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Trade War Could Lead to Dollar Demise

June 29, 2018


Shayan Zarrin wrote Wednesday, "the BRIC nations are challenging the U.S. dollar. The alternative media is cheering this, but people do not understand the ramifications. The Bric nations' proposed gold standard could cause the dollar to lose its value, which in turn, will cause the western economies to crash. Once the western world goes down, the world will be ripe for the New World Order led from Jerusalem."

Trump's trade war may drive the EU into the arms of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and undermine the dollar.

Andrew, a retired attorney from Texas, expands on this idea. 

by Andrew

Both Pakistan and India recently joined Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO.) The SCO's planned GOLD BACKED WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY will soon compete with US Dollar, Euro & Pound as world reserve currencies.

SCO is the main economic alliance of geographically contiguous nations across Eurasia. While it does NOT yet include EU, it could in 5 or 10 years. Besides its obvious invincibility militarily, it will soon issue a GOLD BACKED CURRENCY which would end the US Dollar AS THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. 

In a single stroke, the Federal Reserve's US Dollar, the EURO and WTO would become obsolete. Trump's Economic Sanctions and Tariffs would also become meaningless. While the SCO was formed in 2001, it was weaponized in 2011 when Russia and China decided to succeed where Libya's Muammar Gaddafi failed. 


In 1960, when OPEC was formed initially by the governments of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, the value of the dollar was 1/35th of one ounce of gold. The dollar in 2009 was now worth about 1/1375th of one-ounce of American Eagle coin. It was clear to the oil nations that they were being forced to sell their oil reserves for a vanishing fiat paper currency over whose value they had no control.  

In a nutshell, the Fed, EU & UK bankers couldn't allow a gold backed competing world reserve currency.  They didn't have to, because the Dollar, Euro and Pound are supported by NATO and the US military. To Obama's Administration who believed MIGHT MAKES RIGHT, it was easy to tell the American people that Gaddafi was ANOTHER EVIL DICTATOR harming his own people and proceed to completely destroy Libya, murder Gaddafi and plans for competing Gold Dinar backed by a huge African gold reserve. The CIA just stole Libya's gold. In 2011, when all this happened, Russia and China could not have intervened militarily, however, they took note. They decided to succeed where Gaddafi, Libya and the African Union failed.

What follows comes from F. William Engdahl's MANIFEST DESTINY Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance, p.197.

"For several years both the Russian Federation and the Peoples' Republic of China have been buying huge volumes of gold, largely to add to their central bank currency reserves which otherwise are typically in dollars or euro currencies. Until recently it was not clear quite why. 
For several years it's been known in gold markets that the largest buyers of physical gold were the central banks of China and of Russia. What was not so clear was how deep a strategy they had beyond simply creating trust in the currencies amid increasing economic sanctions and bellicose words of trade war out of Washington. 

Now it's clear why. 

China and Russia, joined most likely by their major trading partner countries in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), as well as by their Eurasian partner countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are about to complete the working architecture of a new monetary alternative to a dollar world. 

Currently, in addition to founding members China and Russia, the SCO full members include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and most recently India and Pakistan. This is a population of well over 3 billion people, some 42% of the entire world population, coming together in a coherent, planned, peaceful economic and political cooperation. 

If we add to the SCO member countries the official Observer States--Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia, states with expressed wish to formally join as full members, a glance at the world map will show the impressive potentials of the emerging SCO. Turkey is a formal Dialogue Partner exploring possible SCO membership application, as are Sri Lanka, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Nepal. This, simply said, is enormous." 

RelatedClean economic statement of what Andrew and Shayan said this week.

Both China and Russia have been developing strategic plans to unseat the US dollar as the globally dominant currency. The thinking behind this dates back to March 2009, when China and Russia called for a new global currency. They want the world to create a reserve currency "that is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run, thus removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national currencies." Both countries are concerned that the trillions they both hold in dollars would be worth less should dollar inflation sets in.

The Dollar's Status as World Reserve Currency is in Question 
 The World Transformed and No One in America Noticed 

First Comment from W

Could not agree with you more that a trade war could lead to the demise of the dollar! Brandon Smith in his June 28 post entitled "A Trade War Provides Perfect Cover For The Elitist Engineered Global Reset" goes even a step further and asks the question "Is Trump really upsetting the old world order and battling the globalists, or, is he simply helping them to stage the foundation of their "new world order"? This is a must read! 

