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Why Do Jews Choose Complicity?

August 11, 2016


Human Shields? 

Even though they may have no personal responsibility whatever, they will throw their bodies into the line of fire. They will defend the bankers just because they're fellow Jews. They have been trained that anti Semitism does not discriminate between innocent and guilty. But it does. Jews can opt out of the Jewish Conspiracy. They don't have to take the rap.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

What if you were born into a satanic cult but everybody said you were "God's Chosen people," instead of Lucifer's?  

What if the leaders of this cult were responsible for most for mankind's problems?  

What if they wanted to sabotage humanity in order to make it accept their domination?  In the process, they attack the four pillars of human identity -- race, religion, family and nation -- in order to re-engineer us. What if they stole a country including people's homes and farms in order to establish a capital for their world empire? 

What if they undermine the love between a man and a woman by brainwashing women to eschew marriage and family. Indeed they attack the idea of gender altogether. 

They wage war against third world countries and then let these poor people inundate first world countries while keeping Israel pristine. It's OK to build a wall around Israel but don't let the goyim try it! They sabotage religion by putting their imposters in leading roles like the Freemason Pope Francis. 

"God" has become a dirty word. God is Truth. They wish to turn Truth upside down so they can be on top. They would rule over hell rather than have to share paradise. Some socialists! 

While this satanic cult wages a vicious and destructive  war against mankind, they have so little empathy, they can't comprehend why they're disliked. They're all about creating a solipsistic reality which conforms to their self interest and perversions. They accuse their victims of "hatred" and get them expelled or fired. 

They put their agents in control of the economy, government, religion, education and culture (media) in order to prevent the people from  resisting their servitude. They censor or deny funding to anyone who threatens their hegemony and spend millions on porn and violence to distract and degrade the masses. 


Which brings us back to the original question.  We're talking about the Tribe of course. Why do so many Jews buy into the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy? Don't they know that Judaism which is defined by Kabbalah is a satanic cult? What would you do if you were a Jew? 

Things seem to be working in their favour. Jews and their Masonic go-fers enjoy a privileged position. Does this explain why the vast majority choose complicity?

The only Jews I know are members of my own family. They are in denial. They don't believe that what I describe is actually happening. Nor do they really want to hear about it or believe it even if were true.
They would sooner consider me an oddball or worse than invest a couple of hours actually researching the problem. They have bought the Jewish narrative, that Jews were innocent God-fearing people  unjustly persecuted due to "bigotry." They can't comprehend that this "persecution" was actually the defence mechanism of their victims. I think it's preferable to know why you're hated than to think it's for no reason. 

Even more dumbfounding, far from opposing the diabolical Cabalist agenda, they will defend it. Even though they have no personal responsibility, they will implicate themselves by defending the perpetrators just because they are fellow Jews. Why do they volunteer in the army of Satan? 

In many cases, they have been brainwashed to believe that evil is good. They're liberals. 

chapter-8-figure-3.jpgThey think communism and socialism are really about distributing the wealth. Children ought to be taught that same sex attraction is healthy and normal. People should use the bathrooms of whatever gender they "identify" with. Sexual profligacy is liberating. Economic migrants are refugees. Truth is unknowable and values are relative. There is no God and life makes no sense so we invent our own reality. 

Don't get me wrong. My family are fine people. They're just like other people. I love them. But they're happy to go with the flow. 

Jews in general are often smart, hard working, warm people with a sense of justice and humour. How can people who are so smart also be so stupid and venal? 

I doubt if ten percent of Jews realize the reality. But, I doubt if ten percent of all Westerners are aware of what is really happening. We were all born into a satanic cult. 

Thanks to Freemasonry, which is Jewish satanism for Gentiles, the West in general has been inducted into the same satanic cult. Television and the movies have destroyed the bases of human identity and taught degenerate dysfunctional behavior in its place. (A satanic cult controls its members by corrupting and perverting them.)  

Most of us are "Masonic Jews" in the sense that we have been inducted into the cult Sexual profligacy is the hallmark of a satanic cult.   Satanists of every ethnic background control the levers of power. So the question might well be, why are people in general complicit? Why do they buy the lies about 9-11 and Sandy Hook etc.? 


World War Two has taught us that being Jewish is not "Chosen" enough. You have to be a Sabbatean Jew (i.e. Illuminati, Masonic.) They are willing to sacrifice the others. Indeed even Masonic Jews are pawns in their megalomaniacal scheme. 

 Louis Marshall, counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb wrote another Jew in 1917. "Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan. It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."  (Louis Marshall: Champion Of Liberty: Selected Papers and Addresses, 1957, S. 721f)

The illuminati sets up an anti Jewish "antipode", Hitler and Trump. Jews are going hysterical over trump. They went hysterical over the Iran deal. But the Illuminati bankers signed off on both. Somehow they've discovered how to get their way while we think we're getting ours. Perhaps Trump's assignment is to discredit the last remnants of nation, race, religion and family. I'd love to believe he is sincere but look at his pedigree. 

