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Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation

February 15, 2018

"We Need to talk about Sandy Hook"


Thousands of people were involved
in perpetrating this hoax. They represent
the secret Masonic Jewish (Communist, liberal) ruling class

"This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves."

by Henry Makow  Ph.D.

An almost three-hour-long documentary entitled "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook" by a team of independent researchers proves that the Sandy Hook "massacre" Dec. 14, 2012 was a hoax designed to traumatize Americans and advance the gun control agenda.

Thousands were involved in perpetrating this hoax. They represent the secret Masonic Jewish ruling class who wish to consolidate their power in a veiled police state. Virtually everybody with influence in society was involved. 

The cross-section includes the mass media, politicians, and police from federal, state and local level, crisis actors, people with connections to large corporations and the Council on Foreign Relations, coroners, psychiatrists and finally hundreds of ordinary citizens who served as "extras."

The citizen journalists at Independent Media Solidarity who made this film go into considerable detail. They establish that:

rosen.jpg(The insufferable Gene Rosen)

1. Numerous crises actors were used. People posed as bereaved parents. Child victims were invented and fake pictures were used. Gene Rosen who supposedly sheltered some children in his home is caught on tape rehearsing his story. He is also filmed at the school when he was supposed to be consoling the children.
2.   Connecticut legislators are complicit in the cover-up. They sealed all crime scene photographs and records of autopsies in order to prevent the hoax from being exposed. There is a five-year jail term for revealing any information dealing with any homicide. One opponent correctly termed this action "Orwellian."

Vance.jpg3. The official police report is shown to be a fraud. It describes a school evacuation which a police cruiser camera proves never took place. When Paul Vance, left, the spokesman for the Connecticut State Police, is reminded that the public is his master, he replies eerily, "No, I am your Master."

4. There is no evidence that proves Adam Lanza was at the school that morning. In fact, there are suggestions that pictures of Adam are actually his brother Ryan at an earlier age.  Adam and Ryan may be one and the same person.

5. Websites asking for donations and advising "how to talk to children about Sandy Hook" were put online a day before the event took place.

dawn.jpg6. Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of Sandy Hook, is quoted in the Newtown Bee describing the rampage. Later when the official story was revised to say she was killed immediately, the reporter claimed that "a mystery women" pretending to be Hochsprung gave him the description.

7. The people impersonating grieving parents have received hundreds of thousand of dollars in donations and many have made lucrative careers as professional anti-gun lobbyists.

8. In the official report, Lanza's DNA is not on the weapons. The Lanzas are ELIMINATED from contributing to the DNA on Christmas card, envelope, stamp, and car door handles. DNA on that letter came from a New York State Police file on a felon not named. 
DNA on the murder weapon, magazine for rifle, the pistol magazine and 13 cartridges belong to Lauren Rousseau the substitute teacher. This segment is at the end around the 1:15 mark. (Thanks George Freund for this point.)

There is much more but you get the idea. I was especially appalled by the number of Jews like Rosin involved as character actors or journalists. But many more Gentiles obviously are willing to betray their country in order to get a piece of the action.

We shouldn't be surprised that Sandy Hook was a hoax. So were 9-11, the Boston bombings and probably the recent Ottawa shooting. Government sponsored terror and false flags have become a part of daily life. Obviously, they will continue until the perpetrators are exposed. In this regard, the makers of this documentary deserve our gratitude.

"Government" itself is not to blame. Government becomes an instrument of oppression when it has been subverted. The same applies to the mass media which is an instrument of Illuminati mind control.

Watching this documentary, I had a frightening premonition, which has obviously already taken place. Whole sections of society have simply gone over to evil, deliberately defrauding their fellow citizens of their money and their rights. This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves.

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Comments for "Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation "

Michael C said (December 7, 2014):

Thanks so much for this. I posted it for my friends (255) on Facebook.

Most, sadly are missing the boat, but I believe in sounding the alarm. I was not aware of the film you mentioned, and you do such a great job of summarizing the situation, to warn and wake as many as will listen. I have often heard the old analogy about the person who does not realize he has cancer, does not go to a physician for a cure. The world, as you so aptly expound on is infected with a terminal disease, and do not see it.

It's sin ultimately and the devil is the instigator, but too many are accepting the Satan's warped Illuminati servants agenda as the acceptable norm.

Thomas S said (December 6, 2014):

What we’ve seen proven over the decades is that there is no honor among thieves.
If there is any silver lining regarding these actors and collaborators in the Sandy Hook
Hoax, it is that they will all eventually be disappeared. Although it would be useful
if they were around to confess at some point, we as well as their handlers know
that “dead men tell no tales”. I for one will not weep.

