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Canadians Lose their Political Virginity ... Again

February 28, 2019


Justine Trudeau-Castro's "diversity" platform blew up in his face after
he demoted a First Nations (aboriginal) woman, Jody Wilson Raybould (left) from her the position of Attorney General/Minister of Justice after she refused to give a plea deal to SNC Lavalin, one of the biggest employers in Quebec. 

Amid universal calls for his resignation, Trudeau-Castro should come out fighting saying that SNC Lavalin's crimes -- standard for winning contracts in the third world --are now ancient history.

This is an example of the selective moral outrage/ virtue-signalling
that is damaging the country.

by Henry Makow PhD

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. is a Montreal-based company that provides engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services in various industries including; mining and metallurgy, oil and gas, environment and water, infrastructure, nuclear and clean power. The firm has 50,000 employees worldwide with offices in over 50 countries and operations in over 160 countries. It has profits of over a billion dollars on revenues of $10 billion. 

SNC Lavalin is a crown Jewel of Quebec Inc. where Trudeau-Castro has overwhelming political support, enough to win the next election scheduled for October. Its crime was paying $50 million in bribes to Libyan government officials between 2001 and 2011 to secure contracts. 

Apparently, this standard business practice in the third world is illegal in Canada and carries a penalty of being banned from receiving Canadian government contracts for ten years. Virtually every other country in the world allows these companies to pay a penalty and get back to business. All the people associated with the bribery have been fired. The stock is down 40%. 

Trudeau-Castro pressured the then Justice Minister to give the company a plea deal citing economic consequences, especially if the company  moves its head office. But, despite enormous arm-twisting, Wilson Raybould refused to intervene citing values of truth and justice learned around the totem pole in the "Big House."  Canadians seem to be overwhelmingly on her side and are demanding Trudeau-Castro's resignation.

Some of the headlines suggest the moral panic sweeping the country. 

The Moral Catastrophe of Justin Trudeau  (Maclean's) 
"What Jody Wilson-Raybould described today is a sickeningly smug protection racket and it should make us all question what we're willing to tolerate."   
Scandal a Constitutional Crisis, Lawyers Say  (The Toronto Star) 
Trudeau has Lost the Moral Mandate to Govern  (The Globe and Mail) 
Trudeau's Days of "Sunny Ways" are Over   (The Star) 
ANALYSIS: "A strong, independent, Indigenous woman with the law on her side had spoken truth to white, male power -- and had been punished for it." (Global News) 


It's amazing what will get Canadians to dig out their commitment to law and morality from the pile of old skates and hockey equipment in the garage. Certainly, it's not supplying armoured cars to help Saudi Arabia kill and starve thousands of people in Yemen. It's not helping Israel and the USA destroy Syria and Libya. It's not joining in a plan to overthrow the duly elected government of Venezuela. It's not promoting homosexuality to pre-puberty children in public schools. 

As you know, I am no fan of Trudeau-Castro. But he has every right to protect a Canadian Crown Jewel from legalistic persecution by a bunch of cosseted bureaucrats. Certainly, the smarter move would have been to change the law, rather than bend it. But no one cares what people did ten years ago in Libya. The "crime" is bullshit.  

This is typical of how Canada is hurting itself. The oil industry is in a funk because environmentalists are blocking pipeline expansion. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on housing illegal border crossers in downtown Toronto hotels while homeless Canadians freeze on the street. This country is suffering from unrealistic moral posturing. 

When the media rise up with one voice in selective moral outrage, we must ask, has the Illuminati decided that the Leader of the False Opposition, doughboy Andrew Scheer, is a better spear carrier? 


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Comments for "Canadians Lose their Political Virginity ... Again"

Ken said (March 3, 2019):

I couldn't agree with you more. That "baksheesh" is required to do business in Muslim countries has been known for decades, and so has the fact that it is never really been for charity. Recall that the Crown Corporation, Manitoba Telephone System was caught up in the same thing in Saudi Arabia in the mid 80s. The situation reminds me of Ben Johnson's coach testifying about the steroid use in track - if you don't use them, it's like lining up 5 yards behind everyone else. That is exactly what SNC Lavalin would be facing. SNC Lavalin is no choirboy, but why punish them for doing what is needed to do business there. They can't apply Canadian labour and safety codes in those foreign countries, are they guilty of breaking those laws as well?

I have less use for Junior than I did for Senior. Both have been incredibly destructive for Canada, but then again, so has every other one between them. I'll cut Joe Clark, John Turner, and Kim Campbell some slack, because they weren't around long enough to create their own damage. Come to think of it, Red Mike Pearson was the one who started the ball rolling.

Malcolm said (March 1, 2019):

Hi Henry, I have yet to see anyone connect the dots between Harper sending CF18s to Lybia to commit war crimes and the SNC Lavilin Lybian Bribery Scandel. Looks like the CF 18s couldn't destroy the evidence.............dots that should be publicly connected, because they are.

JG said (March 1, 2019):

I've been to Canada many times and have fond memories.
When Canada was fully under the once Great Britian's control it may have been it's best years. Unfortunately when England surrendered their cultural sovereignty to the NWO and went multicultural Canada followed it's lead against popular demand.

The NWO kingpins have now cornered Western Europe and Canada by installing leaders who were put in office to carry out their agenda against the Patriots and the nationalists of these nations who still believe in God and their country.

Sugamari said (February 28, 2019):

I like this person. How can we help to get her back into the AG position. This is the kind of person I want in positions of power in this country. I'd like to know more about her before voting her for prime minister though.

Anon said (February 28, 2019):

Henry, I feel that you did yourself a lot of good in this article. The real problem for any country, of course, should be public officials receiving bribes in return for sacrificing the interests of their own country. Giving bribes to the officials of other countries for them sacrificing the interests of their own countries, to put it bluntly, is their business. You come across as a patriotic and sensible Canadian. That can only help your standing in Canada. Congratulations.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at