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My Short Romance With the "alt right"

September 1, 2016

Pepe Pinochet.jpg

(left, Pepe the frog is the mascot  of the alt right. Here Pepe Pinochet drops leftists into the sea from helicopters.) 

The "alt right" movement is a reaction against political correctness and the Judeo Masonic (Communist) agenda.

Pete Nesbitt found its irreverence refreshing
but as the Pepe mascot suggests, he discovered an ugly underside. 

"It's not a "hate group." They are just tired of being the target of hate from the other side, so they are giving it back in kind.
...for a couple of weeks I was a true believer!"

By Pete Nesbitt

First the good, then the not so good, then the ugly.  That's the format of this article and also how my three-week excursion into the depths of the trendy, fascinating but ultimately disappointing "AltRight."

A Trump supporter, I was impressed by how he had stolen the Republican presidential nomination from the GOP establishment, mainly by using Twitter. For months, he generated headlines day after day by sending out 144-character tweets whose outrageous tone earned him generous coverage in all the major media. 

The Tweets cost him nothing and were Trump's primary tool in vanquishing 16 highly qualified opponents, most of whom outspent him -- some by as much as 100 to one. Before long I was following a trail of inflammatory pro-Trump tweets that led me to the AltRight community. Excited at my discovery, I opened a Twitter account using a comedic name and a cartoon face, the AltRight being a "safe space" for irreverent anonymity.


The good: The AltRight makes AlterNet and other formerly edgy liberal outlets read like an old lady's Bingo card by comparison. Its hive mind is merciless in shredding opponents, which include social and political totems as well as the occasional liberal tweeter foolhardy enough to venture into their turf. It calls out feminism, diversity, mass immigration and any other form of liberal shibboleth as scams in the most uncompromising, often vicious terms .

It unabashedly and often humorously lionizes Hitler, Mussolini and other right-wing dictators and jokes irreverently about ovens, gas chambers and mass extermination, presumably as an antidote to the left's relentless and tiresome 24/7 media campaign against Christianity, nationalism, race, masculinity and the nuclear family.

Much of the AltRight assumes that the history of WWII was written by the victors and therefore is not only suspect but 100% wrong. In their view, (shared by a cadre of online historical revisionists) the good guys of history were bad and the bad guys were good.

The AltRight doesn't dilute its message, but stays focused on a limited set of issues, very effectively hammering them again and again and again, often with outrageous humour. The nationalist AltRight is way funnier than the globalist left, by any measure. There is a genuine sense of community in the AltRight, shared by men and women who obviously care deeply about these issues and greatly value the discovery that they are not alone.

AltRight tweeters deconstruct Islam without compunction, documenting the faith's obscure scriptural references to killing infidels, marrying children and the like and illustrating their points with graphic images of radical Islamic terrorism. They also wage robust war against Islam's perceived enslavement of women, as characterized by the hijab.

The AltRight regularly showcases, to inspiring effect, forgotten masterpieces of White cultural achievement, including paintings, sculptures and poetical and philosophical gems.

The community serves as an excellent news source. I did not read a single online newspaper the whole time I was an AltRight tweeter and my compadres, with their clips, quotes and memes, kept me better informed than ever.

The AltRight empowers and encourages its young men to be courageous and physically and mentally fit and to stand up for their women, their racial integrity and their homeland. This I admire a great deal.

Most significantly to my mind, the AltRight has pushed the White Genocide narrative into the mainstream, where it belongs. Globally, Whites of European heritage are indeed a minority and the Jewish-owned mainstream press never tires of heralding their impending extinction. This is not racist theory; these are facts that White people need to confront, even if they choose to do nothing about it.

The not so good: 

There is little deconstruction of current events. After HRC delivered her much-anticipated AltRight speech on August 25, the AltRight was so busy congratulating itself on being in the spotlight that they missed the event's most obvious inconsistencies. Why did HRC plug the AltRight in the first place? 

