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Paean to My Wife

June 23, 2016

Mark reports on a secret society 
where women act like women
and men behave like men. 
Shockingly, they love each other
and are very happy.

(See Makow Comment below - Satanists attacking basic laws of nature.) 

by Mark

I am one of the very fortunate few because my wife is a stunner, and not just in looks. She's a real woman and not some money-loving narcissistic career-focused sleep around that many women are. Her idea of a career is being at home looking after her man. She loves to cook, take care of the place, loves my gorgeous german shepherd and they are best friends too. 

She loves my family and close friends, hangs about with women who are similar in their ideas (and I get on well with their husbands because they too are real MEN). They don't all use anti-social media, they meet and talk about nice things, shun violence in films, don't gossip, and all of them love to wear nice dresses and shoes, nice hair, and make up. They LOOK and ACT like WOMEN. 

My wife is still young and has not one single tattoo on her body, no pierced anything. I have never heard her use bad language, and not once have I had a row with her.

She's not perfect, nobody is, but she's as close to perfection you can find these days. She'll also get into the garden and work the plants and flowers while I do all the man work, heavy lifting and other dirty jobs. 

(Trendy modern males, aka hipster)

That's what women really want, a real man and not some confused socially engineered pussy who thinks male anatomy is something he wants inside him. I am self employed and support my wide; she stays at home and takes care of business there. I often receive comments from male friends asking how I found such a lovely person and get asked "does she have a sister?" 

I know how fortunate I am to have a loving and caring wife who looks up to her man. I am the head of the house and head of the relationship. Say that to a feminist and you'll receive a load of vile abusive speech because those idiots have no clue about what being a woman is all about. I take care of my wife and love her so much that no other woman, nobody, could even make me slightly tempted to go astray and sleep with her, not ever!


Compare this to life as a gay person. I am not hating gays at all, I just hate what they do and how now they have so many 'special rights'. 
So...I come home to Steve, he gives me a kiss and asks how my day was. There's no dinner on the table and the home looks almost and feels like a museum becauSe that feminine touch is missing (even though they act or think they act feminine they can't ever be the same as a woman.) He's also a career and money driven MAN. 

images (54).jpeg
He likely has met up with someone else who wants unsolicited sex today, at least on some phone app to see what's out there, keeping his 'options' open. We are off out later to meet more 'friends' who will likely bitch about everything, flirt like crazy with each others partners (maybe even take some back home for a group session later on.) 

Secretly we feel very empty because we know something isn't right, something is missing.. that could be the natural desire fighting in the back of our minds, the need for a WOMAN. Then we get to the very unnatural part of our evening and have sex, two males each with the exact same organs and anatomy making love, not able to create anything other than confusion. What is that really all about?

I can't imagine living with a man (excuse for one) who gets into bed with me at night, says he loves me, and no doubt like most gays sleeps around like crazy and passes on whatever disease from one person to the next. Then I can't have children, he's not going to feel the way my wife does about me, never, and I don't feel that way about him and what a strange future to think that IF it lasts you'll grow old and gay (and grey) together. 

Yep, society with its so-called 'leaders' have really screwed up what God put in place, the marriage arrangement of male and female. But say that to a lot of people and get a load of abuse, especially from feminists who even if they do believe in God will say it's not a "he" but a "She". Nice one all the leaders of the Illuminati for totally messing up peoples' minds.


There is hope but first you have to be a MAN. You have to stop looking at porn and thinking sex is all there is to a relationship. That's immediate doom if you want a long lasting and happy relationship. You have to start looking in the right places, not night clubs, dating sites, or slutty MILFS and cougars. You need a good woman with a Christian faith, yes that's right I said Christian. 

download (19).jpeg
Believe me, if a woman follows Bible principles she'll respect and love you, so long as she's true to her faith and loves God. God created us all and knows what's best so if she loves Him and is qualities, she'll love you, so long as you imitate the qualities of God. Now you're likely thinking, you need God to get a woman? 

Well no, but trust me, my wife is the only woman I have ever known who loved God. Compared to previous partners who said that was stupid and evolution is the answer for life on earth, she's by far way ahead of them. A Christian woman is humble, loving towards all, especially her man and children, does not care for the things in the world, does not want multiple partners. She does want a long lasting relationship.  Show her you are the MAN and can take the lead and you'll get back a hundred fold of woman. 

Makow comment:  Mark is describing masculinity and femininity which  reflect the fundamental active and passive principles in nature.  The Cabalist Black Magicians are inverting this basic yin yang balance in nature in order to reengineer humanity to be their servants.  The Protocols of Zion (16) state: "We will destroy every collective force but our own." This is how they destroy the nuclear family . 

I have downplayed sex but intercourse is central in male-female bonding. Intercourse is the ultimate act of surrender for a woman and possession for a man. It is based on love, exclusivity and commitment. Active-Passive = immutable bond. Vaginal orgasm is essential.  By encouraging unsatisfying homosexual hook ups and anal sex, women are being deprived of orgasms and permanent love by the Satanists who control discourse.

