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Will Donald Turn Up Heat on Jews?

March 6, 2016

"The Elders need a lot of 'anti-semitism' for the management of the lesser brethren in this next stage of NWO roll-out... They are setting up Donald to shift a large and largely unwilling Jewish population to the lands of Greater Israel now being ethnically cleansed in the ZOG wars by Golem fedgovusa under the Yinon Plan."

A percipient longtime reader, Lynda, describes how Donald will usher in an era of Anti Semitism designed to transfer American Jews to Greater Israel. I reproduce an article she cites by Michael Hoffman where The New York Times practically admitted the Zionist-controlled US Government did 9-11. 

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----------- A Year Ago, Biden told US Jews that US Not will Protect Them

Disclaimer:  Although Jewish domination of the US is similar to pre-Nazi Germany, I'd be surprised to see a repeat scenario unfold in the US. But all they have to do is reveal Mossad's role in 9-11. Despite this, it would be "secret Masonry" targeting non Zionist Jews. On the other hand, Greater Isisrael has hit a wall in Syria and Iraq. I don't expect Donald Trump to be another Hitler. In fact, if he keeps half of his promises, he might be a pleasant surprise. Just because a candidate is controlled opposition doesn't mean he can't make a positive difference. Anyone is better than Hillary. 

Hi Henry,

Just read your March 5 2016 post, "Are Jews Responsible for Anti Semitism?" and it is gold.
The crypto - Trump now looks set to sweep the Republican nomination.  He is controlled opposition as you know, "the antipodes to us" to quote the Elders again.  "To control the opposition, you must lead the opposition" is a maxim of their Revolution.
That the Trump candidacy has succeeded thus far is a sign that the growing awareness and opposition to Judeo-Masonic control is now at a level where they have to set up controlled opposition.  This might be good for Big Jew securely at the helm of the NWO roll-out, but it will be disastrous for everyone else - Jewish population included.
It will even be disastrous for those Grand Worshipful doofuses, the Masons, in charge of the ordo ab chao.  In the NWO script they do not end well. 
As you know I love the old Republic and many of its ideals.  In the best years of Project America, there were many Jewish successes of which all Americans can be justly proud.  But it is another story now. The Elders need a lot of 'anti-semitism' for the management of the lesser brethren in this next stage of NWO roll-out
Just as one of the reasons the Empire of The City and its Judaic Crown set up Hitler was to move a large and largely unwilling Jewish population to Palestine, they are setting up Donald to shift a large and largely unwilling Jewish population to the lands of Greater Israel now being ethnically cleansed in the ZOG wars by Golem fedgovusa under the Yinon Plan.
Before his death in 2006, Cabbalist Rabbi Kaduri, left, put out the APB for the Jews to pack up for Israel due to upcoming natural disasters. In 2017, Donald Trump might be included among them.

In this bad movie, there are re-runs within re-runs.  The previous script well documented on your website was as follows -

Finance and organization of the Nazi Regime  in Germany as controlled opposition; population transfer of  the European Jews to Palestine, world war for the creation of the European soviet [for their NWO], check the stall of their Revolution in Russia [ rise of Stalin's nationalism ] by invasion of Mother Russia, destruction of the German nation by their Communist front [Soviet and the Allies], many sacrifices: the patriots of all nations - among these the non-Zionist Jews. 
That Trump is another  front man for NWO operations and the Rothschild/Rockefeller money is coming to light.

He is coming to power on the back of the Revelation of the Method - thank you to Michael Hoffman for this important thought tool. [See Below]


A Page from the Cryptocracy's Psychological Warfare Manual

No, this isn't a column about ectoplasm or the Fox Sisters; but the epistemology of mass suppression of spirit, soul and mind; in other words, a page from the Cryptocracy's own psychological warfare manual.

