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Insider - Top Satanists Don't Marry, Have Children

August 8, 2018

Lisa (now 40) says that for her father, Steve Jobs, her very existence was a disappointment and a source of shame.

"Aspasia", who has rubbed shoulders 
with Illuminati men, explains why they can't
satisfy their sexual needs in
normal committed relationships. 

Reader: "Most of the current leaders of European countries
have no children"

By Aspasia

These power men have no interest in committed relationships because at the higher Freemason levels/degrees -members are NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS.   At extremely high Freemason Satanic levels, they are not even supposed to have children--

So when I heard that Steve Jobs was so angry and mean about his first daughter -it reminded me of secret society men who are challenged to go for the super elite levels via the "bachelor path."  Thus Jobs' first daughter destroyed his chances. Please note: regarding Steve Jobs -I am speculating for a number of reasons:

1). I have been around high-level Freemasons and other secret society types and certain ones who come from generational families or those who have certain qualities. They are "tapped on the shoulder" when they are young -- in their 20s still finding themselves. These young men are heavily manipulated to follow this bachelor path that includes using women for sex. Bachelor path men are over cautious about protective sex such that they will use a condom, putting spermicide inside and outside the condom and pull out or get a vasectomy. They do not want to get any woman pregnant yet they are encouraged to have uncommitted sex with many women but to be very cautious.  

But still, women can be sneaky and can go to elaborate means to get the sperm. 

So I guess once Steve Jobs had that first daughter -though he tried to deny it --but the tests proved Lisa was his -so his chances were over.   All the while, he tried to tough it out, not falling into another committed relationship.  But he couldn't hack losing his girlfriend and since he already had a child he finally decided to throw in the towel and accept that he was not going to be able to get into the higher rings of the Satanic cult. So he married his girlfriend and had more children.

From my understanding, never-married men with no children are in a special high level. Think -- Catholic priests.  Although one doesn't have to be a Catholic priest per se, one can just be a single, never married, no children rich guy and enjoy a very high level. --So yeah I guess they are brainwashed by evil.

2) Jobs follows a pattern I have seen happen to other ambitious occult secret society men. 
And when they cannot talk the woman into having an abortion --they get super angry in a way that is not normal because it's not like they cannot afford the child --because they are billionaires or very wealthy 

3). I know people who work at Apple who were high up and close to Steve Jobs speaking with him regularly--so I heard things and it connects with what I have seen/ heard of other men on the bachelor path with no children and the huge disappointment when that path is derailed with an unplanned pregnancy and birth.  Men who get married and/or have children never find out about the "bachelor path."

 4).  The reason the occult controllers do not want them to have a committed relationship or a child --is the humanizing effect of a wife and especially a vulnerable baby.  They do not want them to bond with a baby. Men release a chemical in the brain called vasopressin which is the male equivalent to the female's bonding hormone called oxytocin.  Male hormone vasopressin is released when a female is pregnant. Of course, a man who never has a child can stay in an arrested development state and a man with no family would lean more towards the occult family thus he would be more easily manipulated.

They convince men that to be a bachelor is to be more of a man. That it takes a tough real strong man to tough it out -without a woman and family.  They get a disdain for married men with children as losers, wimps, pussies who could not hack being bachelors.  These poor bachelor path men are all upside-down.  They tell them how having children will make them targets and they convince them that they are doing very important work to save humanity and that they need to sacrifice their lives for this great idea and cause --One World Government 

They tell the bachelors how they are so special, important, intelligent, and elite and that the world will honor them. Also, bachelor-path men must be atheists. So I feel that this bachelor group is in some sort of different secret society from Freemason.  Freemasons tend to get married -with or without children.   

Also please understand there is not one high level for non-married and then another higher level for non-married no children.  There is only one higher level that includes both never married and never had any children

So if a man never got married but got some girl pregnant when he was 17 then he's out.  If he got married but never had children --he also will not qualify.   It has to be both never married AND no children.