And why did she single out Alex Jones of Infowars for a plug that was surely the highlight of his career?  Maybe it's just too hard to deconstruct things in 144 characters, but I found the community's navel-gazing response to the speech extremely disappointing.

Along the same lines, when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem to protest Black oppression, the AltRight predictably ganged up on the QB for being anti-White. No one but me thought to check out the identity of his agent (pro athletes do what their agents tell them to do). Sure enough, his agent is Jason Bernstein, consistent with one AltRight narrative that the Jews foment Black-White hatred. My tweets pointing the finger at Bernstein were ignored, drowned out by the knee-jerk cacophony of anti-Kaepernick odium.

And then it got ugly: After three weeks of excitement quickly turning to disillusionment, I decided it would be interesting to toss a few ideologically suspect tweets into the mix, to see what would happen. I hit a nerve when I tweeted a photo showing Mussolini's corpse after he was beaten by a mob in Milan.

"Communist scum" tweeted GrimReaper, referring to those who killed Il Duce.

"The outcome of war. Winners and losers." I replied.

That was it; that was all it took. GrimReaper unleashed a torrent of abuse at me, accusing me of disrespecting Il Duce, and immediately reported me to a half-dozen AltRight troll-reporting hashtags with names like #trollalert and #scum. Rather than defend myself from the impending onslaught, I deleted my entire tweet history, leaving my account open just to check on the movement from time to time.


I highly recommend a tour of the AltRight for anyone who hasn't been there. Wear your seatbelt; it's a wild but entertaining ride, unlike anything you've read before. The easiest way to get started is go to the hashtag #AltRightMeans and there you'll find hundreds of AltRight accounts to follow. One of the funniest is a wise guy named Spectre.

You'll need a glossary; they have their own Twitter lingo. The online Urban Dictionary provides definitions.

Good luck if you go, but remember: the AltRight has its own code of what's politically correct and what isn't, and transgressors shall be banished to the ovens!

First Comment from Timothy Fitzpatrick

Good evening, Henry.

Hillary Clinton naming Alex Jones was all the proof anyone needed that the Left was setting up their alternative right strawman (easily defeatable opponent). It's not a coincidence that all the alt-right talking points are bouncing back and forth between the usual gatekeepers: Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice, Roger Stone, and Donald Trump (remember limited hangout when he accused Jihadists of dancing on rooftops when the Twin Towers fell, when it was actually Israelis doing this). Clinton naming Jones was scripted for her by her handlers as an attempt to further homogenize the right, the same way the CIA used the National Review to achieve the same. The entire thing is theatre. Now it seems that anyone of prominence on the right is showing up on Infowars as a guest, be it Farage, Milo Yiannopoulos, or Trump himself. This should stink to high heaven to anyone with any sense of wakefulness.

Timothy Fitzpatrick (

Anthony Migchels writes:

Nice perspective on the alt-right. Here's some more:

- The Alt-Right has many good points about race, but they go overboard: many of them are outright social darwinists (hence Hitler's popularity), a vicious ideology that I resent profoundly. People of Spirit reject it in favor of the brotherhood of man, which does not at all imply that whites need to surrender their countries and racial integrity, but does require us to see our brethren as same in the Spirit.

- Making everything about race ignores the bigger issues. For instance the fact that we are all complete slaves to Usury and its gory off spring (States and Big Business).

- Because they hate Islam so much (which is silly, considering what the West has been up to over the last few centuries, or when you compare the Old Testament to the Qur'an (the former is even much worse than the latter), they are a little too happy to buy all the Mossad/CIA's rather transparent Gladio operations. Surely most of them realize 9/11 was an inside job, but this does not jive well with their Islam narrative, which is why the Alt Right cannot be considered Truth Movement material.

- What I like best about the Alt Right is the people themselves. Working/lower Middle Class white guys, who have been severely mauled by the Jewish war on them. Their grievances are quite real and legitimate, and they're usually bright guys, fun to hang around with. Their anti PC tone of voice is funny and refreshing.