Jews are just pawns in the hands of their leaders. We all are. And like pawns, we will be sacrificed if it advances the Satanist agenda. It's hard to feel sorry for people tainted by complicity, cowardice and opportunism. Better we disavow the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy now.

First Comment from A:

Wow Henry, what a great article you did today. It captured the same sense of exhaustion, frustration and anger that I feel and I could have written it myself if I was Jewish.

I have come to the same conclusion - the average Jew is complicit whether they are involved or not. While what Glenn says is true,  you can't tell me the average Jew hasn't noticed that the Fed reserve is controlled by Jews, as well as so many other things like the media which most people commonly acknowledge is thoroughly lying and corrupt. But as you said, it's just fine with them.

I had an appointment with my Jewish Dr. the other day. I got a lecture from her on how Hillary cares about women and children, she'll make a great president , she'll be the first woman president,  ( I could care less ) and how all the corruption charges against her are all just republican lies.

I can't believe such and otherwise intelligent person could be so unbelievably dumb, or should I say willingly ignorant. When I only weekly objected I got interrupted and told to " stop it , just stop it !" That was repeated about 5 times more as she talked over me.

The only reason I kept my mouth shut is because I need her services. But I wanted to tell her she was a moron. I don't know of any gentile Dr. who would have the audacity to bring up politics while I am paying for a visit and then proceed to lecture me and become agitated in the process. (BTW I had another Jewish doctor keep me in a room for 2  hours while he talked about how what great things Israel does, like taking the Jets we give them and changing them around so they are more efficient)

Anyway she exhausted me and the only thought I had after I was able to leave was, what an arrogant, ignorant, crazy horse's ass. And because of people like her, that is why we are all going to get screwed.

Glen writes:

  "They would sooner consider me an oddball or worse than invest a couple of hours actually researching the problem."

  The above sentence says it all, being Jewish or Gentile it matters not. I spent my early years being dragged to a Christian church three times a week and believe me when I say they are no different than their Jewish brethren. The people who attend the venue of their choice are there mostly there for the sake of appearances. They are there to impress others or to try to convince themselves they are "good people". It has nothing at all to do with the search for the truth.

  When a sheep strays and dares to start thinking for himself he soon becomes a problem not only to the shepherd but to the flock itself. As long as the truth seeker keeps his mouth shut he will be ok. Lord help him if he dares to speak up and question what he has been taught about "Gods chosen people" and why we must defend Israel at all cost when what they are doing in Palestine is no different than what Hitler did to them.

  If you dare point out 9/11 was a Mossad operation carried out with the help of the neo-cons in the American government you risk a verbal beating the likes of which you have never seen. You will never be spoken to again by almost every one in that congregation.


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Comments for "Why Do Jews Choose Complicity?"

AC said (August 13, 2016):

When I mentioned the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to my Zionist, duel Israeli-American citizen brother, he hit the roof. It was like a red-flag to a raging bull or swastika to a Jew.

"Anyone who endorces such an anti Semitic propaganda tome -- what ever his background -- even if he himself is a Jew who lost his grandparents to the Nazis in the last war -- IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!", he scolded, sparing me the label of "anti Semite", but none-the-less pouring out his pity upon me for being such a poor, misguided "self hating Jew".

Yeah right, that makes a lot of sense: not wanting to take the rap, out of a sense of self-preservation, stemming from self love, for a Satanic cult, claiming to represent you, out to enslave Humanity in a Brave New World Order Prison Planet is equated with self hatred, whilst lambs to the slaughter worshipping at the feet of those same wolves in sheep's clothing posing as saviours, is self love?

Everything in this up-side-down New World Order is its polar opposite.

Mikael said (August 12, 2016):

thanks for this article. It gives me a piece of the puzzle. Taken together with Jews: The Unloved People it increased my knowledge and I really want to understand my enemies. How would I otherwise be able to defeat them. What I still do not understand is from where all this hate come. Is it taught by the rabbis? Is it genetic? Or is there something I not grasped yet.

We have some intelligent people in Sweden, eg Peter Krabbe and Lars Bern, who reason well about NWO but when it comes to understand the most important pillar, who is behind, they dare not draw their reasoning/conclusions to its end. They seem to be afraid of the truth. This bewilders me. The worst thing that may happen is that the enemy sends a death patrol. Where have the vikings gone or should I say what has happened with the proud children of Doggerland.

I try my best to educate people in Sweden and I am not as kind as you - I force my education on them with personal emails. The group has grown to approximately 300 individuals and it will expand with another thousand as soon as I have finished my lecture series of genocides - Armenia, Ukraine, Germany (and I mean the germans killed after the war), South Africa, the white genocide and last the Swedish genocide. The letter to come is about South Africa and the Swedish involvement in this genocide. I guess you know that the Swedish government sent money to ANC.

It is tough to read about all the atrocities and evilness to be able to bring forward the truth. But someone has to do it. So why not me.



