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Trump will Win -- But is he the "Real Deal?"

October 27, 2016


Where have I seen this before? 
Hitler was false opposition and 
I am afraid Trump is too.
But false opposition is better 
than none at all.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

I believe Donald Trump
will win the Presidential election November 8. However, as I will explain later, I am hesitant to think that his victory will be a setback for the New World Order.

I agree with Michael Moore who eloquently predicts the majority of American voters will deliver a big Fuck You to the political establishment:

"Donald Trump came to the Detroit Economic Club and stood there in front of the Ford Motor executives and said, 'If you close these factories as you're planning to do in Detroit and build them in Mexico, I'm going to put a 35 percent tariff on those cars when you send them back. And nobody's gonna buy them.' It was an amazing thing to see. No politician, Republican or Democrat, had ever said anything like that to these executives. And it was music to the ears of people in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the Brexit states...

Michael-Moore-.jpegAnd on November 8th, Election Day - although they've lost their jobs, although they've been foreclosed on by the bank, next came the divorce and now the wife and kids are gone, the car has been repo'd, they haven't had a real vacation in years, they're stuck with the shitty Obamacare Bronze plan where you can't even get a fucking Percocet - they've essentially lost everything they had. ...

So on November 8th, the dispossessed will walk into the voting booth, be handed a ballot, close the curtain and take that lever, or felt pen, or touch screen and put a big fucking X in the box by the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives. Donald J. Trump. They see that the elites, who ruined their lives, hate Trump. Corporate America hates Trump. Wall Street hates Trump. The career politicians hate Trump. The media hate Trump - after they loved him and created him and now hate him. Thank you, media. The enemy of my enemy is who I'm voting for on November 8th.

Yes, on November 8th, you, Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Bill Blow, Billy Bob Blow, all the Blows - get to go and blow up the whole God damn system because it's your right. Trump's election is going to be the biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history. And it will feel good."

Despite his (pre-divorce)  net worth of $50 million, Moore clearly has not lost the common touch. 


I begin by saying I am supporting Trump and hope he is everything he says he is.  However, I have a nagging suspicion that he is false opposition, and that the Illuminati have found a way to advance their agenda by electing him and not the dying Hillary. I am just not sure yet what that is. 

Here is why I am wary of Trump but think he will win.

Cvt-A3DUAAAhIP9.jpg1. As Moore says, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The hysteria exhibited by the elite media and Wall Street gives Trump credibility. The Illuminati bankers have a record of pretending to be against their own agents. In 1932, they organized a coup just to give FDR credibility. In 1912, they pretended to be against the legislation that established the Federal Reserve.

2.  Look at what happens to Presidents who represent an actual threat to the Illuminati bankers. They are assassinated (i.e. JFK, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley.) So are Presidential candidates like Huey Long, George Wallace and RFK.  Or they are poisoned. (Harding, Harrison, Taylor.) Or they are framed (Nixon.)  

3.  Donald Trump has been part of the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) Cabal all his life. He is a crypto Jew and he is surrounded by Jews. His children married Jews. He is constantly making Masonic hand signs. He pretends he doesn't know who is behind ISIS, terror and 9-11. He prostrates before the rogue state Israel. (Is that only a strategic necessity?) 
Let's just say, I'd feel a lot better if Trump came from a different, uncompromised background.  

4. Look who's supporting Trump to the hilt? Alex Jones whose credibility has been questioned. Breitbart, a Jewish neo con group. Newt Gingrich?

5. Hillary will lose because she is a weak candidate. She is unlikely to get the votes of Bernie Saunders Democrats. Everyone knows she is corrupt and a liar. The Clinton Foundation is a giant kickback machine. The private server disguised her influence-peddling. Blaming the Russians for Wikileaks is pathetic. Hiring people to disrupt Trump rallies is pathetic. The heterophobic smears vs. Trump are pathetic. Her health issues are a big question mark. She is not trusted by the minorities she appeals to for support. 

