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Book Exposes Hospital Birth Nightmare

January 12, 2015


Jeanice Barcelo claims hospital birth is not
only traumatic and wounding, but includes
practices that would make Josef Mengele proud.


John Kaminski reviews Jeanice Barcelo's book,
Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine:
Exposing the Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth
and the Attempt to Hijack Our Souls 

By John Kaminski

(Abridged by

Are people more unhappy because of the barbaric way doctors treat mothers when they deliver their babies?

Jeanice Barcelo's book is a gut-wrenching indictment of the way hospitals and doctors brutally manipulate pregnant mothers. She insists this interference in the mother/child bond is a key element in the breakdown of human love worldwide.

The medical profession not only creates lasting scars in mothers and infants, it destroys many marriages and unnecessarily injures and kills children. Its effect on the world -- but most especially on women and children, she insists -- is catastrophic.

baby.jpgOrdinary readers, especially men brave enough to tackle the subject, will view with unadulterated horror the things that are done to babies in the name of keeping them healthy. Like screwing fetal heart monitors into their skulls. Or memory block drugs used for a variety of purposes including sexual molestation.

"Doctors don't care if mom and the baby are damaged"

Barcelo calls this birth trauma a hidden epidemic, and cites a 1995 study that determined 95 percent of all births in the U.S. were considered traumatic, 45% severely traumatic. The Centers for Disease Control, she says, are responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies, because vaccinations cause a massive spike in fetal deaths.

An increasing number of birthing mothers recall their experiences as "birth rape", and following the extreme level of abuse they receive in hospitals, post traumatic stress afflicts many.


Barcelo reveals a glossary of horrors facing every woman who plans to have her baby delivered in a hospital.

The most magic moment of every mother's life is turned into a nightmare by cash conscious doctors who misuse drugs not meant for childbirth to trigger induction -- forcibly ejecting babies from the womb at the profound cost of severing the psychological bond between mother and child, and predisposing that child to both afflictions and addictions later in life.

 "The core of our pain starts at childbirth. It's about our own mothers handing over their power" to a conscienceless machine that rings babies through a medical cash register. "They are birthing babies in violence and leaving infants alone at the gate in nurseries of horror, all done for power and gain.
Knock 'em out and pull 'em out -- it has all the elements of rape," says Barcelo, who herself has experienced five traumatic pregnancies.


Central to the tragedy is the use of epidural drugs, which accelerate the birth process. These cut off mothers' conscious contact with their babies and not only deprive them of the most special moments of their lives as mothers, but sabotage the bond with their child for life.

Barcelo cites two main drugs: cytotec (an ulcer drug) and pitocin, neither of which are recommended for use in labor but are widely used to hasten the contrived necessity of Cesarean section surgeries.

"We have the highest C-Section rate in the world because these drugs cut off oxygen to the babies and disrupt bonding and breastfeeding. Both drugs are linked to oxycodone addiction late in life as well as autism."

The use of pitocin, Barcelo explains, is often referred to as "pit to distress", or to deliberately put the baby in danger to more quickly necessitate the C-section option, which many mothers describe as not giving birth at all, but to having their baby stolen from them.

And the damage is not only to mother and child, but also to fathers, as it was for one dad who "lost my connection to my wife that I never regained" for what was perceived as failure to protect his wife when doctors induced a C-section without parental permission. The PTSD that often comes with trauma not only afflicts babies and their mothers, but also distraught dads.

But the pain of accelerating the birth process is more than emotional, as the testimony of a mother who tried to give birth at home but was forced to call paramedics vividly attests. Doctors routinely inject paralytic drugs but often don't use anesthetics on patients they don't like to punish them for being recalcitrant. One woman Barcelo quotes describes how she was given an incredibly painful C-section without anesthesia, but being paralyzed, was unable to protest.

"The torture of infants and mothers happens regularly," Barcelo writes matter-of-factly.


Barcelo writes: "Worst of all in the fact that C-sectioned babies often end up in neonatal intensive care units, and those born before 39 weeks are twice as likely as those born vaginally to be kept in a NICU due to respiratory distress. Once a baby ends up in the NICU, the possibility for healthy bonding is further degraded.

"NICUs are like the bowels of the technological underworld. They are places where infants are literally held captive for weeks and months, and subjected to all manner of painful and tortuous medical procedures, most of the time without being given any kind of pain relief whatsoever."

Once a baby gets into an NICU, she is subjected to 14 to 21 invasive procedures per day, all without anesthesia, and the parents have no say over the treatment, nor can they remove their child from the NICU. The experience of pain, Barcelo writes, completely changes the wiring of the brain in adulthood.

The story of Andrew and his five months of torture plus his $100,000 medical bill that preceded his death will curl your toenails, guaranteed.