In the June 5, 2006 edition of The New York Times, there appeared on one-third of page A19, an illustrated report on the concept that the 9/11 terror attacks were US government-sponsored. The article was titled "For 9/11 Conspiracy Buffs, A Chance to Compare Notes." It was reported by Alan Feuer.

If we were not in the alchemical "Must Be" stage of the "Making Manifest of All that is Hidden" era, then this NY Times report would have never seen print, or the reporter would have merely poked fun, or suggested that 9/11 conspiracy investigators are fit mainly for the booby hatch, in the American tradition of what Richard Hofstadter sneeringly termed "paranoid style."

Nothing of the kind in this report, however. The New York Times graciously called the 9/11 investigators  "skeptics and scientists." Even the website of these dissenters was provided:

The anomaly that is the collapse of World Trade Center building 7, which was not attacked in any discernible manner, but mysteriously fell anyway, was cited rather than avoided. Also noted by the Times are incendiary topics such as the collapse of the World Trade Center towers through "controlled demolition," and the fact that "the military command that monitors aircraft 'stood down' on the day of the attacks." This is just the sort of sensitive, hidden data that ought to make the Cryptocracy squirm, unless the Cryptocracy itself approved its release for purposes of Revelation of the Method.

Physics Prof. Steven E. Jones is recognized by the NY Times as the antidote to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Report, which claims to debunk the notion that the collapse of WTC building 7 was any kind of anomaly. A long URL is furnished for Prof. Jones' rebuttal paper.

The tenor of the New York Times report is mostly respectful. It all but affirms that there's a good case for believing the US government did this to its own citizens. That's quite an astounding concession in the nation's "newspaper of record," in an article taking up one-third of page 19 in the paper's first section, under the headline "New York Report." 

The June 5 Times report is unprecedented; it should have made huge waves: Bush's press secretary should have been asked about it, Ann Coulter should have been confronted; Prof. Jones should have been on all the news networks. The New York Times should have editorialized. Instead, just a few tiny blips of reaction on the media screen and then, flatline.

I promised at the beginning of this column to take you on a foray into the control epistemology of the Cryptocracy, so here goes. The "Revelation of the Method" is a deadly weapon in the hands of the enemies of the Establishment, in those times past when the American people were possessed of an alert mind, an awakened consciousness, concentrated will-power and not too many distractions.

Today, amnesia, apathy and distractions both digital and consumer cornucopic, are all-pervasive, except when people are cued by the Establishment to become outraged, as in the outrage generated on behalf of Darfur and a few years before that, for Kosovo. This is official outrage. Unofficial, spontaneous, grassroots outrage is harder to find. 

When the New York Times, an organ of the System itself, strongly hints that the US government is complicit in the murder of thousands of its own citizens - - and as a result of this revelation there are no sustained street protests, mass rallies, riots, pickets, lawsuits, televised hearings, booing and hissing of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush and Ashcroft whenever they attend public forums; no special investigations by the newspaper and television journalists - - then murder of our spirits is taking place on a mass scale and the Cryptocracy's gamble in revealing this information, is paying off.

It is risky to reveal to the people what has been done to them by the gangster class that lords it over them. Patently, in the wake of the revelation, the risk is one of reprisal, retribution and rage by the people. But where there is little or none of that, then the Cryptocracy has tripled its hold on the minds and hearts of Americans: it has strongly hinted about the mass murder it committed on Sept. 11 and yet, there are few significant repercussions. This non-reaction tends to demonstrate that the people of the US accept, at the subliminal level of their consciousness, that their own leaders are mass murderers of their fellow citizens, and mostly what they do in return is shake it off and head to the mall.

If the Federal government succeeds in another big attack on America by means of its Islamic patsies, it could well tip our country over into military rule. Bringing the behind-the-scenes perpetrators of the first 9/11 attacks to justice, prevents the state's orchestration of a second attack, the one that most likely would lead to martial law tyranny and the eclipse of the American dream of liberty. But even after revelations in the June 5 New York Times - - replete with directions to web pages that give strong evidence of an official role in the terror attacks - - Atlas shrugs. 