At the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit, Clinton responded to a question from chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, who quipped that you "go to Washington" to "make a small fortune." Clinton agreed with the comment and complained about ethics rules that require officials to divest from certain assets before entering government. "There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives," Clinton said. (source)

How could anyone vote for her? Obama only beat Romney by 3% in 2012. Hillary is a much weaker candidate than Obama, and Trump much stronger than Romney. 

hand-sign-hitler.jpeg6. Hitler was put into power by the Illuminati to destroy Germany, establish the state of Israel by martyring anti-Zionist Jews, and to kill six million German anti Semites as well as 55 million other assorted goyim. Hitler was a traitor assigned to lead Germany to destruction. Hitler also is believed to have Jewish (possibly Rothschild) blood. We know how all this turned out for Germany. The question is: How would a Trump victory advance the Illuminati Jewish (Satanist) program for one world government tyranny? 

I appeal to my readers for help imagining this scenario.  The obvious answer is that Trump could go back on his word. Both Woodrow Wilson and FDR campaigned on a promise to stay out of world wars.  The Masonic Jewish bankers could use his election as an excuse to precipitate an economic crisis and depression to punish recalcitrant Americans and blame Trump and everything he represents. Jeb Bush calls him "the chaos candidate" as in order out of chaos? There could be a drift toward fascism or a run on the dollar and the US role in the world could be diminished in favour of world government.  I'm just guessing here; I need your input.

In the Protocols of Zion 1, the author says they conquer by "force and make-believe." Make-believe = their magick = deception/ lying. Can we
deny this election campaign has an air of make-believe? Who better to headline it than the former star of a Reality Show? 

Nevertheless, voting for Hillary is like inmates voting for the Warden. If I were an American, I would vote Trump and pray he does "drain the swamp."
--------------    The Mussolini Scenario 

First Comment by Glen:

Where have I seen this before? I'll tell you where you've seen this before. You've seen it with every other so-called "conservative" candidate who has run before him and been elected. You've even seen it with the new hero of the Alt-right Vladimir Putin. They all make great speeches and promises to return America (Russia in Putin's case) from the brink of destruction from the ever creeping forces of communism and the evil of the new world order. All the while they are secretly enacting those very principles.

  You have seen it with great conservative hero's such as Ronald Reagan, another "Democrat turned Republican". As Maureen Heaton tells us in her book "Impossible Dream", It was Ronald Reagan who in his years in California State Government used his time to bring in "regional governance", which is noting more than "rule by committee". These committees are formed and staffed at the federal level to rule over us at the local level. This is the absolute basis for communism where communities are ruled by committees of appointed members, not by boards of local people who were elected by local citizens. Central Governance at it's finest.

  You have seen it again in Reagan as he spent his time as President bringing in Soviet education system. A system where American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists. Charlotte Iserbyt tells us how Reagan lead the way on this in her 728 page expose' entitled "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America". Iserbyt served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement under Reagan.

  You have seen it yet again under the same man in his support of the Nicaraguan Contras and all the death and destruction that that entailed. Gary Webb was the author of the 867 page epic work "Dark Alliance" which tells the whole sordid story in great detail. As David Corn
of the Washington Post pointed out on August 9, 1998 "Webb reminds us that the Reagan approved contra program attracted lowlifes and thugs the way manure draws flies. He guides the reader through a nether world of dope dealers, gunrunners, and freelance security consultants,
which on occasion overlapped with the U.S. government. He entertainingly details the honor, dishonor, and deals among thieves. . .All in all, it's a disgraceful picture--one among thieves. . .All in all, it's a disgraceful picture--one that should permanently taint the happy-face hues of the
Reagan years."

  Forgive me if I am less than enthused over Trump, for as we all surly know by now Presidents are selected, not elected. So fire up the band and let's get ready for one more dance, and hope it will not be our last. Until both the DNC and the RNC are shattered and sown to a thousand winds, and until the most powerful lobby in the United States(AIPAC) is banished and all who swear loyalty to that Lobby are charged with treason, nothing will change. God help us all.