And bachelor path men cannot act married by living with a woman or a man --they must be alone --sure a girlfriend can come to stay for a week or so but she cannot move in --they are not allowed to support or financially act like husbands to women they are having sex with   They can pay for dinner and trips.  But they must not act like husbands emotionally or financially towards their girlfriends.  They are known as being the classic --cheap guy.  

But at the higher levels they probably all merge or overlap. I feel so sorry for men that get caught up and manipulated into this because they take honorable traits of male responsibility and protectiveness and twist it to honor and protect Satan and when the men wake up its too late -that is if they do wake up.  They are trapped in this web...  I have seen these men cry and cry and cry for hours, oceans of tears, in the rare moments when the mask falls off.
They cry with such sadness -its heartbreaking. They are already in Hell.
--------------Freemasonry's Best Kept Secret- Ritual Sodomy 

Postscript from Aspacia:

I never claimed, "Never Married No Children" was the Top . There are different compartments.  The "no marriage no children bachelor path" compartments is just one of the compartments which is at a high-level but it doesn't mean that there are not other compartments 
where they have extremely high-level Satanists that are breeders 

The pyramid is not 100% linear. It's pacifically not a straight path it's a confusing myriad maze of various pitfalls. See there are many ways Satan can destroy your life. I suspect at another compartment at high levels is for the breeder groups --to keep the Nephilim  DNA going....

One Freemason said as he advanced to very high levels that it splits in two 
you can either choose to be a werewolf or a vampire 
he went to the vampire group 
He doesn't know anything about the werewolf side just that it exists his focus was on learning the daemonic art of vampirism--drinking blood 
but I'm sure they're both equally as bad
It is just a very high-level group.  That was manipulated by people above them  Above Them 
As you know there are Zionist group who tell other groups they control to do certain things that they do the absolute opposite

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Comments for "Insider - Top Satanists Don't Marry, Have Children"

Allen M said (August 8, 2018):

The TREE is known by its "fruit"-and since 1971 it has become a Faggot society.
With most of the "Sodomy" laws overturned in "1971"- it is EVER SO OBVIOUS that the US had to become Sodom so it would, in essence, destroy itself.
Well, that has been accomplished...
But clearly, that was obviously the "Plan" all along.
I am ashamed to be from here, and 1980 the 10 Words aka Ten Commandments were outlawed.

Yes, Houston, the Tree IS known by its "fruit".

Thank you again for putting forth these difficult TRUTHS, Henry.

James C said (August 8, 2018):

The greatest man who ever lived, Jesus Christ, never married, never had children. Was Christ in "an arrested development state"? Was Christ a "top Satanist"? Also, the state of the world being what it is, I absolutely cannot understand why anyone would want to bring a child into this world. IMO, reproducing in this day and age is probably one of the greatest single expressions of selfishness that is humanly possible. It's also an irrefutable sign of a low I.Q. The lower the I.Q. the higher the birth rate. Think of the hundreds of millions in the Third World wanting to migrate to Europe or to the United States simply because they had more children than they were able to raise properly. When they do migrate successfully, and they will, affordable housing will disappear, taxes will increase tremendously, and every sort of highly contagious disease will make its appearance. The world is already running out of the resources necessary for life (like water). What it doesn't need are billions more who don't have the intelligence to practice birth control.

Aspacia replies:

James C missed a critical point. All Bachelor Path Men MUST BE ATHEISTS. That would disqualify Jesus Christ. I guess he got confused when I mentioned Catholic Priests

I am sure —or I hope there are some real true spiritual Catholic Priests. But some are impostors.

So you see Satanists copy-cat Jesus Christ but in an opposite negative way.

Bachelor path men are single but not celebrate as Jesus Christ. Instead, they are sluts.
Bachelor path men are cold condescending manipulative energy suckers, whereas, Jesus Christ was kind loving generous, a healer.

Thomas A said (August 8, 2018):

If what Aspasia writes is true, this would seem to eliminate most, if not all, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and royal families from being at the top of the pyramid or inter most circle.

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