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"The Coming Jewish Reign" - Dostoyevski 1877

September 19, 2016


(Left, Fyodor Dostoyevski, 1821-1881, is considered one of Russia's greatest novelists.)

In 1877, Fyodor Dostoyevski said the goal of Judaism was "to exterminate the rest [of mankind], or make slaves of them, or exploit them." This, of course, is the real reason for antisemitism. His prophecy is coming true. The West is now a proxy for Masonic Jewish central banker world domination. 

When these bankers gained the power to create the medium of exchange (currency, i.e. credit) in the form of a debt to them, it doomed humanity to enslavement. Inevitably, they would consolidate this scam by leveraging it into a monopoly over everything (Communism, NWO.) This demented megalomania found in Cabalist/Talmudic Jewish teaching is the real cause for most war and terror. Only a small segment of Jews and Masons are actively involved.

But most of us (including Jews) cannot see what Dostoyevski saw 140 years ago. When WWIII begins, we should know the real reason we and our children are going to die.

"... it is not for nothing that over there the Jews are reigning everywhere over stock-exchanges; it is not for nothing that they control capital, that they are the masters of credit, and it is not for nothing - I repeat - that they are also the masters of international politics, and what is going to happen in the future is known to the Jews themselves: their reign, their complete reign is approaching !" (p. 650).

by Fyodor Dostoyevski

A Writer's Diary, 1877 p. 645

(Excerpt by

Mankind's last word on this great tribe is still to come. However, without fathoming the essence and depth of the subject, it is possible to outline, at least, certain symptoms of that status in statu, [state within a state Jews maintain] - be it only externally. These symptoms are: alienation and estrangement in the matter of religious dogma; the impossibility of fusion; belief that in the world there exists but one national entity - the Jew, while, even though other entities exist, nevertheless it should be presumed that they are, as it were, nonexistent.

"Step out of the family of nations, and form your own entity, and thou shalt know that henceforth thou art the only one before God; exterminate the rest, or make slaves of them, or exploit them. Have faith in the conquest of the whole world; adhere to the belief that everything will submit to thee. Loathe strictly everything, and do not have intercourse with anyone in thy mode of living. And even when thou shalt lose the land, thy political individuality, even when thou shalt be dispersed all over the face of the earth, amidst all nations, - never mind, have faith in everything that has been promised thee, once and forever; believe that all this will come to pass, and meanwhile live, loathe, unite and exploit, and - wait, wait...."

Such is the essence of that status in statu, and, in addition, there are, of course, inner and, perhaps, mysterious laws guarding this idea.

You say, gentlemen - educated Jews and opponents - that all this is certainly nonsense, and that even if there be a status in statu (i.e., there has been, but at present, according to them, only the dimmest traces of it remain), it is solely because persecution has brought it about; religious persecution since the Middle Ages, and even earlier, has generated it, and that this status in statu came into existence merely from the instinct of self-preservation. However, if it continues, especially in Russia, it is because the Jew has not yet been given equal rights with the native population.


But this is how I feel: should the Jew be given equal rights, under no circumstance would he renounce his status in statu. Moreover, to attribute it to nothing but persecution and the instinct of self-preservation - is insufficient. Besides, there would not have been enough tenacity in store for self-preservation during forty centuries; the people would have grown weary of preserving themselves for so long a time. Even the strongest civilizations in the world have failed to survive half of the forty centuries, losing their political strength and racial countenance. 

Here it is not only self-preservation that constitutes the main cause, but a certain compelling and luring idea, something so universal and profound that on it, as stated above, mankind is perhaps still unable to utter its last word. That we are here dealing with something of a pre-eminently religious character - there can be no doubt. That their Providence, under the former, initial name of Jehovah, with his ideal and his covenant, continues to lead his people toward a firm goal - this much is clear. Besides, I repeat, it is impossible to conceive a Jew without God. 

Moreover, I do not believe in the existence of atheists even among the educated Jews: they all are of the same substance, and God only knows what the world has to expect from the educated Jews! Even in my childhood I have read and heard a legend about Jews to the effect that they are supposed to be undeviatingly awaiting the Messiah, all of them, both the lowest Yiddisher and the highest and most learned one - the philosopher and the cabalist - rabbi; that they all believe that the Messiah will again unite them in Jerusalem and will bring by his sword all nations to their feet; that this is the reason why the overwhelming majority of the Jews have a predilection but for one profession - the trade in gold, and at the utmost - for goldsmithery; and all this, so it is alleged, in order, that, when Messiah comes, they should not need to have a new fatherland and to be tied to the land of aliens in their, the Jews' possession, but to have everything converted into gold and jewels, so that it will be easier to carry them away when

The ray of dawn begins to shine:

Our flute, our tabor and the cymbal

Our riches and our holy symbol

We will bring back to our old shrine,

To our old home - to Palestine.

All this - I repeat - I heard as a legend, but I believe that the substance of the matter unfailingly is there, in the form of an instinctively irresistible tendency. But in order that such a substance of the matter might be preserved, it is, of course, necessary that the strictest status in statu be preserved. And it is being preserved. 