This is a less-than-human response, a result of the alchemical processing of humanity, the devolution from angel to beast.

There you have it, a page from the real-time psychological warfare manual of the Cryptocracy.


First Comment by Tony B:

For a couple of years now I have been writing to anyone who will read that I have inside, totally reliable, information that, back in 1991, it was bragged by one of the Bilderberg types that, 1. "Americans are too stupid to elect the president, WE decide who will be president" (which I have been aware of for many decades) and 2. "When we put Hillary in, is when we will establish martial law."  

For some reason, unfathomable to me, no one seems to want to even ask about this revelation.  It's as though it never came up out of the memory hole.  After it occurs is too late to ask or prepare.  

Cognitive dissonance or wishful unthinking?  Whatever, it certainly fits this article.

TH Replies:
Tony B asks why no one seems interested that he's known for decades that the Elites elect the presidents and that Hillary will be president, after which martial law will be initiated. 
My answer to Tony is simply that former MK slave Cathy O'Brien said years ago she was present when George H.W. Bush promised those in the room that Bill Clinton would be president, then his own son W, followed by Hillary herself. 
O'Brien says this in one of her videos. I'm personally surprised I don't hear it discussed more often. So far, everything is playing out exactly as she claimed it would ( with the exception of Obama's election) I fully expect Hillary Clinton to be elected president very shortly. Not so sure about martial law, but some very, very strange things have already happened. Does anyone else seem aware of Hillary's inevitable rise to the White House? 

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Comments for "Will Donald Turn Up Heat on Jews?"

MG said (March 7, 2016):

My answer is simple ... No he won't be allowed to because Hillary is the hand-picked Elitist choice for President and she will win; I'm certain of that and I'd be willing to bet a million dollars in Vegas on that.

I've been analyzing US elections pretty intensely since the 2000 one and it has become quite clear to me the what the American Elite do is choose both nominees with one being there hand-picked winner and the other being a willing good loser.

This year the hand-picked winner is clearly Hillary (if she wasn't then months ago she would have started the court case of her life; Benghazi, Private Server, Clinton Foundation scandals). Now here is where it gets interesting because I think the willing good loser this year was supposed to be Jeb Bush but his campaign never really got going (I guess American's are finally tired of the Bush's). So the American Establishment are in a little bit of a pickle (because none of the other potentially willing good losers are getting to much traction: Rubio, Cruz, Kashish) hence Romney's big speech this past week.

As for Trump I think the biggest reason why they are scared of him is not because they are scared he will do much of what he is saying but because they know he's not the type of person to lose at anything. None the less if Trump wins the Republican nomination I think the Republican wing of the American Establishment will do everything possible (to the point of getting a stooge like Romney to run as a 3rd party candidate) to screw Trump and help Hillary win.

CW said (March 7, 2016):

65 years old and I have never voted in my life. I remember way back in 1970 driving thru Missouri returning from one of numerous trips to Mexico and thinking about how fortunate we are that our government wasn't as corrupt as the Mexican government. Then it hit me! I realized the US government was even more corrupt than that of our southern neighbor. So then, why vote if your vote doesn't count? And I didn't.

Did not lose interest in the government........including those of foreign countries. So all this time has passed and mostly I've been spellbound by the inability of the world's population to wake up. Well, since 911.....I's beginning to happen. I see signs of it happening much so.......I wish I would have kept a journal about it all. But here's something to think about.......although most everyone reading this will surely write me off as a quack. Maybe 2 years ago, I saw an article stating that 10% (maybe it was 30% - but no matter) of the Russian population provides 90% of that country's food. Nobody I know understands the very immense significance of this information, but I can assure you, this is the hope of humanity and it will rapidly spread as it is right now. Then.....several months ago........Putin gave a speech forbidding the use of GMO's in Russia and even promoting an increase in organic food production so that within 2 years Russia will be exporting food. I believe this is the greatest fear of the cryptocracy, or whatever label you want to use. As I mentioned.......there is so much information confirming that the world populace is waking up and if you need to develop a proper perspective on this......try reading the Anastasia books from Ringing Cedar Press, and then, sit back and watch events unfold. I think Trump is our Putin.

