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Where Have All Our Mentors Gone?

January 16, 2018


In an article, Marriage-Minded Young Women are "Depressed and Anxious"
AZ writes, "What I really needed was a good mentor to ground me 
and teach me to hold standards for the men coming in and out of my life." 
With this single sentence, AZ describes perhaps the most glaring default 
facing society today: we no longer have mentors.

Mike Stone surveys family, school, church, & workplace and finds that mentors 
are few and far between.

By Mike Stone

What's the missing ingredient in almost all of our lives? Mentors!

Boys are no longer taught how to be men, and girls are no longer taught how to be women. As a result, society has turned upside down.
I speak from personal experience. Growing up, nobody told me anything about money, about being a man, about women. It was years later before I began to figure life out on my own, and in some areas, I'm still struggling.

It would be easy to blame our mentor-less society on the two-income system we currently inhabit, in which both parents work and their children are raised by the state via daycare and the school system. While that is definitely a factor, it's not the entire answer.

As a child, I was never sent to daycare. My mother was a stay-at-home mom and yet she offered little to nothing in the way of mentorship.

When the kids came home from school, she was on the phone, complaining about her life and talking for hours about absolutely nothing.
At night, she sat in front of the boob tube with a stupid grin on her face, laughing at the stupidest sitcoms imaginable. 

The senseless sitcom characters that my mother idolized were her mentors, and she hated the fact that her own life did not match theirs. This led to constant arguments and fights with my father, who retreated by hiding in his work. As children, we never saw him not working. The poor guy literally worked himself to death and died at age 48.

Needless to say, I found no mentors at home.

You would think that my childhood was an aberration, but most of my friends led similar lives. And school was no better. Looking back, I believe almost every teacher I had, from kindergarten to college, was a leftist. Certainly, every teacher I had in college was a leftist, more concerned with their paycheck, their pension, and their propaganda than anything else. I had no idea what leftism was in those days, or that it even existed, but I did recognize the anti-white agenda, as well as the obsession with sex, personal feelings, and radical feminism. As a result, I left college after only a year.

School provided no mentors in my life.

I was raised Catholic, and from what I've read, there were priests and nuns before Vatican II who taught the true Catholic faith and acted as mentors to the young people of their parishes. Not anymore. Once the church was infiltrated and overrun by communists, that all ended. Today, the so-called Catholic Church is a complete sham. It's a counterfeit church that no longer teaches the true Christian Faith and is presided over by a leftist antipope who epitomizes everything that's gone wrong in the world for the last fifty years.

I found no mentors who could help me in the counterfeit Catholic Church.

When a young man finds no mentors at home, at school, or at church, where else can he turn? Most young men look to sports and entertainment figures. I can't speak for sports, but I did work in the entertainment industry for several years, and I guarantee you that anyone looking to anyone in the entertainment industry to be mentors or role models has gone completely mad.

Almost every male that I met in the entertainment industry was either openly homo, a closet homo, or a sex addict. All but one were leftists. All but one were egomaniacs. All but one were lousy role models.

The women I met in the entertainment industry were even worse. They were all whores, on one level or another, whether they admit it or not. When I produced my first film, young women sent me half-naked pictures of themselves. The implication was clear. Today, those same women would scream, "Me too!"

I feel so bad for young women today who look to actresses, female pop stars, and female media figures to teach them about life. Women in the entertainment industry are among the most disgustingly perverse individuals on the planet. Some of them aren't even women. At least, they weren't born that way. It's no surprise that both women and men today are half out of their minds when you consider the absolute garbage Hollywood and the media feed them.

So where does that leave us? Very few parents are acting as positive mentors and role models for their children. The education system is a complete joke and causing more harm than good. The Church is now a counterfeit church that no longer practices the Catholic faith. What passes for pop culture and "art" in today's society is complete garbage, and the people responsible for that garbage are the worst role models imaginable.

The only answer I can see is it's up to us.

We're going to have to become the mentors and role models for the children and young people in our lives because no one else is doing it. And we all have children in our lives.

Practical steps include practicing the true Catholic faith ( and encouraging young people to do the same, turning off the boob tube and educating our young on what complete garbage it is, boycotting everything coming out of Hollywood and the music industry, homeschooling children and encouraging others to do the same, and most of all, becoming true role models ourselves. 

