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New Years Resolutions?

January 3, 2019


"Cleaning Up Our Own Minds"

Reader Doug Plumb did not wait 
until New Years
to join the low carb 
Keto diet/ intermittent fasting craze
believed to have numerous health benefits.
Have you made any New Years resolutions?  

Doug Plumb is a 54-year-old former engineer and autodidactic with interests in math, Kantian philosophy and law.

by Doug Plumb

Henry, I have made a discovery over the holidays. I learned about "autophagy" (fasting) and the ketogenic diet. This stuff carries a Nobel prize and everyone is talking about it, both alternative and mainstream.

I had been without a doc for three months, experiencing severe lethargy and had dark circles under my eyes, so I proceeded to self-diagnose on You-Tube. Dr Eric Berg (left) explained that this suggested kidney problems and that I should eat kidney beans because they are excellent for the kidneys. It worked. Dr. Berg led me to the ketogenic diet. The basic idea of the ketogenic diet is that it changes the cells in your body from a glucose burning mode to a fat burning mode. It's like changing the fuel in your car, or as it is sometimes said to be like changing the oil when an oil change is badly needed. The effects are incredible, I am told by many experts as I surf youtube.

Personally, I am no doctor, my experience in biology consists of growing a vegetable garden once at ten-years-old, and barely passing Grade Nine biology. I always thought energy came from glucose. I also know that fasting is time-tested and is practised in many cultures and religions. It's also been studied by non-pharma-owned governments of Germany and the USSR in the past century as a general as well as specific treatment for a wide variety of diseases. This is not a "drink your own urine" type of new fad.

I started the change to get my body into ketogenic energy mode with the goal of reaching autophagy which would make my cells start cleaning themselves up, starting with a nearly four-day fast before the holidays, starting on Saturday morning (Dec 22) and finishing Christmas day.

If we are to be strong and mentally fit, we have to learn more about diet. Cleaning up our own minds and bodies is key to cleaning up the external. 

This is from Dr. Lorraine Day, left, a heroic medicine professor who says "Doctor's are idiots. I can say that because I am one". Adding to her credentials, Big Pharma once labelled her as "America's most dangerous doctor".

I've never been on a diet, this doesn't feel like a diet, and this huge step I take is my first into the land of not eating what I want when I want to after fifteen years of watching and listening to all kinds of stuff on nutrition.

I would never make any radical changes to my intake with the exception of magnesium salt supplements and vitamin C. I spent about 25 hours listening to stuff and reading about keto before trying this. I cannot find the downside to doing this. Hopefully, a reader will post something (there is always a downside). I experienced no weird side effects during the fast or subsequent intermittent fast/keto diet that I have continued since Christmas, working two days since.

A few days into this I can say that my mental clarity improved. I was working through a difficult problem and was stuck. Wednesday morning I looked at it and was able to parse out the two basic ideas. I intensely use my mind in the mornings on my three days off per week. Physical energy levels haven't improved much, but maybe a little bit, I no longer have sore legs after a day's work of climbing stairs often.

(someone else last year) 

It was easier than I thought it would be, but I was prepared, already being on a mostly fatty diet, with few carbohydrates. Fasting would have been difficult, perhaps even painful, had I been on a high carb diet. I drank herbal tea, mostly the Tetley stuff, no cream or sweeter. On the first day, I had two walnuts and two small pieces of bitter dark chocolate. I didn't know that the hunger sensations were due to low electrolyte.  Salted water (after seeing on You-Tube) helped relieved some of the mental hunger symptoms.

I will be fasting again and for a longer period of time, but I want to be working out while I'm fasting and I have to get back into that before my next fast. I'm hoping this discipline will help me with the next great idea of quitting smoking, which seems impossible at this point in time.

There are too many different docs and lecturers on You-Tube for me to cite specifics as being better than others. I would suggest just doing a search on "autophagy" and learning from there. Lately, I have been listening to Dr. Boz and Dr Eric Berg.


First Comment from Vickie

I can attest that I lost nearly 40 pounds following the advice of Dr. Berg, combined with a gym membership ( only working out 2-3 times a week, per Dr. Berg's advice) while still enjoying beer or wine once or twice a week (that part not his advice!).  That weight loss was in a manner of 3-4 months timeframe.   I ate twice a day with no snacking in between and lost my sweet tooth cravings!  And I felt great!  The first two weeks I did encounter the 4:00 in the afternoon sluggishness, but that did subside within several weeks time frame!

 Unfortunately, I did go off Keto for the holidays, but am returning to that healthy lifestyle this week!

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Comments for "New Years Resolutions? "

Al Thompson said (January 3, 2019):

I’m on my 120th day on a meat and dairy diet. I found out about this on JewTube under the basic headings of the “carnivore” diet. My experience with it has been good and I’m off of all medications. I feel much happier and I have more mental clarity. (Some may disagree). My blood pressure is returning to normal. I just use doctors to find out what’s wrong and then I go on the internet to find a natural solution. I’ve gotten rid of lung cancer and Type 2 diabetes by simply adjusting to a more healthy diet.

If you go on JewTube and search for “ex-vegan” you’ll see some personal testimonies from people who have tried that and have destroyed their health. But everyone needs to do their own research. I look at both sides before I make a decision about what is best.

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