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Bull Market in Stocks, U$D Far From Over- Martin Armstrong

November 26, 2015

(left, market guru Martin Armstrong's theory of market cycles is attracting attention)  

I know most of you don't have a lot of excess cash
and therefore don't need to worry about where to 
invest it. But for the lucky (?) few who do, our financial
mavin Thomas Beecham gives his outlook for 2016 and 2017
based on a recent briefing from his guru, Martin Armstrong. 

by Thomas Beecham

Why did I recently pay $2,500 to attend Martin Armstrong's latest conference in Princeton, NJ? What's so special about this man?

Back in February 2013, when gold broke 1,632 the second time, I knew gold's time was done for this cycle, and I stated so. I warned your readers of what was to come. 

At the time, I searched the internet for anyone who had not only made similar predictions, but had acted upon them. After looking for about a day, the only name I found was that of Martin Armstrong. I had never heard of the man before that time.

I have been following him for over two years and his predictions are without peer. He maintains a blog and often posts three to four times a day. He regularly shares his market, political, and economic predictions and is not afraid to express his thoughts on just about any subject. 

There are topics in which we do not agree. For instance he believes that things come together in an random sort of way, and as a result of cycles. He refuses to see the Real Conspiracy for world government, and he regularly discounts any talk of it. He often discusses the need for some sort of "direct democracy" as a solution to many of the world's problems. But it has been our "controlled-outcome" democracy that has led us to the present impasse. In other words, he gives people too much credit for being able to solve society's woes.

Although the mainstream media rarely mentions his name, the controlled alternative media have picked up on his work and growing popularity. However, they erroneously use his work on cycles to make the same pre-determined conclusions about all sorts of things, like economic collapse, the rapture, world war III, etc, as if their garbage will hold more credence if they add an Armstrong spin to the mix. 


I agreed to write this article about his macro predictions, because he really didn't say anything new at the conference. Much of what he covered during the weekend outing was already discussed in his blog and on his interviews. I left a little disappointed, but was glad I attended because it gave me a "multidimensional" view to his work and findings. I will gladly attend next year too. Plus, I hope this article helps to clarify his work, so that those listening to the alternative media do not get Armstrong disinfo on shows like Alex Jones, etc.

So, here's my take of what was discussed:

Gold - He timed the high in 2011, which was spot on. He said that gold is to bottom out as soon as next year with next year's closing low being the lowest year-end close in the cycle. He said the actual low could be in first half of 2017, but that 2017s closing low will be higher than 2016s closing low. Says lows could be at 950 or 875, or 690. Silver's nadir could be as low as $9. But with cycles, it's all about timing, not prices.

He is very bullish after this timeframe, into 2020-2021.

My take - I agree....

Real estate - In 2009 he timed the low as being 2011-12. with an echo bubble into 2015. So far he is correct. I read his 2009 paper, written while he was in prison. He currently says 2015 is the cycle high, but that rental properties will be fine as rents are supported. He says to finance for as long a duration as possible to get cheap paper (i.e. 30 year mortgages). He states that the highs are in REAL terms, not nominal terms. So prices could continue to rise or stabilize, but not rise as fast as other markets (or any upcoming inflation) over the next several years. The magnitude of underperformance depends on local government's desperation to raise tax revenue, which he says could cause liquidity problems, especially on the higher end.

My take - I kind of agree as I think the cycle high could be pushed out further to next year or first half 2017.

Stocks - In June 2011 he said sell gold and buy stocks. Nobody else said that.  Certainly not me. He says a phase transition into a final blowoff top in stocks is likely timing into mid-2017, but as always does not offer a definitive price level. He did say that depending on the circumstances at each inflection point, Dow 23k-40k as actual high likely.

My take - That is very bullish. Much more bullish than I am. He has been talking about a phase transition as far back as 2013. That has not occurred, but at the same time the Dow is up 2,000 points since. It is up much more when translated into other currencies. His reasoning is that as investors leave sovereign debt in increasing size they will place these funds into private investments, with stocks being the primary beneficiary.

His thesis is very novel and unique. However, it makes a lot of sense.

US Dollar - Another very bullish prediction. He says that the dollar will be so strong that it will cause the world's central banks to come together and offer a global solution. His estimates are for the USDX to rise to over 120. Currently at 99. At the dollar low in 2008 it was about 72. If this happens there will be tremendous monetary system problems.


Commodities - Stay away, especially as rates in the US rise and are dollar supportive. Mining and commodity stocks could really suffer for the next couple years.

My take - I agree

This provides a very broad framework from which to figure out how to position yourself over the next several years. He definitely has my seal of approval, which is based solely on his results. 

That is it for now.

First Comment from Gary-

Hi Henry, regarding Thomas's article about the Martin Armstrong lecture. Martin used to write impressive hand written posts whilst in prison. He was usually gold bullish. However, his cycles analysis always tended to allow for rather cryptic interpretations. I believe he was allowed his freedom from prison by cutting a deal to become a disinformation agent. Isn't this how things work when "Gurus" have large followings? 

Gold in in fact provably manipulated downwards in USD terms on the Comex futures market. This is in order to keep the illusion of USD value/hegemony/power. Gold and Silver are naturally occurring (gifts from God) true money and the antithesis of the fiat currencies. The only trouble with manipulating prices lower is the eventual emptying of all western vaults and above ground supply. It won't matter what Kitco price is reported when you won't be able to purchase at any price. Bye bye currencies when this happens.

Precious metals  must be suppressed otherwise our fiat currencies become worthless pieces of paper.