"Babies are being used for medical experiments," Barcelo writes. One government study that included data from Wake Forest and Yale universities involved deliberately depriving babies of oxygen to observe the results, which very often was death.

Barcelo reserves special scorn for the use of ultrasound frequencies, which are extremely dangerous to babies. "To me," Barcelo writes, "this indicates a distinct level of evil within the medical profession. It is a clear indication that they are willing and able to deliberately cause harm."


Of all of the horrific descriptions Barcelo has put forth in her descriptions of the barbaric birth process, the one that rattled this reviewer the most was the widespread practice of medical procedures on babies based on the principle that babies do not feel pain.

A woman demanded to see hospital records after her son's death in 1985. She said, 'Somehow it was possible for professionals who perceived a baby as too fragile to tolerate general anesthesia to perceive that same infant as able to withstand open-chest surgery without pain relief. . . .' At two weeks (old), during his hour and half operation, Jeffrey had two holes cut on either side of his neck and one in his chest, he was cut from his breastbone around to his backbone, his flesh lifted aside, ribs pried apart, blood vessels tied off and lungs retreated, tissue stitched together and a 'stab incision' to secure chest tubes. He died a few days later as a result of the shock that overwhelmed his entire system causing his brain to bleed and his organs to fail. The hospital's senior neo-natologist responded to his mother's inquiries by stating 'it didn't matter because he was a fetus,' explaining that children less than 2 years of age do not feel pain . . .

"Such is the arrogance and extreme insanity of esteemed members of the medical profession who have continued to insist for more than 100 years that babies do not feel pain," Barcelo writes.


The horrors in these satanic birth factories seem to go on forever.

• Cells from aborted babies are also being used for "flavor enhancing research" by companies like Senomyx and residue from aborted babies can be found in products made by Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, and Campbell, all of whom have hired Senomyx to do their "flavor enhancing research".

• Israel is on the cutting edge of this Luciferian technology and it is involved in something called "post mortem sperm retrieval," which involves harvesting sperm from dead men.

byrne.jpgAccording to Dr. Paul Byrne, left, an 80-year neo-natologist exposing the dark side of organ donation, "brain death" is a completely fictitious diagnosis conjured up by the underworld demigods for purposes of finding a way to legalize the harvesting of organs while people are still very much alive. Organ donation in the U.S. is an extremely dark business, with living people being wheeled into operating rooms and having their chests cleaved open and their organs removed one at a time at the hands of medical sadists . . . The organ removal is done without anesthesia in the U.S., but with the victims instead being given paralysis drugs so that they cannot move or scream while they are being tortured and murdered by medical doctors.

"Many people now allege that the CDC's real purpose is genocide and depopulation, and that vaccines are biological weapons purposefully being used to create mass sterilization, disease and death. These programs are being used to deliberately depopulate the Earth, Barcelo insists, pointing out the chart on that forecasts a drop in the U.S. population from 316 million to 69 million by 2025."

Jeanice Barcelo comes through a tragic lineage of the haunted womb, from a mother and grandmother who never bonded with their children. In reporting that 75% of mothers have received an epidural during labor prior to birthing their children, she is in a sad majority of children who did not receive the love they should have when they first appeared in the world.

That means that three quarters of the children who are born in this country do not receive the optimum amount of love from their mothers that they rightfully should, and looking at the world around us, the sad result of that tragedy is all too clear.

Janice Barcelo's Website
John Kaminski -
[email protected]

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First Comment from Alan

My wife and I have had 5 children all born in the same hospital, starting with the shock of a c-section birth.

Our first baby doctor was carefully selected as a progressive younger doctor who was from Newfoundland and appeared caring and not an old fashioned bossy "old school" guy.  However, we went to the hospital at the worst possible time, 8 am on a Monday morning.  We were told that the baby's head was big (8 1/2 lb baby) and that because my wife was only 5' 4" and 140lbs that she was too small to deliver the baby naturally.  So I was not "allowed in surgery" and my wife was put to sleep.

My wife still has the scar from the Operation and after the experience she felt "cheated" and was frustrated about the experience (or lack of).  So she began her quest for a resolution and back in the days before the Internet, she researched the local library and found a book called the Silent Knife.   Both the doctors and the insurance companies encourage C-Sections to reduce cost and time of delivery. 

For our next baby, my wife decided to go with a woman doctor who might be more sympathetic to her needs.  This doctor was from India and was sympathetic and assured her she did not need a C Section despite the expression from other doctors "once a Cesarian always a Cesarian !"

When our second baby was being delivered, my wife was humiliated by having to get on the operating table and conned into using stirrups or foot rests and then cut between the vagina and anus to ease the delivery of an 8lb 4 once baby.  This barbaric procedure is know as an epeziodomy  (don't know the proper spelling sorry) anyway, she said after it hurt like hell for at least a month after.