I think the cryptocracy is just another elite group who feel they can have it all - but there are others whose main concern is to wake us out of this slumber we're in.......and it will happen. One other thing for you who can't fathom all this: even if the cryptocracy has their way - it doesn't matter - because the environment will not sustain the type of world they want. So, no matter which way you go on this.......most of us will live to see it unfold, and in a short order. What an exciting time to be alive and witness it all!

Barry said (March 7, 2016):

For several years now, the 9/11 Truth movement has predicted that Saudi Arabia will be thrown under the bus. It’s beginning to look like Trump will do just that, in which case it will prove he is the controlled opposition. The relentless pressure on the establishment to hold a thorough investigation is not going to stop and a scapegoat is being prepared, just in case. We know who did 9/11 and the real perpetrators will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out. The consequences for them would be horrendous. On the other hand, the era of the petro dollar is coming to an end and Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the US. Expect them to take the rap for 9/11.

Dan said (March 7, 2016):

Lydia writes; "they are setting up Donald to shift a large and largely unwilling Jewish population to the lands of Greater Israel".

I've known lots suburban American Jews suffer from post traumatic meme syndrome. I understand some might find the word 'deportation' triggering. But relax: Trump said he'll deport foreigners who enter our country without going through customs or applying for Visas. He means the millions of Chicanos that have been doing that for over thirty years.

Does anybody seriously think he's talking about Jews? Please, if anyone is thinking that, they should knock off the chronic for a couple of weeks.

Fact is, it might be more plausible comparison to say Trump may be the American Netanyahu, instead of the 'new Hitler'.

Al Thompson said (March 6, 2016):

My views of the World Trade Center incident is that the buildings were blown up and the only kind of people who would have access to those kinds of explosives would be one or more governments and their agencies. Since the media is lock-step and essentially an agency of the government, they are the first line in the use of propaganda to put forth their agenda.

Back then on Sept 11, 2001, I heard that there was or were a group of Israelis jumping for joy as the WTC was attacked. Then, there was a flight out of the country for Saudi families. The military was told to stand down. Obviously, the people have never received a truthful report. But they keep going to sleep. But then there are a lot of people who are not asleep and are independently trying to figure out what happened. I do remember Trump saying that if he is elected president, he would start another investigation. I can't be sure if Trump is the real deal, but at some point, the stuff is going to hit the fan. Evil people never get away with their misdeeds and that is a part of the natural order. It may be slow in coming but it is coming.
What many researchers seem to forget that the issue of Jews and Israel needs more context. I prefer to use the words Communist Jews when referring to Jews who are evil; or Talmudic Jews. Communism is the Jews' rotten gift to the world and they own it. They've been screwing mankind for thousands of years and so there's a lot of evil that they have built up The communism is the bad fruit and that what us goyim have to put up with year after year. The income tax is the communist Jew tax.

Let's use an example of Ted Cruz who appears to be a freemason. Notice the photo with his had inside his jacket. Conservatives think he's the real deal. These conservatives continue to reach out for the false hope just as the dog returns to his own vomit. Cruz said that he would abolish the IRS. But he will still keep the income tax which is theft and it violates God's law and the natural law. Cruz is a worthless conservative and he is a proven liar. Remember, the progressive income tax is a part of the Communist Manifesto. Cruz says that he wants a flat tax, presumably on income, which is theft. All of us are getting screwed by communists, and especially by communist Jews.

The only way to fix anything is to get rid of the communism first which would mean disassembling most of the governments in the world.

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