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White Farmer Urges ANC to Think Ahead

August 12, 2018

Farmer urges SA Government to consider the consequences
of uncompensated farm expropriations 

"With the White Farmer no longer an available target 
and the true 'value' of land revealed in all its fallacy 
the masses turn on the only target they have left. The ANC."

----------Lauren Southern's video Farmlands  ---- South Africa is in turmoil. A white farm(er) attacked every day.

By Anonymous

I have no doubt that the ANC Govt has given a lot of thought to the topic of Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC) however I think they might not have fully comprehended the consequences of such a policy. As a farmer, I thought it might be useful to enlighten them as to the course of action I would take once my farm is targeted for EWC. 

Before I continue I would like to emphasize that this is not a threat nor delivered with the mindset of a saboteur, it is merely a description of the sequence of events that would unfold in the event of such a policy being enforced.

• I would immediately identify all the moveable assets on my farm and start selling them or placing them in a suitable storage facility. I list these below simply to demonstrate to non-farmers what makes a farm functional and profitable. The first to go would be all the livestock followed by all the machinery including tractors, pumps, silos, centre pivots, electrical transformers, irrigation equipment, water troughs, implements and piping. I would strip the dairy and sell the bulk tanks, milking machines etc. 

I would take down all internal fencing on the farm and recoup what I could. All sheds would be disassembled and all houses and other buildings would be stripped of anything sellable, including their roofs. 
• I would disconnect/cancel the 5 Eskom points on the farm and obtain refunds on the deposits I've paid on them. • I would re-trench all my staff and pay them off in accordance with the Labour Act. I would then strip all the staff accommodation on the farm and sell what I could. • With the sale of all my livestock and cessation of the farming operation I would immediately default on the R5.5m I owe FNB but I wouldn't worry as the farm is the loan's security and I don't really own anything else. 
• When the day came to leave the farm I would hand the 'keys' over to the new 'owners' but I'm not quite sure what they would do as there'd be no roof on the farmhouse and there would be nothing to 'farm' on the farm. It would just be a piece of land, but that's ok because the ANC says owning land makes you wealthy.


When you take the sequence of events described above and multiply it on a national scale you see another sequence of events unfolding.

• The new 'farmers' arrive on the farm but there is no livestock, machinery or working capital to continue the operation. 
• They go to the banks to borrow money (A good farming habit) but the banks are sitting on a R160 Billion defaulted debt book from the 'old' farmers and won't lend a cent to agriculture. They're fighting for their own survival now. 
• The Govt doesn't have the money, which would be far more than the R160 Billion mentioned above, to re-capitalise and finance all the farms so most of the farms either fall derelict or are farmed at a subsistence level. 
• There is a massive but short-term surplus of Beef, Sheep and Poultry products due to the sell-off by the previous farmers. This brings prices down drastically in the short term but eventually the meat runs out and there is nothing to replace it. Meat prices skyrocket. 
• Dairy products cease almost immediately after the livestock cull/sell-off and within weeks there is a critical shortage of all dairy products. Importing is impossible due to the Govt's actions which have decimated the value of the Rand. 
• Maize lasts quite a bit longer and with careful rationing will endure until the next season but there is no crop in the ground for next year due to the new 'farmers' lack of machinery, experience and access to credit. 
• All agricultural Co-Ops and suppliers very quickly cease operation and/or go bankrupt and re-trench all their staff. They cannot survive by selling single bags of seed and fertilizer to subsistence farmers. 
• All processors of agricultural products such as meat, dairy and maize cease operation due to lack of product and re-trench all their staff. • Rural Municipalities start to feel the pinch as there are no longer any farmers paying rates and the agricultural businesses in the towns have also sold up and left. • Smaller rural towns that depended on agriculture eventually collapse and rural communities are forced to travel long distances to major centres to find ever dwindling supplies. 
• Ironically the EWC movement creates more Urbanisation as the rural folk flee the agricultural desert that has been created.
 • All food dependent enterprises such as fast food chains and restaurants either disappear or are greatly reduced...along with all their staff.
 • With all the unemployed farmworkers, as well as those who have lost their jobs from other sectors, there is an unsustainable demand on the UIF system and it soon collapses. 
• The Social Grant system teeters as the ripple effect from the agricultural collapse enters all sectors and the tax-base is shredded. 
• Food riots become common and genuine hunger and poverty widespread. 
• Unlike Zimbabwe the South African population has nowhere to run. 
• With the White Farmer no longer an available target and the true 'value' of land revealed in all its fallacy the masses turn on the only target they have left. The ANC.

Thanks Art!

