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Baby Makes Sign of Satan in Pampers Commercial

May 4, 2015


Above, a screenshot at the 0:05 mark of the Pampers video.

 TV Ads for Pampers and Intact Insurance in Canada.  YouTube removed Pierre Girard's video when Intact Insurance complained about his use of their commercial to point out their use of the Sign of Baphomet. Proctor and Gable makes Pampers. People have noted upside down 666, 13 stars and two horns of false prophet (Crowley's blinds of obfuscation) in their logo. Who can deny society is besieged by an occult power? [To those who say this is sign language for "I love you"- In sign language the thumb does NOT extend over the middle fingers. Also the child is doing the Eye of Horus with his other hand.]

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