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Young Men are Starting to Hate Women

May 7, 2018

object.jpg"There are two ways to dehumanize someone: by dismissing them, and by idolizing them," says David Wong. In the article below, he argues that men hate women because life doesn't conform to their masculine brainwashing:  They aren't getting sex from beautiful women. 

No doubt for men, our idealized image of women is a big part of the Matrix. In spite of online dating, men (and women) are not getting sex because they are putting the cart before the horse. The horse is Relationship. (The cart is sex.) Men need to first establish a relationship with a woman, ideally a permanent one. This is what both men and women are really seeking. Sex is just a surrogate. This failure to establish a Relationship is why so many prominent men are ruining their careers over sex. 

Secondly, the essence of heterosexuality is for a man to convince a woman that what he wants is in her best interest too. Thus he must first know what he wants from the Relationship. A man must take the initiative. He must choose a woman who regards him as a catch and is willing to follow his lead.  (This is how women love.) Don't fixate on beautiful women. Beauty is just skin deep. They usually have a sense of entitlement. Get a plain Jane. All women are beautiful in the act of love.   

 Five Ways Modern Men are Trained to Hate Women 

By David Wong 

(abridged by

Go to the front page of any mostly male discussion site like and ... find several thousand men bemoaning how all women are gold-digging whores (7,500 upvotes) and how crazy and irrational women are (9,659 upvotes) and how horrible and gross and fat women are (4,000 upvotes). Or browse the "Men's Rights" section and see weird fantasies about alpha males defeating all the hot women who try to control them with their vaginas.

This current of white-hot rage has to come as a surprise to some of you, because we tend to think "sexism" is being dismissive toward women, or paying them lower salaries -- we don't think of it as frenzied "burn the witch!" hatred. 


1) We Were Told That Society Owed Us a Hot Girl

Does it seem like men feel kind of entitled to sex? Does it seem like we react to rejection with the maturity of a child being denied a toy?

Well, you have to keep in mind that what we learn as kids is really hard to deprogram as an adult. And what we learned as kids is that we males are each owed, and will eventually be awarded, a beautiful woman.

We were told this by every movie, TV show, novel, comic book, video game and song we encountered. When the Karate Kid wins the tournament, his prize is a trophy and Elisabeth Shue. Neo saves the world and is awarded, Trinity. Marty McFly gets his dream girl, John McClane gets his ex-wife back, Keanu "Speed" Reeves gets Sandra Bullock, Shia LaBeouf gets Megan Fox in Transformers, Iron Man gets Pepper Potts, the hero in Avatar gets the hottest Na'vi, Shrek gets Fiona, Bill Murray gets Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters, Frodo gets Sam, WALL-E gets EVE ... and so on.

Hell, at the end of An Officer and a Gentleman, Richard Gere walks into the lady's workplace and just carries her out like he's picking up a suit at the dry cleaner...

Yes, the women in these stories are being portrayed as wonderful and beautiful and perfect. But remember, there are two ways to dehumanize someone: by dismissing them, and by idolizing them.

Which brings us to the next problem ...

2) We're Trained from Birth to See Women as Decoration

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with putting a pretty girl on the cover of a magazine or posing her next to a shiny new car. The pretty girl gets a good job, men want her, women want to be her, everybody is happy. Right?

The problem is that it goes way deeper than that.

From my experience, if there is a fundamental difference between male and female sexuality, it's this: There are actual occasions where women aren't thinking about sex. Here, let me show you an extreme example. I'm going to quote a Free Republic thread.... These are some comments they made about a female public figure, and I want you to guess who it is:


(Men judge women on the basis of whether they are do-able) 

"Her face is so ugly you can smash it into some dough and make gorilla cookies."

"So fugly, I'd say 'don't even look'!!!"

"At least Medusa was modestly attractive by comparison."

"This person is disgusting and I would never trust 'it's' opinion on ANYTHING!"

Have you guessed? They're talking about Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.

Via Wikipedia, a woman who didn't just graduate from Harvard Law -- she became the fucking dean.

Yes, even in that setting, when judging a female for a position on the highest court in the land, our instinct is still to judge her suitability as a sex partner. It's the first thing we notice. And you could just write that off as a bunch of douches being shallow, but then you have to realize how all of society has conformed to this. Forget about objectification in the media or fashion industry -- go to a diner, they've got the pretty girl waiting tables. Go to a department store, they'll have a pretty girl selling you pants.

3) We Think You're Conspiring With Our Boners to Ruin Us

 In males more so than females, the sex drive is completely detached from the rest of the personality. The part of the male brain that worries about job security or money or social reputation or legal consequences has almost no veto power over the sex drive. You've heard guys say they were "thinking with their dick" or "I was thinking with the little brain" or "I took an order from Captain Bonerhelmet." That's what they're referring to.