Anon said (December 5, 2014):

Just read you piece on Sandy Hook and the new documentary, and posted a link on my FB page. A few weeks ago I posted an article that suggested SH was a hoax, and got an unprecedent 500+ responses mostly from strangers trying to shut me down. It was undoubtedly orchestrated, and appeared to emanate from one guy who used to be a journalist in Montreal but now calls himself a "laughologist" based in Toronto. He's also a Zionist, and recently started campaigning for gun control. He called in people from his network who flooded my page in droves. When I finally blocked him, the attack stopped. So I know the SH model is crucial to the plan, and they have an army of useful idiots ready to come after anyone who exposes it --

Andrew said (December 4, 2014):

You indicated the following. "Government" itself is not to blame. Government becomes an instrument of oppression when it has been subverted.

I beg to differ. They are responsible. This government is a De Facto rule of law which is not deemed good by Lord God. Christians of the Great Faith commit sin when they follow amoral laws and are therefore under no moral obligation to follow them.

Have a look at the organic version of Romans 13:1-7 This is what is regarded as De Jure law because the ministers of this particular rule are of Lord God and Lord God is good.

Tragically, the unholy separation and corruption of Catholic church and state is the culprit.

Kristine-2 said (December 4, 2014):

It has been my observation, too – that "people are becoming demons in droves".

Like the ubiquitous checkerboard of "free masonry" (rebellion toward our Maker), there is indeed a polarization taking place.

If you seek the Truth, you will find but if you do not, you are automatically drawn to evil.

Read Romans chapter 1: "because that which may be known of God is made manifest in them: for God hath showed it to them …they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful, but became vain* … and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools … who changed the truth of God into a lie … For this cause God gave them up … God gave them over to a reprobate mind .."

Choose wisely, while you still have a choice to make – truth or deception.

*i.e. "selfies", you can´t get much more inane than that,

Kristine said (December 4, 2014):

Why such massive attention is still given to Sandy Hook is beyond me. Nobody seems to be asking themselves what happened to James Holmes since the media blackout. That young man truly seems to have been the victim of defamation AND murder - that is how they do it – every time. There seems to be a pattern here: non–stop media blitz = hoax. Media blackout* = something is rotten in Denmark.

*James Holmes, "tornado" in Joplin Misery, I mean, Missouri. Here in Germany there was the case of Kerstin Heisig, a judge and her dog found dangling from a tree – an "apparent" "suicide". These are the cases that require attention and others too, of course.

Z said (December 3, 2014):

When their lies begin to collapse, they use whatever means of terrorism and extortion they have at their disposal, and they have done so for ages. That's the real elephant in the room of the 20th and 21st century; criminally insane occultists, use nuclear terrorism to extort the entire world into silence and submission. When imagining all the technologies they have in their disposal now, space, military, communication, nano, genetic, biological, media, etc, it's sickening.

So I am sickened. For many years I have tried to come to terms with it all, my carrier destroyed before it began, friends alienated, 15 year marriege with no kids. I still don't know how people cope with it, other then denial and self medication. That I see plenty of. Educated professionals in the prime of their life, financially secure families raising young children, while deep in alcohol, prescription and street drug abuse.

That's what I wanted to share with you Henry, the absurdity that I'm the one that feels like I exist in an alternate reality, and it's not the collective trans of denial, the world under the spell of the occult. The world enchanted, collective egregore highjacked, fractured and twisted into parasitic subservience. I see it all objectively, as one giant picture, knowing well how easily all the layers and complexities can drive the mind insane.

I read your site Henry, it resonates with me, so I wrote to you.

Doug said (December 3, 2014):

i have to say this story tops it all for bizarre ! the very fact the had the gall to even believe they could pull it off !! , and I guess they did.

the engineered dumbing down that has been implemented has for the most part been quite a success.

the best analogy i can think regarding this event is the 50ies movie " invasion of the body snatchers”

i feel like the guy at the end of the movie trying to stay awake and running wild out in the highway screaming,, there coming! there here!!
and no one listening. haha

what is going on here? how can they do this? are there not any checks and balances in our system, this countries laws, bill of rights constitution to prevent this?

but the wild card is the internet. and i applaud you and the great investigators who put that vid together and who are on this.

