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The Boule: US Black Elite All Illuminati Shills

April 18, 2016


During this year's Oscar ceremonies, Chris Rock admitted that to work regularly in the HollyWeird entertainment industry- black people had to be cleared through a Masonic secret society.

"Anywhere there are prominent professional Blacks, 
chances are they're in the Boule". Steve Cokely

The takeaway folks is that black society is modelled on white. 

Most political, business and cultural leaders are

 chosen on the basis of their membership in a satanic secret society. 

We all have been betrayed in the most egregious fashion.

The numbers of secret society members with their Satanic false idols touching all aspects of the daily lives of Black Folk including children is absolutely mind blowing, staggering and continues to grow. It is estimated that 70- 75% of all black male lawyers are members of the secret society- Sigma Pi Phi. Virtually every black mayor, Congressman, banker or millionaire in America are members of the secret society- the Boule.


Researcher Steve Cokely (1952-2012) is the ultimate source of the information on the Boule. You can find his lectures on YouTube. His persistent theme is that the Jewish financial elite had put a phoney black leadership class in a position of influence and wealth. Their role is to protect their sponsors and perpetuate their hegemony. Genuine leaders like MLK and Malcolm X, who forget their "place," are eliminated. Ironically, when Steve was hospitalized in 2012 he expressed fears that they would kill him in the hospital. This appears to have taken place. He was married and had three children.

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Comments for "The Boule: US Black Elite All Illuminati Shills "

DB said (April 17, 2016):

I assume that Boule is pronounced to sound like: (Boo-lay) ?

At any rate, FWIW, in the Bahasa language there is a word with that exact same pronunciation, which means white, or to be white skinned. Though the Bahasa word is spelled: Bule. It is pronounced 'Boo-lay'.

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