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Boston Bombing Hoax Continues With Trial

March 18, 2015

boston-bombing-dzhokhar-tsarnaev_7f276ffc841ce04daa732e5988fefd53.jpg(Does this boy look like a terrorist or a patsy?)

The current trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev features
a mass
of fabricated evidence including video
purporting to show Dzhokhar killing a policeman.
Even more disturbing, it involves the complicity of
dozens of false witnesses, including "friends,"
the mass media, his lawyers, police and the "justice"
system in general.

Jim Fetzer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, concludes:
"I find myself in a state of nausea. This is not a nation that deserves respect. It is a sham, a fraud and a disgrace to all who perceive the truth."

Makow - None of this should be a surprise. The media is also complicit in the 9-11 false flag Society resembles a satanic cult: Truth and falsehood are inverted to advance evil. Society is divided between the conspirators (i.e. the initiated, traitors) and the great mass of dupes.

Latest !!!   Jim Fetzer-   The Boston Show Trial: The "bloody confession" of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

by Jim Fetzer
The NYT- All the Lies They can Fit in Print
(Abridged by

How many lies of enormous magnitude are the American people expected to accept from their government and the mass media?

The evidence for concluding that this was a drill using amputee actors and special effects filming is overwhelming, where neither Tamerlan nor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were responsible for the explosions or events thereafter. The mass media insults our intelligence. How, for example, could Dzhokhar have run over his brother after Tamerlan had been arrested by the police?

As I have explained in recent articles, including "The Boston Show Trial: The 'bloody confession' of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" (12 March 2015), "Boston Show Trial: Attorney declares patsy "Guilty!" (8 March 2015), and (most thematically!) "Media complicity and indispensable to 'false flag' success" (14 January 2015), the proofs that Dzhokhar did not do it are so blatant and numerous that they should be intelligible even to reporters for The New York Times. That The Times should be ignoring the evidence and promoting a fantasy defies belief-unless, of course, it remains under the control of the CIA. Here are a dozen proofs that make the case:

1. We have a video with a sound track that shows the police using bullhorns to announce, "This is a drill! This is a drill!" Listen to it for yourself. If the Boston police knew it was a drill, how could the Boston Police Commissioner claim they were guilty and even had additional explosives they were planning to use? Why is he lying to Chris Wallace on Fox News?

Boston-Globe-tweets1-640x179.jpg2. We also have tweets from The Boston Globe that a "controlled explosion" is going to be set off during the marathon "for the benefit of bomb squad activities" and another stating that one would be set off in front of the library in one minute. When The Globe knows it was a drill, why has The Globe, one of our nation's premier papers, not spoken out about it?

3. The alternative media had already zeroed in on the perps the very day of the event itself, who were Craft International personnel wearing khaki trousers, black jackets and black baseball caps with a skull insignia, where the motto of Craft is, "Violence does solve problems!" When amateurs using computers can solve the problem, why can't professionals?

Exhibit 3B:

3-jpgWe have photos of two Craft personnel, one of whom is wearing a black backpack with a white square on it, where the backpack that blows up is black with a white square on it (which is circled in yellow) and of the two of them running away from the location as the bomb it contains explodes. This is about as obvious as it could possibly be. Now you see it, now you don't.
Exhibit 3C:

Here is a photo of Dzhokhar with his backpack. One of those that blew up was black with a white square; the other was tan or light brown. Notice that Dzhokhar's backpack is grey or silver. It is neither black with a white square nor tan or light brown. So why would anyone, much less the authorities, regard him as a suspect? His doesn't even have a right backpack.

4. Immediately after one of the explosions, there is no blood, which Lorraine Day, M.D., Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital (with 25 years of experience) has observed would be impossible if this had been a real event: there would instantaneously have been blood everywhere!

5. Same scene, but different point. According to reports from the AP, such as "The Huffington Post" (23 April 2013), three persons (including one child) were killed and 260 injured. It has become part of the official narrative about the Boston event. But the images from the scene suggest a number closer to 20. Where are the other 240 victims?

6. When the blood finally shows up, it is fake blood-special effects "Hollywood" blood-which is not even the right color. And when the scene clears, the tubes from which it came can be seen. If this had been a bona fide bombing, it would not have been necessary to fake it. They faked it because it was only a staged bombing, which produced no blood, not a real one.