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Comments for "Trade War Could Lead to Dollar Demise"

Eric B said (June 29, 2018):

This could be Trump's aim. He is taking on the Deep State to some degree and if the Dollar loses its global reserve currency status, this could be the final nail in their coffin. A risky gambit. This is why he is telling Americans that there will have to be some pain more than likely before America can be great again. No matter how you slice it though, this country would still be in trouble.

Robert K said (June 29, 2018):

"CC" asks: "Do you really think they are stupid?"

Why would you think they are more intelligent than Western populations, who for centuries have allowed a cabal to create the money needed for economic development, with no accountability regarding quantity or distribution, and who seem oblivious to the irony that every labour-displacing technological advance makes existence more precarious for those who have been degraded from sharers in divine love to disposable "workers"? No matter where you look, stupidity (or media-induced stupefaction) is hardly in short supply.

Ronald said (June 29, 2018):

First comment was correct second comment by cc totally wrong Rothschilds control Russia China and how many other country's plus USA we are getting more ignorant by the day we have to many wishful thoughts blinded by illusions and cannot handle reality

George said (June 29, 2018):

The problem with the US Federal Reserve Note (and that is what it is clearly marked as being) is that it is issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve for essentially nothing and loaned out to the US Government for interest. The note itself is an undisguised statement of obligation. JFK's attempt to reverse this outrage by EO11110 was abortive. Too few people understood what he was trying to do. The unbelievable scam of the Federal Reserve was introduced in 1913, along with the unratified amendment to the US Constitution (the 16th Amendment) that authorized a personal tax on the income of individuals, a destructive practice explicitly forbidden by the Constitution (tax by capitation) and thus requiring an amendment to overturn. The destructive nature of this tax is that it penalizes financial success. Worse still, when coupled with a growing welfare state, it punishes financial success and rewards financial failure. A country gets more of what it rewards, and less of what it punishes. It forces those who can protect their assets to do so, thus pushing more and more of the costs of the welfare state on those who cannot find such protection. The destruction of the middle class is guaranteed under such a system.

Tony B said (June 29, 2018):

None of these "economist" people EVER voice a single word about the true reason for economic disaster, DEBT PRETENDING TO BE MONEY.

The Rothschild cabal is the master at this criminal con and owns the Russian central bank as well as China's, if my info is correct on China. Therefore, the gold those nations are stocking belongs to the same old cabal which knows how to use it to conquer whatever nations it pleases to conquer. When China started its new bank the cabal was the first in the west to get its nose under the tent. Only then did western nations go for a piece of it. But they have gotten into it. It is NOT an exclusive Asian or BRICS club.

The cabal controls practically ALL mediums of exchange in the world. That's what all our modern wars against helpless small nations are about. The Muslims had one thing going for them: they did not use usury which meant that they were not in the criminal banking cabal. The first thing done in every such nation that is destroyed, usually by US or NATO these days, is to establish a cabal bank in the ravished nation so it can never again avoid being ravished economically.

Long story short; which nations' exchange mediums will prosper and which will collapse depends on NOTHING ECONOMIC. It all depends TOTALLY on what the Rothschild cabal wants to do next for ITS profit. The rest is bullshit for the sheep to wade in. So long as the cabal in its City of London exists, the world is economically screwed. Instead of constantly falling for the cabal "divide and conquer" of each other, all nations must join to eliminate that cabal from the earth. Anything else amounts to economic slaves blowing smoke in their allotted "break time."

CC replies:

Tony B, you are wrong. The Rothschilds do have a central bank in Russia but Putin made sure
that their power was neutered - otherwise he would have kicked them out of Russia completely.
Russia has also reduced its debt to a meaningless level.

Western companies can go into China and trade/play as much as they want
but they will not be allowed to cause damage. Do you really think they are stupid ?

It is the banking cabal that is totally screwed and they know it. It is just a question of when, not if,
the dollar fails as the world reserve currency. The process has already begun and it is irreversible.
When they issue their gold backed currency, the dollar will be finished.

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