Thanks to Peter Myers for transcribing Fyodor Dostoevski on the Coming Jewish Reign - "their Complete Reign" 

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First Comment from TP in China:

Just a note, that is worth mentioning.  What impresses me about the Jews is how many of them there are.  Here in America, at least 10 million.  They are everywhere, and own probably a third of the country.   But when I travelled to Latin America and lived there, it was the same.  Jews everywhere, and the owners there too.  The locals will tell you, the Jews own everything here.  In Asia it was the same.  A lot of Jews in the Phillipines, and they own maybe a third of it, and they control the television there, through their control of American cable, which is where the Filipino networks make their money.  In China, the number of Jews is really shocking.  I was not prepared for that.   But they have been there over a thousand years.  They are all over the place in China now,  running business.  I was surprised to hear Chinese telling me, the Jews own everything here.   It is not true in China, but they own a lot, and there are a lot of Jews there.  Enough so that that the Chinese feel like the Jews are running the place.

I don't know how many Jews there are.  But I know, the official figures are far too low.  This is not a new thing.  There are surely at least 100 million worldwide, and they are reproducing quite well, especially the black ones, who are also the most observant and evil Jews.  I grew up with secular Jews, they were my friends, but the black ones are very different.  They would never consider being a friend of mine.  

LIke the Anglican prayer book says, God works his will as well in war as in peace.  WW III has already started.  First the little wars, then the big one.  We are well into it.  The Phillipines is switching sides even now.  Japan is teetering.  France may peel off in the next election.  Washington seems unable to win even little wars.  It looks like a loser for them.   The Jews will pay and pay a lot in the aftermath, but as always they will survive, you will survive.  But you already knew that.


 Grond rolls on.  Thank you again for your research and your global post grad seminar on the "mystery of iniquity" to use the Biblical phrase.  For centuries, those who had access to publishing struggled with litigation and organised suppression of this subject and especially on it organisation.  The Church laboured to 'tear the mask off Freemasonry' and get portions of the Talmud related discussions into the public domain - but now it is coming together. 


The same enterprise Beaverbrook acknowledged is going full tilt on the destruction of native White populations of Europe by means of money/usury predations, LBGTQ revolution, open borders / migrant invasions, white privilege education. And, of course, WWIII is shaping up along the same lines Lord Beaverbrook saw.


Andrew Joyce Ph.D is profiling it on twitter for easy ref.


They think that they have it in the bag.  That is why they can allow and even contribute to  the Revelation of the Method.  This is still a huge gamble and it may not pay out.  But the Revolution (1789) did not accede to its global totalitarian phase (Communism) without  huge gambles all along the way.  They have put it all in and they could still lose - if their opposition occupies the ground and puts truth and love into action on a daily basis.   I myself am taking a young white privilege educator to lunch at my parish next week and meeting with the home school organizers.  Here in Australia WPE  still has a Gentile window dressing but it is fast changing and the Jewish Gramscians are moving in on the Gentiles who have bought this schtick.  And I see Lord of the Rings memes exploding all over the NET.


What is the hasbara going to do -  troll the Eye of Sauron designations which are self-evidently outed  ?


The Elders acknowledge they don't have a protocol for individual initiatives of genius and flair.  Keep rubbing it in.  We may all laugh together yet. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""The Coming Jewish Reign" - Dostoyevski 1877"

Al Thompson said (September 19, 2016):

While writings have some value, they still need to reflect the truth. The truth is that most Jews think they are better than everyone else. They think their shit don't stink. How can this be when they act like idiots? The real proof is in their actions. I understand that the Bolsheviks in Russia were 85% Jewish. Many of the well-to-do libtards in the US are Jews. A Jew wrote The Communist Manifesto and they participate in the power structures in government far more than their actual proportion of the general population. Most Jews are anti-social screw-ups.

These are the facts. I don't know of any group of people in the history of mankind that has been thrown out of so many countries because of their poor behavior. The Jews can call it racism all day long, but the facts show that their behavior comes from a "deplorable basket" of miscreants. The Talmud is one of those writings that I refuse to read due to its depravity.

JJ said (September 19, 2016):

Dostoyevsky is my favorite writer of fiction. Russian, Christian, yet not without his demons (gambling, epilepsy, debt), he somehow just says it for me. "The Idiot" is my personal favorite, and it's personal for a few reasons, one being that it's not one of his generally acknowledged classics.

I also like Celine, some Mark Twain, but I read The Bible primarily these days, as well as Biblical related writings. Why am I telling you this? The reason is, it seems to me, even though I'm no Lit Major, that ALL writers up to WW2 were "rabid anti-semites." All of 'em! Ernest Hemmingway, even, what with the annoying Jew character in "The Sun Also Rises."

Point I'm trying to make is that WW2 really was the big victory for Jews, Zionism and the NWO. Publishing would never be the same. Literature would never be the same. Though books by those authors are still on the shelves, their "anti-semitic" writings are pretty well buried. And I'm no WW2 scholar, in fact the subject kind of bores me, because war bores and sickens me. But WW2 was obviously the Big Kahuna for the Jews in more ways than one, and that's a casual observation from a literary standpoint.

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