Finally my wife found a couple of doctors who covered for each other so that they could spend as much time as necessary to take care of the mothers needs without accelerating the process.

I was present for the first time and enjoyed seeing my wife's pleasure of a natural delivery while doing my little but important part of coaching and reassuring her through the birthing pangs.  We had taken classes and it was a big deal to me to be involved, this time we had a boy and we insisted no circumcision, as I was born in the UK where this is not normally done.  My wife breast fed on demand, all our babies until they were at least 4 or 5 and they all slept in our bed which is natural.  Our forth baby's birth was really cool for me as he was born on Father's Day using the same doctors partner and I got to deliver the baby and cut the umbilical chord! 

I even wrote to you on Father's Day about your classic article on that great celebration date. Also my sons best friend was also born the same day, same doctor, same hospital all making the event even more special and memorable.  Then our last baby was a 40th birthday surprise (conception) for my wife and delivery was a synch  by now for both of us (minus mothers pain).  After each birth my wife also started bucking the shots at birth and as they started the news on the DPT shots.  Now none of my family takes any vaccinations.

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Comments for "Book Exposes Hospital Birth Nightmare "

Tony B said (January 13, 2015):

I sent a copy of your article around and told one of my sons to be sure his wife sees it. She has been for over 25 years a midwife, helping an untold number of women give birth at home.

My son's reply on the article was, "My wife could have written this article."

Who would be more aware of the stories mother's tell after seeking her out for their next child's birth?

Catherine said (January 13, 2015):

I am so delighted to see birth trauma spoken of.

I read the comments and see so many saying "I did not have birth trauma".

Well most people do not even realize they suffered birth trauma.

I recommend Dr Janov - re birth trauma and Primal Scream.

I well remember the birth trauma of my 2 children in Ireland - ah yes, sure pain is good for the woman's soul and if she is unhusbanded - then she has to have more pain.I had an epidural and then thrown on the slab like a side of beef and not a word of reassurance from anyone. I had the episiotomy and all the stitches and unable to walk for a month - and you know what, I was expected to get up and walk and work in the fields after it.

I still can never go near that hospital in Dublin.
I chose another hospital for my second baby - not much difference- except this walk till you drop orders and when I began shaking non stop, the midwife threatened to call police.

Only last year did I learn of Trauma Release Exercises- releasing the trauma like the polar bear. It was then I understood the shaking. African mothers do this shaking as it is a natural release.

I met a midwife here last week and asked if she knew about this shaking and she said no- only that she had it on her first.

Here is Ireland's answer to c section- now prepare yourself.

The procedure involves slicing through the cartilage and ligaments of a pelvic joint (or in extreme cases, called pubiotomy, sawing through the bone of the pelvis itself) to widen it and allow a baby to be delivered unobstructed.

Critics blame the continued use of the operation on a toxic mix of medical experimentation, Catholic aversion to caesarean sections and an institutional disregard for women’s autonomy. They claim it has left hundreds of surviving women with life-long pain, disability and emotional trauma. For some in Ireland, it is yet another scandal perpetrated against women and girls, joining revelations over the Magdalene laundries (where “wayward” women were abused), the deaths of children at mother-and-baby homes and sex abuse in the Catholic church

Lisa G said (January 13, 2015):

I understand what the book is getting at, but with my last child with his heartbeat coming and going I am thankful for the monitor and nurses that keep milling into my room to watch over me every time the heartbeat became extremely low. They actually helped me push even though I was given a light epidural. Trust me, I could feel the pain. Perhaps because were women nurses along with a woman doctor. Maybe it was because I prayed as I was scared of losing our baby, I am not sure.

In the end, I was not brave enough to do this on my own in my home, but I am always impressed of the woman that do cut through this tried and true method!

Marcos said (January 13, 2015):

My two kids were born by C-section.

I am very thankful for modern medicine and technology, because I owe my kids and my wife's lives to it. We intended to have natural birth, but because of modern medicine, it was possible to verify that the cardiac rhythm of the baby and oxygenation was suffering. The mother was not having enough dilatation and she had to be rushed to the operating room. There the doctor was able to see that the birth cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. The surgery saved his life.

During all the time we received explanations and I was allowed to stay with the mother. There was no shock or trauma for the babies. Five minutes later, he was peacefully suckling his mother's breast.

There are many complex situations in emergency health care, and an article such as this is more detrimental than helpful. The real problem in Brazil is that some women plan their C-sections so they can go to vacation and things as such. Also, because of the corrupt and stupid public health care system, some dishonest doctors push for C-section to be paid more. But these are personal behavior and government problems, not a problem connected to the technology.