Thomas replies:

I will say this much, Armstrong routinely shoots down conspiracy talk on an a priori basis. He doesn't even entertain the notion. Why is this? A man who is so jaded by his personal ordeal should be more open to this.

We will never really know, other than what Armstrong says. He was in a long time. 8-9 years, I think. I think he worked something out.

He says it really was about the Feds wanting to get his computer code on cycles. The Feds said it was about trading ahead of his knowledge on markets. Evidently he had non-public knowledge of central banks stuff, etc.

We never will really know, other than what the man says himself. He talks about it a lot.

I will say this much, his current predictions for the markets are exactly what the globalists would want him to say. However, I just cannot imagine him having this much power. But armed with central bank intervention, they make for a powerful mix.

I still say gold is going down further. Why? Well let's look at Friday. Some large entities came in yesterday during an illiquid part of an illiquid session and drove gold's price down through resistance. Illogical from an investor standpoint. Very logical from a suppression view.

I don't really need Armstrong's view to tell me where gold is going. I know from the gold market itself.
If my theory is closer to being true, then the globalists have something big planned for the monetary system in the next couple years. They planned gold's rise, only to knock it down to the floor, and time it all to a major overhaul.

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Comments for "Bull Market in Stocks, U$D Far From Over- Martin Armstrong "

Father G said (November 28, 2015):

Is it possible that the mavin's mavin, MA, does NOT think that the economy is controlled??? Does he not read HM? Mr. Klein in the 40's said every sector of society is in their hands. And money ranks # 1. How can you post that without any serious critique? All the major English writers from the early 1900's could see that all monetary decisions are made with only one object in mind: what is good for the banks, who PRINT and OWN the money. My goodness, Henry get back on the watchtower!!! (And please reread "The Zion Controversy."

You are in my prayers,

Tim said (November 28, 2015):

Henry...I only see one thing wrong with Mr. Armstrong's is devoid of the spiritual. As a Catholic myself I keep my finger on the pulse of Catholic prophecy . Our Blessed Mother who by the way is our Jewish spiritual mother...has given some stark warnings.

One...the peace of the world is in danger. It is no coincidence that the great Jubilee of Mercy starts this December 8th. Something vey serious is in the works. These dates may prove useful November 13th 2016 and April 25th 2017. It is also good to know these random dates...the 2nd, the 13th, the 18th and the 25th of each month. Also know this...if the Pope visits Russia...expect war on his return.

Robert K said (November 27, 2015):

How sad it is that people are still looking for ways to make a fast buck for themselves instead of trying to understand the implications of modern productive methods and promoting the adoption of financial measures that will ensure that their benefits are conveyed to all. The financial system (including the stock and commodity markets, etc.) is at bottom a racket designed to distract us from the fantastic technological heritage we all (should) have and to keep us in conflict with our neighbours, near and far, in a struggle to get a portion of "scarce economic resources". All that there is a chronic shortage of, except when it comes to installing domestic surveillance and waging war, is money, which at its source is nothing more than made-up numbers; i.e., a pure abstraction. That this situation goes essentially unchallenged is a measure of the madness to which society can be reduced by relentless propaganda in the media and in the curriculum of state-imposed "education".

This, as the Tesla spokesman says, is the future:

Unfortunately there is currently no financial provision for ensuring that consumers will have the financial wherewithal to pay for the output.

David said (November 27, 2015):

Henry, the really gifted, prescient economic forecasters are the ones who make their predictions before events bear them out. Perhaps Armstrong is one of them. I have only known a handful in my lifetime.

What I found ominous about Beecham's report was the world's central banks will "come together and offer a global solution" to the next economic crisis. These crises are engineered by central banks to begin with, since the ultimate insider traders run them.

Their foreknowledge allows them to snatch up all the hard assets the little investors sell off to raise cash once the economy stalls. That sounded like the endgame the NWO is gunning for: merge all the private central banks into one global authority that will turn the planet into one vast slave colony overseered by the 1%.

Tony E said (November 27, 2015):

I'm no guru and my portfolio reflects my lack of financial savvy,.

As far as cycles, Perhaps Armstrong would be correct in a correct world, However, there are external factors that can turn a cycle on it's head, such as a major world war. History proves this and until Armstrong can factor in cycles of war, he is as clueless as the rest of us. The stage is certainly being set for such an event as the wealth & power is currently being transferred to the East. gold much like the 'Old Tally Stick" is an accounting of a nations wealth and we in the West have empty vaults.

The illuminists are perhaps behind schedule, but we must not underestimate them, they are a persistent group of megalomaniacs hell bent on world domination & control via the issuance of currency based on the labor of us chattel.

Tony B said (November 27, 2015):

This kind of hang up on money has ALWAYS made me tired and I do everything to avoid it because it rubs me as an expression of greed.

I have long known that the value of money is set by the criminal banker creators of it and that they manipulate the market to suit themselves for THEIR profit. Thus, what people call "cycles." I don't follow them and I don't care.

What I do care about is that enough people get mad enough to FORCE honest money on one country somewhere in such a way that all the rest see the folly of trying to get rich by borrowing at usury from crooks. Or worse, by this "market" following of trying to profit without effort off some poor slob's work halfway around the world, someone who likely doesn't have enough to eat or get sufficient rest.

If real money, spent or given into circulation at no cost to the user, should be FORCED on one nation, in a relatively short time, every last family, world wide, would be able to have a decent life instead of a tiny percentage grabbing most all wealth through usury, because the rest of the nations would then see the insanity of the Rothschild scam under which the world lives.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at