Imagine how much better life would be if we'd only had positive mentors in our lives. We can be those same mentors to young people today.
Mike Stone is the author of "It's Okay To Be White"  - and "A New America" the first novel of the alt-right -- Available Exclusively on Amazon.

Makow Comment -  Write to me about your search for mentors and the special ones you may have found. Or, how you provide a role model for someone in your life. [email protected]

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First Comment by RL

A mentor is someone who tells you the truth and you already knew it, but never thought about it. I found my mentors on the radio and the internet. I used to listen to a lot of radio and surf the web. One guy was Roy Masters. I agree with him 80-90%. But he is a Zionist because he's a Jew. He is a bit ignorant sometimes and likes to fill in the blanks. I think he started the whole talk radio gig. 

Another one is Dean Gotcher, a traditional Christian who has done a lot of research on Transformational (cultural) Marxism and the dialectic. They're both on youtube. There are others like George Gordon (dead now but his radio show is archived). He tough biblical and common law and had a lot of interesting stories. Also, I'm my own mentor since I don't socialize much. Jesus is the best mentor. I wish He had a radio show. And your site is one a unique one and has a lot of truth. Thank you. More people need to wake up. But most prefer to be asleep.

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Comments for "Where Have All Our Mentors Gone?"

Steve said (January 17, 2018):

The recent one about mentoring struck a chord with me,having grown up Catholic and had a similar parental experience.The corruption of the Church which happened in the sixties robbed the Parishes of their spiritual essence.The lack of any sort of initiation structure into manhood and womanhood,has left avoid in our lives,filled by vain pursuits to have our first drink,or sexual encounter,or gain a driver's license...all selfish and material.

But it is the 'elephant in the room',the deceptive influence in all aspects of world financial,cultural,gender and political affairs of this Israel-obsessed,goyim-hating,Russia and Iran-hating Khazarian-zio evil-empire builders,which astounds me.How they have managed to deceive the world through their propaganda and money networks,that the evil is caused by 'other' groups,has been utterly astounding.They are the hidden-hand behind all the 'other' trouble-makers in the world.And I read all news now,and watch all tv and movies ,with open eyes to the propaganda machine's workings.Makes life interesting,if not a little depressing !

Peter G said (January 17, 2018):

I was a concrete jungled latchkey kid of a divorced family and Gilligan's Island and reruns of I Love Lucy etc were my time wasters, I'd call them de-mentors. Porn has been my handmaiden, I'll call that a twisted sister, and being born with an imbalanced back (I now realise) and acquiring somewhere a bad gut balance (now fixed) has kept me out of trouble, but also out of a normal life which might not have been a bad thing considering modern life. I know few if any normal family situations.

I get a lot from Rick Adams Christian oriented anti "Canite" weekly shows as he also accentuates the positives and trusts in God who controls everything and refers to the scriptures, trusting in Judgement Day rather than demented avengers.

Oh and another good mentor, yourself here. Jesus is the best though, so far.

SP said (January 16, 2018):

I also believe that the lack of mentors has destroyed at least two previous generations before mine, my generation, and the following generation. I got to the point where I don’t feel bad for anyone anymore though. I have seen too many people running around knowing what they do is wrong. They still decide to do wrong. Even speaking to them is fruitless. Deep down we all know when we do stuff that is wrong. People can only sort themselves out, and that’s the hard truth.

Regarding mentorship, I always picked a role model in every field. For example, success/money/wealth, it’s by far my step dad; Morality: the Bible or any religious/philosophical texts/scholars; manliness (dressing up, posture, charm, etc) from people I instinctively feel are manly or who espouse manliness; parental aspects obviously my own parents (if you don’t have that, just look at other functioning fathers/mothers); a very useful and very big one to me is the fear of doing wrong. Just think about what you do before you do things. I strongly believe we will be reminded of our deeds one day. Fear is a mentor for me.

There are so many things we need mentors for. Sort that out. I think as a base to go by, just learn how people pre-sex/drug revolution used to be, and find your own mentors for everything in life. But you also got to be a good observer in combination with having an instinct for these things. As a man, just observe how real men behave. It will appeal to you straight away.