Uninjured victim.jpg7. A perfect example of the use of actors turns out to be Nicole Brannock Gross, who, although feigning to have had both legs broken in two places and had her Achilles tendon severed, sits calmly displaying no agony or pain, in striking contrast with professional athletes, who are used to enduring pain, who grimace and contort from injuries far milder than what she claims.

9. The Tsarnaev brothers who were under surveillance for at least 5 years were selected as patsies because of their country of origin, but they were actually ordinary young men, where Tamerlan had a wife and a child and was considering moving to New York, while Dzhokhar was a college student who participated in wrestling and was popular with his fellow students on campus, where he went after the bombing,

10:  Perhaps the most bizarre of all, Tamerlan was arrested, stripped naked and placed into a police car, which was widely broadcast at the time. I could identify him, but his mother and his aunt confirmed his identity. According to the absurd official narrative, moreover, Tamerlan was killed by Dzhokhar, who drove over him repeatedly in an SUV-after his police apprehension!

11. In an appalling act of treachery, the FBI sent a five-man team to interrogate a friend of the two Tsarnaev brothers, Ibragim Todashev, 27, who was concerned that they were coming to kill him. Apparently, after lengthy but unsuccessful attempts to persuade him to turn against his friends, all left the room but one, who shot him multiple times, claiming he had violently attacked him.


According to the Boston police, the FBI, The Boston Globe, Fox News and every other major media outlet, the Tsanaev brothers were responsible for "the Boston bombing", even though we know it was a drill, that no one died and that it was done by Craft International personnel. Even the Boston Police Commissioner and The New York Times support the fabrication, in spite of the evidence against it.

The latest absurdity is the "bloody confession" of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, recovered from the inside of a boat, which is nevertheless written in perfectly straight lines, which are evenly spaced-an achievement that not even Leonardo da Vinci could have accomplished. This is a photoshopped creation by projecting a 2-dimensional image to appear to be a 3-dimensional one.

I served my nation with pride as a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps. I have done my best to uphold the honor and the integrity of the United States. But I have learned the bitter lesson that we are not a nation of laws but of liars. We are being deceived on every count-about Boston, about Sandy Hook, about Ukraine, about Iran, about ISIS and more-to advance a political agenda run by elites including the Khazarian Mafia, through a covert government, where the CIA serves as their instrument, which even Bill Clinton, as President, admitted he did not control.

Americans are the least informed and most gullible population on Earth. We confuse authority with truth, when the truth should be our authority. Even our newspaper of record, The New York Times, entrusted to chronicle the official history of the United States, plays the public for fools. Unless we know the truth, we cannot act in our own best interests, because we don't know what those actions would be. Addressing these issues, I find myself in a state of nausea. This is not a nation that deserves respect. It is a sham, a fraud and a disgrace to all who perceive the truth.
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Comments for "Boston Bombing Hoax Continues With Trial "

Dick Eastman said (March 24, 2015):

The final datum in my certain determination of Dzhokhar's innocence is the way he was made the suspect with forced, false and contrived evidence. Why pick him as the one who planted the bomb in the black backpack if his backpack was white?

Furthermore, why did the FBI pretend that they did not know who Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were when both Tsarnaev Brothers, we learn, had been watched by the FBI since Tamerlan's return from Dagestan. They knew who their suspect was -- or do you think there was a bombing and they had identified Dzhokhar from the Forum Restaurant video, discussed above, and then found the pictures of Dzhokhar walking with his brother -- and that they did not call their agents who had been watching Tamerlan to run those pictures by them? No. They knew who it was when they pretended not to.

Dzhokhar is being framed and half of elitist Boston knows it and is protecting the frame-up. The governor lied about seeing the video when he had not -- yet his remarks were the basis of "presumed armed and extremely dangerous" warnings.

Worst of all is the American people -- who have been given the above information and treat it as entertainment -- as material for gossip. Whose responsibility is it when the government veers away from justice and into terrorism frame-ups? Go find a mirror.

I expect the defense to close on Friday and a guilty verdict by Friday -- unless the public lets the court know that we know what they are doing.

Erik said (March 18, 2015):

Enjoyed the article you posted on the Boston Bombing. It seems rather suspicious that this trial has received NO PRESS (compared to the OJ Simpson trial perhaps).

Whether or not these guys did it, its how the MSM and government officials are handling this event is what breeds more suspicion.What are they hiding?

Also, would not allow anyone to post comments regarding this trial, why???

The masses are unconcerned (brainwashed), more interested in taking sides in the University of Oklahoma fraternity event or the Ferguson riots...

"Ordo ab Chao"

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