Comments for "Trump will Win -- But is he the "Real Deal?" "

Ray said (October 28, 2016):

There is no way Trump could even be involved without him serving a purpose and having approval by the people known as the NWO as they have the power through financial control to control the rich and if that doesn't work they will just assassinate them, one just has to take a look at what's commonly know as the Clinton body count. Hillary Clinton's purpose is to play the bad guy and get the dirty work done for the NWO. She will start war/wars without hesitation and spew whatever lies and propaganda that's required with whatever spin they need the media to put on it to get that dirty work done. Now they have the 2 opposing forces required and the stage is set to put forth an engineered conflict within the borders of the USA. I think 2 scenarios are at hand and they have a plan for either one that will come to fruition. 1.) Clinton was to be elected using the usual rigged election scam to give the illusion to the people that their vote matters and she would continue on the war path and use division and instability to use their tactic of order through chaos to achieve their goals. 2.) Trump wins by getting the confidence of enough people and actually won in the poles, and it wouldn't be by much, would set the stage for Clinton followers like black lives matter (future Muslim converts too I'm sure), feminazi's, recent Muslim immigrants/refugees, lgbtqabc groups, and whoever else they can brainwash or pay off to create a false movement against Trump and his supporters only this time the neocons (I don't even know what that means but I know they like aggression and war) will make this a violent movement. Will it be these people for Clinton against Trump and the American patriots that back him that are also labeled as one of Americas biggest domestic terrorism threats? I'm thinking so.

James C said (October 28, 2016):

You wrote: "Hitler was a traitor assigned to lead Germany to destruction." That statement is historically and factually inaccurate. Hitler took a Germany that had been virtually destroyed by Anglo-American warmongering bastards during World War I and its aftermath, such as the vicious Jew inspired Treaty of Versailles, and within six years turned it into an economic miracle. The bankers did initially back Hitler, but he eventually turned against them and broke free of their economic system, which was the real reason for World War II. Hitler did everything in his power to avoid World War II. He sent numerous peace offers to Britain. All were rejected. The real warmongers were Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Stalin. The Germans were fighting Communism and they lost, which is exactly why America, England, and Israel are so communistic today. The Jews actually declared global war on Germany in 1933. We've had 70 years of totally one-sided anti-German propaganda by a Jew owned media. It's time the truth were told.

Barry said (October 28, 2016):

The uncertainty about Trump’s true motives is symptomatic of the corrupt political system itself. We are forced to choose a side, choose a colour, and start waving our football paraphernalia at the other side. Just pop into the UK parliament live website during a debate and witness the fiasco. It is truly pathetic. My knowledge of Illuminati history is not great, but I suspect the whole system has been set up to ensure the progress of the NWO agenda is never impeded. I question why we need political parties. George Washington warned about the dangers of gangs in government. The tendency is for birds of a feather to flock together, but still find they have irreconcilable differences and have to be whipped to follow the party line. This cannot be right. Political parties should be outlawed. We need a house of all independent representatives, each nominated by the people in their various counties or constituencies. Any candidate who pushes him or herself forward should be treated with suspicion.

During major debates, nominated representatives should solicit the views of the people they represent and argue that case in Congress. In the technological era there is no reason why this cannot be done quickly. In the meantime we are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, even when we are uncertain who that is.

Randy said (October 28, 2016):

Anyone who is a Watchman can see the path being cleared for the NWO!

His total support for Israel, AIPAC support and demonization of Iran.

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

His children are married to Jews.

Israeli dual citizens voters celebrating their votes for Trump in Israel.

Support for all illegal Israeli settlements.

Israel admitting they will completely destroy Gaza the next time.

It won’t be long before they have their new temple on the mount to welcome their longed for Messiah Antichrist!

V said (October 28, 2016):

I have been watching this election, or 'dog and pony show' for a while know. I like Trump and I believe that he himself is sincere. He is a close friend of Israel and has admitted it many times but unless your a 'friend' of Israel you cannot get to the presidential nomination.

I believe that if Trump is elected as president our plantation masters might 'crash' the economy even further blaming Trump in the process saying through their controlled MSM, 'look we told you he was no good'.