Science doesn't seem to totally understand why the "base urges" part of the brain reacts differently in men. Maybe it's just a matter of having 10 times as much testosterone in their system (trans people report being utterly shocked at how much stronger the sex drive is with the additional testosterone), or maybe society has trained us to be like this, or maybe we're all spoiled children. 

4) We Feel Like Manhood Was Stolen from Us at Some Point

And then at some point, women took it all away.

A once-great world of heroes and strength and warriors and cigars and crude jokes has been replaced by this world of grumpy female supervisors looming over our cubicle to hand us a memo about sending off-color jokes via email. Yes, that entire narrative is a grossly skewed and self-serving version of how society actually evolved. It doesn't matter.

The result is a combination of frustration and humiliation and powerlessness that makes us want to get it back in the only way we know how: with petty, immature acts of meanness.

5) We Feel Powerless

I don't know what it's like to be a woman, so it's not easy for me to describe what it's like to be a man, because I don't know what you're using for context. I'm going to do my best:

Did you ever watch old cartoons where a character is starving on a desert island, and when another character approaches, he's so hungry that he imagines the other character as a talking piece of food?

Via TV TropesThird panel omitted due to graphic content.

It's like that for most men, most of the time. We're starving, and all women are various types of food. Only instead of food, it's sex. And we're trying to conduct our everyday business around the fact that we're trying to renew our driver's license with a talking pair of boobs. So, from about age 13 on, around 90 percent of our energy and discipline is devoted to overcoming this, to behave like civilized human beings and not like stray dogs in a meat market. One where instead of eating the meat, they want to hump it. Again, if you want to experience what it's like, get a testosterone injection.

Do you see what I'm getting at? Go look outside. See those cars driving by? Every car being driven by a man was designed and built and bought and sold with you in mind. The only reason why small, fuel-efficient or electric cars don't dominate the roads is because we want to look cool in our cars, to impress you.

Go look at a city skyline. All those skyscrapers? We built those to impress you, too. All those sports you see on TV? All of those guys learned to play purely because in school, playing sports gets you laid. All the music you hear on the radio? All of those guys learned to sing and play guitar because as a teenager, they figured out that absolutely nothing gets women out of their pants faster. It's the same reason all of the actors got into acting.

All those wars we fight? Sure, at the upper levels, in the halls of political power, they have some complicated reasons for wanting some piece of land or access to some resource. But on the ground? Well, let me ask you this -- historically, when an army takes over a city, what happens to the women there?

It's all about you. All of it. All of civilization.

So where you see a world in which males dominate the boards of the Fortune 500, and own Congress, and sit at the head of all but a handful of the world's nations, men see themselves as utterly helpless. Because all of those powerful people only became powerful because they heard that women like power.

This is really the heart of it, right here. This is why no amount of male domination will ever be enough, why no level of control or privilege or female submission will ever satisfy us. We can put you under a burqa, we can force you out of the workplace -- it won't matter. You're still all we think about, and that gives you power over us. And we resent you for it.

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David Wong is the Senior Editor of and the author of the ridiculous New York Times bestseller This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don't Touch it

First Comment by Marco

First of all, this article should have been called "Young Fools are Starting to Hate Women".

I don't know of any man who would use Reddit to voice their opinion, it is a cesspit of arrogant socialist control freaks and sexual deviants, a true forum for antichrists; therefore their opinions are worthless.

This article is so full of lies in regards to men, it is an injustice. I'm so tired of these weaklings who hate all women in general because of feminism or who judge only with eyes of lust as if they were all powerful sultans entitled to a harem of beautiful girls. These are pigs, fools and decadent weaklings - not men. 

True men aren't arrogant boys bred in decadence who look at women with nothing but lust. True men aren't totally overcome by their sex drive. True men don't require a woman to feel happy and fulfilled. 

Ideal men control their sex drive and it compliments their upright character. Testosterone is a fighting hormone that gives confidence to men, it doesn't turn them into mindless beasts - it doesn't debase them and turn them into something less than even an animal. Am I alone in this sentiment in this pathetic age? 

I don't know about you, but I don't feel humiliated or feel like my manhood was robbed from me because of feminism. I could go my entire life without a woman, so be it; so long as I have life I am thankful to God and will breathe deeply of the life He has given me with a wild joy. 

Any so-called man who falls into this hatred of women because he lacks intimacy is a fool and is already controlled. The moment you look outside of yourself for your happiness, you are a slave.

If any so-called man thinks that a woman will make them feel like a man, they will never be one. 

 If you want to be a man, look to God for fulfillment, find some passion for things that truly matter and reject the world's thoughts, and then things will start to make sense. 

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Comments for "Young Men are Starting to Hate Women"

RL said (May 7, 2018):

The reason unworthy men feel entitled to fornicating with sluts of their choosing is that the modern slut sleeps around with even more worthless men.

Worthy men usually die out because they are too spiritual to breed.

Women are not created equal and should have no more freedoms than children. That is natural law.

Also, all men and women should look attractive because ugly people should be repulsed and not breed with each other and die out. I don't see any ugly animals in nature.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at