TWH said (January 16, 2018):

Like Mike Stone, I too lacked mentors in my youth and young adulthood. Television ruled my home life and I had a real asshole for a stepfather who would, rather than mentor, delight in any sign of failing on my part. Anyone I knew at school was either self-absorbed, media-saturated, or was too interested in pot (you know, that "wonder drug" that supposedly gives you illumination) to be of any use. Oh, my stepfather was also into pot use. I guess that puts the lie to any belief that marijuana is supposed to make you more compassionate and amiable. Keep getting high, people. The globalist masters like you that way.

Mike's experience with the Catholic Church providing no mentorship is not exclusive to just the Catholics. I was involved in a couple of Baptist churches during my young adulthood that provided zilch in this regard. They would all tell me they'd "pray for" me, but would be at pains to spend any time with me. Running home to television was more important to them.

As for the workplace, I once had someone who designated themselves as my mentor, but who would never listen to my input. It was their way or the highway.

I think the root of the problem (or at least one of the main roots of it) is that we've become too distracted with superfluous things in our society. If we were to somehow wean ourselves off of television (and the ludicrous idea that we need to emulate what we see on it) and the notion that we need to feel good all the time with substances, we might then clearly see that we need one another. I won't hold my breath.

Ann S said (January 16, 2018):

From Mr. Stone's description and the epigraph, it is very clear what was lacking: parents! The girl lacked a mother, the boy a father, and look what happened.

No, what is lacking is real fathers and mothers, who understand the nature of their duties toward their children and earnestly try to fulfill them. Public institutions used to understand this, and laws were enacted to enable parents to accomplish their task, so vital to the stability, health, and continuation of society.

Everyone desires a mentor because his parents failed in their duty to bring them up properly, even as regards the observance of natural virtue. How essential it is that everyone, even the irreligious, understand and practice the cardinal virtues. The pagans of Antiquity understood this well.

What chaos has entered the home through radio, television, computers — with devastating effect. The sanctuary of the family hearth has been invaded and defiled; an enemy hath done this.

Jim T said (January 16, 2018):

These sentiments are clearly heart-felt, with a form of godliness about them; however, since my birth in 1949, as best I can recall, this old world has been going increasingly downhill. I turned to the Sacred Scriptures in 1974, and since that time I choose not ever to spend one day of life without interjecting Scripture into my journey. This change began true learning for me, yet Scripture still holds true speaking of these TWO WITNESSES most assuredly "clothed in sackcloth" (Revelation 11: 3, KJV) in these latter days, due to the lack of understanding that might be learned by making them a part of every new day.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [i.e. they choose not to seek after the inherent need for mankind to have a true knowledge of their Creator found only in the Scriptures]: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy [Elohim], I will also forget thy children" (Hosea 4: 6, KJV, Name change and notation in brackets, mine).

Catholic people in my early days, were being brought up with an initial intermingling of ancient Sun worship/Baal worship, with Mithraism. With the addition of the teachings of Ignatius Loyola, Jesuitism: a casuistic worship of who else but Haylale/Lucifer, adds such intrinsic subtlety to the initial teachings, believing it has the ability to function as a stable human mentor, is to lay aside the adversarial manner of the Antichrist system it is, and only greater confusion will eventually result from these inaccuracies being set forth as truth for the masses!

Doug P said (January 16, 2018):

There is no shortage of mentors and great advice on youtube. I would suggest looking at Jordan Peterson videos. He has other profs and great people that he has interviews with, both men and women of all kinds. There are some great "right wing" female profs that he talks with. He does a series on the Bible.

You are right - the people in our lives have had their mind twisted by materialism and cannot think rationally or critically for the most part. Read philosophy - early Greek and Kant if you want really good books.

D said (January 16, 2018):

I'm a woman who's been reading your site for years and have wakened up to what feminism has done to society. You brought up a very good point in your latest article, "Where have all our mentors gone?" in that many of us out there have never learned about or how to be or find satisfaction (for men) or joy (for women) in our inherent roles of being male or female.

In my quest over the years to "deprogram" myself from feminism (I'm gen X who knew never knew how to understand men but was taught good values), I discovered a website that actually mentors women into loving their female role. It's a website called What Women Never Hear (, written by an 80+-year-old man who teaches the wisdom of male/female relationships and trains us ladies how to be good women and learn about and deal with the male nature in a cooperative way.
He's been faithfully writing to ladies for the last 10 years and faithfully answers any questions we may have in the comments section.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass this info about this site along in case you have any ladies that you know could benefit as to HOW to understand men, become cooperative, pretty ladies who love being wife and mother. What's sad is I think the author is getting discouraged from lack of interest/readers in the blog, although I'm thinking recent changes in Google could be part of the problem in him not getting found.