Chris said (December 3, 2014):

I have lost even more friendships since the shooting hoaxes...Aurora,Boston,Sandy h. then I did after the first Trade center bombings,Oklahoma ,and 9/11....I feel really isolated as an old kook now....I have even have arguments over my stance as a all these conspiracy hoaxes[church leaders complicit with the media] what a breath of fresh air to see you come out on this...Praise the Lord!

LoisAnn said (December 3, 2014):

Has the mental capacity of the American public been stunted? Are they so involved with games, headliners, and sensationalism they simply allow the mass media to do their thinking for them? They have become so intellectual lazy they allow the media to take over their weakened mental abilities. Those who had these 'incidents' figured out from day one were actually ridiculed and of course called derogatory names for speaking out truths. The media is as deceptive as anyone else who is guilty of treason to sabotage their own country. We see it every day and it is almost impossible to re-train a feeble minded population. They feed on sensationalism so without the hype their appetites simply refuse to be sated. They're addicted to junk brain food the tube offers. So much so that a pound of flesh has become dessert. The country has been betrayed by the exact people who are paid to guard our freedom and of course the press is their partner in crime. One dirty hand always washes the other. Time to take out the trash along with a long list of traitors and saboteurs. Perhaps when the air is cleared it will allow fresh minds to flourish once again.

David said (December 3, 2014):

Henry, when the FBI revised its supplemental crime statistics earlier this year, it still showed zero murders in Newtown, Conn. for 2012. When that anomaly was pointed out, they suddenly had to play catch-up and come out with some cockamamie story that "those numbers" are maintained in another database. It's all lies.

John B said (December 3, 2014):

I think EVERYTHING you are revealing helps us to develop our "spiritual street smarts" and to develop the skill to NOT be duped anymore. I think this has been going on for a very long time and is all a part of our grand awakening. I think it is also part of the "game". One of the major anchors of the "game" in my experience of remote viewing is the MOON. The MOON is over a billion years old and is artificial and 1/3 the size of Earth. Also the existence of what would be called the 4th dimension, which is somewhat out of our visual perception but we can definitely "feel" in our body.

With all of this said I think it's up to the INDIVIDUAL to uncover his or her true perception and to feel what is truly going on. Find true love, pure genuine awakening and live a life that is as beautiful and genuine as possible.

Most of the human race are simply mind-controlled robotic slaves...but perhaps that's part of the game...part of the learning...part of the journey in this game. Once you as an INDIVIDUAL realize this you tend to connect in a beautiful manner with other INDIVIDUALS in a genuine manner...

JG said (December 2, 2014):

A lot of Americans have become willing dupes who really don't want to know the truth of things unless it's hitting them over the head directly. And, even when it has, like 911, they still don't want to hear it anyway.

All the work done by James Fetzer on the Sandy Hook charade should have made him a national hero. Where is his support from the people of Connecticut? Who in the state of Connecticut wants to be seen with this man today?

It use to be that all crimes were fair game by the MSM as long as it didn't finger the Masonic Jewish kingpins and their elite. If Donald Trump was the one who had the lease on the World Trade Center, 911 would have been solved a long time ago.

A goyim like Michael Moore could become a rich man in Hollywood as long as his targeted suspects were in the corporate sphere of Anglo American influence.

Today the new list of untouchables by the MSM not only includes these Masonic Jewish kingpins but also their agenda as well as their goyim "flunkies" who are complicit in carrying out their agenda with these "shock and awe" psy-ops.
Thanks to the alternative media the truth is now being revealed at an accelerated pace like never before. No sooner can you write a book only to find it obsolete and outdated by the time it hits the shelf.

Truth marches on whether we are ready to accept it or not. You can't suppress truth for ever.

JJ said (December 2, 2014):

I was just thinking that the 2nd year anniversary of the Sandy Hook psyche assault is coming up, so your article is timely.

After having seen several documentaries on Sandy Hook, it becomes obvious that this act was truly diabolical. When it happened, I had the TV on and was online, and I distinctly recall being told that two shooters were in custody. When you're still gathering facts, things will change, but shooters apprehended?

The clip of boychik Rosen is nothing compared to the likes of Robbie Parker getting into character on character and the medical examiner cracking bad jokes; those weren't outtakes.

I don't know if I've seen the 3 hr one you mentioned, but the one I saw that had a focus on the crowd of people outside the fire station, same bird's eye helicopter shot the world saw on TV, where we just focus on what the people are doing, really blew me away. They were walking in circles, figure eights, ovals, etc., all extras doing nothing of any purpose.

No need to revisit it all right now, as this reader's eyes are wide open, and it's nightmarish stuff. But thanks for reminding us.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at