Birth has always been a dangerous situation for women, and millions of women have died in history because of it. Anecdotal evidence of some lucky women who had several trouble-free natural births doesn't contradict this fact. Thanks God for hospitals and life-saving C-sections.

Richard E said (January 12, 2015):

was delivered by C-section, and circumcised shortly after, which was standard in 20th century Army hospitals. I assure you I wasn't traumatized for life. I've always had a long memory - my earliest memories are almost photographic, starting in the crib, no more than a year old, possibly months old. I never had any recollection of any of that.

I tell you this because I first read this view - that hospital birth causes post traumatic stress disorder. I think Jeanice Barcelo's presentation includes some valid points against the modern world's insistence on hospital birth, and also abuses that can happen in NICU. I also think her presentation is reductionist.

As I said I suffered zero trauma from being delivered by C-section.However, C-section used to be reserved for dire necessity - cases in which the life of the mother and/or infant was at risk. Such was the case with me.

Here's what I do believe: anesthetized, hospital birthing, and separating the babies from mothers at birth interferes with natural bonding between mother and child. C-Section may eliminate bonding entirely. See how different mother's are today, compared to a century ago. Hospital birth era mothers (since the 1930's) have a mental bond, but is it really the old spiritual, almost supernatural bond of mothers of the past? Or in places where natural childbirth still occurs?

Several years ago I knew an obstetrics delivery nurse who worked in an upscale private delivery hospital. She told me that today around ONE THIRD of babies are delivered by C-Section, simply because the doctors can plan WHEN the delivery will be done. No more being on call for the water breaking at 3am in the morning.

She said the 'soccer moms' like it to, since they can now schedule a birth so they don't have to miss their Pilate's class. \

This nurse didn't like the state of affairs. She had four children herself - she'd had natural birth in a hospital - that means without anesthesia. She'd seen hundreds, maybe thousands of births, and she was certain that mother's who were unconscious during birth were "missing something" in the bonding. The C-section Soccer Moms were borderline sociopaths anyway, in her opinion. She said they thought of a baby as an accessory to their "lifestyle" image.

Mike B said (January 12, 2015):

Add to this the trauma of circumcision on baby boys. There is a long list of parental choices or non choices that inadvertently have a negative impact on children, and on themselves. Children are offered up as sacrifices to the Authorities who produce poisoned vaccinations,fluoridated water, steroid filled factory farm meat,unwholesome processed foods, drugs to enhance education, dumbing down curriculum, entertainment aimed at the lowest denominator, fear induction through terror propaganda, etc. etc.

Some people like Allen, posted here, gradually learn and make corrections. Most really don't. Institutionalized ignorance sets us up for wars, dialysis, chemotherapy, anti-depressant dependency, monetized currency devaluation, etc. Rather like little hamsters running nowhere on a spinning wheel. As John says elsewhere: " We seem to be fogged in by a false template of default auto suggestion. "

Dan said (January 12, 2015):

Dr. Paul Byrne is correct that "brain death" isn't "dead". I'm in a position to know about how organs are lawfully obtained today, at least in the United States. The image of "living people having their chests cleaved open and their organs removed one at a time at the hands of medical sadists" is ridiculous.

You don't have to take my word for it; you can listen in on a talk by a priest to transplant doctors at a bioethics conference breakfast.

It's irresponsible to confuse the black market underground with organ donation and your local hospitals. Activism against organ donation is misplaced. Thousands of preventable deaths are averted. Where do you think the skin replacement for severe burn victims comes from? The focus of activism in this area is best placed against the adoption of "right to death" "assisted suicide". Also, we can't let the State or hospital bioethics panels issue "do not resuscitate" orders without patient and family consent.

First, a diagnosis of "brain death" occurs only when total and irreversible loss of all brain function is certain. The patient's heart and lungs are kept working by machines. If you "pull the plug" on the machines, the patient will die very shortly because their brain has ceased providing the signals to the autonomic nervous system that keeps the heart beating and lungs breathing and all the rest of it.

Where I live, doctors don't use 'brain death' anymore to inform the patient's family. They explain it as I have done here. Also the term "harvesting" has been replaced with 'procurement'.

Last year an acquaintance of mine, who had seemed healthy, had a massive heart attack and by the time the paramedics got him to ICU he hadn't had a regular heartbeat in an hour. The result was a 'vegetative state'. He was on machines.
Since it was such a shock to his wife and family to be faced with the decision to "pull the plug", his wife couldn't bear to approve it for two weeks. That doesn't sound like a long time, but the man began to smell like rot and look like a corpse. A diagnosis of 'brain death' isn't the same thing as coma. When brain function is gone, even machines can't keep the body functioning normally. It's going to rot from sepsis.

Please don't be afraid to be an organ donor in the US, except in Oregon, and states that are talking about adopting Euthanasia.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at