Also by Mark- Dawn of the Homosexual Police State
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Dan writes:

"Gay Marriage" is one of the biggest bamboozles of the century. Since the 1990's, the gay lobby targeted the demographics that didn't know anything about "gay life",  and fostered the impression that homosexuals want exactly the same kind of relationship that's instinctive between male and female.   It's another illusion generated by Hollywood, media and government - not the real thing.

I can say that because I'm sixty years old, so I remember pre-AIDS 'gay revolution' of the 1960's and 70's.   That revolution was a frontal assault.  No attempt was made to candy coat it.  The idea was to be militant and bordering on violence to force acceptance of the 'lifestyle'.  If you're too young to know it, there were huge queer enclaves in five US cities during the 1970's with hundreds of thousands of militant homosexuals gone wild until they were suddenly decimated by the AIDS epidemic of the 1980's.   That was the only thing that stopped them, and it really sent the Cultural Marxists back to the drawing board to regroup and rethink their strategy while they had to wait twenty years to rebuild their numbers.   In the meantime HIV is once again on the rise, but now there's treatment to keep them alive and active for years.   There's a media blackout on HIV and STDs.  Today the gay lobby totally controls the reporting and the discussion.

Suffice to say if Mark could imagine the "Real Gay Life" it goes like this:  a gay 'couple' is more like two frat boys that that like to go to bars to pick up girls for sex, except they're picking up males.   Two older males will hunt young males together, and typically end up going home or somewhere to pile up in an orgy. Obviously this has nothing to do with the normal impulse toward procreative family building.
In fact it's a sick joke to call it "marriage" at all.

Marco A, a painter, comments on the new 'manliness':

Today so-called men chase after things with ruthless ambition and lust. Whether this be business acquisitions or even acquisition of a new woman (just another acquisition and object to them). They are always concerned about their appearance, and like 'worldy' women (slaves to the world), always submit to the latest trends, sacrificing their independence and novelty as their own man on the altar of modern culture. 

They are foul mouthed, hardly a sentence will leave their mouths without cursing. They are cowards, always looking to their own benefit. They look you up and down if you aren't as deceived as them, and don't follow their insane dress standards, as if you were a filthy peasant, while they were royalty. They essentially think they are gods in their arrogance. In fact, many of them hate God - a God they claim they don't even believe in; perhaps that is because the knowledge that comes with this God condemns them.

And society condones all of this: This is the new 'manliness'. Even these so-called alternative outlets on the Internet, which try to market towards teaching the lost 'art' of manliness fall for this rubbish. Cosmopolitan magazines for men, I call them. They just want to make the big bucks on other peoples stupidity - another trend among men these days - making money without concern for ethics.

Work as little as possible - and make as much money as possible. 
Make money off your investments, rather than your sweat.
Have sex with all the women you can.
These are men today.

These aren't the men I knew when I grew up. Lets be clear, these 'men' aren't men. They are boys suffering from arrested development. Somewhere along the lines, their narcissism took over and they grew no further. Don't believe me? How else do you explain that men these days are more concerned with hockey pucks and footballs rather than our crumbling civilization?


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Comments for "Paean to My Wife"

CR said (June 23, 2016):

It sounds like Mark has a good relationship with his wife, but the one thing that is oddly absent from the discussion is children. We can go on and on about gays, transsexuals, or whatever the next fetish to be popularized might be but Western civilization is doomed if people don't reproduce. There are a lot of strong arguments against immigration, but without immigration the way things are going the majority of the population in most Western countries would soon be past the age of retirement and then dead in another 15-25 years. With or without immigration, we're screwed. Want to save the world? Make babies.

On a related note, take a look at this: Abortion demand 'soars' amid Zika fear
The article also says "Many governments have advised women not to get pregnant due to the risk of babies being born with tiny brains." so you can assume that there must be less women getting pregnant in the first place. Combine that with an increased number of abortions and you have a massive reduction in births. Some people have already argued that Zika was intentionally spread by those who would seek to depopulate the planet, if it wasn't then Satan must be answering their prayers. At this rate, soon there won't be any immigrants to replace the aging and dying Western world.

Al Thompson said (June 23, 2016):

hate to admit it, but in reading this article, I got very, very, jealous of Mark. I wish I had that and I could have but for the feminists influencing the women that I knew.

I've been married once and the fighting was ridiculous; usually over nothing really important. My marriage had its good moments, but those were rare thanks to feminist influences. I think feminist should go do that which is physically impossible.

Now, I don't bother dating. I'm almost 70 years old so there's no point, but I can't find a woman that I like that doesn't have piercings or tattoos. Oh, and if I can find one that doesn't have tattoos, she probably does yoga. I can't win. I'm glad to see that Mark is doing better than I have and that's an encouraging sign.

Imaging the horror of the feminists. His wife likes to stay home and cook, maybe bake cookies like Hillary Clinton didn't, doesn't use socialist media; what's there not to love.

I hope there are more women out there like Mark's wife because that's really what men want.

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