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Marcos: Don't fall for Russian Propaganda on Venezuela

February 26, 2019

Marcos: Don't fall for Russian Propaganda on Venezuela

Monday I tweeted that this Abby Martin video convinced me that the US was engaged
in another Zionist regime change operation in Venezuela. A UN 
investigator states that US sanctions are the cause of the humanitarian crisis the US 
is using as a pretext. 
Tuesday I received this response from my trusted Brazilian correspondent, Marcos.

By Marcos  

San Paolo- Henry, you are wrong about Venezuela. You simply don't have the data like we do after following the situation for years. To blame the crisis on US sanctions is the same game Castro played. The situation is bad because of crazy economics, socialist controls and general corruption. People hate Maduro. The US never stopped buying oil from Venezuela. Chavez and Maduro got billions from Brazil but stole and wasted everything. 

Small entrepreneurs fled to Colombia and Panama because they had to lose money on every item sold. Only militia and people with ties with the party had food to eat. Venezuela never faced restrictions for buying and selling; the problem is they don't have anything to sell. I'm not naive. I know the food trucks are a psyop to motivate people to protest. 

I know America will benefit (moderately) from Maduro's fall and that they are supporting and guiding Juan Guaido. However, just like in Brazil, it doesn't make Maduro good. He is a murderer and a thief who has been stealing elections with smartmatic software for years. The military there control a huge drug operation. 

Cuba at a time had 60,000 agents ruling the country. Intel now says 400 Russian military is controlling Maduros' army. Don't forget: Maduro was trained in Cuba, for God's sake. It's public knowledge. Russians there don't care if people die. I have seen firsthand what socialist economics did to Brazil. Believe me, there is no need for American sanctions for them to destroy a country. 

The best lesson we see in this situation is the power of Russian propaganda. Conspiracy researchers and progressives fell for it like ducks and completely forgot about Hegelian dialectics. The game is not complicated, communism destroys values and is eventually replaced by liberal new world order. Like burning land before planting. 

The useful thing for them about communism is that it is so destructive, that anything that replaces it looks good. Meanwhile, the responsible thing to do is to think about the families there. This is not a game of who has the smartest theory and blog post; real lives are at stake. We have to have compassion. 

I hope Trump finishes what he started. Maduro already started a crackdown and it will only get worse. The worst outcome would be for this standoff to continue for long. People are dying (colectivo militias killing whomever they want), the left is having a day denouncing the "coup". Glenn Greenwald was on Brazilian TV yesterday defending Maduro. 

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Comments for "Marcos: Don't fall for Russian Propaganda on Venezuela"

Al F from Brazil said (February 27, 2019):

Hugo Chávez and his successor, Nicolás Maduro, spent the Venezuelan wealth financing Cuba, Nicaragua, the FARC, Evo Morales and all the Left in Latin America and elsewhere in the world. But then came the crash of the oil price and the party was over.

As a Brazilian, it bewilders me that people like Tony B, who obviously hates Communism and Bolshevism, does not believe this is the case of Cuba (post-1959) and Venezuela (post-1999). I suggest Tony B spend a year in Venezuela and Cuba, but please don't forget to take toilet paper, alright!?

As for Brazil, yes!, I (and Marcos, too) have been as relieved with the victory of Bolsonaro in 2018 as Tony B has been relieved with the defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016. What makes Tony B think that life in Cuba and Venezuela is better than life in the USA? or in Brazil?... When will the token ever drop for Tony B that we in Latin America don't want to live in an Orwellian Animal Farm?... And does he not know that Venezuela has turned into a narco state?

MARIO C said (February 26, 2019):

Socialism is not the matter in Venezuela. Chavez, unlike Trotzky, was a populist. The riches of Venezuela oil has to be for more poor people. Corruption yes as in all the world. All the Matter is about how USA reach the oil the gold and the coltan that has Venezuela. At least 50 per cent, maybe more support Maduro so if there is invasión there will be the blood of Venezuelan military and civilians. And this article support coup of state external and possible civil war.

I speak here in Buenos Aires with some Venezuelan immigrants. They love Chávez no so much Maduro. They tell me that Maduro really won the election. The opposition was not united and many do no go to vote. And Maduro has good support in most of the Venezuelan. Now 57 per cent think that Maduro is president and only 32 % support Guiado. 80% do not want any external intervention. So why intervention against Venezuela wish? Oil coltan gold. Is the Zionist or globalist wish to dominate the world. There is a war against Russia China and his allies. And Venezuela is one of the important allied of China Russia Irán. the same in middle East Irak.libya Yemen Syria Lebanon. And later Iran Russia and China.

1776 said (February 26, 2019):

Venezuela must be taken. To allow Maduro to stay in power means Islamic and communist forces now have a bastion on the mainland, along with Peru and Nicaragua, from which to destabilize the North. Russian and Chinese military bases are the next logical step there and cannot be allowed.

Maduro is a communist tyrant, which makes him a Satanist. Like the other isms, it is dangerous to free peoples. Satanism comes in many forms and has various names and guises. Islam is a false religion historically linked to pagan religions of the day. Paganism has many forms but only one root. The Soviet hammer and sickle, like the falsely named Star of David, are ancient occult symbols.

America as a nation has many faults, mostly which I lay at the feet of the Satanists who secretly control this country from behind the scenes. However, unlike Iraq or Afghanistan, Venezuela was once a democracy with a stable economy. It is also close enough to the United States to do us real harm if Maduro receives the right weapons from Russia and China, which he will surely do next if not stopped. Had we acted quickly once we learned Castro was Communist perhaps the entire world would be better today?

Real communists are a very dedicated, capable, and dangerous group. They have no real conscience and the murder of innocents has no effect on them. Like a rabid dog, they simply can't be compromised with.

Will they fight if we go in, yes. Without the support of the people, they won't be able to sustain their fight. This would be doing the right thing for a population that is worth saving.

Tony B said (February 26, 2019):

"there is no need for American sanctions for them to destroy a country."

Tell me then, just why the hell are they doing it? Why are the bankers stealing Venezuela's gold to boot? All this amounts to crippling a national economy. Why do it if it has already been accomplished internally?

Can't buy this.

Methinks Marcos has an ax to grind here which is not exactly straight. Socialism, or its ruler, is not the basic issue here, the world's largest known pool of crude oil is ALL it is about, it wouldn't matter if God was the head of the country.

How does Marcos stand on Brazil right now? Is he happy that it has turned 100% prostitute to the Rothschild cabal running the U.S.? That is what he is advocating Venezuela return to, making certain that its citizenry will NEVER escape impoverishment while the same old criminal cabal and its hangers-on get even more super rich stealing the country's major natural resource.

Marcos' comments have a smell of some brand of sour grapes on this one.

Reader said (February 26, 2019):

The problem with Venezuela should not be viewed through ideological lenses but from a practical viewpoint. There is clearly an attempted coup underway, with Venezuela's oil as a prize. This is not going to be a painless corporate raid of the sort that Trump is used to. It has the potential of turning into a long and very bloody war along traditional Latin American lines, with reciprocal massacres.

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