Here is an excerpt from one of the latest articles, "Love is never enough:"

"....Women inherit a special motivational drive at birth. Whatever man they mate with, they want him to become better. Men resist direct attempts to be changed. So women have an indirect way to overcome. They are born motivated to be good. Men are born with the ability to do good, but no incentive to spark actions to do or be good. A woman confirms her goodness by doing good, and when she can get her man to do good, she is the better for it and he has pleased her by becoming a better man. It’s a strong motivation imperative in women, until individuals lose it to popular opinion or male dominance...."

Thank you for all your eye-opening work over the years!

JG said (January 16, 2018):

I can relate to what Mike is saying here. I had mentors in high school. Some were athletes, some were authors, and some were beautiful women. But, then again, this was the 60's, a different time and a different world. The family unit was strong, patriotism was strong, and 90% of the people on the block put on their Sunday best and went to church every Sunday morning. Music was inspirational and movies still had a moral message.

Men and women still had their pride along with a strong gender identity. People didn't go around apologizing for their existence because they were too busy building a life.

What happened? The once WASP ruling class was overthrown and replaced by the communist minority from within in the late 1960's. They now had control of the MSM, COURTS, and major FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. Drugs were now allowed freely in the schools, military, and workplace. It was no longer about building America, it now was about destroying America from within. I saw and lived through that nightmare as it unfolded.
The Marxist America that exists today has a total different value system than the once WASP Christian ethic had. Today, "all is money", and this is the new unholy graile that people live by. Materialism turns women into whores and men into slaves of their material possessions. Under communism all are equal because all are now morally bankrupt. Everyone a whore with a price and some with little or no price.
I can say to Mike that there are mentors out there today but they aren't the rich and famous ones but are the saints who don't seek attention or even praise. They are a living witness to the Word by their actions and works. They live for God.

I saw a woman yesterday pushing another woman in a wheelchair in the cold and snow to the store and back. Yes, if you're looking for role models they're still out there.

Art said (January 16, 2018):

My mother's generation, born 1916, or thereabouts, had thoughts of sex terrorised out of them. & in my opinion grew up to be pokey about sex.

Nothing to go back to.

If we can weather the current slings of outrageous fortune, we are better off I think, than previous generations.

Stephen said (January 16, 2018):

As a youth I had mentors. An old farmer, a gentleman that had 3 ships torpedoed out from under him in WWII. A WWI British captain and a retired psychiatric nurse. I found mentors because I looked for them and listened to the wisdom of the elderly.

Now that I'm grown into my 60s I'm a mentor myself, but few will listen. It appears that the schools have an influence pushing the assumption that the old don't know anything of value with the fast and faster influx of data and communications.

But with all the dizzying information now available, the youth do not know how to distinguish between what has value and what is a waste of time or worse.

It seems like much out there is just plain mis- and disinformation and since logic is no longer being taught in high schools (I'm certain it was withdrawn by the elites) many teens, 40 or even 50 somethings have no idea how to deal with this.

Robert from Thunder Bay said (January 16, 2018):

Without the basics in Society, we as a nation are lost. Or in other words, what we desire or expect or believe to
be proper will be cast out by the social engineers and other Globalist change agents.

We must double down on protecting the family and our traditions. We must start protecting Freedom of speech,

Association and conscience. Mentors are silent and hiding due to the ignorance of Canadians who choose to talk and not listen. Henry like you I have spent many thousands of hours in study and find it very upsetting when no one will listen.


Without connections to family, and community and prosperity it stops being important. What does become important

is our fantasies and vices which fuels ignorance and hatred for mentors like Henry Makow who
work to educate and guide us out of the cocoon of false perceptions being stuffed into our brains from birth to Grave.

As a mentor Henry we must risk it all in order to stop our country from going over the cliff.

Justin Trudeau is an extreme threat because he is a tyrant; but worse than that he is an elitist.

Ken Adachi said (January 16, 2018):

Another thinly veiled slam hatchet job, slandering Catholicism, all dressed up as a "Gee, no one mentored me" cover story. Poor Mike

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