- What saddens me is that they all love Trump. Trump will trounce Hillary at the elections (her implosion the last year is remarkable, and probably intended to drive the voters to Trump), but he has very little to offer to the working class, and his Zionism, pro Police State positions, and aggressive stance on Iran are very troubling.

He will royally screw them all over, but most in the Alt Right are still very naive and apparently need this lesson.

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Comments for "My Short Romance With the "alt right""

Chad said (September 5, 2016):

For Mr. Nesbitt,

You need not feel bad being attacked by other commenters on “AltRight” sites. Side note: I’d never heard of “AltRight” until Leftist websites used that term. Why participate in the vernacular nonsense? Don’t feed the animals and don’t give it legs.

In mentioning being attacked by this group for not agreeing, the same goes for the Leftist and Liberal sites. Don’t dare promote anti-vaccine views or anything that will be perceived as being against all the evil creations of science. Don’t comment against global warming. You’ll get attacked. Oh yeah! Don’t forget to not make any statements not support official stories about false flag attacks. These were the same rules while Bush was in the White House. So long as you’d toe the party line, you won’t catch any flak. Currently, it’s the Left and “Alt-Left” who defends the party messages.

In terms of the Right, yes, I’ve had that problem too. In mentioning Alex Jones, at one point, I had been blocked from commenting on Infowars. I suppose his site moderators didn’t like it when what I had to say hit a little too close to home. My statement to their tech support was that I delivered my message no differently than Alex Jones himself and that you have to be able to take the medicine you deliver. Soon after getting their attention in that they blocked me, they lifted that restriction.

Who cares about the other commenters. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Since I don’t align myself with anything other than truthseeking, I really don’t care about what others have to say. After all, they don’t pay my bills or cook my meals. Of course, it’s nice when people agree but disagreements are where the action is. But again, do we have time for Internet wars and being armchair generals and keyboard commandos. If a person is that wrapped up in it, I say, step away from the computer and go for a walk.

Align yourself with the truth and any alt-left/right/upside down/bottom side will be irrelevant. Don’t expect a pat on the head every time you make a comment. Just enjoy being able to participate. And remember, “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

T said (September 2, 2016):

the “alt right” is just a madeup buzzword by the democrats to try discredit Trump supporters, with the usual propaganda comparisons to hitler, racists, etc. This is why killary’s only campaign method now is to bash the trump side with these buzzwords in the hope that ppl will become disillusioned and go to her by default, like sanders hoped all his supporters would defect to the killary camp.

Also, as another example to show this point: All the agitators at trump rallies were proven to either be sanders supporters (which now support killary), or undercover agents to again try discredit trump supporters. The CIA have a history of pretending to be the enemy to discredit them going back all the way to the teaparty incident where they dressed up as native Indians to give the colonists an excuse to kill them and claim they were just acting in self defense. Or how they dressed up a CIA agent as an Islamic terrorist that had “weapons of mass destruction” as excuse to invade Iraq, even despite also being proved to be a complete lie and setup.

Doug P said (September 1, 2016):

believe the alt-right to be purely reactionary and not possessing any central ideology besides "I want" and "I don't want". In this case the basis for the "I want" the preservation of Christian ideals such as separation of powers, equality before the law, and the Trinity is not present because it has been forgotten. What made America great is its English Jurisprudence which was in turn based on the philosophy of Christ. This Judeo-Christian ethic nonsense was unknown at the time of the founding fathers. They fully understood Jewish opposition to Christian philosophy - best explained in the Eclipse Of Reason (can be found as free PDF).

Without a central guiding ideology, the philosophy of freedom, Christianity, it can be corrupted and lost. This is why I made my movie, Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience. I cannot recommend Kant's book on religion: Religion Within The Bounds Of Mere Reason. It entirely changed my outlook and converted my to Christianity.

Kurt said (August 31, 2016):

The name ‘Alt-Right’ is fluid at this point and is being redefined by the Left to include controversial groups so they can smear the whole movement with their ‘racist’ slime.
The original meaning, in my mind, was an alternative to the Establishments’ ‘Neo-Con’ takeover of the Conservative movement and The Republican Party in the 1990’s.
If you want the true ‘Alt-Right’ read V-Dare at:
VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform
Lydia Brimelow of, writes: Welcome, all new visitors who may have found as a result of the media frenzy around the Alt-Right.

