work to the man and makes him responsible for the maintenance of the family. It allots the work of managing the home and the upbringing and training of children to the woman, work which has the greatest importance in the task of building a healthy and prosperous society."

I like to manifest kindness and compassion in all relationships whilst staying away from the toxic folks who are not on my page.....hence, we need to have standards. I married my husband because he did not try be sexual before marriage, he was serious about his commitment to be God conscious or aware. We then both proceeded to live a God centered life fasting together, praying together, cooking together, traveling and going on the pilgrimage among other things.

It has been well worth it and yes at times as with all people we have differences which we have to commit to working through.....but with respect.
Dr. Ingrid Mattsen president of Islamic Circle of North America:

Robert P said (December 13, 2014):

The illuminati, who are following a satanic agenda, have engineered this situation, through the Main Stream Media, and the courts which they control.

They are creating a situation where men will no longer commit to women, and get married, this brings about fornication on a massive scale, which is a sin in the sight of God.

It also produces unwanted pregnancies, which often results in the murder of the baby in the womb, and the following serious psychological problems for the woman.

Mick said (December 13, 2014):

MGTOW is the rational response of men to gynocentrism and the very real dangers of what woman has become. Men Going Their Own Way is a rapidly growing movement that maintains an awareness of the true nature of women and of our culture which has become woman centered. More than half of marriages end in divorce and divorce greatly benefits women. Of those marriages that last, how many are happy?

The benefits to a man of having any relationship with a woman do not even come close to outweighing the risks. It is not a man's job to be a sperm donor on the outside chance that he might actually be able to be a father. There is no way to predict what a woman will become once she is married. In the meantime the risks to a man are very great in any dealings with a woman. As long as our culture remains as gynocentric as it is I would advise any man to avoid any relationship with a woman. It's just not worth it.

Sandeep said (December 13, 2014):

I saw Watson's vid and he is right. I think the biggest obstacle holding up men isn't just that they know that women are messed up, but also that they are fearful of rejection.

I was watching a German documentary on dating apps and the woman who was the centre of it said that the main issue she has is that men aren't approaching her even though she wants them to. She hypothesised it had to do with her looks (she wasn't ugly at all) and men assumed that she was already taken.

Personally, I am not fearful of rejection, but rejection also takes two sides. Women have become very unclassy when it comes to it, and I know this from personal experience. To me, when a man approaches/asks a woman out (it doesn't even have to be serious about a relationship, maybe just to hang out or get to know each other to see whether it could be something for the long run), but the woman is not interested, she should be treating him with respect for being a man.

Respect in this case would be, for example, to kindly say to him that she is not interested. I have experienced many times that women just didn't say anything. I personally find this very disrespectful and very childish. I know back in the day that women were humbled that they were approached and had the class to thank the man. On one side they complain that men don't approach, but when they do then they can't even show any respect that someone who they might not be interested in has done it.

Women need to grow up again and learn to be women. But to end on a positive note, I had girls (two recently who were around 19) who actually had the class to thank me for my interest, but told me that they had someone already. I got more respect for them because they acted like women.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at