I can't see how Trump will get rid of NAFTA when all three countries have to agree on it mutually which Mexico certainly will not or Trump breaking other treaties on trade. A treaty trumps the US constitution.

Lets hope that Trump is the real deal as if he is not no 'true' voter, Republican or Democrat will ever trust either party again. Also lots of pissed off American's have lots of guns and lots of free time.

Since were not privy to the inner working of the Cabal we can only surmise what they are up to. Luckily there are some very knowledgeable people on the internet including RUSSIANVIDS on YouTube to give us some answers:

Donald Trump Future Predicitive Programming In Illuminati Card Game & Back To The Future II

Donald Trump's Son Eric "Latina Contra/Against Trump" Psyop And "Lemonade Theft" Hoax

Peter said (October 28, 2016):

I'm a believer (and an Australian btw), but also a believer in controlled opposition and the power of money in this Satan friendly world.

Note that Trump said he'd abolish common core. He has named the Jewish elites in all but name, global elites, rigged system, "I was an insider myself so I should know".

Note too that Trump has not said he would audit the Fed (Ron Paul, JFK), conduct an inquiry into 911 (it would be suicidal they say, but hasn't he said more in the last month that would get most of us, included in the Crown Colonies in jail or as dead as Assange maybe), inspect Dimona (JFK), nationalise The Bank (Jackson) and he didn't mention Bill's revocation of Glass Steagal when he had the chance, given that Clinton will install Bill as Economic Czar if she gets in).

So I don't know, but it does seem to go much further than previous maverick candidates, so either the Holy Ghost is working overtime for the people, or the Elite's AI is reading these sorts of blogs an comments and telling us what we want to hear. Perhaps we are indeed a prison planet and the cosmic elites give us some slack occasionally. Hope springs eternal, as does fear at some levels.

We shall only know if Trump gets in (unlikely even with a 90% vote given the rigged game and Soros voting machines in 16 states) and delivers, and goes further as per above, as if you do not give the people control over their currency then it matters not who makes the laws or sits on the Highest Court (to paraphrase AMBRothschild).

I am calling him Barabbas (which includes his lifestyle controversies and his rough edge, at least at the more conventional end of the spectrum) , I just don't know if he has had a sincere conversion yet or not.

Also, we rely too much on leaders, rather than movements, local organisation, participative democracy, town village gossip and all that. There was pogroms and riots and expulsions before these Rothschilds centuries and urbanisation (for better or worse).

there's plenty of muck here if people want to look it up. Barabbas on steroids.

anon said (October 28, 2016):

I am amazed at the way most everyone seems to have forgotten one significant fact. The President of the USA is not a dictator. He/she has to get a bill passed through Congress and the Senate before it can become law. If Trump does become President and even if he is not in secret alignment with the establishment, he will simply get bogged down by the Congress and Senate voting down everything he proposes that would benefit the people.
Not sure if even Trump has thought of that as he glibly makes statements that he will increase the tariff on cars imported from Mexico by 35%. Well he doesn't have the power to do that by himself. And those that do have the power to enact that won't.

So basically no positive changes will happen. The best that could happen is that at least Trump might refuse to sign into law bills that hurt the people. That way at least things won't get even worse. That is, of course, assuming that he is not in the establishment's pocket.
Given his ties with the Jews and support for Israel, I highly doubt that he is a "good" guy and that his rhetoric and bluster is to simply be an effective "false opposition".
Our situation is dire indeed.

Kurt said (October 28, 2016):

I don’t know if Trump is the real deal or a Judas goat tasked with driving the patriotic remnant into the ditch. Given the negative vitriol expressed in the MSM, I would say it goes beyond traditional ‘sheep dipping’.

Immigration and ‘free trade’ are the national questions driving Trump supporters, which is why the MSM are desperately trying to deflect attention away from economic issues with their tabloid trash reporting.

I believe Hitler was a sincere dupe, thinking he had the tacit support of the British aristocracy and not realizing they were subservient to the Rothschild money power.