They believe, as I do, that White Christians of European decent have a right to advocate for their own interests like every other sub-group.

Tyron said (August 30, 2016):

Pretty good write up on the Alt Right and pretty accurate.

In defense of the Alt Right and their intolerance of dissent one must understand a few things.

The Political Spectrum has steadily been moving left for well over 100 years and we are now at the point where the universal natural law has been completely flipped on it's head. If this is allowed to continue, not only will it bring about the extinction of the white race, but by extension, the human race as a whole. The Jews have been behind this to the extreme by mercilessly pushing the left (Marxism/Talmudism) while propping up false opposition to it on the right.

Thus, in order to reverse this, the Alt Right has been organically formed to shift the Overton Window. The OW is the realm in which political speech is acceptable to the masses and by us giving no apologies, no mercy and tolerating no dissension is our ranks we have succeeded in shifting the political currents by hammering our way into the mainstream.

We tolerate no dissension because we refuse to be divide and co-opted by the 'Jews" and their lackeys. Believe me when I say the Alt Right has every category of political rightist and religious beliefs; Christian, Agnostic, Pagan, Atheist and so on. But we have all agreed on certain principals that affect us all to turn the table on the "Jews" and their cohorts that can be summed up as follows.

The person who would have the most amount of recognized rights in the Western World would be a Rich, Black, Jewish, Handicapped, Lesbian, Communist, Non American Citizen, and if they have a hair lip they'd get extra brownie points.

The people who have the least amount of recognized rights would be a Poor, White, Able Bodied,Heterosexual, American Born, Christian (or Rightist), Male.

Thus we promote the interests of our poor over the wealthy, whites over non whites, the able bodied and beautiful over the ugly and unhealthy, heteros over homos, the natural born over the invaders, rightists (And cultural Christian norms) over anything on the left as well as masculinity and true women-hood over feminism.

We never squabble about our natural differences when it comes to religion or not but have rather agreed to lock arms on defending our people's history/culture and accomplishments in the most aggressive, no holds bared, uncompromising way to secure our peoples, our nations future and by virtue of this, everyone else's (except for the enemies of our peoples).

Carl said (August 30, 2016):

Who are these alt right people that think the greatest Zionist who ever lived is a hero? Is it not obvious that Hitler:

1) Forever ended Caucasians ability to have pride in their race in the form of groups/assembly.

2) Followed the advice of T. Herzl and killed so many Jews, many of them innocent non Zionists, and stole their money, creating the (greatest) pretext for a Zionist homeland.
"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends".[6][7]Herzl

3) Refused to bomb key British targets and showed piss poor military strategy, like a two fronts war at the wrong time. Failed to deploy cutting edge technology developed by Viktor Shauberger until it was too late.

4) The mainstream media has admitted he didn't die in the bunker, proving he was one of the banker's stooges because they let him go after he destroyed Germany.

5) Does the alt right like brown eyed half breeds? I thought they had the pure blood M.O.?

Conclusion: So many people are so easily duped that even the ones who figure something out are herded into false hope/opposition groups who believe people like Mussolini are positive historical figures. The question here really is (future Henry Makow article). Why are people so stupid?

Robert K said (August 30, 2016):

Pete Nesbitt must be a young man if he is as yet unaware of how many of these "right-wing" movements are controlled opposition operations whose real purposes are to associate resistance to centralization with extremism, to gather intelligence on people in society who are disaffected, to distract people from the defects in the financial system that underlie most of our problems and fears, and to further the "divide and conquer" agenda by riling groups up against each other.

Pete replies:

I am 64 and and a retired investigative journalist. I did not mention the controlled opposition aspects of the AltRight for the simple reason that infiltration is everywhere so why bother mentioning it. Most of the AltRight seems sincere.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at