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Comments for "White Farmer Urges ANC to Think Ahead"

Sandra said (August 13, 2018):

Oh for heaven's sake. There is no way that under expropriation farmers would be permitted to dismantle and/or sell anything on the farm.

Does the writer think he's living in some western, free enterprise country or what. The point is not just to return the land to the blacks; it's to deprive the white people of anything and everything they own and to make sure they die from starvation. If they're not first slaughtered by roaming gangs of the new "landowners", that is.

The sins of the father, etc. The hardworking European farmers thought they had some kind of universal justice on their side, but God has different ideas.

Mohammed in SA said (August 13, 2018):

I just wish to add to what Marcos said in order to give people a clearer pic of whats happening in SA.

We all know that due to the Afrikaaners apartheid policies & cruel treatment of blacks, SA was internationally boycotted & this eventually led to the release of Mandela & others from Robben Island...and then after SA's first ever democratic elections, the ANC has been ruling ever since.

what the vast majority of blacks & whites don't know is that without Zionist involvement, the Afrikaaners would still be ruling SA.

the ANC is founded on Communist principles but if u look at the way most ANC politicians behave, u will see that they are pure capitalists.

the EFF(Economic Freedom Fighters) is a new party. it was founded by Julius Malema who was previously the head of the ANC's Youth League but he was kicked out for corruption (& i suspect mostly bcos he was inciting the masses by talking of nationalizing the mines).

the EFF is also based on Communist/Marxist principles but the Malema & other EFF top brass are all also greedy capitalists..Malema formed the EFF bcos he wanted to get back into politics since he already tasted the fruit of corruption at govt level & found it to be very sweet.

due to his ability to incite the masses, he is a dangerous & volatile person & the Zionist banking cartel knows not long after the EFF was formed, we find an article in a South African paper that shows Nathan Kirsh making a R9mill (readers can do the necessary conversions) donation to the EFF.

IM sure Rothschilds etc instructed Kirsh to do this so that the Zionists have their man in power, no matter which party runs SA.- thats SOP(standard operating procedure) for the Zionists.

and as who Nathan Kirsh is:

i could say MUCH more but i think this is enough.

Peter G said (August 13, 2018):

Unfortunately for the white farmer writing here the anc only answer to the Zionists that will possess your farm following the token takeover of the blacks.

The very best that he can hope for is that these zionists when they occupy Africa will eventually offer him a job to rebuild the farm that he once owned as a slave worker.

A white slave worker.

Marco A said (August 12, 2018):

The constitution the EFF (who pushed for this land seizure) has sworn themselves to is Marx's Communist Manifesto. They are the true criminals along with the ANC. They don't even hide the fact that they're Red - look at their parliamentary meetings.
Land confiscation without compensation is as Bolshevik as it comes, and is a declaration of war. These people are full of hate - the classic controlled victim useful to communist overlords. It is no secret that black mobs are going onto these farms and committing atrocities already, sex torture being the common denominator.

Unless a farmer has a family to protect and save by leaving the country, I don’t see why else they wouldn’t dig in and return blow for blow, they ought to in my opinion; however, I am a million miles away so who am I to say. But in life we either die on our knees or standing up.

Obviously this has been considered a total non-issue here in the West, where we are receiving our own propaganda in regards to supposedly disenfranchised minorities. Heck, I learned just a few weeks ago that a man I work with has a mother who is afraid to go outside because she was harassed and mocked being called white trash while walking by some gang of minorities (I hate that word, they ought to just be called foreigners).
This bullshit is prolific in all European-settled countries.

Today all the Canadian media decided that we are due for a mass dose of propaganda in regards to our own indigenous population. It disgusts me to no end, making me nauseous because I know it leads to horrors that we have seen historically and are about to see again in South Africa.

Gordon W said (August 12, 2018):

disappointing to see that "it's all over but the crying", as presented by the item on your website today Aug 11th, 2018, What will happen when the ANC takes my farm' by Anonymous.

It demonstrates how shortsighted the white folks still are. This man is sincere, but he's a fool to assume there will be 'due process of law". He does not have the measure of the Enemy: meaning, the commies are venal, but they're not stupid.

as Expropriation Without Compensation kicks in, undoubtedly, the law will entail a clause that, as of a stipulated deadline, anything and everything on the place = lock, stock and barrel = is deemed to be part of that farm, so it MUST remain. And there will be severe penalty for anything missing. Which are all the bureaucrats need as a pretext to incarcerate the white man ... the accusation that he's "stolen" property owned by the State..

the dark humor is: the locals won't be taking out their rage on ANC frontmen, hundreds of miles away .... they'll take it out on whoever's closest. As the dark continent reverts to its historical mean of tribalism, of course "it's the white man's fault"

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