MM from SA said (October 27, 2016):

dont know if Mr Moore is talking the truth but i strongly suspect he is doing what he always does:
cleverly presenting only part of the entire pic & conveniently leaving out the bits that will bring the reader/watcher to a totally different conclusion.

he is like Noam Chomsky
a good example is Fahrenheit 9/11:
Moore ignores all the proofs that show Israel/Mossad was behind 9/11 and frames the bin Laden family instead.

he plays to the gullible bigots redneck types whose children constitute the majority of the troops in the US military.

Trump is fake opposition.
if he was a real threat, he would have been eliminated loong ago
for that matter, he would never have even succeeded in building his financial/business empire.

even if Trump wins, he will end up making superficial changes & the deluded masses will wait in vain for him to deliver something worthwhile.
just like Obama.

TW said (October 27, 2016):

I, too, have wondered whether Trump is authentic in his words. The international banking cartel has such power that it makes me strongly suspect that Trump would have been killed by now if he represented real opposition to them. On the other hand, perhaps God is using an imperfect agent in Trump to give America one last chance for the people to choose a different path, thus is protecting Trump from danger. The hopeful side of me holds out for the latter interpretation to be true.

Either way, there's a large part of me that would love to see a Trump landslide on November 8 just to see the Marxist news media, Hollywood goofballs, and the other usual suspects on the left (both in the U.S. and abroad) choke on it.

David S said (October 27, 2016):

Michael Moore doesn't have credibility. I like his movies but anyone who says "Trump’s supporters are committing “legal terrorism” by voting for him, and "She (Hillary) lives her life as a Christian instead of just talking about her beliefs." is pretty far out on the fringe.

We have nothing to lose with Trump. He is not bound to raise money from special interests and no one has ever spoken the words he has in any presidential campaign in my lifetime as exhibited here: #TrumpTheEstablishment

Sid Green said (October 27, 2016):

As a pessimist, I still think Clinton will win. It's more humiliating to the population.

If Trump does win, everything will go forward as planned with someone else on TV.

The way I understand it demons and devils need permission to do anything or have any authority. Voting is a way of giving permission to be exploited the way I see it. I don't vote because I don't recognize the process, to me it is invalid.

Tim said (October 27, 2016):

I agree with Ryan [below]

I think Clinton will be installed in the Oval Office as a known crony criminal (likely the election rigging and fraud will be exposed but ignored like Wikileaks) then she'll hyper-accelerate the NWO insanity, and consequentially Trump's 'alt-right' will then be inflamed, instigated, and ultimately false flagged to demonize (if not outlaw) any OWO throwbacks like nationalism, common sense, free speech, etc...

The social justice narrative of a woman as president trumps any logic or reasoning in the average TV-head, know-nothing, mind-bombed American hypno-patsy.

BT said (October 27, 2016):

Hats off to you, Henry, for your brilliant analysis, which is absolutely spot on! You have been almost alone in being suspicious of Drumpf from the very beginning, and you are right to compare him to Hitler as an Illuminati plant. You will not believe me, nor will anyone, but I will tell you that he is actually one of the two AntiChrists, the other being Putin, both regarded as "Saviours" of their people, both are Crypto-Jewish feigning to be Christians, both are steeped in Illuminati evil but appearing to be heroes.

AZ said (October 27, 2016):

I don't understand why you feel obliged to vote for Trump. I believe voting is not mandatory in the US, so you can also choose not to vote. Specially because in every election it is always a choice between the cholera and the pest. From both you get very sick and might eventually die of it. By voting one keeps contributing to maintaining this totally rigged and sick political system. By voting you give away the responsibility over your own life to someone who doesn't give a shit about you and your interests. We all live in a system that is directed towards collectivism. So why should you willingly give away the responsibility over your human individual interests to anyone who, as a puppet of the shadow government, is wanting to take away your free individual expression. In the end that's what all these puppets on a string want to do. It's much better to start building your own community with likeminded people and try to get of the grid.

The following article shows you some of Trump's shadowy background. He's a gangsta, like Clinton is a war criminal.