My sense is that the hate is founded in the leadership and initiated Jews. I don't think the majority is aware of the big picture.


Allen said (August 12, 2016):

Thankyou for a precise-concise-and well-expressed
writing on the playing out of all the obvious.

Many of my relatives were jews-and they were not at all inclined to the Most High.

As a child I called out to the Most High asking why was it so bad all the time....and in this season Yah has shown me and given me understanding.

Once again, I express sincere gratitude and appreciation to your talent of composing and editing-

and putting ' sign posts ' to many who long for TRUTH
......Thank you, Henry.

LC said (August 12, 2016):

A truly superb article, and an exceptionally clear analysis and exposition -- concise, explicit and provocative.

Doug P said (August 12, 2016):

Its not only Jews that are part of this conspiracy. Many professionals consider themselves nihilists as well. I suppose that it is materialism that underlies these beliefs but with one nihilist I know, I guess that it is witnessing too much cruelty in her family. She believes herself to be above responsibility.

I think that it is Jewish in philosophy and in name but not in actuality. I bet there are more non Jew materialists involved and simply go along for its favors, trading happiness for pleasure. They will be on the racks when everything comes to a close. Solzhenitsyn was a true believer and a high ranking member of the military before they put him on the racks.

Pure logic tells us that the non Jew will be on the racks. Its reasonable to think that they would be wreckers and torture will lead to how they were wreckers and to identify more.

We value IQ over wisdom. In fact we are unconscious of wisdom and how exceptionally stupid the so called "smart" people can be. It warps the mind, as our money system does. Doctors have told me that doctors are very dumb when it comes to this. Attorneys must see it, they see our system of laws and how that is changing, how juries are brainwashed into taking instruction from judges.

I wish some "smart" people would read the first fifty or so pages of Gulag Archipelogo. It's their future if everything goes according to plan. They don't want people who know how it was done to be around, nor will they need smart people, except those who do only one thing well and can force ignorance upon themselves wrt everything else.

Anon said (August 12, 2016):

Interesting -- and depressing -- article. I clicked on the link in the text under the sentence "Sexual prolificacy is the hallmark of a satanic cult" and it took me to another of your articles about some Jewish authoress of books for teenagers, published nearly forty years ago. She was a real piece of Sabbatean garbage, dead and certainly in Hell now (thank God), who made money peddling sexually explicit depravity to America's youth. But where's the outrage? What is wrong with parents who go along with these devils and their sick plans to degrade and debauch their own children? People hate pederasts. Why not hate these worthless perverts? They're at least as harmful to kids as pederasts, yet they're fĂȘted for their wickedness.

I've had enough of all this nonsense that says hate is wrong: when directed at the architects of evil, hate is absolutely right. Even God expresses hatred towards people at certain points in the Bible. ...Are Westerners so much more compassionate than God? Or are Westerners simply complacent and indifferent towards this rising tide of wickedness...?

Larry said (August 11, 2016):

What if the Jews were God's Chosen people, to bring Godliness into the world? What if the Torah was given as a moral bedrock for the entire world? What if the Jews were responsible for keeping the world in existence by observing the Torah? What if the Jews were a miraculous holy people by virtue that Sarah was barren, and through a Godly miracle, became fertile at an advanced age? What if the Torah was the actual word of God Almighty, Blessed be He, and hardly the cause of any satanic process - except by the wicked and misled? Can you look at this option? Why not put an article written by a Torah scholar, who studies with the proper awe of God? Can you look at the other side of the coin for just five minutes, instead of encouraging your readers to bash Judaism, or leave it, if they're already in it? There's enough Jew-hatred and ignorance of our religion in the world without you. From one Jew to another, I felt I had to write this, and just maybe, I can bring your soul to proper observance of our faith. At least, get the right picture of it.



A people are judged by what they do, not by what they pretend to espouse. If you were correct, the world would be a paradise instead of torn by strive and suffering.


Sid Green said (August 11, 2016):

Great article. I like the part about the modern idea of life having no meaning and us making our own meaning, a.k.a Existentialism. This is basically part and parcel of the kabbalist doctrine. It is also the basis of Judaism.

There is an aspect even more "dumbfounding". When you research the actual Kabbalah, a lot of it is just math and proto science and philosophy. When it gets to good and evil, it's the Rabbis who claim that good is just another side of evil. Even the basic concepts of Kabbalah don't lead to this conclusion, but it's the position the Rabbis took so it is the position of Judaism.

The Jewish tradition in Kabbalah is to analyze a bunch of proto scientific information and then choose the wrong side. They look at a table of 1-10 and say look, evil is part of the creation of God, it must be good. Only if you purposely interpret it that way. Cabalists aren't even basing the Satanism on real "Cabalah, they are simply evil and willfull Satanists and evildoers. (Illuminati are Luciferian). Judaism is the modern religion of secularism. Today's nihilist attitude is Judaism manifested among Goys. It's a religion that says bad is ok and bad is good. That's a problem.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at