But you know life is a disease too, because it ends in death anyway! But take at least care that you can live the last period of it with human dignity and being faithful to yourself?"

(Makow Reply. I am Canadian. Can't vote but I want to see Trump's opponents get their due.)

G said (October 27, 2016):

Well, who he was in the past, may not be who he is today. I say take a chance on him, just in case it might break up a few strongholds or make some inroads on the great chipping away, the work of work, and help un-boot the booted and bring down the beast. What have we to lose? If nothing else, it will continue to be grand entertainment, and of course, all failed promises will be noted because the people have been paying attention like never before. If he f**ks them/us over, it will be highly visible and consequently attended to, and of course, that won't be pretty. Betrayal is a very ugly phenomenon. So many share your dilemma, Henry. We want to believe but know too much. And yet, being long-held captive, no opportunity/possibility should be dismissed. Yes, like Aragorn posited: We summon hope in the face of hopelessness. And is not every effort better than no effort?

G said (October 27, 2016):

Well, who he was in the past, may not be who he is today. I say take a chance on him, just in case it might break up a few strongholds or make some inroads on the great chipping away, the work of work, and help un-boot the booted and bring down the beast. What have we to lose? If nothing else, it will continue to be grand entertainment, and of course, all failed promises will be noted because the people have been paying attention like never before. If he f**ks them/us over, it will be highly visible and consequently attended to, and of course, that won't be pretty. Betrayal is a very ugly phenomenon. So many share your dilemma, Henry. We want to believe but know too much. And yet, being long-held captive, no opportunity/possibility should be dismissed. Yes, like Aragorn posited: We summon hope in the face of hopelessness. And is not every effort better than no effort?

Andrew said (October 27, 2016):

OUR 2016 Presidential election is the last chance perhaps to restore the rule of law in America according the Constitution. It’s a ‘course correction’ after being steered gradually off course over last 30 years.

Our system has never been perfect, there has always been corruption - but even the corrupt respected the need for national sovereignty, borders, trade protection. That’s what Trump HOPEFULLY represents. He’s the faction in government and big business that see Globalism as a disaster, and mean to restore the world system of nations that existed until recently.

If the globalist faction backing Hillary succeed in putting her in The White House, it’s not like Obama, Bush, or even Bill Clinton. She is illegitimate - like Mussolini and Hitler.

The historical cycle is clear. When an illegitimate ruler came in, the road to war is inevitable.

You can't change the patterns of history.

If Trump wins, Brexit will go through, the EU will break up, and new LEGITIMATE leaders with a desire to restore an order of cooperating between sovereign states will continue the OLD World Order.

HOPE I’M RIGHT, BUT regardless the world economy will still collapse.

The NWO leaders will dump the world economy and blame Trump and at the same time plan his assassination…

Our chances are still slim.

Ryan said (October 27, 2016):

It seems obvious to me that Hillary has been chosen to win. Allowing Trump to win doesn't make any sense to me. It would just slow the progress that Obama has brought forth in dividing the country. Sadly, I believe a Hillary win will bring much of the same except taking it to a whole new level on insanity. But that's part of the plan right? For the masses to accept the NWO they must make the OWO as terrible as possible and the outcome justifies the means.

What really concerns me, besides her ascension to power, is comments from the controlled leftist media regarding the right. The controlled corporate media almost always refer to the right as the Alt-Right and are depicted as radical types - patriots, preppers, veterans, NAZI idiots etc . Alex Jones talks endlessly about this. They say they are worried about what will happen after the election if Trump loses.

Not to sound like an alarmist, but should we be concerned that this satanic cabal may have something planned to blame the right and start a civil war, hence the whole purpose of having someone like Trump run in the first place.

Steve from Australia said (October 27, 2016):

If Trump is not the real deal, and as suggested, a possible establishment phony, then why would the establishment have bothered with him? I mean, why not have leave well enough alone? They already had plenty of left and right wing traitors and sell outs to do any of there NWO bidding! Why besmirch their own media? Why ruin the names of so many politicians GOP and DNC? Why expose corrupt inner establishment evil elite methods in such an open way?

Has it ever occurred to anyone that God may be involved for His own purposes? For example give America one last chance - the heart of Christianity? Wake America and the world up to have as many people turn to Him as possible before His judgement takes place? Slow Satan's agenda down to allow the Gospel to be preached to all the 4 corners of the earth?

God has used even evil Kings in the Bible to get his punishment or blessing or correction done (e.g.,Nebuchadnezzar)! Writing him off way too soon I think! Could this be why so many are amazed and scratching their heads. I personally have never seen anything like this Trump movement in my entire long life!

George said (October 27, 2016):

My reason for worrying about a Trump victory is that he would have the trust and support of the people needed to fight a big war. Hillary would not.

Al Thompson said (October 27, 2016):

I'm almost certain that this election is going to be a blowout and that Trump will win by a landslide. But I don't trust any of it and I wish they would all just go away so we could abolish the government altogether and replace it with the natural law. Not even Donald Trump can fix a communist system like this one unless he starts introducing competing currencies and getting rid of the Federal Reserve Bank. He would have to eliminate property and income taxes in order to get my attention. And I don't think that's going to happen. The government is immoral to the core.

In my opinion, Trump is a false hope. I liken this to people like Rush Limbaugh who appeared out of nowhere and after almost 30 years, nothing has improved. Trump is there to act as a political pressure relief valve to keep the people from going berserk under the pain of socialism. With a Trump election, the people may settle down for awhile so that they can get screwed again. I hope I'm wrong. Also, Trump may be here to pump up the economy so that there will be more for the socialists to steal.

His running mate, Mike Pence, an alleged Christian flashed the two-fingered finger at the convention and Trump flashed it on his website. These are the hand signals from hell. Of course, Trump panders to homosexuals.

Peter L said (October 27, 2016):

I have been saying this for months now. I believe Trump is going to be used the same way Hitler was. He will be allowed to win (I say allowed because he actually will win the popular vote by a wide margin) for a number of reasons.

His win will assuage the anger of the people who are currently ready to stage a revolt.

He will be allowed to rebuild America during his terms in office so that there will be more to steal when WW3 comes along.

He is very much a populist in the eyes of the people.
I'm sure you can see the other parallels of the two men their policies and their talking points. Everyone in the know says that you can't even run for the office unless 'they' want you to and that is true. Therefore I don't know why so many of these same people worry that he won't win.

I'm sure that the end of his term in office will culminate in WW3. That is the plan, but I don't think that that is Trump's plan. Sometimes I wonder if Trump is even aware of the role that the powers-that-be have in store for him.
Anyhow, if you want WW3 in 7 years time vote for Trump. If you want WW3 by Christmas vote for Hillary.

P.S. For anyone doubting that Hitler was a planted operative look into the final year of the war. I'm sure many of you have read the stories about Hitler's forces competing with Allied bombers to destroy what was left of German infrastructure. We are told to believe that lie that Hitler did so because by that time he hated the German people so much that he believed that they deserved to lose big-time. What a load of rubbish. He destroyed the infrastructure because the war was winding down and he was in on the plot the whole time. The powers-that-be had to step up the rate of destruction to maximize the time they had left to plausibly achieve their goals.

JG said (October 27, 2016):

David Axlerod was interviewed on 'Face The Nation' briefly last Sunday and predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the election. Axlerod is still the best political packaging engineer in the country, he helped engineer Obama's lanslide victory of 2008.

I would tend to agree with him. Like Dewey, if Trump wins he won't win and he knows it. The "powers that be" in Washington will just plain not let this happen.

Trump's campaign has been a glorified comic opera of insults and promises that he continually flip flops on. He is not the person that his supporters think he is. It would take him an entire term just to understand how the political machine works on Capitol Hill let alone all the geography and history of some of the nations that he is so vocally critical of.

A scholar, he is not. He also is far too egotistical and financially solvent to make a good stooge either. He really would be a poor choice for the Order of Illuminati and they know it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at